**Six Stars in Rose City

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**Six Stars in Rose City

Post by Indon » 12 May 2021, 20:17

Characters: Indon, Alizia (NPC) and Lord Yuzu (NPC)
Type: Dialogue, Dragonball
Synopsis: Indon and Alizia talk a bit, before Yuzu asks Indon to investigate a strange object that puzzles the native scientists of Hydia.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon , bandaged, only just now recovering from his injuries at the hand of a creature from the depths of Hydia, looked up at the massive Hydian who loomed over Orange. him, with a lizardlike head and a body as thick as a tank... and maybe as destructive. They were in a clean room, hardened furniture all about - but no matter how reinforced the tables and chairs were, they could be destroyed easily, if a meta such as the two in the cozy side room were to try to destroy something. Indon said, calmly, "Thanks again for the medical treatment, Alizia. What was it you asked me to talk about?"

[CHAT] (85%) Indon 's partner in research - perhaps Hydia's foremost doctor, biologist, and pharmacologist, grunted repeatedly in something that could have been laughter, before years of the unusual affliction known to Hydians as "Lycanrot". She growled, "You weren't all that injured. Just a few scratches. It's interesting to look at a meta who isn't a Hydian, I don't do that very often." She reached over to a thick, metallic table - barely brushing against it, making the table shake with the impact - and gingerly pulled over a tablet to show Indon its display. "Finished running all the scans on you that you requested. You do have some odd readings, energies more associated with Kanassian quirks, nothing pathological. I think it's safe to say that you had some mild warpstone energy exposure, but it shouldn't harm you. And... one other thing, unrelated."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon copied the readings from Alizia's tablet to his own computer to analyze, and said, "Could you look at Kiruvi as well, when you have time? He had heavier exposure, and I think it might have aggrivated his Lycanrot. What's the other thing?" Alizia replied, "Certainly. I can look at Kiruvi. Yuzu is in the waiting room outside of the clean room, right now. He has asked to see you." Her voice dropped to a deep, quiet growl, "This is the closest he's ever gotten to the lab, and it's to see you. It might be important."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon nodded. Lord Yuzu was some member of the Hydian nobility - he was the one bankrolling Alizia's research, with an impressive budget that Alizia had scarcely used, and that even Indon was largely treating like a blank check, only planning to worry if it looked like the account might actually run low on zeni. Lycanrot was an illness that afflicted a significant portion of the population, it was not well known, and it was suspected that many affluent Hydians had it, and were covering up any evidence... so there was no surprise that the Crown of Hydia was funding the work. It was only surprising that their patron had gotten so close to a lab that had a reputation for Hydian researchers 'catching' the condition.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon headed out of the lab, going through the clean room procedures on the way out - he expected Yuzu to be nervous about it, and was going to honor his anxiety. Once he was out, the Hydian noble turned to Indon and stepped away a moment. "Oh, it's just you. You are... clean, right? You've been keeping your distance from... the previous head researcher?" he asked, his voice filled with nervousness and disgust.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon nodded, and lied through his teeth via omission, "Well, Alizia mostly keeps to herself. I'm told you asked for me?" Yuzu responded, "Yes! I had heard that you knew things about many sciences, and I happen to have something that our own researchers have given up on, that I'd like you to look at. If you could manage anything with it, that'd be amazing."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon clapped his hands together, saying, "Sounds fun! What would you like me to analyze?" and Yuzu said, "It's a stone that our weapons can do no damage to - not even space ordinance. If you can manufacture some kind of armor plating with it, well... we would be incredibly grateful..." he reached into his clothing, and pulled out an amber sphere, with six blood-red five pointed stars visible suspended within it.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon 's breath caught for a moment, in his chest - it was love at first sight. Or, in a sense, a reunion. "It's a d..." and only at the last moment did his mouth, wisely, stop operating. "It's a what? Have you seen this before?" Yuzu asked, his voice suddenly tinged with suspicion heavily enough for even Indon to pick it up.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon was quiet a moment, picking the right words. "It's a damned fascinating phenomenon," Indon said, stepping forward to the ball, moving slowly around it. "The stars seem irregularly shaped, but from every direction, they seem to present the same face. It shouldn't be physically possible. Do you see the star objects as front-facing from your perspective at the same time?" he rambled, allowing his fascination with science to try to cover up for his weak ability to lie. Yuzu seemed to buy it, pushing what could be none other than a Dragonball into Indon's hands and saying, "Yes, it is quite fascinating. Of course, anything you should develop with this strange thing is property of the Crown, and of course you can't take any of the material for personal use or anything - even if you do figure out how to work it into anything."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon nodded as he took the Dragonball, saying, slowly, "Of course. I'd like to work on this in a separate lab, though, from the Lycanrot lab." And Yuzu nodded and said, "Yes! I agree. Pick one of the parts of this building still unused, and it will be converted to a laboratory for this task using some of your surplus budget. I have heard you finally managed to hire an assistant again - a Hydian no less! I was starting to think we would have to use almost all aliens with what the last staff did, and before you contacted us and volunteered, I despaired of ever having a useful scientist on staff again!"

