**Into The Fire

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**Into The Fire

Post by Rizion » 29 Apr 2020, 23:00

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'It was a quiet evening on the Ba'Koon. The Teldorai's 'Last
Stand' was still smoldering with fire. Plumes of black smoke traveled up into
the glittering sky overhead and was diffused by the desert wind, never to be
seen again as the ash was sieved with the desert sands. The lights of the
battlecruiser glittered in the distance amid a see of other bright plasma
lanterns as the Teldor'Ai began the necessary repairs to the Icerian vessel
and loaded the armaments of their resistance into its vaulted chambers.
Spirits were low among them, despite their victory. Many brave young larva had
died in the battle, and their victory had only won them a chance to leave this
world behind and start anew. Such was war. Even glory was often bittersweet.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'Syhiver too was beginning to pack his things from his
'command center' near the edge of the Ka'Za'Tel ravine's lip, but he had
stopped to sit down by the fire and spend at least a little while simply
feeling the coolness of the desert night and to breath in the sense of purpose
that came in these moments of calm. His gleaming silver battle-synth armor had
been once more locked away in its war-chest along with his visor and weapons,
leaving only
Merreth's pilot jacket once more resting over his scaled

[CHAT] Cin had been sitting on a rocky shelf that oversaw Syhiver's camp for
nearly an hour before he noticed his 'employer' below. Watching in the
distance the husk of the ICEBREAKER being patched back together by the
natives. He could name none of them save for one and he wasn't even sure if
Shin had made it out of the battle alive. This victory felt shallow at best,
but it was still a win. Yet for all that, the brief conversation with Koda and
Indon left him in a very sour mood. He wasn't normally one to get so
emotionally invested in anything, but hearing the creature speak of war like
it was a game, after seeing what the life had done to Lye, someone he had the
highest of professional respect for and barely any for the man, it was rubbing
the wrong way and he couldn't let go.

[CHAT] Indon walked over to that distant fire near Syhiver, looking around.
"Hey, have you seen Luther around here? It's been hard for me to find him,
since I can't sense his energy."
Indon sa by the fire, looking at Syhiver.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The crackle of the logs and the night breeze soothed
Syhiver. He found his eyes beginning to roam quietly around the camp. Most of
the tents had been blasted away, and were half-buried under rubble, rock and
freshly carved dunes, while the other half had been packed away and were being
loaded on the ship in the distance. A few Taldegian's were moving about the
battlefield, finding their fallen brothers and taking their bodies off to be
added to the great pyres on the horizon. Focusing more closely to his own camp
he found he was not alone. Sitting not far from him was one of his ghostly

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The powerful, ebon-skinned Saiyan in the traditional
mercenary armor he remembered her so well for was sitting on top of his battle
chest and tipping a canteen of spirits over into her lips before setting it
back down in her lap and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Where to next, Syh?"'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Hydia."'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"I'll get the rest of the camp packed and we can--"'
[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Not this time. You're staying here."'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"..?" The specter looked at him with a puzzled expression.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Can't keep doing this, Merreth. As good as it is to see
you... I'm on the backfoot right now.
" He nodded to his severed bionic arm.
"And I can't keep going forward with you showing up to remind me what I've

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"So it's goodbye?"'
[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian smiled weakly and then shook his head. "Just
fairwell, for now. I'll find you when my work in the 'verse is done.
" The
ghost nodded back, stood at attention and saluted.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Catch you later, cyberpunk."'
[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'A single tear swept down from the Kanassian's cheek, one
that he quickly wiped away as the crunch of sand nearby brought his attention
back to the approaching figure of the Terran, Indon. He gave a weak shake of
his head and motioned for Indon to join him by the fire.
"No. Haven't seen
him. Couldn't have gotten too far though. He's probably helping at the
ICEBREAKER, or maybe looting Imperials.
" The Kanassian shrugged. "He'll turn
" Syhiver sighed. "How're you holding up? You look like you made it out of
that mess more or less unscathed.

