*Date Night, Part 2*

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*Date Night, Part 2*

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[CHAT] Requius looks to Samuel after exiting the restaraunt with a grin. "So. Lead the way." She said as the food was her part of the fun. It was time for Samuel to show what he brought to the table. She was excited to see this battleship, but she was curious to see how he would present it. She fixed her skirt and shirt and smiled. "After you."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, immediately walking along with Req towards the naval museum, "Hope you like it, I had to do some research to figure out a good one for ya," it nods. None of the people it had devoured had actually known anything more than cursory information, so it had to actually go look stuff up online about it. Which was kind of a trip for something that never really used a computer in person before. Still, from her reaction, she was definitely interested. The EDS Atlantic had been in some big battles back when naval battles were still a thing--and it had some big guns, it was still curious itself to look at it. Fortunately it wasn't very far from the restaurant, just a quick trip to the sea.

[CHAT] Requius walked alongside Samuel as they neared the coast. She took her time walking, something she normally didn't do. It was either running, flying or jaunting to wherever she was needed. She didn't really take the time to actually appreciate the strolls or "flavors" of the bustling cities. She looked around, seeing a mash of wealthy people, some others that seemed like they were comfortable and then the down and out no one payed attention to. Sure, some probably had incurable psychological disorders, but others might not have ever been given a chance. A chance that was too expensive for them even before they were born. She glanced into an alley and shook her head. "And here the people are not even caring that 10 feet from them there is a guy in a gutter, possibly dead, yet they walk by as if he does not exist."

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, pulled from its train of thought as Req spoke up about the homeless situation in the city, and glances over, pausing in its step just long enough to see what she's pointing out. It then furrows its brow and shakes its head, "It's, uh, sad," it notes with a curt nod, it didn't really know what to say to that--it wasn't a very political person, it said as much in the restaurant. How to deal with a homeless population? That problem was way out of something it knew how to do deal with--you can't punch societal issues away. "Well," it says, eventually, "Maybe these are some of the people that'll go to New Requiem? If someone like me can fit in there, anyone can," it adds, still heading in the direction of the museum, they'd be there within a few minutes.

[CHAT] Requius nods slowly and says rather cold and flatly. "Thats exactly what will be fixed on New Requiem..." She said as she trailed off. Her eyes remaind cold and grey as the were rounding the last corner before the naval museum. She shook her head slightly and then turned around facing Samuel. "I don't want to look. You lead me there then spin me around so I get it all at once." she asked in a slightly more upbeat tune.

[CHAT] Samuel offers Req a sharptoothed smile, it moves over to her, slips its arms around her and, gently picking her up, it takes to the air--floating up a few stories up to get a better, aerial, view of the ship-turned-museum before they enter proper. It's a large ship, slate grey, with multiple batteries of large cannons, along with a command tower and radio towers, but the, but the real star of the show were the largest guns, the mass drivers, the very first to be deployed on a warship, or so said the research it went looking through--and backed up by Req herself when it told her about it. At the time of its creation, this was the most heavily armed warship of the entire Earth's naval forces. The whole thing was a gun nuts dream, impressively armed to the teeth, even despite being decommissioned. "So, what do ya think?" it asks, showcasing the aerial view of the ship.

[CHAT] Requius smiles almost from ear to ear as her heart skipped a beat. The Atlantic. The ship that ushered in a new age of Naval warfare. "Sam! Its those Mass Drivers!" She said as she flew in low, rather quickly, closing the distance in an instant, before oogling and oggling the twin massive cannons. "Sam! These things..." She said before she turned her voice into a whipser. "They actually have enough power to..." She said before she stopped. Should her really tell him. Sure. Why the hell not. "If they were finished from their prototype state, they could punch a hole in the moon." She said with a smile as she placed her hand on the cold metal. The thoughts of all the ships these twin cannons sunk sent shivers through her spine.

