**Mission: z6z (The Battle of 27 Syhivers)

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**Mission: z6z (The Battle of 27 Syhivers)

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Characters: Syhiver, Cin
Type: Action / Drama / Setup
Synopsis: Syhiver flees his vacation villa in Fey-Han as a group of bounty hunters, and "GHOST" attack.


[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Plasma bolts ripped through the support beams of Syhiver's villa. Hot, blazing, neon bolts blew his island counter into mortar, and flying shrapnel, and dust. The ceiling dropped three feet, sliding down on one side and spilling off clay shingles down onto the blacony as the house shook. The ape-cat on Syhiver's shoulder, with one fang peaking out from beneath its lower jaw, raised its hair and gripped its claws into the Agent's shoulder more tightly as he began to push backwards towards the door, his legs kicking back across the tile of the kitchen floor as pieces of the roof fell in. Fire, and smoke billowed from where the plasma-fire was strafing through the windows, and punching holes into the couch where Syhiver had spent the last few months reading peacefully, which were followed swiftly by explosions of molten feather, and stuffing, as if to punctuate the -end- of his first, and only holiday.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Up and onto feet just as a fiery rafter comes crashing down. Syhiver stands, turns, and heads to the back door of the villa. Elbow striking out, he hits the wall panel several times, grunting with each exertion, as more shots ring out behind him from the beach head. His metallic limb opens the 'safe' of tiles, revealing a hollow compartment where two weapons are harbored. One large SMG with two mags, and a large device that at first appeared to be a block of plasti-metal steel. Mags into belt. SMG loaded at the side in a holder on Syhiver's shoulder belt. Then both hands wrapped around the block, pulled it out and set it into the floor. A lever on the frame threw out two steel-pinions with an electro-magnatic wire between them. Drawing the 'string' back, a slide opens, an arrow slots into the head of the crossbow, and Syhiver lifts the bow up with both arms with a grim smile. "Been a while, old girl, care for a night on the town?"'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[I've always hated gun-fights.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Out the back door, onto the ramparts leading down to the street as the villa explodes behind him. The sound of boots on the sand in the distance. The agent doesn't slow his solid, purposeful gate, but his hands shake the way they always do when it's life or death.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[You'd think you'd eventually get used to it, you know? You think eventually you'd learn to not panic when the thunder is in your ears. But every energy shell is just a reminder you're trying to kill someone, and someone's try to kill you, and one, or the both of you are going to eventually succeed.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver rounded the corner without pomp or vigor. Twin rays of energy lanced in his direction as he headed towards, the palm trees on the side of the villa, their neon green energy cutting towards his neck and knees almopst simulteanously, but the Agent leapt just as the bolts entered his periferial vision, jumping through the 'scissor' of their lasers. Rolling in the sand, Syhiver came back to his feet, raised the bow, and pulled the trigger.

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[You do develop kind of a sixth sense about it, whether you mean to or not. It's not like I can see the future, but I know how -I- would kill someone in most situations... and I just assume anyone coming after me these days has the same experience. Except... maybe... not quite as much.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'The bolt is launched from the head of the crossbow. It strikes the palm itself, digging through the bark. It's a missed shot, or so it seems. When the gun was raised both assailents dove left, and right, expecting something far more pin-point, and as they hit the ground, Syhiver slung the crossbow onto his back and ran forward into the night. The first of the bounty hunters rose just as the agent reached him. A metallic hand drove down towards his jaw, knocking him back down before a boot crashed into his ribs and sent him rolling over a dune. Turning, Syhiver's left arm pulled up the SMG just as the second came back to his own feet. Finger to trigger. Pressing down. A burst of fire. The bounty hunter drops. Acid green holes riddling, and smoking.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[There was a time where I tried my best not to kill anyone. Went out of my way. Told myself it was the difference between being a hero, and a villain. I don't have that luxury any more.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver crossed the dunes, leaving one of the hunters still caressing his jaw in the distance behind him as he strode across the sand. The group were closing in, there were... [....######....] a psionic headache rattled through the Kanassian's skull... There were eight of them. Eight in total. All very skilled. All very trained. They knew who he was. They knew what he was capable of. Even the woman Syhiver had shot was going to get back up in a few minutes, because she could regenerate. She was a Ghetti, with a Zeo trait. Syhiver wasn't sure how he knew all these facts, and yet he did know, because he could now properly remember seeing himself walking in the direction he was now on route through, from the front of the villa, and through his own eyes.

