**Spirit Spar

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**Spirit Spar

Post by ikenbon » 13 Mar 2021, 02:27

Characters: Zofu / Lenne, (Lord Rasher, NPC)
Type: Drama / Combat
Synposis: Zofu finds Lenne in the calm forests surrounding the Odayakana Temple following their recent battle with Nova. Bringing to mind the idea of spiritual possession, Zofu admits a fairly powerful spirit has been drifting nearby Lenne for sometime, prompting the ghost to inhabit his body briefly and duke it out with the Saiyan.


[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- '"That was a fairly 'destructive' diplay." Zofu had arrived through a wall of pine trees, and leaned back against one of the trunks of those ancient forestdwellers as he happened upon Lenne in her sanctuary. The Majin thumbed back towards the great, billowing eruptions of smoke that burned coal-black against the sky in the distance where the monastery burned. "What. The. Actual. -fuck- is going on with you?" There was anger in Zofu's voice, for certain, but more than anything there was... concern. A hint of it, at least. A heaping hint of it.'

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne: -- '"Oh!" Lenne climbed to her feet. She was familiar with the tone Zofu had given her, but she had never heard it from him before. Nova just, uh..set me off. I'm sure the monks are furious with me. Especially old Gregor." She dusted herself off. The very short nap she had taken didnt do much to restore the energy she had expended a bit before. In fact, it did little more than just make her drowsy. She yawned, and cast off the whole affair like it was no big deal. "Sorry if I caused you any trouble, Zofu."'

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu pushed off the tree he was standing at, and smiled, his head tilting somewhat as he moved towards Lenne, opening his arms and 'laughing' before suddenly letting them clap to either side of his body, and his heading turning to the dark of the pine forest surrounding them both, eyes unable to face Lenne. "............Fuck the monks." The words came after a long silence where all the juvial energy Zofu often bore was erased. "What the hell is going on with you? That woman could have torn you to shreds. Do have any idea who she was trained by?" Zofu's expression took on a seriousness he rarely expressed. The Majin took a deep breath, pinched his nose, then released an exhale. "This is the second time you've done this. I'm beginning to think you have a death-wish."

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne leaned against the tree as Zofu scolded her. "-I- don't, but uh.." She paused as she searched for the words, and built up the confidence to speak openly with Zofu. "Do you know anything about possession? I feel like I might be losing my mind." She couldn't bring herself to look at Zofu. It took everything in her to mention the issue with Letta, the real issue, that is. "At first, I thought it was just the memories of my sister haunting me, but now I'm afraid its more than that. She...makes me do things."

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu raised his hand to continue a barrage of reasons why Lenne should be... 'careful' but at the mention of 'possession' and possible spirits from other worlds, the Tiefling withdrew their hand, head cocking somewhat in confusion. "Sister?" Zofu's face twisted somewhat, scrunching with a knowledge that Lenne did not possess. ".....Necromancy is a pretty delicate art." The Majin raked their fingers through their top-knot of white hair, their fangs showing as they growled. "I could perform it, but... surely... you're not that desperate."

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne shook her head. "No, no. I'm just a little frazzed, I think. Gregor has been having me practice image training, and on more than one occasion, she showed up instead of my intended image. This last time, she threatened to kill you if I don't get strong enough to stop her.." She trailed off. "Do you know how to tell if someone is possessed?" She asked, her voice was filled with fear. "Or am I just crazy?"

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu 's brows furrowed, his hands finding their way into the front pockets of the multi-colored gi that the monks of Odayakana had given him as his bare feet scraped across the dirt track of the game-trail he had followed here to find Lenne. "I don't think you're crazy... I just... think you've been through a lot more than you realize." His head pointed downward, his sharp teeth flashing as as he grit them. "Lenne... I know a little bit about spirits. There's definitely one here..." The Tieflings's fuschia pupils seemed to dance around her figure, "But it's not the one you're hoping to speak to. Do you... want to talk to them?"

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne: -- 'Lenne recoiled at bit at the idea that a spirit was really nearby. "Who is it, if it isn't Letta?" She trembled. The hair on her neck and tail stood on end. She pushed off the tree she had been leaning on and looked around as though she would be able to see the geist.'