[CHAT] Samuel just grins at her reaction, looks like Req likes it! It follows her as she oogles and oggles the ship, blinking a moment as she speaks about the mass drivers. "What? Really?" it says, glancing to the big guns for the moment, then looking to the sky, half expecting to see the moon with a hole in it or something along those lines. It gives a small chuckle, "That sounds awesome. Too bad they weren't finished, then," it shook its head a moment, stepping over and looking over the mass drivers appreciatively itself. It was more a fan of physically fighting rather than ranged combat, but -that- kind of power? It was fascinating, and commanded respect.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"They had to. I believe the goverment didn't know what they had in their hands. Key components from the designer were taken out and it probably saved furture generations from mass accidental suicide." She said with a smile as she floated down next to the ticket booth. She approached the window and heard a computer voice "How many Tickets." followed by. "Children or Adult." She looked to Samuel and shruged her shoulders, waiting to see if he would pay, or if she would have to.'

[CHAT] Samuel says in reply, "Well, it would've looked amazing. That kind of power..." it gives a small chuckle, before following after Req to the ticket booth, reaching into its coat's chest pocket and pulling out the pair of tickets it had purchased and shown Req earlier and gave them to the computerized ticket taker, with a bit of a sharptoothed grin. It was ready for this--it wanted to impress her, after all--that much was obvious from squeezing into a suit like this. Things were going well--the suit wasn't even ruined yet, even after the restaurant, and walking around a war museum seemed interesting, especially with Req adding what she knew.

[CHAT] Requius smiled as soon as the tickets were produced, swiping one and running off up the gangplank and onto the ship. Running from room to room looking at all the "cutting edge" equipment. Granted childrens toys nowadays were probably more complex, but it was exciting for her. The way they even propelled the ship anywhere was incredible, and getting at the correct place at the correct time was mind-bogling. She then paused in front of a picture. Was a young man, had to be bairly in his twenties with a hat tucked under his arm. "Captain of this vessel." She said as she waited for Samuel. "The original captain took shrapnel at sea and passed his command to this young green bloke." She said as she looked at it. "Was able to get this ship through many battles, some at the seat of their pants, but he was the reason more than half of the original crew came home." She said as she sat down in a nearby commo officer's chair.

[CHAT] Samuel keeps up with Req as quick as it could, it was only somewhat aware of just how outdated a decommissioned warship-turned-museum would have to be, it was nevertheless impressed by all the tech. "Man, this is kinda neat," it adds, going through and looking at everything. On her talking about the captain, it nods a moment, "That sounds awesome," it says with a chuckle. They'd had their own share of moments where everyone was running around by the seat of their pants but they somehow came out on top. "I'm glad you like the ship," it nods with a big sharptoothed grin.

[CHAT] Requius spins in the chair and locks onto Samuels eyes. She gets up slowly and gives Samuel a large hug then whispers into his ear. "This ship should come with me." She said with a devilish grin. "Do you think they will miss a battleship?" She whispered then took a step back. She waited a few seconds for a reply, then she started laughing. "Just kidding. Lets keep going."

[CHAT] Samuel slips its arms back around Req as she hugs it, that whisper making it weak in the knees for a moment before it moves to kiss her. "You want it?" it says with a grin, "For you? Anything," it gives a small chuckle. It... definitely couldn't afford the ship. If it was even for sale. It probably wasn't for sale. Still! It did get her that scale model. That's something, isn't it? "I wonder if they have the ammo for those mass drivers on display around here," it muses. Something that powerful it was still interested in checking it out.

[CHAT] Requius smiles at Sam. "Silly Sam." She said as she tapped on an empty chair. "The ammo for the drivers is pretty much anything with mass." She said with a grin. She continued to weave her way through the ship as she continued. "They had a few high powered presses on board and they could pretty much turn anything into a ball of mass they would shoot out of it. Chairs. Tables. Shell Casings. Anything really." She said as they cam upon the magazine room that held various examples of the ordnance the ship used "back in the day"

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, "Really? That sounds so cool," it says with a grin, following after Req through the ship as she told it about it, "I would've thought they used some kinda explosive, but just shooting like... a chair at something hard enough that it explodes -anyway-," it gives a small chuckle, "That's just -cool-!" it says, looking through the ordnance now. This whole thing was fascinating--it had never really been all that big into technology and ships, but this? This was cool. Especially Req's own infectious enthusiasm for it, it couldn't stop grinning excitedly.

[CHAT] Requius grabs Samuel and gives him a shot of her own Ordnance. Quick. Efficient and after breaking takes a step back. "Thank you for this Samuel." She said as she took a half-step back. "I don't know what will happen or where we will be after this. But in this time right now. Thank you." She finished as she leaned against a glass case containing a small life saving device.

