Manual Color Codes

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Manual Color Codes

Post by Taako » 03 Mar 2021, 22:14

In case anyone needs the color codes because they use a different client, or they need to do some editing:

Black - color=#000000
Red - color=#800000
Green - color=#008000
Yellow - color=#808000
Blue - color=#1A1AFA
Magenta - color=#800080
Cyan - color=#008080
White - color=#C0C0C0
Gray - color=#808080
Bred - color=#FF0000
Bgreen - color=#00FF00
Byellow - color=#FFFF00
Bblue - color=#0042FF
Bmagenta - color=#FF00FF
Bcyan - color=#00FFFF
Bwhite - color=#FFFFFF

You of course have to put these in like the font colours.

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[color=#008000] For example [/color]

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Re: Manual Color Codes

Post by Indon » 06 Mar 2021, 22:32

Of course, BBCode has more color options than the MUD's sixteen colors, so you could, if you wanted, tweak BBCode color codes by little ways.

The BBCode's color code is a 24-bit RGB hexadecimal code. That means:

The first two characters are how Red the color is.
The second two are how Blue the color is.
The third two are how Green the color is.

Each color is on a scale from 00, to 99, except programmers can't leave well enough alone so we count past 99. After 9 is A, then B, then C, then D, then E, then F. So the highest value is FF.

The result is that HALF a color is 80. A quarter a color is 40, and three-quarters color is B0.

So you could also make a very dark red, very dark blue, very dark green. The RGB color space is used for most conventional internet technologies these days, so it's very versatile.

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Re: Manual Color Codes

Post by Taako » 13 Mar 2021, 17:04

Absolutely, I wish we had more color options in game. I just wanted to make sure people had access to the "mud colors" in case they were picky.

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