**Mortal Kombat 1v1

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**Mortal Kombat 1v1

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Nova and Lenne's fated Duel at Fudoken Canyon. Zofu observes on the sidelines

[CHAT] (95%) Nova: -- 'The golden astral body was beating hot rays down on the
dry earth on the surface of Fudoken Canyon. Today had marked the fated third
day, the day promised between Lenne and Nova that they would finally settle
the score. An idle wind did what little it could to cool the Saiyan's hot body
as she sat in lotus position, floating in the air, meditating peacefully while
collecting energy from the cosmos. The hour was midday and by now she would be
concluding her morning warm up before starting her true daily training, but
since leaving Odayakana, Nova has allowed her body to rest and her mind
prepare. She wanted to be at her absolute best while patiently waiting for her
opponent to arrive.'

[CHAT] (100%) Lenne had been walking toward Fudoken Canyon since midmorning.
She wiped sweat from her brow as she looked down onto the canyon. Rocky
outcroppings and a small measure of shade was to be the stage for the battle
of her life so far. Her senses locked onto Nova's location. She could feel
her opponents energy sweep across the open canyon like waves in the sea.
Slowly, she made her way toward the source of the ripples.
"Nova." Lenne
approached the meditating saiyan. Her instincts were to run away and avoid
this conflict, but Lenne had decided to cast aside her instincts and move
toward something new.
"I'm ready." Lenne tightened the belt on her dust
covered white gi, then lowered her arms to her sides. In the distance, a
slumbering lizard watched the two saiyans as it bathed in the sun. Little was
it aware of the events about to unfold.

[CHAT] (95%) Nova: -- '"I heard from Zofu that he saved you from fighting
" Nova said while not moving from her mediation position. "Then you tried
to kill him,
" In the sun, glistening in her sweat, her muscles flexed as she
started to stir. The subtle hum of power that kept her aloft died down as the
warrior stretched out and let the boots on her feet touch the hard boulder
under them. Her body was thick on her medium frame, cut and shaved down to
just muscle that wanted to rip through the tight black shirt she wore. Her
hair she tied back with a red ribbon one of the monks lent to her and her
pants where loose fitting sarouel pants that balloned out at the waist down
passed the knee but came tight at the shin.
"So why is it that you fight,
Princess?" That last word being very intentional.'

[CHAT] (100%) Lenne took a step toward Nova. "I fight when I have no
other choice. I dislike confrontations and I don't enjoy battle."
shifted her left leg behind her and took a classic saiyan fighting stance.
"But for reasons that I can't explain, I have chosen to fight today, Nova."
She grinned as Letta's excitement momentarily overtook her. "You're stronger
than I am, Nova, but I'm going to enjoy showing you that strength isn't
everything. I'm going to fight with every intent to kill you."
She sneered.
"Why do -you- fight?" Letta asked, mocking Nova's own question.

[CHAT] (95%) Nova stood stalwart against the sun and the wind with eyes still
closed as her opponent approached and took her stance. She stood relaxed, arms
and feet slightly apart, but lazily at her side. Most Saiyans wrap their tails
around their waist when they fight to avoid their weakness being exploited,
but Nova held hers up tall and proud behind her. When the wind changed, it
twitched and the pale gray of her eyes gleamed in the sun as she opened them
"You" she stated coldly. The faint sheen of white energy that was
surrounding her took a flicker black before settling back, and the hairs on
the back of her neck stand.
"I was waiting for you." She stared down at Letta,
though only standing a few inches taller than her.
"I fight because every
ounce of my being is a warrior. My body is combat, my spirit violence. If I
die challenging the heavens then it is a death most worthy.

[CHAT] (95%) Nova stomped a single foot into the ground, her fighting spirit
kicking winds out from around her frame. She dug her heels into the dirt to
signal she was ready, then opened a palm and waved her opponent on.
then, Princess.

[CHAT] (100%) Lenne: -- 'Dust rose as the energies of the two combatants began
to clash, even before the fighters themselves did. Letta's desire to kill
Nova wafted off of her as she rushed toward Nova. Letta generated an image of
herself in front of Nova as she quick-stepped to her side. The real Letta
drove a fist toward the unprotected ribs just below Nova's right shoulder to
get the fight started.'

