**Mission: 5pliced (pt 1)

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**Mission: 5pliced (pt 1)

Post by ikenbon » 31 Aug 2020, 21:42

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[Location: Mithria Asteroid / Time: ???]'

[CHAT] Syhiver slowly dug through the socket of his own skull, his dexterious fingers plucking his
cybernetic eye from from its recess, and laid it down on the side of an overturned cryo-crate with
the pupil facing him as he stepped back and took a knee. For a moment his scaled head bent downward
towards the floor. His arm raised and ran through the silver-flecked scales of his person before he
sighed and let his gaze turn upward toward the optic camera:

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Mission Log..."'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Three months since the H4L0 arrived on Mithria. Hyabusa, Indon and I were
separated after a fall aboard one of the docked ships. We heard a distress call that Indon had
investigated. I tried to circle back, and find Cin, but was cut off by..."
The Kanassian paused as
he searched for the word, "A hand of the Host." The agent murmured a resentful curse. "I've been
able to scavenge supplies, and use some of the artificial atmosphere here to survive for this long,
but there's not enough food, or purified water to survive for much longer. I've made some light
excursions, and I think I might have found a damaged ship that can limp to the next star colony, but
it's dangerous. I don't have many more options left to me, and I can't make my way back to the H4L0
on my own, if it's even still there. If Indon or Cin find this log... I hope you had better luck."

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Taking the cybernetic eye back into his hand, Syhiver carefully pressed the
device back into his empty socket, allowing the nascent nanomachines to reconnect the optic and
restore his sight. Blinking several times before standing up the Kanassian reached out, took hold of
his pulse rifle and activated the slider for its plasma cartridge, creating a dim, vagrant light in
the nearly pitch-black supply depot he had locked himself within, and used as his 'base' of
operations for several months. Turning on a dime and fostering his sliced, cybernetic left arm
forward to 'hook' the weapon upon, he turned towards the locked door.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'His Icerian battle-synth armor was pitched full of holes and raking slashes. It
had become shredded by numerous encounters with with the scythed host of... symbiote... creatures
that prowled the derelict remains of the Cordican Mining Facility. The tarnished battle-tech armor
was, due to its now utter lack of defensive capabilities, simply a facsimile of security save for
the oxygen tank, which, miraculously, had remained intact over these many weeks. The helmet
crossguard, in particular, had been shattered and broken to such a point that Syhiver had been
forced to rip it apart and retained only the functioning mask that covered his lower jaw and whose
tubes wrapped around his shoulders to the tank that he would rely upon to reach the abandoned
starship, and, Kami willing, escape this nightmare.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Beginning mission."'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Through the door. Pulse rifle aimed left, then swinging right to the pitch-black
causeway that connected this depot to a larger smelting facility. Three orbs of pulsating ooze flash
upon the ceiling and the ground. The Kanassian moved forward. Trigger finger remaining in place, but
idle upon the mechanism of the gun in his hand as he passed. Counting the flashes. One... Two...
Three... Four... Upon the mark of five the Kanassian stops, raises his weapon towards the darkness
and steels himself. The Facility rumbles and shakes. An earthquake? No. From the vacuum of darkness
a skittering mass of slithering ooze begins to stretch forward. Its yawning maw made of myriad teeth
swallowing all that the host touches.'


[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian's trigger finger falls in sequence, his aim swiveling from wall to
wall and each shot blasting the symbiote 'lenses' into smoldering splatters upon the carbon-steel
plated walls. From the depths of the tunnel ahead of him a recumbent, primal scream emanates
"SCCCCCCRRRRRRRrrrrraaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Thousands of xenomorphs hurtle towards him in a horrific

