**Repairs, and Dou

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**Repairs, and Dou

Post by ikenbon » 22 May 2021, 23:18

Characters: Syhiver, Indon, Nova
Type: Drama
Synopsis: As Syhiver receives repairs, rumblings in the forest draw the attention of Indon and he heads off to investigate them.


[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver was at rest on one of the medical bay's slabs, his body wrenched into an odd position, where one of his legs was being held above his head by a strap and he was forced to twist his body in the opposite direction to give Alizia access to his lower spinal block. A tablet computer was resting in front of him, and his organic hand was absently flicking holoscreens into the air of the captured photage from the research facility gardens where he played back, frame-by-frame, the fight with GHOST that had occurred between Indon, and Nova on the grounds outside. Even with three separate lenses pointed towards the encounter, there were so many frames missing from the speed that each fighter had engaged in that huge chunks were missing.

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- 'In other 'open tabs' of the holoscreens, Syhiver was researching Nova. One clip in particular of the Saiyan in the 'fighting pits' of Min'fi'ar, and 'Club Verdant' from years before he would occasionally glance at, then raise his fingers, 'pinch' the floating screen, zoom in on one of the figures in the background, and then bring up a galactic nethack searching for more... Occasionally Alizia would trigger a nervous system shock, and the Kanassian would grit his teeth as every receptor in his ancient skeleton went wild, before releasing a held breath when it passed. Syhiver's cyberware was made of up of many different generations. Some so old that it was a miracle the whole skeleton, and bionic mussle tissue had held out this long... but it was all showing signs of reaching its breaking point.'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon walked into the medical bay, looking up from a tablet to say, "Hey, Liz, thanks again for working on this instead of the lab's big project. How's the prosthetic interface going?" Alizia, the only other researcher in the lab, the only Hydian who wasn't either security, or bedridden in the dorms, produced a deep, guttural rumbling, her massive body's rough equivalent of a sigh of exasperation. "Your friend's prosthetics don't make sense. It shouldn't be working this well. I'm not sure the interface should even be working. Please come over here and look at it."

[CHAT] (70%) Indon came over and looked over Syhiver's data, and he was quiet for a few minutes, tapping into the console. "Mmm. Mmm-hmm. Okay. Hey, Syhiver... we could probably buy a full regenerative suite - I'm sure we could justify that for this lab - core out some stem cells from your remaining bones, and rebuild your biological body, organ by organ, from scratch in a few months. Plus I proposed it for Lye, it'd be mean not to give you the same offer. What do you think?" Indon's voice seemed light, like he wasn't pitching an incredibly hazardous, lengthy reconstructive series of surgeries.

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian gave a nod to Indon as he entered from over his shoulder, and then went back to his work as the doctor began his examination. The speed at which Syhiver moved between the various screens, and made literal, mental notes on a separate floating pad-screen with nothing more than latent thought was obscene. In fact there was really no way that Syhiver could have gotten his hands on the photoage from the facility without hacking it (not that Indon wouldn't have offered, just that it would have normally required some kind of authorization). So many windows were open, flashing, closing, sections being highlighted, copied, pasted, and cut at once that it looked like the work of an AI, and perhaps it was. Indon, and Alizia hadn't had a chance to really take apart the computer sliced into the interior of Syhiver's skull, behind his right eye.'

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- 'Even as he went about these speed-of-thought tasks, he answered. "No reason to pull funds. I can make a sizeable donation to your foundation to pay for them. I've needed a full rebuild for decades, that's for sure. I just don't really have 'time' for that kind of recontructive surgery. I still don't." Then Syhiver peered over his shoulder back at them both, straining himself to do so. "I'm not like The Shadow. I know my limitations. I know I'm working off borrowed time. You don't end up like this on purpose though. When you've got a plasma hole in your lung and you're on a cyber-surgeons slab they put you back together with what they got, which is usually chromeware, and it's way easier plugging chromeware into chromeware than bioware into chromeware, especially when it's generations old."'