[CHAT] (89%) Nova: -- 'The battle was on. Letta made the first move as invited
and the moment her muscles twitched in movement, Nova lifted her right fist as
if she were throwing a punch. To Letta, Nova must have seemed like she were
moving in slow motion, looking dead ahead with eyes open and heavily fixated
on her opponent. Even when the after-image of Letta appeared and the real
thing unvanished next to her, Nova's frame was still slowly unfurllowing into
her straight right. Thunder crashed when Letta slammed knuckles into the
exposed ribs on Nova's left side, but her arm was still cocking back, her
shoulder just about locking into place. Then the grey iris' locked onto her
opponent who now stood at her side, and that entire wind up was unleashed in a
ferocious overhand right as she twisted her body and brought that momentum

(L:100 K:400

[CHAT] (95%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne's attitude changed slightly, and her aura shifted
as Nova's right slammed into her. She cried out in pain as it brought her to
her knees. Lenne clenched her jaw and rose back to her feet, rising with a
powerful uppercut toward Nova's gut. Dust rippled out as her feet pressed
hard into the ground. Cracks formed in the rocky ground around the two as the

[CHAT] (86%) Nova: -- 'Feeling Letta's sting in her side, but also the
vibration from her own blow landing still ringing in her arm, Nova's blank
expression came to a sinister smile. Be in the ancient warrior blood in her
veins or just the elation of a fight, she was enjoying the exchanging of
blows. That Letta was living up to her claims to end her and not backing down
from one punch was a vast improvement over their first scuffle when it ended
as soon as it began with that same blow. When she rose again, Nova welcomed
the challenge, flexing her abs and accepting the blow.
"Pu-kwah!" Salaiva,
slime and mucous spilled from her mouth when the punch dug into her gut,
lifting her off her feet. Or was she doing that? While rising in the air, her
head snapped back, her form flipping backwards as she kick-flipped her left
boot at Letta's jaw.'

[CHAT] (83%) Lenne: -- ' Nova's kick snapped into Lenne's face, knocking her
knocking her into a backflip. She hit the ground on a knee and slid backward
as she stabilized her balance. Nova's position in the air was the perfect
chance to try her new technique. Lenne extended a palm toward Nova. She
gripped her rist with her other hand as energy coalesed in her palm. The
brilliant red energy split into tiny needles at the end of each of her
fingertips. Lenne concentrated on Nova's movements and released the attack.
Energy launched at Nova like ammunition from a gauss weapon. Five stinging
shots, each aiming at a limb, and the last at Nova's head. Letta grinned as
she poured her killer instinct into the attack.
"Try this on for size, Nova.
Sting Blaster!!!"'

[CHAT] (86%) Nova: -- '"Come on..." She was starting to feel herself
getting loose. They were two for two on exchanged blows and Nova's engine was
starting to finally turn over and heat up.
"I thought you said you were going
to try to kill me-
" The wind changed again. Nova was landing on the surface of
a boulder when Letta's aura gave off a dangerous scent just as one of the
'needles' passed her, tearing a line and spilling blood down her arm. On pure
instinct did she flip away from the other two, but the fourth caught her other
arm, sending her into a spin and...
SPLOOSH Crimson icor spilled from the palm
of her right hand. A bolt was still spinning into her hand, trying to drill
right through her palm and out the back, burried so deep that she could see
the glow of the energy on the back of her hand.
"Have you been practicing that
one in secret? That was almost lights out for good.
" '

[CHAT] (86%) Nova: -- 'Nova's fist clenched over the deplated energy
bolt, squeezing it hard enough that it exploded into golden embers drenched in
her blood.
"Just almost though. Looks like you need some better finishing
" Then the Saiyan was gone. Until she wasn't. A glimpse here and there
as she dipped in and out of super-speed, Nova was now running at her full
speed and might, flickering around the battlefield until finally she appeared
overhead, heel extended in a flying, downward kick!'