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'The loop was closing. The band was breaking.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[We began these missions to change the 'verse. Do you remember?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[I started this, because what I saw on BRAID made me certain the world needed to see someone out there fighting for something different. Fighting for something better. I never expected to win. I never even expected to get as far as I have. I just didn't want people to think they were alone in believing that this has to change.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[Is that what you're still doing this for, Syhiver? Hope?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[Yes. Hope.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Feeting pounding across the sand. Syhiver wasn't sure when he began running but without consciously becoming aware of it, his gait had changed into a full on flee. He reached the next villa as more of the plasma fire began to hail down around him. He leapt through a hedge wall, causing the ape-cat on his shoulders to bound to his side, and follow in step as the foilage was blown away and the concrete driveway was reduced into molten pools of tar where the bolts struck. The SMG flew back up, a calculated press of the trigger reduced the lock on the villa's garage into molten slage and with a throw of his cybernetic arm, Syhvier lifted the door as the lights in the villa came on, and alarms began to sound. Elbow to the window of a sports car, Syhiver broke through and then sent out a comm-link hack that revved the engine of the vehicle. '

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Door flung open wide, the ape-cat leaping in first before Syhiver piled in and shut it back. Headlight flashing on like jaguar eyes and shooting high beams into the eyes of a bounty hunter just as he rounded the corner. Engines gunned. Pedal down. The car sped out, and Syhiver fish-tailed the vehicle into the drive-way, slapping the mercenary with the butt of the hover-car's trunk before speeding off.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[There's no reason for us to be enemies. I've helped you. I've protected you. I don't want to lose you, but if you continue down this path, you know I have to intercede.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[That's what I'm counting on.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[Don't make me do this, Syh.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[I don't finish these missions because I'm the best agent in the 'verse, or the strongest Zeo on any given planet I'm standing on. I finish them because no one else in the galaxy has a will like mine.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[...I know. I sorry I have to break it.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Stepping out of the hedge line of the second villa, the mercenary decked in white, plasti-steel meta-armor raised a massive weapon that had to be braced over their shoulder. Pulling back an impossible slide, their cyber-optic lined up a shot as the car sped away and pressed down the trigger. *FOOM* A massive rocket blast jettisoned from the barrel, and spat smoke through the back as a heat-sinking plasma missile hurtled through the air. It sped away in slow, visible sight for a few moment before its thruster ignited and then it suddenly raced ahead, swallowing the difference of space between it and the engine of the hover-car.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Syhiver didn't need the alert of his HUD, which shifted on at the approaching projectile to know it was there. He could hear it grinding through the air, and see its pospherous trail gaining on him. He turned the wheel of the car several times, sending it sliding, and skimming off the aero-trackways, through trees, but the missil plunged through these barriers, following the heat of his engines with an unexpected precision until at last it was barreling down on the back of the car and its bomb-loaded core tip pressed into the right side of his turbo-plane. There was a deafening blast, and a plume of heat and wrecking shrapnel that cut across Syhiver's right side as the wing was engulfed before his plane began to tip down and scrape across the higheay just as he reached the neon-lit outskirts of Fey-Han.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Back on the beach the armor-clad hunter began to bark orders. Each of the bounty officers withdrew a Jenova pendant from their neck and activated them. Nine hyper-cycle bikes then sped off after the grinding wreckage.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[You stole seven years from me.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[I borrowed some time. I learned a little about the future. I made something out of what we started. If you'd just let me help you, we could really change things. Nothing's certain, but most of the big waves are going to happen with or without you.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'The hover-car's remaining wing tore upward, while the shot engine trailed down. The right side of the craft grinded, causing flashes of sparks as it was propelled on nothing more than a single engine, its nose flattened as it was carried for another half-mile across the track. The lights of Fey-Han were now in the distance, and the appoach of other cars on the opposite end of the aero-track meant that this flaming chariot was doomed to attract more unwanted attention. Syhiver picked up the ape-cat, sat it back on his shoulder and then, uncermoniously lifted his cyber-leg and drove it into the door, flinging it out into open air on the other side of the highway where it bounced between two cars before hitting the dirt on the opposite side.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Stepping out in one swift motion, Syhiver lightly jogged as the car's tank of aero-fuel finally ignited and the entire car exploded behind him. He was running. Blaze and fire lighting the back of his trench coat as it swept out behind him while he ran. His arms were pumping from either side, the crossbow was bouncing on his back, the SMG at his side slapped his thigh. His adrenaline was topped off as the sound of the bikes reached him just as his boots touched the sidewalk of the city.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[I get to decide what waves I break, and which I ride. The only Oracle I need is my ship. Which reminds me... What did you do with my fucking ship, Ghost?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Fey-Han was a beautiful, coastal city of Hydia. A city full of night-life, and after-dark gardens where locals regularly played chess into the late hours. The neon-lit bars kept the streets full of activity as patrons moved from street to street in their bar-crawls. Tonight, however, as Syhiver approached the crowds dispersed into the roads. They could feel the intensity of his forward gaze, and intent, and even the few local Imperial Sentinels that saw him carving a path through the crowd seemed to understand that the strange, black-cloaked alien on the streets was destined for some ruin beyond what they could muster.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'As the first hyper-cycle approached, Syhiver swung the crossbow back into his arms. The crowd beside him scattered as the bike spun to a stop, and the rider leapt off. A bolt fired. The tip hit the gas tank. Syhiver drew back the slide, and as it clicked back into place the bolt EXPLODED. Green, and blue plasma fire erupted as the bike was blown into smithereens. The rider was thrown off his feet to the ground and Syhiver began to run. The Sentinels radioed for backup. Three more hyper-cycles sped across the street, having to practically run through/over the crowd that had moved off the block. They lifted their guns, and began to fire. Bullets streamed after Syhiver, hitting the nearby shop walls, and windows, chasing the fleeting, black figure of the BRAID agent as he tore through the crowd, and used them for cover. '