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu held up his hand, as if to call for pause, then turned his back to Lenne, almost ceremoniously before addressing the flying sparks of energy that drifted in the air nearby. Truth be told, Zofu had seen these motes of spiritual energy since the moment he had freed Lenne from the Sandstream Hotel, and he had, until this very moment, done very very little to address them. It was these sparks, in fact, that had made him certain it was worth his effort to pursue Lenne, and deliver her to Urokoga, but they had been chasing her for some time.

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- '"Zal'karine, Tyr Rasher, et sura bedova'na'sa'larime. Et-kuram, val sal'sime." --((Look, Lord Rasher, She's not fucking ready for this.))--'

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne only understood one word that Zofu had spoken, in his string of incoherency, and that was the name of her father. Her mind locked on the false memory given to her by Letta, of Letta having killed Rasher, but Lenne knew that wasn't real. It couldn't be. Fear crept up her spine and her stomach felt sick. Just as she felt she might vomit, she grinned. "So it's the old man, huh. Tell him to come out. His dearest daughter would like to speak to him." Lenne's stance was different. She oozed dominance and control. "That is, if you really can, little bad-man."

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu glanced over his shoulder as he was trying to bargain with the spirit, his brows furrowing even further in dismay. "Lenne, this isn't a game, Necromancy isn't something to take lightly. Spirits from the afterlife that haven't moved on can be extremely unstable, and the longer they've been--" Although Lenne couldn't see it happen, while Zofu was distracted, the spirit-orb of Lord Rasher flew into the Majin's chest. Zofu made a gesture of his body, his entire form tucking over, almost bending down to the floor before his mouth opened and released a vomit of ectoplasm that he threw-up for several seconds. "Lenne..." Zofu's body shook. "You... don't... need... his... appov--"

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- 'The Majin suddenly stood up to full attention. His arms folded behind his back. His eyebrows expressed in a way the Tiefling had never used them, and he began to circle Lenne as if he were judging her from head to toe. "Look at this... pathetic... vessel. To imagine the Makono line dies with this shadow of a being. What a sad end to a dynasty."'

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne scoffed. "Who are you calling pathetic? You're the one who is dead." She stepped toward Zofu's animated body. "Surely you didn't chase my tail all the way here to say that." She pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. "So out with it. Those of us that are alive don't have forever, you know."

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- 'Zofu's hand suddenly swung towards Lenne's neck. There was a strength in it that the Majin alone could not have possessed. The trees of the nearby forest began to wilt. Plants dies. Water from the nearby springs boiled. The shadow across Zofu's face revealed a toothed skull with sockets blazing with hellfire. "You killed your own father because you were afraid of letting go of all those childish things. You didn't defeat me -LETTA-, I just couldn't bring myself to turn against my own daughter... at least... not... then..."'

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- 'Zofu's knee drove towards Lenne's side, then his arm released and a his entire body spun, a snap kick flashing towards the Saiyan's side to send her reeling with force beyond anything the Majin alone could create.'

[CHAT] (80%) Lenne was hurled several yards away and slammed into a tree. With an echoing -crack- it tettered and fell onto the valley floor. The saiyan maiden climbed to her feet. Her left arm was bloodied. She grabbed a large splinter that protruded from her tricep and ripped it out with the sick sound of flesh tearing. "Now that's how a noble elite delivers a kick, -Father-" Lenne grinned and tossed the bloody hunk of wood on the ground. He left arm hung limply at her side. "I'd prefer to kill you all over again, but I did promise to kill that body, so now I guess I'll get to do both at once." Lenne rushed forward toward Rasher-Zofu and released a barrage of energy bolts toward him. They were aimed at the ground near his feet to distract him from her real assault.

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- 'Leapt upwards, escaping the barrage of blasts that leveled the nearby trees, and caused the ground to sink in, and give way to nearby streams... just as Lenne arrived through the smoke, sparks, and blasting debris, Zofu felt Lord Rasher leave his body like a breath of poison air. He breathed a sigh of relief... then... felt knuckles, knees, feet, palms, and a flurry of other blows hit him in a tidal force. His entire body was blown apart, piece by piece, joint by joint. His nose was broken. His right arm dislocated. A leg crumbled in mid-air, both eyes blackened, lip left swollen... His body was flung backwards with enough force that he hit the ground, bounced, and then still had enough power slung his way that he grinded back against the forest floor until he was burned overhead like a overripe, Majin turnip.'

