**Moon Mallow

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**Moon Mallow

Post by ikenbon » 27 May 2021, 23:37

Characters: Nova, Kiruvi
Type: Introduction
Synopsis: As Nova is reflecting on the events of the day, Kiruvi stumbles into the Cantina.


[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'The catina was quiet at this hour. Most of the aids, and lab assistansts had dispersed for the evening. Only a few passing royal guards wandered the halls. Soft halogen bulbs high above flooded the tiled floor below, and the tables with their stark, and jarring lumination. The cantina was sequested on the western wing, with large open windows that looked out over the royal gardens, and somewhere, further in the distance, the tall, sweeping flock of pine that fell in great, evergreen folds to become the Lotus Forest. A few trash cans were set to one wall, full of opened coffee creamer packets, and stained tea bags. Near the expresso machines was a large wash bowl, and beside it were piled numerous dishes, and tubberware containers that helped transport lunches from off-sight, to the lab.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'Padding inside on dirty, mud-caked feet came a small (5'4"), lithe figure. Their hair was dirty, and they wore only a long tee-shirt that fell nearly down to their shins, and a bag that was tossed over one shoulder. They yawned. Peered around the room wearily, spotting a Saiyan woman on her own near the windows, and then continued on towards the expresso machine and began to fiddle oddly with it, as if it were some alien artifact. Eventually they filled it with water, set it back inside its container, and set it to brewing after digging through their pack and setting a large, hollowed gourd beneath the drip instead of the coffee pot.'

[CHAT] (1%) Nova let her gaze peer through the glass to the edge of Lotus forest, the same deep woods she had tried her hand at mastering Dou and put her in a coma. There was so much to the way of the fist that was beyond her. So much knowledge she didn't have. Sipping the earl grey brew she had found in one of the cubbards, she smiled at the visage of herself, tearing her body apart in some ill attempt to grow more powerful. With all of her 'strength' there was still very little she could do on her own. (I wonder what Tess would say if she saw me like this) The robe that dressed her shoulders was open with her midsection still wrapped in medical wraps just to the top of her abs. She leaned against the wall and looked at the strange local who looked to be brewing a magical concoction inside a coffee pot. "What sort of potion is that you're cooking up?"

[CHAT] (1%) Nova: -- 'A relaxed posture with a toned frame. Muscles defined from natural work not forced exercise. Hard to tell the amount of body fat, but lower than most, and scales. Affliction? No? Nova didn't get the same sense she did when around others who had been affected by the plague from this one. Still, for working here it was an impressive specimen and one of the few who came up and introduced themselves. This child of the Oaken Brook had just gained color in a backdrop of colorless faces that paid her no mind on the daily. "Nova" she simply replied after another sip of her tea. "Bur..bursmili? Kiruvi. Why are you trying to help a Moon Flower?" Her broken Hydian was childish at best as she tried to utter out a broken greeting in their native tongue.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'The Hydian's smile returned as Nova spoke their language, and their posture leaned inward, as if they were now part of some great conspiracy. "It's good to meet you Nova." Their eyes roamed over her form like a prey animal soaking in the features of a possible predator. A powerful build coated in a beautiful ebon tint that the lights above refracted off of. There were mounds of muscle highlighted both those beams. Soft, nearly silver streaks that glinted off the tone flesh which her attire fell over quite squarely. The bandages on Nova's arm, and the beautiful streaks of white that broke the black mane of her hair were nearly the same color. "It's a moon mallow." Kiruvi whispered. "They're very rare. They only grow where the rivers bend twice, and only once every few years."'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- '"This one is weak. The river is shifting course. If it doesn't bloom in this season, it may miss its chance. I'm going to help it." Kiruvi leaned back. "Your journey has been difficult..." They motioned to the sling Nova wore. "Are you alright?"'

[CHAT] (1%) Nova: -- '"My journey? No, not particularly. It's been venture and I have tales to tell, but the fact that I'm still above ground to complain means I shouldn't." She nodded over at the gourd that was filling. "So what are you making that will help your flower bloom? And why, with all of this equipment at your disposal, are you using a coffee machine instead of something else that I don't know the name of or how to use...oh, I get it." The reason that this one broke from the greyscale is because the rest of the bodies that were even in this room, coming and going and being forgotten like gusts of wind, was because this one was like her. A wanderer who stumbled upon Indon's imporium of people. Now his mad scientist vibe was getting stronger.'

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi looked back at the expresso machine, which was beginning to steam as it ended its cycle. "Hmmm... I could have boiled the water over a fire, in a clay pot. That is the old way of things, that's true..." Then Kiruvi drew their eyes back to Nova with a shrug, "But I visited a small world two winters ago. A strange, and dark world. There were ships there that would drop meteors of trash, and garbage onto it from the sky that formed mountains. There were seas full of plastic sheets, and bottles. Shores covered in crushed cans. Hills made of black, rubber stones. And at first I thought it was a dead world, where there could be no life... but I met strangers on it. I met tribes that lived among it, and they taught me that everything has a use, and every new thing is a gift. They had no idea this was refuse. They thought each falling star was a blessing from the gods."

[CHAT] (70%) Kiruvi: -- 'The Hydian giggled. "I guess what I'm trying to say is... they taught me to appreciate new things, and I like the sound that machine makes when it's--" And as if on queue, the machine gave off a sudden harmonic chime to indicate it was done. Kiruvi tapped the tips of their fingers together and sprung up, going to gather the gourd, and returned with it to Nova's table, as well as their bag, which they spread out. "I do like the new things. I do like discovery. But sometimes the old things are better... so what I'm giving the moon mallow is an elixir called the Pesscaggio Vita." They began to withdraw several vials. "The draught of life. My grandmothers taught me how to make it."'

[CHAT] (1%) Nova took her cup of tea and downed what remained wiping a bit of the spill from her chin. "You are quite travelled Kiruvi of the Oaken Brook. And resourceful. Must be why Indon hired you." The bag was still sitting at the bottom of her cup and when Nova thought to toss it out in the waste bin, she instead set the cup infront of them with a nod of the head. "I'm sure you can make this another man's treasure." This day being a lot to process, Nova was tired and wanted to get actual rest, not comatosed deep sleep filled with someone elses memories. She headed towards the door but stopped once she reached it, "When your flower blooms, be sure to take me to see it. We can both thank your grandmother after."

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