**The Ur-Sphere

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**The Ur-Sphere

Post by ikenbon » 29 May 2021, 23:27

Characters: Indon, Kiruvi
Type: Spar
Synopsis: Indon calls on Kiruvi to practice his 'Ur-Sphere' Technique.


[CHAT] (90%) Indon stretched out, pacing the spacious, and currently mostly empty, 'gym' of the facility. A formerly empty warehouse room that Indon took the liberty of putting equipment (repurposed construction equipment, but exercise equipment for metas is hard!) and some mats into, mostly for the purposes of testing subjects he might be able to coax over to the lab, but right now, it was useful more directly - for giving Indon a chance to work off a little energy. He checked the time - he'd asked Kiruvi to come by to help him train a little - and Kiruvi could probably use the experience, as well. Lycanrot, after all, seemed to have some mysterious link with meta abilities within Hydians, so it stood to reason that at least some of the subjects Alizia had worked with in the past would be quite strong.

[CHAT] (90%) Indon needed this training for himself, as well - he had very few combat tools in between "punch hard" and "nuclear armageddon", after all - and the fight where he stood alongside Nova had given him an idea he wanted to test out.

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi passed through what they were calling the Alizia Institute in their mind, for the location had no discernable name. No plaques dedicated to past attempts of research, not even a project that anyone of the lab assistants, or researchers could remember being performed here that had necessitated its primary function. To their credit, the Hydian scientists that passed Kiruvi in the halls nodded and muttered, 'Asisstant,' to which Kiruvi also bowed their head and intoned, "Doctor," in a similar, aloof, and dignified matter that seemed to saitsify all parties, and left Kiruvi smiling, and giggling as they continued tramping towards the gym.

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'The small Hydian had become a familiar part of the landscape here, as they were always tinkering with something. There was much that needed explaining, but Kiruvi seemed to absorb it quiet readily, and never asked the same question twice, which the lab assistants found fairly endearing. As Kiruvi descended down the warehouse lift to the second floor where the labratory 'proper' was they hummed to themselves, finding a unique pattern that matched the elcontric harmonies of the grav-elevator's internal chimes before it came to a hissing stop, and the doors opened. Following a corkscrew pathway, they arrived in the 'gym' room that had been erected only a few minutes after Indon's appointed time with a tray of protein shakes in their outstretched hands, and a smile.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- '"I thought you might need these!" They said with a grin. They were wearing nothing but a hardened-spandex uniform lined with zentonium links, the kind that often adorned Icerian soldiers beneath their plasti-steel armor. Their muddy feet were bare, and their hair... had been cut short into a pixie-cut that fell over one side of their face. Without the long dreadlocks, Kiruvi seemed more androgynous than ever.'

[CHAT] (90%) Indon blinked. "Are those... milkshakes? Well, I haven't eaten yet. But let's put them in the corner out of the way, for now." Indon walked to the mats, the clearest part of the room, and held up a hand. Before it, a small, glassy sphere the size of a baseball materialized. "So, I'm a meta, as I'm sure you've noticed, of the energy manipulating, martial artist variety. You may have noticed that I'm not actually very good at the energy manipulating part, as well, but this is one thing I've figured out. This is the sphere that I use to squeeze air until it generates massive heat and light, igniting in a reaction similar to what you'd see in a star - my Star Forge Fist. I'd designed it in my head as a charging method, to build the reaction to release, but in a recent combat, I saw an opportunity to use it as a combat technique in and of itself. Because it's the setup for a stronger move, I can deploy it quickly."

[CHAT] (90%) Indon thrust his arm forward towards Kiruvi as if to hurl the sphere, and it flew at speed towards the Hydian, but faded before it could reach him. "Because it wasn't designed to be used as an attack by itself, it's hard to maintain at range - it destabilizes quickly." Indon flicked his wrist and another sphere appeared, and he hurled it downwards, where it cracked into the mat forcefully, making dust fly up from it, revealing the mat wasn't used all too often lately. "Its impacts are about as strong as my fist, but its speed, and the control I have over a sphere that I move with my mind more than with my body, could have allowed me to stay and fight that fish without risking you and Cran, instead of needing to run away. I called you here, because I'd like to spar against you, Kiruvi, and test this skill in something approximating real combat."

