**Venom Army Arc pt.2 -- Vitae City in Crisis!

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**Venom Army Arc pt.2 -- Vitae City in Crisis!

Post by ikenbon » 29 Oct 2019, 22:59

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'It has been three long weeks since the VENOM army attacked the Capsule Corp Zentonium mine in the heart of the Gin Mountains. Since that massacre in the silver bluffs took
place the EDF has scoured the planet for signs of the mercenary army that has taken root in the
southern green belt of the planet, only to be thwarted at every turn. Seemingly in the very wake of
that dreadful night however, the EDF's attention has been divided regarding the sudden awakening of
thousands of meta-humans across the planet's surface. Once average teenagers woke the morning after the attacks with the ability to harness ki and throw turbocars without any prior training whatsoever... But if only it had just been those types of excited upstarts'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'This strange surge of powers has affected the populace of Earth at total
random and the numbers of awakened individuals has only been skyrocketed since that day. These
powers, often only held in the hands of dedicated martial artists are dangerous enough, but in the
hands of the untrained in the hands of the undiscplined of the violent of the insane and even just
the fearful, they are castrophic in scope. All across earth meta-human activity has incited riots,
massacres, robberies, and unintended battle royals across the world's skylines'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'All save one city Vitae City where a powerful energy dome resides that
suppresses this latent potential. Unbeknownst to that fair, beautiful capsule landscape however is
that those powers have been secretly broiling with the dome that was meant to protect its citizens
acting like the lid on a pot ready to boil over and tonight Tonight that lid will come off as the
VENOM army prepares for its second phase of mass panic and destruction.'

[RolePlay] Dredani "Get back here!" booms from deep within the forest somewhere southwest of Satan City. Dredani takes off at a sprint after a small fox running through the trees with her sandwich
in it's mouth. The dimunitive Kaio sadly loses the chase as the animal disappears into a cramped
copse of trees. "Ugh.. guess I'll have to head into the city and find something to eat, stupid
animals." she whined before turning back to head into Satan City, turning once in the city proper
towards Sal's renowned hot dog cart.

[RolePlay] Nova: '"Mother f-" Nova, who had been on the road for well over a year, walked down a
beaten path with worse beaten shoes. She lost an Android and a blind Kaio in a matter of 4 days and
thought she was well on her way to the great Telarr tower and spent 12 months walking in a about a 5
mile radius throughout the woods near Vitae City, the origin point of her journey. Her hair had
grown long, down passed her butt and her tail fuzzy enough to be mistaken for a lion's mane. The
workings of the modern world were lost to her, this trail blazer as she stumbled onward, ignorant of
her own failing.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'Slipping beneath the city through a labyrinth of sewer systems, grav-rail
train depots and underground warehouses a surgical strike squad of VENOM elites has infiltrated the
lower levels of Vitae Corp, the power and life insurance super comglamerate created by the departed
Elias Keeton and his future foundation. Using plasma cutters they breach through the bedrock of this
facility, quietly disabling security protocols, laser-grids, and hacking terminals to loop back live
camera photoage while disabling or assassinating the security personnel. It is an arduous task, but
after many hours they steal into the mainframe room where the massive shield generator is housed.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'Fourteen stories tall, and as indomitable and strange to behold as the inner
workings of a nuclear reactor, this mainframe chamber and his many hundreds of tiered catwalks and
scaffolding houses a small, violent, event horizon. A black hole in a bottle from which the power
for the shield is generated. For a brief moment the strike team look on it with awe but a sudden,
oily darkness seeps from behind them, chilling their bones as the skittering of millions of insects
crawls across the floor. The wave of cockroaches, centipedes, and fog of mosquitoes and flies
converge together, creating a makeshift body that the oil-black energy coats with a shining latex.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'The head of this figure elongates into a curious, raven-head mask with
goggles and tubes that feed inside the writhing mass of insects. Toxos, raises his gloved hand and
begins to point to the support structures one by one. Y"Make haste. Gadax is expecting fireworks."
His voice is a crow of millions of buzzing wings and clicking chitin, and the strike team responds
quickly to his order. Heading up and using grappling hooks they move about the inner workings of the
chamber, planting explosive charges all across the guts of the reactor. When at last they are set
the strike team withdraws, heading back to the city streets through the way that had come before,
Toxos glancing back only once as if to admire what will become of their work.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'It's a beautiful, starlight night in Vitae City. The skylines blaze with the
light trails of starships arriving and departing from the monolithic starport. The Vitae Corporation
building, with its giant prism towers and glittering spotlights sparkles in the night sky like a
singer upon a diamond stage. Couples walk hand in hand through the water gardens of the park beneath the tower. But this romantic scene in all its carefree bliss about to end as a shockwave pulses beneath the earth. The entire city suddenly wretches. The pavement shatters. Tremors echo outward and all the lights of the city flicker for one brief second, just before the Vitae Tower explodes
into a rain of fiery shrapnel.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'A column of fire from beneath the earth shoots through the lower floors of
the Vitae Corporation tower like a belching chimney. Each level's windows explode outward, venting
the flame and destruction until it has spired all the way to the glittering top where the statue of
Elias Keeton stands and his flung for nearly a mile away beneath that rocket blast of heat and
energy. There are screams of panic as the tower sways and then begins to topple down. In that same
instant, the sky's color changes ever so slightly in pigment as the suppression field fades and all
those untapped powers that it was holding at bay for weeks suddenly rise to the surface among
hundreds of thousands of humans all at once.'