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- 'Curiosity, more than anything, had brought the Tiefling
to Fudoken Canyon, and little more. It had been some time since he had seen
'power' in the absolute raw, and while he had no real interest in the broiling
conflict of the Saiyans that had met, clashed, atempted-to-reconcile, and then
clashed again at Odayakana... it just so happened that Fudoken Canyon was a
stone's throw from the Saiko Ranch, which was one of the only familiar places
to Zofu on this planet. Among a towering heap of rock, and mortar dusted with
silver by winds slowly carving the top layers of the distant Gin mountains on
the horison he took his position, as spectator, or perhaps simply 'witness' to
the battle that was flashing in the distance. The wind caught his heavy, white
robe, causing it to billow as he folded his arms over his chest and looked out
at the fighters on the rim of his vision who danced like silhouettes against
the melting Sol of Earth, unsure of who he was rooting for in the end...'

[CHAT] (83%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne watched Nova vanish completely. A few flickers
was all she could follow.
Nova's true strength. Impressive Letta thought.
She raised her arms high and lowered her base as she reached out with all of
her senses to try to track any possible attack from Nova. There was no way
she could dodge an attack she could barely see, but she had other ways.
Channeling her energy into her aura until it hardened into a barrier around
her. Nova's kick cracked, and then shattered the barrier. The downward force
slammed into Lenne's raised arms and drove her downward. Dust and rocky
debris launched into the air as Lenne was once again pushed down to her knees.
As the dust settled, Lenne was kneeling at the bottom of a small crater. Her
left arm throbbed from absorbing that kick, but not as badly as the first time
she'd tried blocking one of Nova's attacks.
'I'm stronger now.' Lenne thought
as she pushed herself to her feet. '

[CHAT] (83%) Lenne: -- '"So you fight because you're a warrior, Nova. What
will you do when there is nobody left to challenge you? Fighting for the sake
of power itself is the kind of self-destructive arrogance that wiped out the
Vegeta Empire."
She needed a few moments to recover from that last blow, and
hoped Nova would oblige her the time.'

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- 'As Lenne was sent hurtling down, and a column of debris
erupting from her impact point to be dragged by the winds towards Zofu, the
Majin pushed off his resting point to avoid the smoke, and craggy chippings of
rock that rained down, arriving closer to the fray. Close enough to hear the
words that were being traded over the dusty, sun-swept landscape. He was close
enough now to see the glistening sweat that adorned both their bodies, and
almost feel the resonance of power that was causing small stones in the nearby
area to rattle upon the ground, and occasionally lift off the earth entirely
as their powers ascended, and created a new 'gravity' of purpose.
"Always have
to choose your arguments in a fight like this carefully..."
He murmured to
"Giving your oponent a breath of conviction only makes them more

[CHAT] (71%) Nova: -- 'With the full ignition of her soul, Nova's body was
doused in its hot-white flames that roared over her. The connection of her
blow caused the entire pillar they were on to start to warble from the havoc
they were wreaking, but despite Lenne's need for respite, Nova was giving her
none of it. Instead, her right arm, fist almost destroyed from the arrow that
nearly pierced it, started to glow. The ebon tone of her skin gave way to the
energy she had been gathering underneath and it illuminated the muscle, sinew,
tendons and bone underneathe. Her eyes exploded into pure white capsules of
Sei and bliss as she brought all of that power into another, energy-infused,
explosion of a right straight aimed at Lenne's kneeling form.
"JYUUKEN!" would
be the only response she would receive.'

[CHAT] (83%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne had seen this technique once before, but that
didn't help her combat it now. She raised her hands up to meet it with her
own punch. Energy coalesed into her red aura as she tried to absorb as much
of the blow as she could. Before it had completely obliterated an attack that
contained everything she had. This would be a second test of her growth.
Rocks rose off the ground and shattered into dust around the pair as a
maelstrom of winds lashed outward in all directions around them.'

[CHAT] (66%) Nova: -- 'Two forces of titanic magnitude collided and Fudoken was
paying the ultimate price. When Nova's fist slammed into Lenne's aurashield
the entirety of the pillar they fought upon exploded, bit by bit until they
were down on the canyon floor, Lenne's red and Nova's white auras seering away
at rock and stone, vaporizing the small path of water that was running at the
basin. Much to her surprise, Lenne had devised a way to protect herself from
her finishing blow and now her own words were silently slapped back into her
own face. That's when her own switch flipped. It had only happened once
before, almost a decade ago, but that white sheen that surrounded her flashed
black and Nova...Lost.It. It wasn't power, but just pure violence and an urge
to destroy that came blasting from her core. '

[CHAT] (66%) Nova: -- 'Her Dou exploded out, burning a swath through the flesh
of her right arm as she screamed out in rage and pounded Lenne's shield again.
Before, she was fighting for the thrill. Now she was on her opponent's level
and fighting to truly finish her!'

