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Rendo V. Borfin: Let the nothingness begin!

Posted: 07 Sep 2013, 23:56
by Eric
<0:49am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'shaddap i'm lazy as fuck.'

<0:49am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'ask rendo'

<0:49am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'hey rendo'

<0:49am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'how lazy am I?'

<0:50am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'say nothing if you wish to imply "as fuck".'

<0:51am> -<OOC>- Rendo: 'Rendo is more lazy as he won't even respond. :P'

<0:51am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'Don't you dare challenge me for title of Most Lazy.'

<0:51am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'I will do nothing the shit out of you.'

<0:51am> -<OOC>- Rendo: 'I've been doing nothing the shit out of you for years!'

<0:52am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'THAT'S IT, motherfucker'

<0:52am> -<OOC>- Borfin: 'IT'S GO TIME'

<0:52am> -<OOC>- Borfin idles
<0:52am> -<OOC>- Rendo: 'afk'