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'To their credit, the hunters only opened fire when Syhiver reached an empty stretch of sidewalk, but that didn't prevent a few bystanders from behind gunned down when their trigger held a few seconds too long.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[Is this the 'Hope' you're referring to? A city filled with terror as you escape it? Civilians caught in the crossfire?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[You set up this attack. I can't be held responsible for the recklessness of your own men.]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[You could stand and fight. You could put your own safety before them. That's the point, isn't it? Or that's what it was?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[And you'd call off your hunters, right? We'd do this just like old times? One on one? An honorable battle for the mantle?]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- '[...]'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Breaking into a hard run, his coat fanning out behind him like black wings, Syhiver holstered the SMG at his side and began to shove his way into the first oncoming sidestreet that opened while the hypercycles passed by, and showered plasma shots from their pistols. The blasts rococheted against the sandstone walls of the adjoining shops, and the plasti-metal garbage cannisters. A few errant blasts even nearly clipping Syhiver as he ran, but the spray was only a herding shot as the cycles spun around the block to cut Syhiver off. A well-made plan, if the high fencing had been something Syhiver intended to scale. As he approached the barrier ahead of him at the end of the alleyway, he didn't slow, but instead sped up.'

[CHAT] (100%) Syhiver: -- 'Flickering blue motes of light surrounded him. His scales flashed to a translucent blue and white light, and as his met the bricks, discarded boards, fencing, and wire, his skated through it, his body dragging, and astral-sliding through the eye of the needle to the other side before returning to its normal state and blazing off a smoke-grenade of warp-stone sulfur that followed him as he approached the opposite street.'

[CHAT:OOC] (95%) Syhiver has decreased their RP Energy by 5.

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"The scouters!"'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'Folding his long coat over the weaponry on his side, Syhiver arrived on the sidewalk of the Fey-Han with a slow gait, and melted into a quickly moving crowd with his head bent down to the sidewalk, and shoulders hunched just as the hypercycles turned the corner. The rev of their aero-engines stirred the already startled bypassers into moving faster away from where they had heard the plasma bolts. The street became a crowded, excited mass of moving bodies, which Syhiver galloped with as shouts from the hunters as they drove up and down in search of their missing quarry slowly became deafened beneath the high pitch wail of on-coming emergency sirens.'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver held his breath. He pushed his whole 'self' down into his very shoes. His blood drained down. He assumed the most lethargic, and defenseless posture he could manage, in order to physically accent his 'helplessness'. Even his very thoughts, he subdued, focusing only on his terror, and uncertainty in that moment. In mind, body, and 'spirit' he suppressed his potential.