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- 'Even while Syhiver was looking at them, the nethacking, and 'research' kept playing behind him, as if he weren't even looking at them, and when he did turn back, the flow didn't stop. "I do appreciate this though. I'll find some way to repay you down the line. Sorry to take Alizia off your research. How's that going, anyway? Any breakthroughs?"'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon sighed. "Ah, damn it. Hard way it is." And Alizia barked out a laugh. "Nice try, looks like fixing him's still your problem." Indon continued, "So, haven't really gotten anywhere. I've gotten three new people who might help, though, have ideas of things they can do." Alizia cut in, "Can I send one of your new friends to the swamps near Oaken Brook? I want to get some of the plant life to try to synthesize some drug candidates."

[CHAT] (70%) Indon nodded. "I feel like you know what you're doing as least as well as I do, Liz, if you need anyone's help for anything don't be afraid to get it. So Syhiver... I guess what you want instead is a hardware upgrade? I suppose if you can pay for it, that's possible, but... some of this, I'm not sure you can... buy... replacement parts for. I might be able to try repairing some of it by hand, but... how many military secrets am I looking at, here?" Indon was staring at quite a few figures that shouldn't be attainable by current technology, and his curiousity was undeniable in his tone.

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver had begun to reanalyze the fight with GHOST, using some kind of photo-editing image software to attempt to plug in the gaps between the missing frames, and even with Indon literally over his shoulder, more windows were opening and bringing up nethack screens that quickly broke through the EDF's library, and was zooming back to the night of the VENOM battle where Indon had fought several aliens, and an Icerian commander alongside a number of other meta-potential operatives. It was mostly streetcam photoage, but it was an incredible feat to essentially walk through planetary level security in moments.

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- '"I'm not against organic replacement. I just don't know if we have 'time' for that." The windows went black, all at once, and Syhiver looked back at Indon in full seriousness. "Indon, if you want me to get those replacements, I will. I just don't know if this facility will still be standing by the time they arrive, and I've recovered. It's up to you. I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a doctor. I trust your judgement. Money is... literally... no object. It's all about 'time' now." Then the screens flicked on again, Syhiver smirked, and nodded. "...But if you do want to repair me... yeah, most of my cyberware isn't really... 'legal'. At all. 90% of it is 'future-tech' from Insignia, Ng Yelo, and a few military operations in the west fringe you won't hear about for another twenty years." '

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver shrugged. "Not sure what your legal obligations are, but the Empire would probably have your head chopped off just knowing you treated me, even if it wasn't for something like this." Syhiver opened a holoscreen with a recent broadcast of an Imperial Envoy answering questions regarding the 'terrorist attack' in Fey-Han only a few nights ago.

[CHAT] (70%) Indon said, "I don't care about legal obligations. I care about my ability to repair some of this stuff. I can definitely upgrade the oldest stuff you've got, though I guarantee you are not going to like the replacement process, because a lot of this stuff is threaded together in a very co-dependent way and I'm going to restructure some of this... and to do that I'm going to shut down large portions of your body, frequently. Oh, though I suppose I should get your consent. Can I re-engineer you, man? Or do you want me to put you back together as janky as I'm going to take you apart?" Indon started copying schematics, harvesting a wealth of fascinating data. "Ooh, I could put some top secret Earth gear into you! I'm sure Lye wouldn't mind, you two are friends."

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver: -- '"Whatever it takes to get me up and ready. Once this business with GHOST is settled... I'll... well, it won't matter after that." Syhiver's voice trailed off, and the hacking screens all closed in unison as Syhiver brought his full attention back to what sounded like they might be serious surgeries. "Jank, or upgrades. It doesn't make a difference. I've been running this skeleton off of nothing but will long enough to keep it going so long as the circuits touch." There was something grim, and final about that, as if... as Alizia had intoned... none of the cicuitry in Syhiver should even be working as it did.'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon said, "I fully intend on fixing you to the best of my ability. Though... do you actually have a meta ability to maintain the operation of malfunctioning technology? That might be really handy, especially with your energies freed up by actually working shit. Maybe that's why the wiz-sorceror I recently met seems to think you're some kind of shambling revenant, hah!" Indon tapped at the console. "Oh, hey. Poking at a couple of wires. Could you show me which parts of your left foot you can move?"

