**9ission: Last Will and Testament

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**9ission: Last Will and Testament

Post by ikenbon » 27 May 2021, 01:03

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'A small nanodrive. Inserted into a scouter, or a crystal-drive computer brings up a number of folders and a .exe file. Clicking on, or running the executible, the screen goes black. The operating system reboots. Instead of the default OS it is replaced by a symbol, and an an unknown logo: [Syhiverware]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'A holovideo begins to play, showcasing a devasted desert landscape. In the distance, the smouldering startsteel ruins of an Imperial Battleship still smoke. It's Taldega IV. Syhiver is resting near the edge of the lit, and burning canyon near his command tent.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[Hyabusa, If you've received this nanodrive, it means I'm... getting stamped at Yemma's check-in station.] Syhiver smiles.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[I've had a long run.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[I don't know the circumstances of my death, but I imagine I died doing something incredibly foolish, or beyond my means. Or maybe... maybe the past just caught up to me. Regardless it doesn't matter. This is my Last Will, and Testament. Over the course of the next year your account with me will receive a number of major donations. The total sum is more than a hundred billion zeni. More money than anyone could ever spend in a lifetime, or even two.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'The figure at the command center flexed his silver arm, his fingers curling, and uncurling like sharp knives.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[This is blood money. Money stolen from the guilds of BRAID. Money taken from organizations such as Black Sun, VENOM, and HADES. It's also money stolen directly from the Empire. When this hits your accounts, there's a number of galactic credit agencies that will begin to observe the trickle. I advise you to immediately seek out an accountant, and start laundering it to avoid the IEM as long as you can. They're looking for this, and they have been since the moment I 'dissapeared' from Taldega. You're smart. You'll figure it out.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'Syhiver nodded, and took a deep breath.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[I'm trusting you with this because... you're cunning. And that's it. You have the mind for the business. For the work. I'm not asking you to take on my Missions, or even donate portions to causes you believe in. Whatever you end up doing with this vast sum is yours to decide. It's your fortune now. My job was just to steal it. What happens after that... I never really had a plan for.] Syhiver flexed his silver fingers again. [There is something, however... that I do need to make sure you're aware of.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[When I stole this fortune, I spent six years after the fall of Sanctum... pushing the organizations I spoke of to desperation. I cornered them. I put them up against the wall, then robbed them. I wasn't expecting to find... 'this' however.] The holovideo restores down. A folder opens in the new OS. A file is opened. It's a schematics file. [This is ICE-9. A battle-station on the east fringe, just beyond the real space of Hydia, hidden in an asteroid cluster.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian sighs. [It's state of the art. It has an energy weapon on it that can permafrost an entire hemisphere of a small planet in less than thirty minutes if the beam isn't intercepted. The frost thaws in just under three days, but every living thing that it touches that isn't a changeling is dead... and the top-soil remains. It's a very effective weapon. The best planet-scale weapon ever developed. There's no irradiation, standing buildings aren't blown to smithereens, it's a 'humane' death for whatever race previously occupied that now dead continent. It won't replace things like space-orbital bombarments, but it does mean the Empire can conquer a planet and not lose a single inch of resource. It's the 'future' of planet-conquering.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[...This schematic alone would sell for hundreds of millions of zeni to the right buyers, and I'm not asking you not to sell it... but I do want you to publish it... or... Yemma willing, I'd like you to take it to someone who can find a weakness for it... and then blow it to HFIL so I can have my own crack at whoever made it.] Syhiver bowed his head. [...] Syhiver sighed. [This mission was too big for me, but maybe with the right runners it could be done, before it's fully operational.] Syhiver chuckled, then looked back up into the camera.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[One last gift. There's a file on this OS called Beacon. It's a co-ordinate chart. As soon as I turn off this camera I'm going to mindsculpt myself and erase it from my memory. It will take you to the planet Kanassa where my ship, The Oracle is docked. It's a good starship. Fastest in the galaxy before... well, before I lost these seven years. I've recorded every Mission Log I've ever been on to the backups of that ship. Could be useful. Maybe it could even be worth something one day... who knows. I've also made some direct backups of my combat computers, my galaxy-hack AI's, and well... it has my armory but with the money I've already given you you can buy your own.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'Syhiver gave a two-finger salute.'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- '[Good luck, cyber-punk.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'The video splices, and Syhiver returns from behind the camera, taking a knee before it. [Oh. One last thing. Don't be an idiot like me. If you're going to stay in the game for a while, go ahead an use some of this money, buy a whole bioware lab worth of cybernetic replacements and fridge them. Hire a cybersurgion somewhere that you can trust, and have an escape clause to be sent to them whenever you're shot full of holes. You don't want to end up a terminator like me. I know I'm dead now, but Yemma help me was it hard to get there with all this chromeware.]'

[CHAT] (0%) Syhiver: -- 'The screen goes black.'

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Re: **9ission: Last Will and Testament

Post by CalebWachter » 26 Oct 2021, 03:17

I've read little or none of these characters but this gives a great feel for Syhiver without the character doing much more than make minor gestures. Excellent use of body language and timing to get character across in this 'message in a bottle' sequence. Also a great primer on the magnitude of what these characters are doing.

Great read.

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