[CHAT] (68%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne's shield shattered under the psycho-berserk force
of Nova's Dou. Speed enhanced out of dire fear, Lenne retreated and
backflipped away from attack after attack again and again. First on the
defensive, and now on the retreat, Lenne was barely managing to keep herself
'You can't just run forever.' Letta echoed in her mind. As she darted
backward, she channeled and concentrated her energy into needles once again.
With one last backflip, Lenne fired the needles at the battle-raged Nova. She
hoped it would at least slow Nova down, and at best stop the relentless
"Sting Blaster!" She cried out as the needles blasted toward her

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- 'Each hammer upon the energy field that Lenne had created
by Nova's fist rang out like a blacksmith-god forging the stars. The strikes
alone caused minor shockwaves to rattle the canyon, and force the ground to
seizure, and fall down in upon itself even more. Zofu found his own, horned
head, bobbing with each destructive blow. His fanged teeth clenched with the
minor respiter between strikes
((Hold on, Lenne... just... hold--)) But the
shield shattered, and erupted like shards of electric glass. With its
breaking, an entire shelf was dislodged, and Zofu barely managed to leap back
in time as the column he stood on crumbled beneath his sandals. He was forced
even further back as the secondary landing point he found himself on was
reduced by 'bullet-shells' of energy needles that came roaring forth from
Lenne's hand from below and machine-gun fired several more steeples of stone
down as they punctured their bases, and weakened the supports.'

[CHAT] (66%) Nova: -- 'The explosion of Dou throughout her right arm left the
flesh firmly burned in the fire of her own power. The Jyuuken technique was
usually a one off situation since it took her entire body infusing with
explosive ki. A mistake meant the arm was gone, but her practice (not mastery)
of the technique allowed her to only damage the limb and not use it. There was
still life in her arm, but that technique was sealed under the bloody and
bruised state of the limb.
"This again!?" she shouted as Lenne made her
needles once more. The last time she caught one of these it almost bore into
her skull, it would be foolish to attempt to do so again. But if she couldn't
produce energy inside of her body, she'd have to unleash it outwardly.
"What a
poor choice for last words,
Princess!" '

[CHAT] (66%) Nova: -- 'Nova's frame vanished behind a wall of light summoned by
two energy balls forming in each one of her hands that grew larger and
brighter, competing with the sun on what was going to illuminate the sky. To
meet her needles in the air, Nova began to unleash her own energy hell,
blasting forth white blasts from her hands.'

[CHAT] (53%) Lenne gLenne panicked as the powerful blast raged at her. Her
puny needles were devoured by the white ball of death. Backed into a corner
where she couldn't run any further, Lenne was forced to face this attack. She
yelled out as she drew on her inner strength and create a ball of energy of
her own. She poured her every desire into it and launched it at the last
instant. The red energy ball clashed with the white. Sparks flew as arcs of
lightning disintegrated chunks of the ground around Lenne.

[CHAT] (60%) Nova blinked a few times as the Dou surrounding her slowly melted
away back into the white haze of her aura. The speed at which she was firing
off her energy blasts slowed to a halt while sense and reason came back to
her. For a moment she looked about in terror, like waking up from a bad dream
but this time you really were naked in front of the entire class.
was...I lost it again
) Was it really Lenne still there, fighting to stay
alive, hiding behind that giant swell of energy? The last thing Nova remembers
was her blocking a Jyuuken attack and she thought she might have put too much
force even into that.
(Snap out of it, Nova. You're supposed to be training
her, here!
) A flash of a grin came across her face again as she got back into
"Look at you...you claim to be weak but you've lasted this long.
So, just what do you plan on doing with all of that energy, huh?