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian kneels. His rifle is pinched between his calf and thigh. With his
only arm he breaks a rectangular box from his belt, his thumb sliding across a trigger along the
cartridge and then with a flick of his wrist hurls the object away before standing, taking his rifle
once more in hand and running as fast as his legs can carry him the opposite way.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:30]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'An intersection. Syhiver turns on his heel, heading left just as a wave of
symbiote mass explodes through the hallway behind him like a megaton punch. Dozens of oozes redirect
and begin to slither upon the walls regardless as he makes his escape. Power in section has somehow
remained active. Flashing, red emergency lights flicker overhead, filtering the hallway as if it
were one of Dubura's intestines. The Kanassian slings his rifle over his shoulder onto his back. His
hand flings down to his waist, unhooks another cartridge and slides the detonator on before hurling
it onto the nearby wall as he runs.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:25]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'As the host of the symbiote redirect their efforts down the corridor Syhiver has
chosen as his escape the Kanassian weaves towards the walls, his fist pounding against the locking
mechanisms. Plexiglass walls fold behind him with each press. One. Two. Three. Four. Five... in
sequence they fall just as the mass of entities slam into each one, and as a host crash through. The
barriers give the agent only a few seconds of reprieve... a few scarce seconds to look ahead and
plan his next move... but these seconds are his Hope. His will made manifest.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'At the end of the long alley is three splitting connections and a single, iron
rung ladder. Reaching it, the Kanassian turns left upon the eastern hallway just moment before a
mass of exploding symbiote forms rip down the northern tunnel. His hand flies out, hits the
emergency activator upon the wall and causes a Zentonium-plated door to fall. Hundreds of pounding
'arms' of the host quickly follow. Small, insignificant dents form on Syhiver's side of the barrier,
but nothing, so far, breaks through. The room that Syhiver has reached is a medical lab. A
containment facility for miners of the Mithria colony who experienced critical injuries.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Elevated beds float in aligned quadrants of the sterile, tiled room. At its
center a large, multi-limbed Icerian protocol droid rests with an active interface. The Kanassian
strides toward it while uncoupling several cables from his shattered armor. Upon reaching it he
connects himself with the device, letting it read the serial numbers stolen from the armaments on
Taldega IV.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Welcome, Tyr'Azalam, Mekka." The android says as it sparks to life after many
decades of remaining dormant. "How might I assist you?"'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:20]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Prosthetics rebuild. Left arm." The Kanassian commands. "Bed four. Quick
Uncoupling the cables as the doorway to the medical facility continues to pound the agent
lies down with the protocol droid in tow. It is cylindrical in shape with massive power relays
connecting it to the emergency cabling of the facility. It taken Syhiver nearly three weeks of
reconnaissance to locate this bay. Four weeks to plan his escape, and six just to ensure that the
droid was indeed intact. His plan, thus far, relied on the droid being able to perform the surgery
in just under three minutes...'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'True to its protocols the droid hovered to the fourth medical bed, the closest,
and began a rudimentary scan with its singular optic. "Irregular circuitry detected. Power source
It intoned. The Kanassian only uttered, "Quick repairs. Override safety measures." Before
the droid's casing opened and hundreds of small arms erupted in unison. Each limb of the android was
a specialized tool. Some were simply small tweezers, others screwdrivers, clipping tools, melting
irons, tiny hammers, pliers, and dozens of other myriad testing devices. Like a mechanized
spider it descended upon Syhiver's left limb and began to work at a pace that a team of cybernetic
specialists could only dream of.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:15]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The banging upon the Zantonium-plated door continued, each second its hammering
growing louder and louder as the dents in the armored door became more visible with each strike.
Ooze had begun to run beneath its sealing and climb upwards along its frame, searching for the panel
that controlled its release.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The repairs were excruciating. Each synapses and cybernetic tendon were put
through their paces, each multi-cored muscle-fiber and coolant-driven vein connected and tested with
exhaustive measurements. By the time Syhiver was able to activate the first digits of his new 'hand'
the door to the medical bay was blazing with sparks as symbiote oozes melted through the cases of
the draw lever. "Only a few more minutes, sir." The android intoned in an oblivious, mechanized
voice as it continued about its work, even as the entire bay rumbled beneath the quaking force of
the host that was kept at bay.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:10]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'When the door did finally begin to screech open, inch by inch, and a slithering
mass of ooze piled beneath the door Syhiver raised his weapon over his prone body, putting the
nozzle across his ribs and beneath the arms of the protocol droid. The hammer fell. *BLAM-BLAM-BLAM*
The weapon continued to fire for several seconds, each round ejecting a plasma canister over his
right shoulder as the Kanassian grit his teeth and held off the ensuing wave.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:05]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'As the seconds ticked down the Kanassian was forced to hold the trigger, causing
shell after shell after shell to eject from the slider as he unleashed and barely comprehensible
spread of fire on the entrance to the medical bay. *RAT-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA---CLICK-CLICK*
Even with this amount of firepower, however, it wasn't enough to stop the host, and before Syhiver
could finish fending them off the remaining bullets of the rifle ran out. The circuitry to the door
was finally melted through. The electronics for the door were short-circuited. The Zentonium-plated
door began to raise in earnest and allow the full mass of the symbiote hive to explode through...'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '[00:00]'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'In the distance a massive *EXPLOSION* rocked the facility. For a brief moment
the lights flickered off. the android next to Syhiver went immobile, and silent, its myriad of arms
hanging in mid-air as if time had froze. The symbiotes, those flooding through the doorway, began to
shiver and scream. "SCRRRRRRRRRHHHHHAAAAAaaaahhhhhhh!!!" A second explosion followed moments after,
and then... a blaze of fire swept underneath the doorway. The molten light flashes for several
bright minutes, scalding the carbon-plated hallways and scorching all the symbiotes that had
followed after Syhiver down his path of escape in such a hellacious round of hellfire that for a
moment, one could almost pity them. The flames roared underneath the half-opened door, roasting the
flood that had piled through and raising the temperature of the medical bay by several degrees
before, at last, they died away as the openings in the mining facility quaffed the flames.'

