(RP Summit II Prop) The Ghosts of Ages Past

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(RP Summit II Prop) The Ghosts of Ages Past

Post by Indon » 25 Feb 2021, 18:00

...would make for some pretty interesting NPCs in the afterlife, I imagine.

With Rendo and other admins getting interested in playing some Kais in the afterlife, and with a number of old, veteran players coming back to the MUD from years past, and with a proposal on the table to make bringing RP characters back to life much more achievable, well, RP in the afterlife seems like it could really pick up.

But current-era characters might not be spending too much time dead, which limits how much they can interact with people in RPs. Like, Thousand is basically stuck RPing with Rendo or other imms, unless someone _dies_.


Previous RP eras have had some pretty significant characters, some of which are now dead - maybe some could show up as NPCs, played by the people who once played those characters? Our imms are happy to reward people playing good NPC roles in an RP, the people who once played those characters would know when and how they'd be good in an NPC role, and presumably, those folks are mostly veterans who could bring a lot to interacting with characters 'lucky' enough to die.

They wouldn't be coming back to life, of course. That's something for current-age characters.

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Re: (RP Summit II Prop) The Ghosts of Ages Past

Post by Taako » 28 Feb 2021, 09:28

This could be a lot of fun, I like it. I guess I'd need to do a little bit of reading to get into the mood of the characters. But, also at he same time I guess you could just kind of RP them however you want, they've spent some time in the afterlife and maybe they've changed.

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