The Black Adders

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The Black Adders

Post by ikenbon » 08 Aug 2021, 16:39

This document is to provide descriptions, and details surrounding the captain, and crew of the C08R4 Starship so that players can use these NPCs for their stories in their search for the Dragonballs (RP Arc 2021). Players are encouraged to pick up the NPCs provided in order to assist other players. They will receive Green RPP for their efforts, and if their contribution is significant enough Red RPP as well.

The Black Adders are a group of spacefaring pirates that have been in operation for nearly two decades. Their leader, Urokoga, prefers to attack, and raid merchant vessels, and Saiyan conclaves in the Vira system. They are not an utterly ruthless crew, and will not attack or harm innocent civilians, but will defend themselves and their ship from arresting forces and meta-humans. Their primary interest in piracy has been to collect resources and clues as to the whereabouts of the Dragonballs. Much of the zeni and resources stolen by the Black Adders has been used to pay for the services and tenure of the mercenaries under Urokoga's employ, but ruminations aboard the ship have begun as their quest finally nears its end.

The Mercenaries:


Han-Fei, and Luu-Fei (The Twins)
Tier: 1 / 1
Race: Hydian
Ages: 28
Descriptions: Han-Fei, and Luu-Fei are identical twins baring dark purple complexions and short, black hair cut into wolf-tail style bobs. Both of the twins possess a number of small cybernetic implants in the joints of their legs, and arms. They stand roughly 5'7" in stature and have lithe appearances. Dressing primarily in black, and green garb in homage to their captain, the twins also possess a number of geometric tattoos upon their faces in order to subvert facial recognition software that might capture their image during their raids, and covert operations.

Attitudes: Both Han-Fei, and Luu-Fei possess quiet temperaments, and are extremely difficult to aggravate, or arouse. Cool, collected, and mysterious, the other members of the Black Adders find them difficult to trust, despite their conviction, and loyalty towards their captain. Few members of the Black Adders can tell the twins apart at a glance as their attitudes, and mannerisms are virtually indistinguishable.

Fighting Style: Han-Fei and Luu-Fei are extremely swift, acrobatic fighters. Their signature technique, the Sauzer Blade, is used with an assassin's precision. They also favor techniques such as the Destructo Disk, and piercing Finger Beams.

History: The twins were once part of a group of assassins that traveled the stars under the guise of a galactic carnival troupe. They were convinced to join Urokoga after failing an assassination mission on Ng Yelo. While being transported to one of the Empire's many prison planets, Urokoga and his small crew of the time struck the transport, and freed them alongside several other members.


Tier: ???
Race: Insignia Android (?)
Age: Unknown
Description: Baring a large, silver armored chassis, Zaeger towers over the other members of the crew at nearly 7'4". This hulking giant of of metal and living spark energy bares little in the way of clothing, or physical description save for the cubist-like armored plating. Zaeger's face is a chrome-black glass which will sometimes depict an array of lights behind its field. Inside this globe, when the lights are lit, occasionally one can view a macabre metallic skull surrounded by a weave of wire and couplings.

Attitude: Zaeger is a brilliant mind whose internal processors can complete complex calculations in nanoseconds. Acting often as the warmaster of the Black Adders, Zaeger is one of the most trusted members of the crew whose somewhat relaxed and 'jovial' personality core allows him to direct even the most hard-headed individuals.

Fighting Style: Zaeger's bulk does not allow him a great deal of motion on the battlefield, and thus the Insignian Android relies on anti-gravity tech, and propulsion weapons to account for this weakness. The power of Zaeger's signature abilities, the Hells Flash, and Rocket Punches have not been properly gauged by the other members of the Black Adders, and the limits of his power he seems pleased to keep as a mystery even in life threatening situations.

History: Urokoga has remained intentionally vague as to how he and Zaeger became allies, and Zaeger will only comment to the other members of the crew that he was helped out of a 'situation' many years ago by Urokoga in the ruins of Insignia V. The Namekian captain, and Zaeger rarely argue, but there is a deep sense of animosity felt between them by the other members of the Black Adders.


Tier: 2
Race: Ghetti
Age: 39
Description: With a yellow complexion marked by black, snake-like patterns, and similar halloween-yellow moon eyes, Kalkresh has a startling and manic appearance. Standing at 5'11" with an average bulk, Kalkresh often wears tattered spacers leathers without a shirt or jacket, and a bandolier of throwing knives strapped over one shoulder.

Attitude: Kalkresh is a violent, manic personality among the crew who often acts as the whipping boy for the less reputable members of the Black Adders. He savors combat, and is considered the most dangerous, and unpredictable of Urokoga's lieutenants. Hard headed, fast talking, and possessing a tendency for escalating situations, the other members of the Black Adders spend a great deal of energy keeping Kalkresh on a tight leash.

Fighting Style: Kalkresh possesses an extremely hyperactive healing gene that causes splinters of bone to grow from his skeleton at an accelerated rate. Kalkresh can break bones and form these into weapons within moments or simply 'fire' a spray of bone-needles from nearly any point in his body. Kalkresh's healing factor is so advanced that he has survived point-blank explosions and laser fire.

History: Kalkresh was rescued by Urokoga from a Icerian laboratory in the Zeon system where it was clear that the experiments produced there had activated his advanced healing factor, and perhaps agitated his personality into the violent, and chaotic state that it is now. Many of Kalkresh's memories were lost from the abusive torture and experimentation, and recognizing the usefulness of such a mercenary, Urokoga hired Kalkresh, offering him a chance to put his talents to use while searching for clues about his past.

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