Blue RPP System

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Blue RPP System

Post by ikenbon » 30 Jan 2021, 01:47

Here is a video where I discuss the FIRST IMPRESSIONS of a combat system using blue RPP:

Here are the two major 'documents' which you can review for more information about both of the systems being proposed.

Ikenbon's System - ... WC0oY/edit

Thousand's System - ... UHnro/edit

Ikenbon's Freeform Blue System -

This discussion forum is for meaningful advancement of the ideas presented. It should be noted that neither system is fully finalized at the time of posting. They are both simply, best, initial expressions of the same goal.

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Re: Blue RPP System

Post by Indon » 30 Jan 2021, 02:23

My take on the blue RPP proposal (trying to make my suggestions apply to either major proposal):

If blue points are meant to reflect in-character stamina, then they should not replenish over real time (that's too fast and produces weird situations) or from other RPs (that leads to a problem where you either get lots of RP filler, or do interesting RPs that drain blue points faster than you can generate new ones).

I think blue points should be treated like hit points or resources in a tabletop RPG, one where players generally start at full in each distinct combat log, and track each combat log's blue points separately. Like, y'all call it "Blue RPP", but it seems like y'all (Ikenbon, Thousand) are both using it like a ki/combat stamina tracker, so let it come back when ki or combat stamina would, between RP logs (or more properly, opportunities to rest).

So, instead of characters having blue points, they have max blue points, and each RP tracks how much they've spent (how tired each character is) separately to each log - because it should be possible to track multiple logs at once, since a player might be in multiple real-time but not game-time concurrent plays at once.

You could open a log (rplog new <label that goes on the RP forum post>), and then close it out (rplog finish, to post it on the forums) or perhaps post what you have and suspend the log (rplog postuntilnow, rplog pause) and allow the players to continue later ('rplog list' to list existing logs you're a part of (or that you started?) by label, rplog open #).

As each player chooses to newly join a log (rplog join <player running active log>, 'rplog accept <player asking to join>' maybe as well), their posts will be logged, and they can engage in 'blue rp' decisions/votes (rplog blue enable, rplog blue disable, rplog blue refresh, rplog blue deplete) which would enable or disable blue RP mechanics, or replenish or deplete everyone's blue points to reflect some in-log event that would restore or weaken characters. There might also be per-player blue options to reflect individual players, or partial refresh/deplete options. Maybe the creator of the rplog can set blue rp voting behavior, if we can't resolve a default behavior for these rplog votes? Refresh and Deplete should regardless require unanimous votes, because they're meant to reflect the effects of agreed-upon events (for instance, everyone in a tournament log rests up for the next day, or everyone starts the log hungry on an alien planet looking for food).

Blue would be used in combat (rplog power list, rplog power <action>) and when using an ability, your character's next chat post may specify what the blue RP action was before the text of that post as such:

[CHAT] (Blueaction) Indon describes the blue action that he last entered into 'rplog power', and this description post goes into the log and finalizes the expenditure of blue points. (We could also make this expenditure immediate, I suppose, might be simpler?)

If the blue point action involves the result of a random resolution (say, a roll-off), then the blue points are spent immediately:

[CHAT] (Blueaction, Indon vs. Indonpartner, roll 6 on 20, 8 required to succeed. Indon misses action)

To allow for the player to build their next post describing that (and give other players warning as to roughly what's going on).

I don't have much stake, or suggestion, about how many blue points we should have, or how many combat options we should have with blue points.


-Track blue points per RP
-Ability to have multiple, completely independent RP logs running at a given time
-We only need to add like one base-level command and then have parameters for it, it's neater that way

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Re: Blue RPP System

Post by Taako » 14 Feb 2021, 09:46

Here's a link to our current proposal and document from the 2021 RP Summit 1. ... -qyYM/edit

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