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, slightly surprised at that but quickly composes itself, looking to Req and saying, after a moment, "I'm just glad I could give you a time away from everything like this, you deserve it," it says with a small nod, keeping its eyes on her. "I don't know what'll happen either, but I know where I'll be--doing everything I can to help you," it adds, still just keeping that small smile at her.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Don't say that Samuel..." She said as she looked down at the ground. "Look to yourself and keep to what YOU think is right. Your convictions." She said as she turned away and began to look at the shells and explosive rounds. "Sometime we might find outself in a situation where we disagree. Even to the point of trading blows." She said as she wandered to the next room. The room that held the wall of the men, lost at sea. A small shrine with all their pictures and names underneath them. "I am in a position now that I may have to make a choice sometime. A choice that would mean a few dying in order to save others." She continued flatly. "Would you really help me if helping me would kill people?"'

[CHAT] Samuel frowns a moment, furrowing its brow and thinking as Req speaks up about that, it goes quiet for a few moments as they walk into the next room and it looks over the little shrine. "Well," it eventually speaks, talking it out as much to itself as it is to Req, "You'd be trying to save people, right? It's not like you're just... going out and killing people. It's just... having to pick who to save," it goes quiet again, thinking some more for a few moments. "In that case," it nods a moment, "I... I'd help you," it says with a nod. There was more he didn't say, though--the whole 'kill people to save others' reminded it of what happened with Dad, too. It... wasn't sure of what to think.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"And what if your friends like Dumastin or Thousand come after me. Or try to kill me or me them." She asked again. Again the coldness in those grey eyes was present. There was still some of the old Requius left in her, but there was this cold calculating piece as well. Something that wasn't there before. She had hoped sam would accept her for who she is now. She can't change it and was taking a big step being open like this. Showing this side she normally keeps tucked away.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- At the mention of them coming after her, it furrows its brow and looks up at her, "I won't let them," it says, simply, "I won't let them try to kill you. They'd have to get through -me- first," it adds, with finality in that last statement. No bravado that it usually uses when talking about or to opponents, just... determination. Dumastin had already had this conversation with it--trying to get it to step aside so it could fight Req. No. It wouldn't. It couldn't. "I don't want to hurt or kill them," it says, shaking its head slowly, "But I -will not- let them hurt you, I don't care what happens,"

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"And If I WANTED to kill them?"'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, looking back up to Req. It... wasn't sure how to respond. Mostly it was Thousand. "I..." it says, going quiet again "I don't know..." it says, barely above a whisper. It had said it would do anything for Req--and it meant it. But this? This wasn't something that could be just brought up like that--without context. It most definitely would fight them for her, especially to keep her safe, but to -kill- them...? "If they wanted to hurt you and gave me no choice, then yeah... but otherwise... I... I don't know. Thousand... raised me. After Dad was... I don't know what I would've done without him."

[CHAT] Requius smiles and puts her hand on his shoulder. "That is why I said not to say things like that. I know you want to help protect me and assist me. But there are someplaces people go sometimes. Dark places that you might need to stop someone from going to." She said as she gave him a hug. At least he was softer in the suit than that carapce armor he usually strutted around in and..."Is that cologne" She asked before shaking her head slightly. "Nevermind. If I went after Dumastin or Thousand or Jules or even someone else entirely first, with the full intent of gutting them like a fish. I hope you can look inside yourself at what you believe in and acting on that." She said as she tried to take his hand in hers. "Anyways...Lets blow this popscicle stand."

[CHAT] Samuel looks back up to Req and smiles at her quietly a moment, hugging her back, "It's true, though. Yeah, there are things that'll give me pause... but I still want to help you, I can’t help it," it says, offering her a small smile. It nods in response to her question about cologne, "Yeah, I wanted to, um, impress you," it says, sounding a little awkward. As she speaks again about 'gutting' the people it furrows its brow quietly and nods, "I understand. That's just... not something I can answer without... being there in the moment, though," again, it was a situation given without context--which is something it needs if she wants it to make a choice that big. That said, there had been moments where -it- wanted to gut Jules like a fish, so... As she took its hand, it looked back up at her and offered her a small smile and a nod, "Alright, let's go,"

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Re: *Date Night, Part 2*

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Awarded and covered in the next video review

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