[CHAT] (76%) Zofu: -- '"...........Oowww..."'

[CHAT] (65%) Lenne: -- '"Pathetic. Always was a coward." Lenne stared down at the battered and broken Zofu. She contemplated finishing him here and now, but she would lose her leverage. She picked up his right arm and tossed it to him. "Put yourself back together, bad-man. Little Lenne would cry if she saw you like this." The pain in her arm crept up as it began to sear maddeningly. Lenne buckled to her knees and wept. "I'm so sorry, Zofu. I tried to warn you. This is all my fault....just like daddy." Having returned to her normal demeanor, Lenne contemplated running away. She couldn't bear to see Zofu die in front of her, but she couldn't bring herself to run either. "Please don't die, Zofu. I don't want to be alone again." She sniffled as she wiped away streaming tears.'

[CHAT] (46%) Zofu turned himself over, slowly, dragging himself up out of the dirt, mud, and debris that he had been buried in, and sputtered as Lenne approached him and... spoke abosolute nonsense. The Majion gave a few, heavy, deep breaths as they gathered themselvelf, then stood, for a second, fell back down and became aware of just how much blood was trailing down from their broken nose, and how shattered they were. "Just like 'daddy?' Do you even hear yourself. You're a fucking grown woman, act like it." With some effort, Zofu pushed himself back to his feet, although he staggered. "WARN ME? WARN ME? I've been literally carrying your dead, worthless ass up these mountains and the hollows of New Majourn for a week. I nearly died three times just getting you to this -fucking- temple."

[CHAT] (46%) Zofu threw his arm out to where the smoke was still rising in the distance, "And what do you do? You blow it to kingdom come because you don't have a handle on yourself? Then you beat the living shit out of me even after I try to explain to you how Necromancy works and--" The spirit ball shot back into Zofu's chest from behind and mid-speech the Majin extended his hand, point blank into Lenne's face, and an EXPLOSION of masenko energy ripped forth.

[CHAT] (65%) Lenne cowered before Zofu as he scolded her. She felt awful for what she had put him through, but thankful that he was here. When Rasher re-entered the Majin, it wasn't the battle ready Letta to receive his onslaught, it was the timid Lenne. She outstretched a hand and pressed against the masenko. The energy sparked and seared against her skin. Her eyes focused on the form of Rasher behind it, as the force of the attack slowly slid her backwards across the forest floor. "I'm sorry." She stated flatly. "I couldn't stop her and she killed you, but I won't let her kill anyone else!!" Tears streamed as she pushed against the powerful blast. Her own energy coalesed from within her palm and rushed forth. Untamed and uncontrolled energy burst forth, as Lenne fought not only for herself, but to save Zofu from her angry father.

[CHAT] (46%) Zofu: -- '"The problem isn't LETTA, the problem is YOU! You're the one holding everything bac---" The raging masenko drilled forward, evaporating trees, blast trenches of earth into the ground, distegrating boulders, stones, and paths. The blinding, golden spray of energy that sparked from Zofu's outstretched fingers buried ahead of his body with enough force to wipe away the scenery, but suddenely there came a shout and the blast was ended: "ENOUGH" Suddenly the ball of spiritual energy was forced from Zofu's chest, and in one swift motion, the Tiefling drew a large, hollowed gourd from his belt, uncapped it, and snatched the bright, red spirit inside before corking the vessel.'

[CHAT] (46%) Zofu: -- 'The Tiefling took a few deep breaths as he held the cork down and in place, and when the spirit finally stopped fighting him he growled at Lenne and tossed the gourd towards her to catch. "You know what! Fuck this! You're not worth all this! Take your father, take your baggage, take your bullshit, and get the fuck out of here. Go. RUN. I've... I don't even know why I did all this... for you." Zofu threw his hands up, and then began to limp back towards the temple.'

[CHAT] (55%) Lenne: -- '"Zofu, wait!" She picked up the bottle and ran after her only friend.'

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