[CHAT] Syhiver groaned, fell backward upon the bed and threw the empty rifle to his right onto the
ground. The facility was quiet, but after several moments the emergency power came back to life and
the protocol droid returned to its task, completing its work in only a handful of minutes amid the
eerie silence that followed the timed blasts...

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Exactly four minutes after Syhiver had entered the medical bay the droid
recalled itself and he raised himself up. His cybernetic left arm had been restored, albeit, as a
much inferior design and quality to the original metallic limb that it now replaced. He had only
access to three new fingers. The joints of the new arm were rigid and occasionally sparked as he
commanded them to move. The power coupling had not been completed properly, and thus occasionally he
would find the limb utterly immobile. Regardless, for the most part it was a hand, one that he was
desperately in need of. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, stood up and turned to the droid.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Thanks." The droid gave no reply. It had no protocols for emotion, nor empathy
of any kind, but the Kanassian felt it was deserved if its work allowed him to escape. His head
turned momentarily towards the door then back to the droid before cocking slightly to the side.
"Want to get off this rock?" He said with a gesture of his new cybernetic 'thumb' over his shoulder.
Again, the medical droid did not reply, but for a brief moment Syhiver thought he saw its red optic
glance towards the open door, and he nodded in response.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Yeah. Thought so."'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'It took more time than Syhiver should have spent to open the droid's casing and
retrieve it's personality chip. It was moments like these that always lead to bad outcomes. Moments
where the missions were put in jeopardy because some unknown element made itself present. It was
just a droid. A machine. Not even an Insignian-V model with a living spark... but Syhiver himself
was nearly half machine now. His left arm, his eye, multiple nervous systems, spinal blocks, and
both of his legs were all prosthetics. There was no doubt in his mind that if he was still mostly
organic he would have been forced into retirement by now. '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'As it stood, his prosthetics allowed him to function at the same capability as
his youngest years... but more than that, he felt a kinship with machines now... a kind of
responsibility for them. Perhaps one day, he assumed, his entire ethos would simply be a chip
personality uploaded to continue the fight for the greater good long after 'Syhiver' had died,
and been put to rest.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'With the surgical droid's chip tucked neatly into one of the utility belt slots
on the Kanassian's waist, Syhiver turned towards the blasted door of the med bay where the floor had
been scorched black. Crusted upon the burnt tiling of station was a smoldering icing of charred ooze.
If he had more time Syhiver might have taken some samples of the remains. There were oddities about
these symbiotes that deserved a proper investigation (by someone much more talented and knowledgable
than himself, of course) but he doubted that anyone was likely to unravel the mysteries of the
asteroid. Not in his lifetime at least. For now, he needed to stay focused on finding a way to

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Fuel..." He murmured aloud as he ducked beneath the half-opened blast door and
stepped back into the intersection. "There has to be some type of generator that's running these
emergency lights, and keeping the air filtered."
He speculated. "I've got," The Kanassian lifted his
right arm, and with his newly acquired prosthetic opened the wrist bracer, activating a timer.
"Fifteen, maybe twenty minutes before those things send a second wave." In the three months that
Syhiver had been trapped onboard the facility he had learned a few things about the symbiotes... and
they had learned about him in turn.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'They did not like fire. It should have been obvious from the moment the crew of
the H4L0 had arrived in the docking platform. Even there they had seen scorched starmetal plating
from where, presumably, the crew of the Cordican Mining Facility had used that weakness in their
attempt to escape. It was the only reliable means which Syhiver had found to force the symbiotes off.
But it was hard to come by, and orchestrate when half the facility was ripped open for the vacuum of
space to quickly flush out. All other types of wounds had little to no affect against the creatures.
They would charge in mass through a clip of pulse-rifle ammo. Slicing them with carbon steel weapons,
and blades, had little effect against their gelatinous forms, and all of them possessed some form of
regenerative capabilities.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'They also were quite intelligent, and adapted to nearly every circumstance. The
reason Syhiver had been so careful and reserved about using his explosives until now was simply that
he had very limited supply, and he worried, once the creatures became aware of them, they would
change tactics. They were already an impressive, dangerous foe, but he imagined that he had only
seen a small glimpse of what they were truly capable of when pressed. The symbiotes had done little
more than watched him for several weeks. '

