Some Funny Bants!!

Something funny was said on DBI? Thanks for the memories!
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Some Funny Bants!!

Post by Steam » 15 Jun 2016, 08:26

-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'that moment you realise your the strongest one on'
-<OOC>- Clayonis: 'haha'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'but have you killed 72 guys???'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'players or mobs?'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'lol'
-<OOC>- Shakendo stuffs Tuff into an extradimensional portal...where he belongs.
-<OOC>- Tuff: ':('
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'dont make my title 73'
-<OOC>- Tuff: ':P'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'id like to see you try'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'ill even log my monkey for ya'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'unless you wanna play with my halfie'
{WARTALK|Aoloth} 'I'll fight on your behalf Tuff'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'no fair aoloth'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'tuff made the threat not me lol'
{WARTALK|Aoloth} 'I know >.>'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'if tuff wants to do it, ill log my tuffle for the infect point lol'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'then wuko gets better gains as saiyan king'
{WARTALK|Tuff} 'thank you :D'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'lol, tuff wont even finish a fight he picked lol'
{WARTALK|Tuff} 'it was over the moment I spoke!'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} *clucks like a chicken**
{WARTALK|Tuff} 'as you see I am so powerful I turned him intlo a chicken'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} '@facepalm'
{WARTALK|Aoloth} 'Haha'
{WARTALK|Tuff} 'and now I am making him attack himself'
{WARTALK|Aoloth} 'Should probably change that number to 73 at this point'
{WARTALK|Shakendo} 'hey tuff how bout we do a 1PL battle'
{WARTALK|Aoloth} 'I'm off to work, gonna miss my chance to kill filthy toted :('

(L:100 K:78,504 P:908.9m) title Guys killed 72 Schooled 1

| | Saiyan Tuff Guys killed 72 Schooled 1.
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'updated'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'not schooled, you yellow belly'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'im right here ready to fight, your the one cowering away'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can scar me for life :( '
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'good'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'like Beast and Shakendo Basher'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'what the hell you referring to'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'I appear more powerful in the world of Wit and intelligence too then'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'if your referring to names that -your- called then I laugh cause your neither lol'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'you're'
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'wow ... ok, I'll let you have your victory, I dont have the patience to deal with stupid today'
-<OOC>- Tuff: '73'
-<OOC>- Shakendo grabs Tuff and hurls him into the air. Cackling like a maniac and pumping its arms like pistons, Shakendo slings
a seemingly neverending stream of energy spheres at Tuff, engulfing the area in a gigantic explosion!

Tuff stands up and laughs.
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'chuckls'
-<OOC>- Shakendo slams a dictionary into the head of Tuff before screaming out, "YuFale+90dmg"
-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'its "chuckles"'
-<OOC>- Tuff: 'Oh how the tides have turned '
-<OOC>- Shakendo shrugs at Tuff.

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