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'As the sphere was generated, Kiruvi clapped excitedly, their eyes focusing on the ball and their clapping only coming to a short end when it was fired towards them. It flew fast enough that even Kiruvi's instincts couldn't follow the danger of its projection until it plumed out, and even then, only until Indon showed what it was capable of against the mats beneath his feat. Kiruvi gulped, nodded, and set the protein shakes on a chair near the doorway before slowly making their way onto the mats themselves. They enjoyed the 'sponge' like quality to the material, but their chin was held up as they slowly circled Indon, their arms hanging limp at their sides.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- '"Alizia said you wanted to fight me... I didn't really understand why you'd want that, but I cut my hair" Kiruvi shook the long bang of their cut to the opposite side, "Because I didn't want you to have anything to grab," They waved their arms to the skin-tight suit that covered them from neck to ankle, "And this because... I was told it was made for that kind of thing... but..." Kiruvi's features scrunched, "I don't... really understand this... Predators hunt prey. That's what fighting means to me. Sparring is... something different?"'

[CHAT] (90%) Indon said, "Really? Well, surely you know animals who play-fight, so they can get better at it, right? Earth has... cats. Cats do a lot of that. Sparring is a play-fight. All of the speed, some of the strength, none of the claw. And because there's a strength gap between us - and because I need to practice using my new... Ur-Sphere... it is more like a play-fight between a mother and a kitten. I intend on using only my new ability to face you, to try to knock you down without injuring you. You, on the other hand... to achieve an equal accomplishment, you would need only touch me."

[CHAT] (90%) Indon took a stance, feet wide, on the balls of his feet, his side facing Kiruvi - a stance of a fencer, as he intended to focus on movement and quick, light attacks at a short range, like wielding a blunted blade.

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'With that description, Kiruvi gav a furious nod of their head, and a grinning smile. "Oh, I understand what you mean.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- '"And all I have to do is touch you, to win the 'spar'?" They said with a sly, slant of their eyes.'

[CHAT] (90%) Indon laughed. "Well, it's for practice, and fun, so there might be a few spars! Kittens don't stop after just tumbling once, after all. Ideally... I'd like to keep you until at least one of us has tired out. All the better to help me practice my ability, and to help you deal with the strong individuals you might see while working here."

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi stopped, frowned deeply and folded their arms over their chest... "I don't know if I like this game--" Their eyes suddenly opened, the pupils drawing into serpent like slits, and as fast as a lightning bolt they fired from a completely 'lax' stance into a sliding snake across the mats. They shot to Indon's left, and then, without any candence, or warning, firing off the ground with monkey-like reflexes from the ground towards the ceiling, before rolling in mid-air just as their feet touched the top of the gym, before kicking off and a slanted hawk's fall towards Indon with one arm outstretched. It was a completely unorthodox fighting style. The kind that had no precident.

[CHAT] (90%) Indon moved more slowly than he could have, almost allowing himself to get distracted by the novelty of Kiruvi's wild combat style. He manifested his Ur-Sphere - so called in Indon's mind for its' simple, archetypical form, a primitive construct having been repurposed to a full technique - and left it in his previous position to hang in the air as he, almost too late to avoid Kiruvi closing, sprang a couple feet away, leaving the telepathically controllable object hovering as a latent threat, to see what countermeasures Kiruvi might have against it - and if the primal fighter would risk leaving the thing Indon promised he would fight with facing his back.

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'As Kiruvi landed in a three-point-cat stance where Indon had just stood, the 'hum' Of the Ur-sphere did not escape their notice. They rolled backward, piling their body into a tight ball like an armidillo backwards across the mats until they reached the wall and uncurled in similarly alarmed state of mind. Their eyes flicked left, then right, spotting a pressing machine. Bounding on nearly all fours like a wolf they moved to the exericise equipment and raised up as they reached it. With unexpected strength they began ripping full, plasti-steel bars out of the equipment, and sent the lead-lined discs hurling through the air... the first few to the left of the orb, and then the next handful towards Indon directly on the orb's much further right.'

[CHAT] (90%) Indon let his previous Ur-Sphere fade as he ignored what Kiruvi threw in its direction, manifesting a new one before his hand, and flicking it forward, practicing his control with it to try to intercept and softly drop the projectiles Kiruvi was flinging at him... rather than crush them. The first plate his sphere flicked upwards, and it spun up on a new trajectory to embed in the ceiling. The first, he pressed the Ur-Sphere against the metal head-on, allowing his attack to yield to let the metal decelerate as it screechingly attempted to grind against the Sphere, until it dropped with a muffled thud on the mat. The third plate, Indon was forced to fall to a knee to dodge, too preoccupied with control to be able to get them all at once, not able to focus enough to create more than one of his spheres at a time. "Good, good, try not to destroy anything outside the room, mind you."

