**Legends Lost

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**Legends Lost

Post by Rizion » 01 Jun 2021, 21:17

[CHAT] (0%) Someone: -- 'The holographic star map's glowing red blip
flashed a final time before
You Have Arrived At Your Destination flashed
before their eyes and closed the program down from the wrist mounted
communicator. It had all of the trimmings of an abandoned crash site on the
outskirts of Rose City, ripe with the dirt outside littered with fresh battle
scars and a forest behind it that looked just as worse for wear. With a heavy
sigh, the figure wrapped in a traveller's duster and cowl pulled over their
head, shadowing their features, walked up to what looked like the main console
to the research facility and pressed the intercom.
"Hello? I'm here to see an
Indon? I was told to come here for some personal affects...
" The voice was
quiet, gruff and nearly broken.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'The intercom hummed back with a deep, guttural
noise that was close enough to a voice to be decipherable.
"Indon does work
here. Who is asking for him?"
In the laboratory, tapping at a thick, metallic
keyboard, a huge orange Hydian hacked out protein folding equations while
responding to the front door. Across the lab, a man was carefully torturing an
earthworm, as he had been doing for roughly seven hours straight.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'Experiment seventy-seven. The behavior of the
earthworm has diverged significantly across experiments, proving a potentially
fruitful area of further meta-study into the cosmologically morphic properties
of Zofu's ability set, but I don't have enough earthworm left to continue
those, so this final experiment will be a last dissection. In this test, the
case study earthworm, whom I have designated 'Lazarus', has only one segment
remaining. I will be removing the worm's remaining organs to determine the
minimum set of components necessary to maintain Zofu's ability... before the
last of the candle has burned out, I hope.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon glanced at the burned-down candle that was,
strictly speaking, the time limit of his work.

[CHAT] (100%) Cin pulled his hood back, long locks of dirty blonde
hair falling over his face. A small beard of stubble had started to grow over
his chin and lip, but his eyes were red in the oscular and heavy with bags.
have a will here for the one who passed away recently. I'm just here to
collect their things, then I'll be on my way.
" He wasn't sure who he was
speaking to, but being left outside was starting to sour his already terrible

[CHAT] (80%) Indon was pulled from his focus, right before executing
the first incision, when Alizia called his scouter... from across the room.
"Indon. There is a belligerent on the intercom outside. He's asking about a
'will'. I assume, a friend of yours. I'm patching you through."
Indon blurted
out, into the intercom as well,
"But Lazarus isn't technically permanently
dead yet,"
before his mind regeared itself to more normal thought processes.
He was silent a moment before saying,
"Hello? May I ask who is out there? I
am... not sure what will might be relevant to this laboratory."

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- '"SYHIVER! The Silver Fucking Nightmare!
Kanassian with a bounty big enough to buy a planet!
" A sliver of the seething
rage that had been bubbling inside of him since Syhiver's death switch note
hit his holo-feed started to slowly seep out. The Cipher Agent who was taught
to master their emotions was slipping, struggling to keep from pumping the air
vents of this place with every deadly nerve agent he could think of.
-me- Indon, Cin?
" '

[CHAT] (80%) Indon smiled quickly, but replied slowly, having to put
together the proper words first.
"Oh, Cin. It's good to see you. Nobody by
that name has been by, this is of course an official Hydian installation, if
he were here, the
surveillance system would have spotted him right away. But
please, come on in, head through the flash irradiatior for the quickest clean
room procedure, and meet me in the lab - it's been too long, we should catch
Indon hit the signal to admit a guest to the lab.