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'They kept within distance, and followed his movements throughout the facility.
More than once, without warning, they had surprised him with several ambushes in the storerooms he
had been regularly scavenging or upon the docking platforms to derelict ships he had been
investigating as a means of escape. He had learned not to repeat the same movements and behaviors,
not to bunker in the same room for more than a handful of hours, and not to become too distracted
with any salvage or equipment.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'It was a very odd game of cat and mouse, and at times, Syhiver felt as if the
hivemind were actually forcing him into a bottleneck of their own design. Certain areas of the
facility had become so rampant with the creatures that he couldn't return there, or the power to
certain sections would inexplicably go dark with the blast-doors frozen and locked. He knew he was
running out of time, but he couldn't be shake the feeling that he was somehow being lead into a trap.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian examined the intersection, trying to make heads or tails of the
facility's layout, but it was an ill conceived effort. "It's a long shot, but if there's a power
source here it has to be deeper down."
He surmised as he turned towards the ladder at the center of
the branching hall. Reaching it he leaned down and with some effort broke the mechanical lock on the
floor trap, opening it before activated a lever on the ladder's rungs that sent a large set of
tiered bars unfolding down into the darkness with a loud crash as they struck the bottom. A deep
sigh emanated from the Kanassian's lungs as he took hold and began to follow it into the dimly pit

[CHAT] Syhiver climbed fifty feet down into the sub levels through a narrow shaft filled with broken
consoles and emergency lines. The walls were coated with a black film of pulsating, bioluminescent
ooze that crackled with living energy as Syhiver passed. The air become extraordinarily hot as he
went deeper and deeper down. While the facility had maintained some form of atmosphere, for reasons
unknown, this heat was unexpected and the shadowrunner could only hazard a guess as to what could
possibly be generating it. When Syhiver did finally reach the bottom he found himself on a narrow
catwalk. The ceiling here had either collapsed, or this shaft was a maintenance tunnel of some kind
that ran beneath it, for he was forced to duck down and walk crouched for nearly eighty meters
before it finally began to slope back up and provide adequate space.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The tunnel was filled with a complex engine of machinery, the like of which
Syhiver had never seen. Exhaust ports, nitrogen pipes, massive walls of electrical wire running
between tacked on switchboards and power couplers... The Kanassian wasn't savvy to this type of
industrial engineering, but even he could tell that this was malpractice of a kind. Despite knowing
that time was ticking, he couldn't help but walk, and gawk at the absurd grid in which he had
stumbled upon. "What the hell could all of this be for--- Oh... Oh fuck." As those words tumbled out
of Syhiver's mouth he had just turned a corner in the shaft where a massive doorway opened to... A
science bay, of a kind. Science bay was a liberal term of course, for the scene presented to him bore
a much closer resemblance to a dungeon.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The 'bay' that Syhiver had entered was as large as a stadium. The door he
arrived from was one of many different ports to reach it that were all suspended high above the
ground floor and connected by catwalks held aloft by oiled chains. There was indeed a vast amount of
science equipment housed here, but the great majority were composed of strange, glowing tubes that
reached from the floor (nearly thirty meters down), and the ceiling (another thirty meters up). The
canisters glowed with an insidious fuchsia light, and inside each of the tubes were thousands of
strange sacs of pulsating matter. The sacs were womb-like, and through the spotted placentas Syhiver
could make out the vague appearance of humanoid entities. He hesitated to call them 'people'
although they might have been that at some point, for their forms were Icerian, Hydian, Ghetti, and
Human in many aspects... but had been... twisted. Spliced.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'They bore chitin armor, their hands had in many cases deformed into elongated
scythes and their legs had contorted into rapter like hind-quarters. What could only be described as
'feeding' tubes where connected to these large cylinders where the congealed substance that they
floated within was fed and recycled. These tubes spiraled and fed across the entire complex before
all of them eventually arrived at a strange, molten battery vat. This 'pool' at the center of the
bay beneath Syhiver was a glowing lagoon of symbiotic sludge. The bio-electric power which the
symbiotes had displayed were being offloaded from this vat to power not just this bay, but the
entire station that it was connected to. It was a sickening realization that the crew of the
Cordican hadn't just been killed... they were being transformed into a splicer army...'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Syhiver had moved to the rail of the catwalk to glean all of these details of
his surroundings. He was left truly awe-struck, and it dawned on him that the reason the symbiotes
hadn't simply swept the crew of the H4L0 away in one fell swoop was that they might have been
testing to see if the new arrival to the stations would be worthy additions to their 'project' of
evolution. That sickening realization was broken by a sudden, horrifying rumbling within the

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"SCRRRRHHHHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!!!!!"'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Swinging around, the Kanassian glimpsed a massive... creature. A symbiote nearly
the size of a tank crawling upon the dark wall of the bay. It back resembled an exposed brain, with
dozens of coiling tentacles and a face that oozed symbiotic venom from three sets of fanged jaws.
The creature leapt from the wall, hurtling onto the catwalk and causing the entire rig beneath
Syhiver to sway with its weight.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'He was thrown off by the sheer force of the Brainsplicer's landing and sent
hurtling into the open air above the vat...'

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