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'Nodded, and then fell down into a squat and fired up like a frog, turning over in the air and landing on the unleaded bar they had releived the weights from. Kirvui and the bar fell, the weight coming up on the top, clipped, 'staff' end of the bench. They stepped off nimbly as they reached the floor and drew the bar overhead, and then swung with a grace that only Hydian's were capable. The whole maneuver was beautiful, and deadly as the top disc balanced on the staff was sent hurtling out. It didn't head directly towards Indon, but rather, was slung against the sloped walls of the gym and began to roll across the dipped metal at a speed that caught sparks, all while Kiruvi whipped the 'staff' overhead and then 'pushed' it towards Indon, launching a direct, cannon-ball of steel weight towards him. '

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'Then the Hydian dropped the bar altogether, and ran behind their own projectile on all fours like a cheetah and sprang over it, hoping to pounce on Indon as he attempt to deflect it.'

rather than sending his Sphere to parry each individually, held up his hand and opened it, willing his Sphere to enter his grip. With his fingers around the Ur-Sphere, he willed it upwards, and it yanked Indon's body up with it, forcefully enough that he had to keep holding onto the sphere as it stopped seven feet up to keep from hurling into the ceiling (or flying, Indon supposed). As Kiruvi fell upon to where Indon was, he hovered in place a moment and flicked down the Sphere at Kiruvi, finally striking at him with the attack.

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'Landing in the exact spot where Indon had been only moment before and looking up to see the Ur-Sphere rocketing towards them, the Hydian had half a second to reconcile their escape, but not the speed, or the dexterity to act on it. All they could do was raise their arms, and spread their legs apart while bracing themself, allowing the sphere to hit them in a reactive stance. They had seen it deflect weights, but what did it really 'DO?' If Kiruvi didn't know that... there wasn't much more they could learn about it. At least, that was the last thought that passed through their mind before they were inevitably hit.'

[CHAT:OOC] (60%) Kiruvi has decreased their RP Energy by 10.

[CHAT] (90%) Indon pushed his Ur-Sphere down against Kiruvi, trying to balance between not striking too hard and fast, but still being able to exert enough force with the ability to try to pin Kiruvi to the mat using the Sphere. He floated down nearby, a bit out of Kiruvi's reach, explaining, "Tell me if this is too uncomfortable or painful. Because I made my Ur-Sphere to handle light and physical matter, that's basically all it does. It doesn't explode or anything, it's just a way to exert force at a moderate distance, in a way that hopefully will let me use my mind a bit more dynamically. I hope to be able to use it to supplement my style at multiple levels of force, helping me fight non-lethally if I need to, as well as being a good tool for more serious fights."

[CHAT] (60%) Kiruvi: -- 'The sphere fell on Kiruvi's arms, then their chest, and eventually drove them down into the ground with the weight of Thor's Hammer. The Hydian flailed, and scraped beneath it, their fingers scratching at the surface of the sphere, and even their toes, but there was no way to release the weight that was crushing down on them. Eventually, Kirui splayed their limbs out, and sulked. "It doesn't... hurt... the ball is smooth. I can't get out. You've got me pinned--" Kiruvi's eyes suddenly shot towards the doorway behind them, and they raised their hand, "Oh! Hey Alizia!"'

[CHAT] (90%) Indon said, still looking at Kiruvi, "Hey Liz, feel free to grab a milkshake, Kiruvi brought more than... wait." Indon knelt at a distance he knew was inches, tauntingly close, to Kiruvi's fingers... at least, if he couldn't move under the sphere. "Kiruvi, you do know I can sense the presence of people... and Liz has no training, so she doesn't hide her energy. I can feel her in the lab in the basement from here. I'm pretty sure you can too. You should've gone with one of the guys on the construction crew for the above-ground lab."

[CHAT] (60%) Kiruvi turned their head back down to Indon as the ball pressed into their lower abdomen with a perplexed look. "What do you mean you can sense her? You can hear her? Smell her?" They did not even have the most formal understanding of ki-signatures, let alone 'energy' like the Ur-sphere that was keeping them trapped. Their feign had failed, but they genuinely didn't know how, or why it had. Indon hadn't even looked up.

[CHAT] (90%) Indon tapped his chin, thinking for a moment. "Oh. You... you haven't really been formally trained either, have you, man? You've shown a lot of talent, so I've been treating you like someone who has studied these things." Indon dismissed his Ur-Sphere, letting it pop out of existence. "I've got a pretty good idea of what I can do with this for now, how about we have some shakes... and I try to explain a few things. Bear with me, here, I think I have to explain it the way it was explained to me. So tell me, Kiruvi... when you aren't thinking about breathing... what exactly is controlling your breath?"

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