[CHAT] (85%) Indon was, barely, pulled away from thinking about the Dragonball, having caught something that felt relevant - Alizia would tell him so little about the lab's prior situation, perhaps Yuzu was of use there... "Yeah. What happened to the previous staff? How big was it?" And Yuzu threw up his hands, exasperated by the topic. "Oh, at least a dozen assistants to Alizia. But after something she presented was proven wrong, they got worried about how contagious Lycanrot was, and all resigned. It's a shame, but I can't blame any of them. I'd never want to be in that ghastly place myself."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon 's eyes narrowed. That was it. Maybe he could get something from Yuzu that Alizia refused to speak of. It felt... a bit like cheating... but Indon was never above some creative exploits to achieve his goals. "Do you remember what it is she presented?" He asked, calmly, calculatingly, and Yuzu waved an elegant, gloved hand dismissively. "Of course not, it was some unimportant technical thing. Scarcely matters. But you, though! I have so much hope for you. I think you can do what Alizia couldn't, and cure Lycanrot. That is, of course, why you're here, after all."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon nodded. "Yeah, it is. I haven't gotten much progress yet, but there's still a lot to do, and maybe working on this... strange sphere... can help clear my head, something good to do as a side project." Yuzu clapped his gloved hands together and said, "Yes, yes! You know your priorities. But there is one other thing I'd like you to do, don't focus on it though - I would like you to hire an accountant. Alizia always insisted on doing the accounting herself, and I have learned that scientists are... not necessarily good at the details of money management. And I don't want you wasting your time on it, truly, waste someone else's time. Nonetheless, I'd like you to reconcile the books before the next royal budgetary audit. It's not critical - we can review it at the same time as your next progress report. But I would appreciate that."

[CHAT] (85%) Indon shrugged, taking the polite request at its face. "Oh, uh... sure. I can't say I paid much attention to it other than to use the account to pay things like it was a bank account, but I suppose I should get someone to straighten out all the individual things I've bought. Oh, you'd be surprised how much construction equipment I've needed!" Yuzu nodded in response, clearly no longer paying attention. "Yes, yes. I've said everything I need to say now, so I shall take my leave. Good day." and Yuzu walked past Indon out the way he came.

[CHAT] (85%) Indon looked down at the amber sphere in his hand - a Dragonball. Not the same as Taako had... but still. He could build... but no. Not yet. He would have gone straight to building a time machine for Syhiver, but... he'd seen where that approach might get him, buried deep beneath Hydian soil, his grave a subterranean crater lake of failure. Not this time. Indon would be... cautious. Deliberate. "I got you for research," he said, softly, to the glimmering sphere. "Guess I should take my time with that."

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Re: **Six Stars in Rose City

Post by ikenbon » 16 May 2021, 13:59

This was a really interesting read, and I enjoy all the subtle, unique emotes that you performed with what I can only presume to be the 'villain' or one of the antagonists of the Sickness arc. The Dragonball being some oddity that the Empire has been studying off an on over the years without making much progress was a nice touch, and an unexpected way to acquire one. Yuzu's desire to have accountant brought on board also seemed both reasonable, and menacing in some way, and I like that kind of subtle foreshadowing of future complications that might arise. This was a pretty short entry in the saga, but I did really enjoy it.

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