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'Unfortunately for the Agent of BRAID, this technique only made his signature stand out. They were professionals. "Hey, boss..." One of the cycles slowed as it patrolled the fleeing groups. "Got a reading here that's 'cooling' down."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"How hot was it?"'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"Laser hot."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"That's our fucking bounty, light'em up!"'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'With one click on his wrist-mounted scouter the bounty-hunter had Syhiver's energy-signature tagged like a fingerprint that immediately drew the scanning lenses of the others towards what it had 'caught'. The cycles spun around, and as the hunter raised their las-pistol towards Syhiver in the crowd, all that energy and 'suppressed' potential exploded up like rocket fuel. He practically threw the crowd ahead of him on the sidewalk out of the way. He barrelled forward, crashing through civilians until their shouts and scuffled curses caused an entire city block of bodies to break of ahead of him like a parting sea.'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"No clean shots."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"Imperials are on the fucking way. We've got about ten more minutes to tag this guy before things start really getting ugly."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"He's breaking for the subway."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"Jack. Ace. Club. I want you to go on ahead, catch the incoming bullet. Queen, Ten, and Joker... you're with me."'

[CHAT] (100%) Cin: -- '"You look important," The CX-131 laz-round was designed to penetrate Icerian War Armor that was reinforced by the aliens natural ice laden body armor. From the quarter of a mile away that he was, Cipher One squeezed the trigger, setting Fey-han's sky ablaze for red flash of the muzzle that launched the heavy bolt, the shell ringing off the wing of his 'borrowed' starship. "Sorry, Ace." '

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'The hypercycle that had been 'tailing' Syhiver as he made a sudden turn down a flight of concrete stairs into the lower sub-way access fell, its gleaming chrome-black body skidding and firing sparks as its rider hit the aero-pavement like a pile of bricks. ACE was down. His body was slumped over. His gloved riding hand struggled to grope his neck as a fountain of blood gushed up through his lips into his helmet. The wound was at his breast, puncturing his lung and breaking through both a back and front rib, but the blood that was filling up that vacuume had to get out somewhere.'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"Fuck. ACE?? ACE? Anyone have eyes on where that shot came from?"'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '"No fucking clue. This guy is supposed to be a solo target. He doesn't partner."'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '[What're you doing, Syh?]'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- '[Evening the odds. Well... maybe a little more than that.]'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver fled down the stairs, skipping several stones while quickly raising his arm and tapping furiously upon his wrist-mounted console. The nav-screen displayed the current locations of each train, and with a flick of his scaled fingers he dissolved the window and entered into a large Runner-chat room. [[Everyone on route?]] There were about thirty sign-offs that followed but Syhiver closed the nav-screen just as he reached the winding toll-gates. Shoving a man ahead of him aside he dove over the barricade with the ape-cate finally leaping off his shoulder to his side as he began to run down the neon-lit sub-station. Behind him the rev of hypercycles, and the storming of boots, and the clink of artillary was swift to follow as KING, TEN, and JOKER followed in pursuit.

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'Hydia Galactic Patrol would go on record in the week following this night as saying the gun-fight in that sub-way tunnel was one of the blantant markers that this wasn't, as many journalists would describe as a just a meta-human engagement. That the pin-point shots, the tactical positioning, and barricade tactics using local reinforcements was a clear sign of military involvement, most likely from Earth, and the fugative of the assailants was more than likely a spy who they had intended to terminate a contract with. While no facts substantiated this claim, the HGP said, eventually, one of their twenty or more arrests would surely provide the missing details to support this accusation.'

[CHAT] (95%) Syhiver: -- 'But none of the twenty-seven Syhivers arrested that night ever gave even a single detail as to who had hired them all to arrive on Sol 32 of Fey-Han at exactly 11:15 PM.'

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