[CHAT] Cin took a leap of faith from the ledge that was overhanging the
campfire and slowly emerged from its shadows. He knew that this would be the
first time the Silver saw Cin and not Cipher One. He had in his hand, a faint
glimpse of a red crystaline shard, remnants of his visor. He offered to Indon,
a nod and also one to the Silver.
"So when do we depart? What port are we
landing at? And what exactly is this mission...
" So many questions? Being out
of control was a terrible feeling. Having al of the cards fed to him made
things easier.

[CHAT] Indon shrugged. "Yeah. The only up close and personal fighting I had to
do was against sickly, weakened opponents. Your plan worked. And thanks to
Luther's charging it and me calling in the shot, we were even able to use the
railgun to dispatch the commander - though that did mean the rebels will have
to do some more repairs on the ship. I heard that you're heading to Hydia - I
don't suppose I could hitch a ride?"
Indon nodded back to Cin when he walked
up - he could stand to know those details too, if he was tagging along.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian's eyes moved to the second approaching figure
to his campsite and studied their walk, their posture and presence. He didn't
know this man. He recognized the glass shard in the their hand as part of the
Amethyst mercenary's helm visor, but this was not Cipher One. Regardless of
this 'now' might be, both and Indon seemed intent on gaining answers and
permission. Syhiver idly nodded as Indon retold the final moments aboard the
ICEBREAKER, and then seemed to sit quietly... perhaps deciding what to entrust
in this moment to these two strangers.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Feldron. Tonight, if we can. Morning at the latest. As for
the mission...
" Syhiver ran the dry, and sand-grit fingers of his hand through
his 'beard' of blue and silver scales.
"...You both do realize what it means
to run with me, right?
" His eyes moved from Cin's to Indon and then back
"This..." He nodded to the ICEBREAKER on the horizon. "This doesn't
stop. And the kinds of enemies we've made here... well... they're not alone.
And frankly, I lose a lot more of these fights than I win. So before you go
pushing your chips all in, ask yourself what you're fighting for and how far
you're willing to go.

[CHAT] Cin: -- '"Cipher One," Cin started while looking at the red shard in his
fingers. He was turning it over and over, letting the light of the fire send a
red glare back up into his matching red eyes, getting lost in the gleam. It
represented more than just a piece of equipment he lost, a visor that could be
easily replaced. Hells, Indon managed to get a rail gun working with enough
power to take down a destroyer, he could probably whip something together by
the time they landed. No, it wasn't the equipment, but as that person Cin felt
like he finally was something more.
"Cipher One was hired to assist you with
this and to take you to your next mission. Take you there like an escort, but
not join you. That's what you paid for.

[CHAT] Cin tossed the shard into the fire, watching the ruby crystal ash, then
crack and finally break in the heat of the fire.
"I guess I want to see how
far I can go as Cin Hayabusa.
" Funny, the feelings he had right now were
prooft that he was at least a little wrong before when talking to Koda. The
dead do want something, they want to live, but was living to him just seeing
how far he could go before dying again? Or was he looking for something to die
for? He did once already for Earth, maybe this time he could die for himself.

[CHAT] Indon held up his hands. "Hold up about that mission stuff, there, at
least in my case. I need a ride, not a job. I want to go to Hydia to study
Lykanrot. I might help 'cure' it, but it's also a power-increasing
transformation that because it's being treated like a disease, as a scholar
with knowledge in biology I might be able to freely gain access to all the
data about it if I offer to help work to cure it."