[CHAT] (20%) Syhiver 's mind returned to that moment with the Luce on the Mithria Asteroid and how he had held the grenade fixed in space, containing the explosions by pressing the fragments of the shell in with such extreme force that he delayed the blast. Syhiver's head began to pound. The Kanassian rolled his entire foot in a 360 degree rotation to show Indon what he could do... except... Indon had just unplugged the wiring to that part of the lower leg. The bolts, and gears of the chrome skeleton turned without any source of power... without even the synthetic blood used to power the synthetic muscle, and tendons. When the roatation was complete, Syhiver was sweating. "I don't think so. It would... explain a lot of things... if I did." Syhiver became suddenly aware that even though Alizia had more or less turned off his 'spine' last night, he had still walked out onto the patio, and had a conversation with a young, Saiyan girl.

[CHAT:OOC] (15%) Syhiver has decreased their RP Energy by 5.

[CHAT] (70%) Indon licked his lips - a potential latent techno...mancer? Technokineticist? Indon tapped at his scouter and started data gathering as he continued to do tests - now, not so much testing Syhiver's body as his capability to maintain his body's functioning regardless of its nominal operation. "Could you tell me a bit more about Kanassians, Syhiver? I'll admit, I don't have much experience with your people. Is having psychic capabilities a meta-only thing among Kanassians, or is it a universal trait across your species? How commona are Kanassian metas? I'd always just assumed you were one, are you?"

[CHAT] (30%) Nova rolled her eyes at the room one of the attendents had shown her to be the "training room". The scattered work out equipment could have been relics left in a deep dungeon for some dweller to find and pilfer with a torch and knife. That meant the woods would be her playground. Her arm was healing, though much slower than it should being that she was staying with a doctor who was trying to cure an incurable, leathal disease that has plagued an entire planet since time began, surely he could tend to her. Nova simply didn't trust Indon. Or perhaps she didn't trust anyone. Lenne, that was obvious. Zofu seemed to want to be more a manipulator than a true friend, which she painted in her mind as the reason his brothers gave up on teaching him the Kumashinrei. Could a heart like that master such a devastating technique?

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- 'Heart. The word held so many different meanings, but to Nova she felt her own changing. The young girl who lived in fear of each day, watching her freinds and family slowly die off in the fighting pits, had now become a woman. Possibly one of the most dangerous in the Verse if her adventures across the stars have told any tales, but still she knew there was more. Whatever it was that she fought when they arrived...it was something Beyond her. A feeling she only felt once...from Master Yue. "Beyond thy self" Clenching the leather wrappings around her right arm, she looked into the darkness of the forest then threw her arms up in an X over her body. Loose stones and purple leaves on the forest floor started to vibrate as her power caused the bed rock to gently rumble while her power was rising. This feeling was now her normal. '

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- 'The spirit inside of her igniting and roaring to the surface. Next came another push, a strong gust of ki blasting out in all directions, scattering critter and vagabonds a like while the ground started to really tremble and moan. "So this is my 'base', that same level I was fighting Lenne with." The belt of her gi, the loose hair and tattered edges of her shirt now flowing upward in her powerful winds, the flame covering Nova was growing and stretching out, bending century old pines and splitting stone under her feet. Embers of power leaked from her feet, racing in arcs across the ground as the Saiyan continued to push, her voice now reverberating throughout the chaos of the forest. "HA!" Her ki, almost in a volatile state on the verge of exploding directly on her, took another chaotic jump.'