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- '((She... Lenne can hold that off...)) Zofu had gone
slightly pale as the sky flared with an aurora of dancing, dark light, as Nova
powered up. The earth was literally shaking now. Trembling. The small
fragments of stone that had lifted off the ground were now spinning in
circles, and occasionally cracking beneath the sheer magnitude of energies
that were coming to bare from above, and below. Even Zofu's hair was
unknotting itself from the clean bun he had tied it in behind his back, and
fell strands were winding through the air, dancing on unseen winds as the
landscape trembled. At the connection of the blasts, Zofu was nearly blown off
his steeple. The sheer power of the gusts that exhumed outward were enough to
leave him breathless, and the clash of energy forces were so blinding that he
couldn't look over the 'X' that his clawed hands had formed to block their
stinging rays.

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu didn't know why, but his heart was beating faster than he had
ever felt it beat. He preened his eyes over his forearms, searching for Lenne,
who was vanishing beneath the sheer rays of light cast down by Nova's energy
and he found himself yelling,
"You're a Makono, aren't you! Are you going to
give up that easily! You're going to be obliterated! Is that how you want your
house to end!?

[CHAT] (41%) Lenne gritted her teeth from behind the mass of energy. "I hadn't
put much thought into it."
She responded. Zofu's cheering fell on deaf ears.
Lenne's focus was entirely on the blast in her palms.
"Alone, I am weak,
but I'm not alone in this fight."
She grinned as her aura took on a deeper
crimson and shifted radically.
"I'm fighting with the strength of the entire
Makono clan, as is the duty of a Princess."
She called out as she pushed even
more energy into her attack as she tried to push it forward and apply more
pressure on Nova.

[CHAT] (60%) Nova rolled her eyes at Lenne's response absolutely furious that
she felt she made no progress with her. But perhaps somewhere out there, there
was a house of Saiyans living together under one banner strong enough to call
themselves royalty and this was a future Lenne really believed was waiting for
her. It was just that how many 'noble warriors' did Nova see in her twenty-five
years, give similar speeches just before they were torn apart by a
Hover-Speeder gang or literally eaten alive in the fighting pits of Ng Yelo.
Perhaps in her heart, she was a tinge jealous of the heart that still believed
in such hopes.
"Fine...if you still want to play the Princess"

[CHAT] (60%) Nova: -- 'They were still in a fight and the energy ball Nova and
Lenne created together had become quite dangerous. When it was sent back, Nova
dashed backwards to get some distance, then her left leg came up and collided
with the bottom of the blast to stop its momentum, followed by a scissoring
right kick to launch it up in the air. And Lenne's Makono family wasn't the
only thing that made her hot with jealousy...
"And since you love this princess
so much, take a bit of with you, Zofu!
" Nova vanished again, this time
appearing in the air with hammerfists locked together over her head. She
brought both them down across her body with all of her might, spiking the
collected energy ball back down to the Earth in a arrow of red with a helix of
white ember down near (but not too close) to Zofu!'

[CHAT] (31%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne watched helplessly as Nova launched the ball
toward Zofu. She froze and simply watched in horror. Rage rose in the pit of
her stomach. She was fighting to keep Letta from hurting Zofu, and here Nova
was putting him in danger.
NOVA! I'm your opponent!" She yelled out angrily
as she leaped at Nova. She raised her leg up for a powerful knee strike aimed
at Nova's visibly injure arm.
Don't take your attention off of me, or I'll
kill you!"
Letta screamed, infuriated that Nova took her attention away from
their battle.'

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- '"Why am I always making losing bets?" The Tiefling
should have grumbled, but instead his teeth slid wide, his lips parting into a
smile as the destructive ball was lobbed down in his direction. The sheer...
cataclysmic nature... of the energy orb was beyond Zofu's knowing. He leapt up
from the steepled stair of rock he was resting on as the ball descended down,
but the backdraft of power that followed it caught him in a wild gust as he
fell, and blew him widely off course as it detonated into a sphere of power
the pulsated outwards, at first as little more than a hot, white light, before
rupturing into a plasmic half-dome of raging fire. The heat, and the swell,
sent him tumbling, end, over end in summersaults through the wild yonder until
he was thrown into a column of rock, and deposited down into shifting, fading
sands that whirlpooled towards where Nova's Jyuuken had landed.'