[CHAT] Syhiver gave an affirming nod to Indon. "As long as Hyabusa
has room you're welcome to shuttle with us planet-side.
" Then his gaze moved
to Cin whose expression he studied as if it were his command-console, taking
in the same details as he would one of his mission objectives.
"Well, then I
guess we'll soon see what this new man is capable of.
" Syhiver reclined
backwards, letting his arm swing underneath his head as he stared up into the
brilliant sky overhead.
"I've been gone for a long time. Feldron is a good
starting point to begin rebuilding. I've got some leads on a 'bounty' that
seems... interesting. Could be a chance to work towards a mission that was
scrapped more than a decade ago.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Hopefully some of my old shadowrun partners are
still active. Need to rebuild my network, and get some proper intelligence on
what's going on since I've been gone.

[CHAT] Cin: -- '"Are you sure.." Cin started up, but he wasn't sure if he
should finish. Watching Syhiver, this one armed operative who clearly has been
past his prime for a while, jumps back into the fray like this was hard. Even
in the last campaign, Syhiver barely made an impact outside of setting
everything up, which Cin didn't see as an insult to the operative, just a
showing of the time.
"What if Mr. Indon and I ran point and you...well you
became the eyes of the operation.
" Cin took a nearby piece of scrap and drew a
square in the sand along with three triangles, one inside and two on the
"Mr. Indon is there for research purposes, right? You also seem like
you can handle yourself, or so you say. Let's test that. While you're out
doing this research, look for Silver's contacts. I can do the same while the
'Boss' watches it all from...well the command center here in the square

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian's head turned as Cin came beside
him and began to draw diagrams in the sand, his expression a mixture of
perked, 'surprised' brow raising and just a hint of a scowl as he was somewhat
unceremoniously told he might not be capable of the fieldwork involved. He
chewed on it though, and didn't outright dismiss the idea. The great thing
about being 'dead' for nearly a decade was that Syhiver had time to put things
together before word of his return got out, and having some more shadowrunners
to link his old intelligence chain might serve him better in the long run.
"Dawn is fine. But no later. Not sure how you're gonna forge a sword between
now and then, but you got that railgun running awful quick.
" He mused.
"Probably need a different codename than Silver while we're on Hydia. Don't
want to get mistaken for a

[CHAT] Cin: -- 'Mimic'd Syhivers wonderment about forging a blade in the nine
or so hours before dawn, though who knows how far along in the forging process
he was. Indon was a very valuable asset indeed, though it was time to see how
the scientist would work in the field. So far, it seemed like Syhiver and
company were ok with the plan laid out and a butterfly or two may have been
turning in Cin's stomach. He just laid out an idea to carry out someone else's
mission without Amethyst whispering in his ear. This was -Cin's- plan.
" he said with a nod. Before taking off to prep his ship, he gave one
last glance at the ruby quarts now an ashen smudge in the flame. He was
burning -her- right now and he wanted her to know how good that felt.'

[CHAT] Indon laughed. "Well, it's gonna be a, uh... 'kendo', uh,
sword. Anyway."
Indon jumped to his feet. "Now I need to find Luther that much
more. And Lye! Need to find Lye too. And I'll need a mold from what passes for
the rebel foundry for the metallurgy and I can do the surgery during the
casting and make the hilt interface while the healing tank's running the
surgical prep routine..."
Indon ran off, completely without a good-bye,
sprinting in search of the people he needed to complete his scientific work.

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- 'The Kanassian breathed a sigh of relief as the
commotion around the campfire died away and the newly inducted shadowrunners
went to gather and prepare for the odyssey that lie ahead. It was at least a
week of space travel to reach Hydia. Plenty of time to begin doing research
and testing how taunt or slack the spider-web of threats the 'verse had become
in the ensuing years. For the first time since his 'crash' after the battle of
Olympon Kol that had brought him to Taldega IV, Syhiver unfolded his arm from
beneath him and searched through his jacket pocket, retrieving a small, jewel
drive and held it up.'

[CHAT] Syhiver: -- '"Thirty-nine billion zeni..." He murmured aloud.
"An entire galaxy of pirates searching for it. Not bad for seven years time
and one rebellion.
" He smirked and stood up, pocketing the jewel drive and
dusting off his pant legs as he wearily made his way to his tent to finish

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