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Random Idea

Posted: 18 Jun 2011, 21:00
by Lye
Ethier asked me how much I paid for the Darkness earlier and it got me thinking that we should have some sort of guidance for how much an epically bad-ass ship would cost. I'm just throwing out some various numbers there for ship-price and what not. I'm not suggesting these prices be put in and everyone who has a ship has to buy their ships again, if it's applied it would apply only to new ships and you can compare your package as closely as you can to the list. Give feed-back, suggest more upgrades and what not. Giggidy.

RPP Ship Cost: The base cost would apply to t0-t1's since the Wiki suggest that higher tier'ed players have access to more resources. The discounts are available 'per item' purchased.
t2's get a -2 Green RPP cost.
t3's Get a -5 Green RPP cost
t4's get a -8 green RPP cost
t5's get a -12 green RPP cost
t6 get a -15 green RPP cost.
t7's get a -20 green RPP cost

Basic Ship: Small: 20 Middle: 25 Large: 30 Green RPP

(basic ship includes light shielding -may deflect asteroids only-, little to no armor-capable of stopping a total of three attacks before breaching-, a rudimentary weapon systems -consisting of three turrets-, a basic FTL drive -any type of engine you can think of that makes it faster than light. May accommodate a crew of six or less with 20 green, 15 or less with 25 green, and a crew of between 20-40 with 30 greens.)

Armor Upgrade: 20 Green

This upgrade enhances your ships defense capabilities but slows the ship considerably in all ship-to ship combat types. This upgrade increases the durability of your ship increasing its armor from something that could withstand three major hits before exploding to something that can withstand and additional ten direct hits. Blaster or Lazer/Type turrets now have extremely reduced effect.

Shield Upgrade: 10 Green

This upgrade enhances your ships defense capabilities and improves the shielding to withstand up to three more major impacts from enemy fire.

Weapons Upgrade- Fighter: 5/10/20 Green

The Light-Fighter Type weapons upgrade consist of simple things like low-yield torpedo's/rockets/and an additional six weapons turret. The ammunition limit for rockets/torpedo's is 10.

The Heavy-Fighter Type weapons upgrade consist of everything in the Light-Fighter, but adds an additional ten turrets as well as increasing the yield variability of the rockets/torpedo's to hit as hard as a T1 ascended fighter. The ammunition limit for rockets/torpedo's is 15.

Battle-Ship Type Weapons upgrade consist of everything in the light and heavy versions. This brings the total number of gun-turrets from a starting point of 3, to a whopping a minimum of nineteen traditional turrets. This upgrade however gives you the option to either increase the total number of turrets to 30, 25, or 20. However the battle ship has options, they can either allocate five, or ten points to create the battle-ship's main primary weapon, or primary weapons. If the 10 is split, the weapons have a power yield of a t2 attack. Otherwise, the 'primary' weapon has a yield of a t3 attack. These weapon systems are limited in their uses per RP as they either take a tremendous amount of energy from the ship to operate, or the ship only has enough room for a limited number of rounds. Each 'mega' weapon can only be fired a total number of 2 times in a single RP. The ammunition limit for rocket/torpedo's increases from 15 to 30 each.

Engine Upgrade: 10 Green

This upgrade engines to compensate for the increased weight of the heavier weapons packs and upgrade pushing the abilities of the vehicle to one of superior class for its design. (small/mid/large)

Stealth System: 5 Green
This system is for radar purposes, although it doesn't render the craft invisible it does carry a design that appears almost non-existent on most traditional radar systems.

Cloaking System: 5 Green

This system is less for radar purposes, and more like a cloaking device. This shields the ship from being scanned by most traditional sensors while protecting it in a bubble of invisibility to anyone looking for it.

Ship Transporter: (Requires RP)
The ship transporter technology is widely available but not something that's on the open Market. It is Insignian technology and can only be acquired in RP via RPing getting the technology installed by any would-be Insignia's who would be selling it.