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- '"This is all I have...but he was...he was..." She could still tell, with all of the havoc she was causing, the energy she was putting out was still lacking something to what the others had done. (Where is it...where!?) She was a swimmer who had held their breath for 5 minutes underwater, or a runner who hit a mile long sprint. Impressive feats, but she was at her limit and straining to maintain...'

[CHAT] (15%) Syhiver: -- '"I'm really the worst Kanassian to ask. I didn't grow up on Kanassa... the only Kanassian's I've know were..." Syhiver suddenly growled, loudly, and with an unexpected ferocity. "...Vision, and Mother Superior." The building suddenly shook, but it wasn't from Syhiver's ruminations, it was some other, external force from beyond the compound. Syhiver waited to see if more would come, but for a moment they quieted. "All Kanassians, from my experience, have latent psychic abilities. Our homeworld was... poisoned with warp energy." Syhiver nodded in an indisctinct direction, but if Indon had kept up with where he had locked away the warpstone gem that Syhiver had arrived not so long ago with, it would be found where his head bobbed towards. "We're extremely sensitive to any elements that invoke that resonance. Even with just a little bit of warp energy, I can do things I'd normally never be able to. Like read minds, or even see the future."'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon grumbled at his scouter readings scattering. "Damn it Nova, you gotta pick now to... train? Yeah, train. No killing intent..." Indon reached out with his own senses to be sure that there wasn't another time assassin coming to kill him. Who knows how quickly time assassins could deploy, after all? "Ugh, I keep trying to avoid it, but I'm going to have to work more with warpstone sooner or later. I feel like there's some kind of... attunement, that's why I react the way I do to it, but... I think I haven't done it yet. Like, it's something I'm going to do, but I don't know how yet... I've got too much on my plate for now."

[CHAT] (70%) Indon tried to isolate the readings he was getting from Syhiver, from Nova's surging power, but Syhiver's power readings were too subtle, and most of the information was being lost. "Okay. Gotten all of the information I can for now. Gonna do some planning before the full repairs. I'll send you a list of the, uh, 'over the counter' equipment I'll need you to order." Indon stood and stretched, and turned to where he could still feel Nova, an energy filling his senses like her namesake would fill a sky. "I think I'm going to go for a walk."

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- '"Every. Single. Psyharden. Every one of us, have all fallen and succumbed to Dou. At some point during your training your are going to hit a barrier to your strength. You can train for a thousand years, your mind and reflexes will be sharper than any blade and the power you put out will still hit a ceiling. The only way to break that barrier is through Dou. You'll pull it off once and its power will be intoxicating. Then you'll lose yourself to it and one of us will have to put an end to you before you wreak havoc on the Universe. That, my students, is the final fate of all Psyhardens." '

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- 'Master Yue's words came to her again while she was still trying to find a way to push herself. The ground under her feet caved once again while blood began to seep from her nose and ears. Power is an unforgiving force. Much like a hurricane cares not for the shores and beaches it ravages, the power Nova was putting out cared not for her organs and bone structure. It was ripping her apart from the inside. If she didn't stop all that would remain would be a bloody mess and her clothes.'

[CHAT] (15%) Syhiver nodded and laid back, opening his holoscreens once more before adding as Indon reached the door, "That power is on the cusp." He flicked through the screens, "But it needs a push. I've felt it before. Fought against it once. Lost. If you go out there... be ready for someone who wants more than they're ready for, and for someone who thinks they'll figure out what the ones before them didn't." Syhiver had returned fully to his examinations of the "The Verdant" chronicles of pit fights, zooming in on... a pair in the top rafters.

[CHAT] (70%) Indon said, "All the more important I witness it," as he walked out, leaving the lab and flying over to where he could sense Nova, landing at fifty feet out, raising a hand before his face. "Incredible..." he mumbled, as he took in Nova's powering up. He could taste that power. His scouter beeped at him frantically, and he set it to record. Not many metas reached this level. Nova was the first Indon had ever seen... that he wasn't fighting, anyway.

