Age of Resurgence - New RP System Phase 1

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Age of Resurgence - New RP System Phase 1

Post by thousand » 12 Apr 2018, 11:08

RPAdmins, please see admin gboard for more detailed notes from the Admin end.

System is a work in progress, and is to be expanded upon. See Riz' announcement for current setting info.

Quickstart for t0 characters

To start out, you will receive two abilities "for free:"
Sense ki (or scan, functionally equivalent, different flavor) at a basic level. Range limited to the general vicinity, precision limited to a rough guesstimate of their strength vs yours.
Custom basic ability- this should not be a passive, it should be an attack of some kind. We will help you balance and fit it into the ability system described below.
Your capabilities at this level should be around the level of a character from the street fighter series- you are able to leap several times your height, heightened strength, etc. Flight is not possible at this level. A ki attack taken at this level would be roughly on par with the fireball skills used in the street fighter series.
Special racial features such as regeneration do not function at this level- this is a necessary balance as characters of this level aren't quite able to cause enough destruction to reliably overcome regeneration.

Please send a gnote to Onekay with a description of your basic ability- nothing about mechanics, just what you expect from it. We will tune it accordingly.

One participant in roleplay, agreed upon from the start, is responsible for logging the RP and submitting it.

Submit it as a post to the forums with the following information:
Example: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6699

Title post with Age of Resurgence - Arc (or standalone) - RP Title
Provided summary at top of log as follows:
Characters/Actors involved in log
Brief description of RP Type: Discussion, sparring, training, combat, etc.
Casualties/injuries sustained by characters in log
One paragraph synopsis of the logs events.
And finally the full text of the log.

The synopsis and such will facilitate reviewing and rewarding a high volume of logs in a timely manner.


Progression will, at current, require both participation in roleplay and playing the game.
RPAdmins will reward RPP for each log, a mixture of "green" and "red" RPP depending on the content of the log.
Total Red RPP earned are used, alongside in-game PL, to progress your character through tiers. Awarded Reds also count as greens for the purpose of their functionality.
Green RPP are used to purchase in-game and in-rp rewards- special items, etc. Even non-combat RPs will accrue these, and they are essentially used as a secondary form of progression when spent in-rp. More details on this to come.

All characters start at t0, with a cap at t7.

Power balancing

We are placing a softcap on character power progression at t3. What this means is that, as you tier up from t0 to t3, your characters basic strength, endurance, speed, etc. improves, with those reaching their peak at t3. The only way to push character power beyond t3 is by using a transformation. A t7 character, for example, will fight as a t3 but with a larger number of abilities to make use of. That t7 characters can activate his first transformation to fight as a t4, second to fight as a t5, third to fight as a t6.

A resource system to fuel transformations and very powerful abilities is in the works, but not yet completed.

We are seeking to minimize rolls in this system, using them as a final arbitrator of disputes only, ideally. Roll offs done in this manner will be a contested 1d8 roll. This roll, at current, may be modified only when one roleplayer is of a higher “effective tier” than another. (Eg. t1 character vs t2 character, t2 gets +1 on the roll). “Effective tier” caps at t3 for characters not using a transformation, rises to t4 for the first transformation, t5 for the second, t6 for the third. Maximum modifier is +3 for the stronger party. Weaker party does not get a negative modifier. Players are expected to play power gaps accordingly and rolling is to be last resort.

Player Abilities
Note that we will be using this system to describe and balance the abilities that players conceive of- not forcing players to design abilities with this system in mind.
We will be building this system out initially with your assistance.

Activated abilities only for now - no passives at this time!

Three levels of abilities - Basic, Signature, and Master.
Three components of abilities - core, advantage, disadvantage
Basic abilities have 1 core, 1 advantage, 1 disadvantage. Characters will have a number of these.
Signature abilities have 1 core, 1 advantage. A second advantage may be taken if a disadvantage is also taken. One of the characters specialties, characters will only ever have a small number of these.
Master abilities have 1 core, 2 advantages, 1 disadvantages. A third advantage may be taken if a disadvantage is also taken. We may consider hybrid/dual cores for master abiilites as well. One of a characters ultimate abilities- will generally have a limit of one or two per character.

Core effect is the base of the ability. Eg, "Blast" "Beam" and "Strike" would be the core effects for energy blasts, continuous energy beams, and enhanced physical strikes, respectively, and is the initial balance point.
Advantages alter the flavor and mechanics of the ability in a generally positive way.
Disadvantages do the opposite.
All of these should be identifiable with one or two words, and desribable with a short phrase.
Kamehameha as a signature ability. Core: Beam (beam attack, can apply continual force). Advantages: Redirectable Attack (User may change the direction of the beam in midflight), Explosive Finish (Attack finishes with an explosion). Disadvantage: Windup (User may not take other actions the turn this is used other than preparing to fire it and firing it).
Rocket punch as a basic ability. Core: Strike (physical hit). Advantage: Extended Range (Attack extends beyond normal effective range for its type). Disadvantage: Temporary Handicap (User is literally missing a hand after firing it until it is reattached)

The general idea of all this is to let PCs flavor their abilities however they want, while keeping them all constrained mechanicswise to avoid prior shenanigans. They can describe the ability however they want, but the practical applications of the skill will be limited to the core effect as modified by the advantages and disadvantages- eg, having a rocket punch ability does not allow you to “combine” this with a regular strike to have a heavier hitting melee ability, even if the “flavor” would suggest this possible.

We don’t say “No, you can’t have X ability.” We say “Yes, you can have X ability, but it will only work within these parameters for the sake of balance.” Players choose core, advantage, disadvantage, and all flavor- RP Admins rule on the actual effect of the ability. This conversation should take place when the ability is being approved.

Abilities by tier
Note that only the free abilities are detailed here. There are methods to purchase additional abilities for your character coming in the future- stay tuned.
Also note that these are only free in the sense that they do not require any additional rpp purchases to be available for your character. These will still
generally involve training time in roleplay before the ability becomes fully available (will explore this in more depth in the next phase).

T0 - Sense, one custom basic ability
T1 - Flight, one custom signature ability
T2 - Basic energy blast, Racial freebie, one custom basic ability
T3 - Transformation, one custom master ability
T4 - One custom basic ability
T5 - Transformation, one custom signature ability
T6 - Instant Transmission*, one custom basic ability
T7 - Transformation, one custom basic ability

Total Freebies by T7:
5x basic abilities
2x signature abilities
1x master abilities
3x Transformations
1x racial freebie
Basic Energy blast
Instant Transmission*

*Instant Transmission is a special case here, nobody teaches this to themselves, will involve an event or series of events in RP occurring to acquire.

This is enough to start roleplaying, so have at it, and stay tuned for Phase 2!

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Re: Age of Resurgence - New RP System Phase 1

Post by Dumastin » 12 Apr 2018, 12:31

My chief comment: as someone who likes big skill sets, I'd like to see more in the ways of expanding your skill set and more restrictions on how many abilities can be activated or used at a given time to help keep the balance.

gibe skill-teach/skill-learn/skill-retrain rules plox

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Re: Age of Resurgence - New RP System Phase 1

Post by thousand » 12 Apr 2018, 15:25

Dum, you know full well all that and more is in the works!

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