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- 'Legs half buried in swimming earth, Zofu raised himself
and unfurled his robe from his body. He lifted both arms ahead of his person,
then out to either side.
""It's nothing personal, Nova." Upon Zofu's forearms,
brands of magic began to burn.
"In fact... I just think you've never really
been able to go all out...
" These last words were muffled as Zofu began to
exert his will. His eyes closed, and the brands burned with immense strands of
energy. The air around the Tiefling became darker, as a faint aura of
Necromancy surrounded him. ((Come on... there has to be something nearby...))
As his forearms folded back together, and linked, the brands formed a sigil
upon the surface of his skin...'

[CHAT] (66%) Zofu: -- 'Zofu searched outward with his senses... his mind's eye
cupping the landscape of the Fudoken Canyon and sieving its souls. There
wasn't much to pick from. The carrion birds had long devoured the remains of
all those that rested here... but there was one flicker of energy. Snapping
his arms outward, Zofu threw a 'fishing line' of
ki in the direction of the
soul, and then drug it towards him as it made a lasso around the spirit's
neck. What he brought to his hands, however, was less than to be desired.
"Dabura's hairy fucking ballsack... are you kidding?" The spirit in question
was little more than a tired thief whose lidless eyes stared up at Zofu and
then clamored towards him.
"NO! No! Fuck off you---" But the spirit entered
him, and Zofu's body slumped downward, his shoulders craning, and his body
hunching as their powers merged.'

[/color][CHAT] (60%) Nova: -- '"You call -this- going all out? I'd say this is a six
out of ten battle tops. Look, I only damaged one-ARGH!
" Nova, for the most
part, thought that this intense sparring session was over and let her down
completely down. Lenne/Letta took full advantage of this and landed a strong
knee strike deep into the side of her arm. Bone grinding on bone, the strike
penetrated her flesh and almost snapped her arm if she had not flexed her
muscle the moment she felt impact.
"Alright you little Drek!" Her right arm
was dead, but she still had other ways to hurt Lenne and with what she had
that still moved, Nova finally assumed a proper fighting stance, calming her
ki and bringing all of her remaining power inward. -Now- she would fight like
a martial artist and not a brawler. '

[/size][CHAT] (60%) Nova: -- 'She took step, rotating herself around Lenne's back, but
the strike did not come from behind, she continued to turn around the other
Saiyan until she was on her opposite side, a back elbow coming to smash Lenne
in the nose, then turn the opposite direction and bring a knee of her own to
her lower back.'

[CHAT] (56%) Zofu: -- '"Ahahahaha... ohhh..." Zofu touched his own horn, and
raked his hands across his sky-blue skin with a sense of bewilderment, and
"Pretty. Pretty little thing 'we' are now..." Zofu's head trailed
up to look at his own horn until his neck could go no further back and he
nearly toppled over onto his back.
"We could sell that for a pretty penny.
Yes... Yes we could.
" The magic brands on Zofu's arms burned with rage,
causing his body to stumbled forward, and the possessing spirit to shake them
until the sigils stopped alighting.
"Fair enough. Fair enough. But those two?
We can't...
" The sigils burned again. "Alright, fine! You'll be like me soon
enough. But how do we even get up to th--"
Zofu's legs bent, and his body
assumed a spring stance,
"No-no-no-no-no! Not like that! I'm terrifying of
" '

[CHAT] (56%) Zofu: -- 'The body shot off without heed from these protests.
Zofu's arms flailed wildly as he sailed up towards the combat, meeting Nova on
her opposite side.
"What am I supposed to do!" The spirit asked in mid-launch.
((You gutless worm! Do anything!)) Zofu's form did the only thing it knew how.
It stabbed. It stabbed with the only weapon it had. Zofu's horn. It used
Zofu's careening body like a catapult, and bared its head towards Nova with
the horn extended like a lance.'

[CHAT] (26%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne smirked as she felt her attack land solidly on
Nova. The gap between them really wasn't nearly what she'd originally
'I can win!' She thought as Nova quickly moved around her and
performed a one-two combo. Lenne raised both hands to catch Nova's elbow, and
caught the full force of the knee to her lower back. All she saw was the
elbow strike to the face, which left her wide open for the second strike. She
felt her ribs crack as sharp pain spread across her body. She growled through
the pain and shot around behind Nova. Her opponent catching her backside
worried her, and she would pay her back tenfold. She tried to grab Nova's
outstretched tail and chop the base of her tail as hard as she could.'

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