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- '"LYRAN!" Nova's cry came with a spew of blood retching from her mouth, staining her lips and teeth with the power that was overwhelming her finally dying out in a soft explosion. Indon would arrive right as her eyes started to roll in the back of her head and the Saiyan collapsed, starched stiff as she made no attempt to catch herself and face slammed directly in the dirt. The blood came pouring out again, but also her mouth was foaming and her entire body convulsed violently.'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon blinked in surprise as, while taking in Nova's power, they seemed to suddenly collapse. "Damn it, did I miss the light show?" Indon trotted over to the Saiyan, and only then realized things were perhaps more serious than he thought. "Fuck. Fuck! Nova, can you hear me?" Indon knelt, looking her over as his senses reached out as well, trying to feel out what was going on. "Are you prone to epilepsy or other seizures? Don't suppose you have a medical card you could hand me?"

[CHAT] (30%) Nova: -- 'When Indon would reach out with his senses, peeling back through the layers of "power" that was still resonating on Nova's surface passing through what felt like fire and shadow, he would finally feel what his experience and expertise would tell him as a volatile solution that has had an explosive reaction inside of a container that was not meant to handle such a violent reaction. His questions were lost to the Saiyan who was simply shaking in his arms, pausing only to burp and retch more blood on his arms and hands. The one thing that the scientist might notice is the wrapping covering her right arm was leather based, but also much heavier than simple bandages.'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon picked up Nova and started to fly, low to the ground, carefully carrying her, grumbling out, "Okay, I can't say for certain this isn't intended, Nova, but holy shit. If you can hear me, whatever you're trying to pull out of you, put it the fuck back, I think it's supposed to stay in your insides." His hands full, he added, "System, call 'Alizia'. Liz, Nova's having a seizure... trying to achieve apotheosis, maybe? Could you leave Syhiver for a moment and set up an IV and such?" And he got a grumbled, almost sarcastic reply of, "Sure. I'll just open up a whole xenohospital. We aren't doing anything else with our state of the art epidemiological laboratory." as, meanwhile, Alizia stepped away from tending with Syhiver to set up for another 'patient'. "Metas."

[CHAT] (15%) Syhiver: -- '"Tell him to bring her to me. Set up a slab." Syhiver closed his cyberhacks and nodded to Alizia. "What you're doing here is way more important than a few 'meta' problems. Let me sort it out."'

[CHAT] (1%) Nova: -- 'Circuits overloaded: Energy Suppression System Terminated. Nova's right arm spoke through a monotone, mechanical tone from her 'wrappings' while Indon was flying. A flare of purple flame leaked out from the surface while the limb moved as if it had a mind of its own, reaching up for Indon's throat.'

[CHAT] (70%) Indon almost dropped Nova as one of his arms grabbed at the arm reaching towards his throat, and he wobbled in the air as he grunted with exertion. He could feel killing intent from Nova's power, now, but... not from Nova, as such. "Nova, why is your arm trying to kill me while you are unconscious... and... nnngh... why is your arm alarmingly good at it?" He could feel this power surging against his, and, well... it was greater, and he was in a disadvantageous position, holding the subject trying to throttle him and not wanting to strike back.

[CHAT] (70%) Indon responded to the arm trying to reach for him by rolling in the air, briefly letting Nova go in order to try to get Nova's arm extend around Nova's body, before trying to grab Nova's body again and interpose it between Nova's rogue arm and Indon, essentially trying to wrap Nova's arm around her body to pin it there.

[CHAT] (70%) Indon took Nova's body back in one arm, holding her rogue arm by her wrist, stretched across her chest, grasping, but not intelligent enough in its... malevolence? to attempt a different approach. Able to restrain Nova in this position, he flew into the lab, and through the lab, some of the lighter equipment disturbed by his flying past, before he finally landed to bring Nova into the medical bay with Alizia. "Liz, got her here. Help me hook her up and, uh, restrain her arm. Just the one arm." The Hydian snarled out, "Is this one cybernetic too?"

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