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- 'Normally he would have played the game. Since
arriving on Hydia with Syhiver months ago, Cin quickly found out what Indon
was up to and had wanted to come visit earlier under some guise. A diplomat
from Konats, the heir-apparent to some unknown dwarf planet come to make an
annonymous donation to the cause (from gambling funds of course), but all of
those games were put on hold when Syhiver called. The Silver was his mission
and he failed. So now it was the raw truth. If a legion of Imperials came
storming after him, he didn't care. All he knew was that down this pure white
hallway one of the attendants was leading him through was the last thing his
best friend and mentor ever saw and he needed to see it for himself. He wanted
to see what Syhiver had died for after fighting for so long. '

[CHAT] (100%) Cin was lead to what he assumed was the main waiting
room for those who didn't work at the facility. A break room of sorts with
assorted papers scattered about, a crude tv at a terrible angle in the corner
of the room and a vending machine that was surpringly well stocked with food
from this era.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon soon came out to meet Cin, his face painted with a
strange melancholy - because he did, of course, know why Cin was there.
to see you made it out of Cordican,"
he said, "Sorry about the runaround, Liz
only has full control over the surveillance in and around the lab proper. You
know, the stuff we can claim is important for the research. I'm afraid there's
no remains for you to give your respects to, but I could show you the video
where he, uh... let's call it 'passes on', if you would like."

[CHAT] (100%) Cin did not hesitate when he saw Indon walk into the
room. Before the human could finish with his words, Cin made three hard
strides across the room and grabbed the taller human by the collar. He tried
to lift him up, but the strength to do so was not there, the price one pays
when they only have had hydian wine for almost a week.
"Who did it, Indon?
Huh? Did you kill him trying to take him apart and see what made him tick?
His personal, number one, rule when coming here; Don't do anything stupid, and
he already failed. The tears Cin was trying to keep in check came spilling
out, reddening his eyes even more as his grip on Indon slipped and he slumped
to the floor.
"Why did he come to you when he really needed help instead of
" The real question finally slipped.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon shrugged. "I don't actually know that he came to me
on purpose - he crashed, after all, I think because he was fighting a hostile
that was going to kill me after having left Syhiver for dead, if not for the
lucky intervention of a Saiyan I know from Earth. But even after all that, he
lived... barely. He was under reconstructive surgery - quite literally, I was
giving a lot of him a rebuild and upgrade - when... it's hard to describe.
I'll bring up the video."
Indon brought up the video of Syhiver's assumption,
hovering holographically over his wrist console.
"Syhiver didn't get to this
video. He hadn't so much as touched our systems since this event,"
he said, as
he played the video of Syhiver vanishing into... well, who knows.

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- 'Slumped on the floor without even the energy to
stand up, Cin watched the events of Syhiver's death unfold as his hero simply
vanished in a flash and spark and the Saiyan sat up from her slumber. It
wasn't in a blaze of glory. There was no grand finale, he simply had one more
soul to save before going off to join the Moon Goddess. It was so simple that
it almost seemed poetic.
"Whoever that girl is, tell her that she better not
waste the life he gave to save...
" Cin reached out for Indon to help him up
off the floor, but when their two strenghts came together, Cin fell back to
the floor in a yelp of pain while Indon was left holding a fleshy arm stump
bleeding into a poorly made prosthetic.'

[CHAT] (100%) Specter: -- 'For split-second, in the flickering
frame-by-frame shots captured by the holovideo, as Syhiver vanished... one
still frame of the Kanassian agent standing next to the ICU bed and machinery
attached to Nova displayed a strange configuration of symbols just before his
body began to dematerialize. It was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, and
something that only a hardened investigator might have picked up.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon leaned over further, not noticing the strange
artifact in the video, and lifted Cin up by his hopefully less injured torso.
"Only if you promise me not to dematerialize while I'm helping you, man. I
think you need to go in that medbay next. What happened to you?"

