**Sky Sonata

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**Sky Sonata

Post by Lotus » 03 Jul 2021, 16:06

The jungle south of Rose City was hot and savage. Lenne laid on her makeshift bunk in her cabin. She tossed uncomfortably. Unable to sleep, she climbed out of bed and went outside.

The sky was clear. Stars dotted the sky. In most parts of the jungle, the canopy was far too thick to see the sky, but here, where Lenne had built her cabin, was a sizable clearing partly created by the monstrous saiyan transformation.

Lenne took a deep breath of the hot, steamy air of the jungle. She was amazed and annoyed at how hot it was even in the night. This sort of lifestyle was far from the luxury she had grown up with, and was accustomed to.

She decided that if she couldn't sleep, she might as well train. Soon, she expected a call from Indon, or maybe Zofu about some work for solving the global problem, but until then, she planned on getting as strong as possible. It was up to her to fill the void of strength left by Nova and Syhiver.

A star flew across the distant horizon. Lenne watched it in awe. The slightest things could be of such beauty, she thought to herself. The universe was truly an elegant thing, when battle and blood weren't drowning it.

The star grew in size and lit up as it drew close. It was in fact a meteor caught by Hydia's gravitational field. It streamed across the sky, lighting it up like dawn.

Lenne's awe became shock as the meteor drew near. Her cabin seemed to be in its direct path. She fought back immediate panic.

If only she could sky dance as Nova had, she could blast it and redirect its course.

She reflected back on the day she watched Nova practice her sky dancing art. Nova's power was in constant flux that day, drawing in and rushing out in ripples. It seemed that she was simply attempting to jump as high as possible and do something more to remain aloft.

Without time to really break it down properly, Lenne knew she needed to act if she were going to save her small home.

She concentrated within, drawing on as much power as she could before pushing off the ground. Dirt and mud launched away from her as she leaped into the air, leaving a small crater below. The saiyan rose high above the jungle. The meteor seemed to slow down as she focused on it.

Keeping her focus on her position in the sky, Lenne continued pushing downward with all the energy she could muster. It felt uncomfortable and unnatural, but she kept it up as best as she could. The jungle seemed to just wait far below.

Lenne clenched her left fist as she drew energy into it. It radiated a soft pink as the light coalesced around her fist. The meteor careened closer. The mere seconds of action felt like minutes, maybe hours. Sweat dripped down her brow.

A whistling sound rushed past her ears. It was deafeningly loud. As the meteor drew close, Lenne pushed her fist forward, firing a brilliant pink wave of energy toward it. The wave seemed to arc upward toward the meteor before colliding with it.

A magnificent fireworks display lit the sky as multiple shards of the meteor cascaded in every direction. Lenne took a look downward as she watched the bits land only to see the ground was much closer than it had been before.

Again, panic set in as she tried to concentrate her efforts toward slowing her descent without really knowing exactly how to do such a thing.

The jungle shook as the saiyan crashed into the mud below.

Lenne awoke some time after dawn. Her entire body screamed in pain. Slowly, she climbed out of the crater formed from her colliding with the jungle.

Nearby was a small crater, likely formed from one of the meteorites. A slight hum and glow came from its center which drew Lenne's attention.

She half walked and half crawled toward it. In the center of the crater was an orange-gold orb with two pulsing stars in its center. It seemed an oddity to have fallen from space. Lenne reached out to touch it. It was warm; invitingly so. The orb seemed an odd trophy for having barely managed to save her home, but it suited.

The saiyan crawled her way into her home and placed the orb on the floor in the corner before crawling into her makeshift bed.

"Maybe Indon knows something about what this might be." She thought as she grabbed her scouter to call him, but passed out instead.

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