**A Rock and a Hard Place : Part 2 - Bear Hugs

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**A Rock and a Hard Place : Part 2 - Bear Hugs

Post by Kodaobscura » 18 May 2020, 13:10

[CHAT] Koda turned around and stared into the eyes of the curious bear. ' Hrmmmm... ' The large bear tilted it's head and let out a loud sneeze. Another rumble in the soil made the two look towards the lake. Mr. Bear jabbered in Koda's ear before she pushed his big face away ' Shush. I'm trying to hear. ' The bio-android strained her eyes as she pushed her hearing, there were people, humans, close to the lake. A gentle wisp of sweet smoke drifting over the earthen forest scents.

[CHAT] Koda crouched down, feeling the soil in her hand. She felt another vibration ripple through the ground and looked up at the big bear snout prodding her. ' It's okay, Mr. Bear. ' Koda pat the side of the animal, wiping the dirt off as she pulled herself to her feet. ' Let's go scaredy-bear. ' The one armed bio-android, with the large bear in tow, emerged from the forest and into a small clearing. A burly Konatsu planted a box of dynamite and the base of the mineshaft. ' More VENOM junk? Just be careful with that thing! I don't want to have to blow up another one! ' Several miners were hauling a ruined mechanoid out of the mine.

[CHAT] Koda: -- '' Stop blowing up caves! Bears live there. ' Koda stared at the miners. Several miners scrambled to grab weapons they had stashed around. ' Tar.. targe.. Target I..identified. ' The VENOM robot began to stir to life, thrashing about, behind Koda, the large bear stood tall on two legs growling. The miners stumbled away from the half broken machine trashing about. The bio-android clenched her fist, the forest floor crackling as her aura sparked before exploding to life. She burst forward, ripping at the mechanoid's exposed innards. Behind her, the large bear tumbled backward with a scared roar, the explosion in of force being far too much for the animal.'

[CHAT] Koda took a second step forward before the muscular Konatsu lowered their compatriots' pistols. ' Run back for help. I'll stay until everyone gets out. ' The miners nodded before running off. The bio-android stood over the wrecked VENOM machine. ' This land does not belong to VENOM! ' The Konatsu bounced from foot to foot and held their fists up. ' But I'm n- ' Koda raised a hand before the Konatsu cut her off with a flying fist. ' St- ' She tried to get a word out but another strike to her chin trapped her mouth shut. The bio-android clenched her teeth, with tears in her eyes she dug her feet into the soil. Her aura flared as she pushed against his his fist, refusing to budge from his uppercut.

[CHAT] Koda rocketed her knee upward only for the Konatsu to parry her knee with his, shunting her momentum sideways. ' Leave these people alone, monster. ' He wrapped his hand around her mouth and quickly pulled her in to a tight, restraining grab. Another group of miners, arms filled with tools and equipment stumbled out of the mineshaft, dust and dirt trailing behind them. Quickly the Konatsu locked his arms tight and shouted over his shoulder. ' Run! I'm fine! Just go! ' Koda struggled but her injured body, with all the crackles of power, just couldn't break free of the tight grip wrapped around her neck.

[CHAT] Koda squint through the tears before biting down hard on the Konatsu's wrist. ' Youch!!! ' The Konatsu threw the bio-android to the dirt as he waved his arm about, hissing in pain. He quickly fell back into his stance before looking down at the crumpled bio-android sobbing into the dirt. The burly Konatsu shook his head and pulled his arm back, only for a mountain of furry muscle to slam him away from the unnatural Android. The Konatsu quickly came to a sliding halt as he rebraced his stance. ' Even the very forest itself?! ' In a heart beat he dashed forward towards the towering bear aiming to kill.

[CHAT] Koda: -- '' Don't you hurt him! ' Koda's aura exploded as she clashed her fist with his, halting the Konatsu mid-dash. Deep red blood splashed onto the forest floor, Koda's destroyed arm dripping blood as she stood between the Konatsu and her new friend. The Konatsu's expression faltered as he stared into the eyes of the bio-android. ' Aubin! We came to- ' A few humans in dirty clothes holding a few makeshift weapons shuffled into the clearing. They looked between the angry bear, and their leader locking fist with Koda. ' No, hold on. ' Aubin, the Konatsu leader, hopped back and turned to the villagers.'

[CHAT] Koda panted as she readied to defend herself, unsure of the Konatsu. ' Your bombs are causing the rest of the tunnels to collapse! ' The villagers stumbled back in terror at hearing the creature speak their common tongue. ' A m.. m.. mons- ' The burly Konatsu held his arms up. ' Everyone calm yourselves. You said this mine was isolated. If VENOM dug through and destabilized the abandoned tunnels then we need to replan the seismological impacts. ' The Konatsu looked back to the mine. ' If we don't even take care of our home then we're no better than VENOM. ' Aubin looked to the bio-android. ' Nobody wishes to hurt this bear. We fight for the same reason, this land, this is our home. They split many mines wide open as they ran through this area. '

[CHAT] Koda looked to the bear behind her and gave him a reassuring nod. ' Thank you Mr Bear. I really tried to say something earlier but- ' The Konatsu gave a firm nod. ' Words often fail us. I felt your heart speaking through your fist. ' Aubin nodded as he loaded the explosives into the boxes. ' Do you have a name? ' He looked to the bio-android. ' I.. I'm.. Koda, my name is Koda. ' She looked to the bear next to her as the Konatsu nodded. ' This land has been under constant strain, VENOM, the mines, but we are tough people. ' He turned back face to face with the large bear, tilting it's head. Aubin looked around for any sign of the small creature but only the swaying branches in tree tops. Everything hurt but it wasn't the bleeding flesh that hurt the most.

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