[CHAT] (100%) Cin cmae to his feet with the help of Indon and the
heavy burqa that had been covering him fell to the floor. What unvieled before
Indon was Cin with most of his right arm missing, his right leg bleeding into
a similar prosthetic as his arm and most of his right side covered in
something that was grafted directly to his skin.
"Ghost happened. So
understand that when I say I'm here for his personal affects, I mean I
literally need the cybernetics Syhiver was outfitting himself with. Just an
arm and a leg though. And if you could get the rest of this wall out of my
skin that would be great.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon could not hold back a single, wry laugh. "What
luck, we have a surplus of very advanced prosthetics! But I insist on sizing
them to you before installing them on you. Let's get you on the table and
treat those wounds."
Indon hustled Cin along, calling Alizia on his scouter,
"Liz, you called it, bringing another friend who's falling apart to you for
more emergency surgery. I owe you a lot for helping out like this."
He turned
back to Cin and said,
"So... what's a Ghost?"

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- 'Indon was a doctor, but not the medical kind,
still he might know the medical medley that Cin was injecting into their good
thigh to numb the pain. Most of it not too far off from the herbs the monks at
Odayakana used to ease their own worries, but much more potent and black
"We got to Hydia, Syhiver wanted to take a vacation so I got to
work. I started robbing gangs as a calling card until enough of them wanted to
hire me. That's how I started making connections with the underground. All of
a sudden a new player came into town and had real
Power. The kind that turns
heads. It was a meta named Ghost and one of the strongest I've seen. I ran
with some of his sub sects for a bit to try and learn more, I thought I was
playing it smart, but he was playing me the whole time.
" '

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- 'Liz and Indon were able to get him on a table
to possibly survey the damage done to his body, but Cin had previous work done
before when he was a subject of Amethyst, the ones who made him Cin.
"The last
mission: Syhiver wanted some back up on a big heist he was pulling. You
probably know the one, with the 20 some arrests? I pulled off one hell of a
shot. Dead from over 70 yards out against the wind. Then it was lights out.
Ghost...it KNEW I was there the moment I pulled the trigger. I woke up...
" He
closed his eyes, his mind telling himself that the nightmare was over. Or at
least trying to believe that it was.
"...I woke up and half of my body was
stuck inside a wall. Like he
Astralslid me halfway through then left me
grafted inside the wall.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon nodded. "And that's where these shoddy prosthetics
come in, eh? You know, if you're willing to wait, we've recently ordered some
parts that could be used for bio-regenerative surgery instead. Long term... on
the timescale of months, I must admit, we could uninstall all this stuff and
give you proper replacements made with your own flesh and blood. Of course,
we're still going to treat you and hook you up with the prosthetic equipment
for now."
The hulking Hydian working with Indon said, "Indon, this one barely
has any blood in his drug stream. He's got that rare human gift of being less
dead than he is supposed to be. If you'd like another case study into
S-alpha-actinin, we could probably make this one grow a tail too."
She barked
out a laugh, but Indon suspected the offer was serious.
"That's honestly not a
bad thought. Hey Cin, want some Saiyan steroids? Not enough to grow you a
tail, that would be an overdose."

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- '"No. None of that. I want -his- stuff.
Repurpose the materials but I need him with me. First the
Shadow and now the
Silver. If this keeps up I might actually be a legend killer. But the Verse.
The Verse needs both So...
" Whatever it was that he injected in himself and
what they were giving him was putting his hysteria to rest, his mind fighting
off being put under.
"I need to save the Verse for them. I'll save..." But in
the end, the drugs won.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon said, over Cin's sleeping body, "Why do all the
assassin types I know work themselves to death? Wish there was something I
could give him that could really help out... feel like I'm just kicking the
can down the road."
Indon's eyes strayed towards one of the lead-lined
cabinets. He did know of one thing. One thing that hurt Indon to see without
protection... something that was powering Syhiver's armor that Indon had
removed from him as part of the reconstruction.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon put on protective, lead-lined gear, and went over,
opening the cabinet and pulling out the
Warpstone he now intended to install
into Cin's body.
"Cin, may this stuff remind you of how dead you'll be if you
keep pushing yourself too far... and not inspire you to do that."
He picked
the shimmering emerald stone up, carried it to the cybernetics, and there, he
got to work.

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