New In-Game Socials Contest

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New In-Game Socials Contest

Post by ikenbon » 13 Nov 2019, 21:57

Hey guys, I'm your DBI Admin Ikenbon and this thread is for the In-Game Social contest.

The contest is pretty simple. Post a reply to this thread with your idea for a new in-game social, and let us know about socials that you see here that you like as well. We'll choose the best ones and add them to the game. Simple right?

Some ground rules:

Socials can't contain anything overly vulgar or related to drug use (I'd also recommend that you don't choose a social strongly associated with a popular fad that may die out).

They must also include all the arguments for the social, so for example:

CNoArg: Who are you planning on poking?
ONoArg: (not set)
CFound: You poke $N in the ribs.
OFound: $n pokes $N in the ribs.
VFound: $n pokes you in the ribs.
CAuto : You poke yourself for some...odd...reason.
OAuto : $n begins to poke $mself, maybe you should leave $m alone.

You don't need to include all the different variables although it does help quite a lot. For reference capital letters such as $N designate the <target> of the social -- $N = Name of the <target>, $M = <target's gender -- him/her/their>, $E = <target's pronouns -- he/she/them>. Lowercase letters in the variable designate the actor, so, $n = Name of the <actor>, $m = <actor's gender -- his/her/their>, and $e = <actor's pronouns -- he/she/they>

You can also include color codes or just use the BBC font code in the forum to color it how you'd like to see it in-game.

Hope to see some cool socials. We'll leave the thread up for a few weeks and see what you guys come up with.

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