[RolePlay] Dredani Getting tossed to the ground by the explosion, and sadly losing her hot dog,
Dredani hisses out lowly while squinting her eyes to look towards the explosion. "This can't be
good, I need to find a place to hide." Pushing herself to her feet, she scans the area hastily
before darting into an alleyway, shielding herself from glass and debris while strong arming people
out of her path. "Move," she hisses, "Nngh, going to be a long night." She disappears for the time
being as the chaos unfolds.

[RolePlay] Nova was breaking through the energy barrier, the feeling of nausea rolling over her body
like a wave of foul gas. The feeling of one's latent energy being forcefully suppressed was
something she would never get used to, but the night was growing long and she longed for a warm meal instead of fresh game. Just as she was entering into the major retail park of the south wester
corner of the city, the glimmering tower in the center of the city exploded into chaos. The citizens
of Vitae, spoiled as they were by the protection that the dome provided, screamed out in panic and
horror as they fled the scene. Nova, however, was quick to take to the streets in direction of the
chaos, a grin spread across her face.

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'As Vitae City's emergency services begin to move into action, heading towards the central plaza of the future foundation where the burning wreckage of the tower has fallen their approach is waylaid as sheer panic grips the city. The sky is filled with laser blasts, and the
streets shake with the tremors of energy bombs as newly awakened ascended beings with no concept of how to control their rising power begin to unleash unprecedented destruction. It is a sad affair as family are blasted apart once a young child accidentally releases a ki-blast from his fingertips in the middle of a crowded restaurant, or a man buying a magazine begins to unexpectedly fire piercing lasers from his eyes that cut through steel, concrete and flesh.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'Amidst this carnage and confusion, in a small back alley that a young Kaio
had ducked into for safety -- a grate in the ground opened and she would watch as a small platoon of
aliens garbed in green and yellow battle armor made their way one by one to the surface. Their
attire is militaristic. They carry wrist mounted weapons and their heads are concealed by visors
whose crystal-lens are scattered with an overlaid HUD of information. Suddenly one of the alien's
turns, his head searching through the murk and darkness. Dredani would perhaps hear or see the visor glow a bright red as the alien's head fixated on where she had ducked behind a garbage compactor.'

[RolePlay] Dredani Barely four and a half feet tall, Dredani hide rather handily behind a garbage
compactor, watching people dart past her in the the dark alley. "This.. this is bad." comes under
her breath, stating the rather obvious. Her hand comes up to her head, pressing sharply into her
temple as she winces, "Who are these guys? Can't make out much of them but I can.. feel where they are? The hfil is going on here?!" Try as she might, she shifts back some at the experience and
topples over a trash can, the noise causing her to freeze in place and squeeze her eyes shut.

[RolePlay] Nova felt herself deftly washing through the sea of panic at pace and speed of an
olympian, then suddenly **ZAP** everything inside of her came to life and the power the generator
was suppressing came to life like a clap of thunder. Soon her body was a red bolt, piercing through
the black masses like lightning. (Now that's better) Just as she was passing a near by alley,
through the corner of her eyes, she caught a young woman hiding from an imposing figure stalking
over it. Nova continued running down an entire block before making a wide turn down another side
street into an adjacent alley. With the speed she had gathered, it took her legs right up the side
of an apartment complex, bare feet barely touching the windows and awnings of those home dwellers
who were peering out their windows and doors. At the zenith of her climb, she jumped backwards, over one of the smaller structures in the city, free falling with both feet at the young woman's

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'As Dredani stands and attempts to make a run for it, overturning a trash-can and then seemingly freezing in shock with fear the VENOM elite who has spotted her calls out, "We've been spotted." There's a moment where the entire platoon looks up and then in unison raise their wrist-mounted energy blasters. "Take her down!" The dark alley is lit by the glow of six barrels
training on the young Kaio, their nozzles spelling certain death for the inexperienced, but just
before they fire a figure from the rooftops drops. The Saiyan had arrived so quickly that the
alien's scouters hadn't even had time to detect her presence and in one fell motion she buried the
captain of the VENOM platoon into earth with enough force to crush him into the pavement, crack his
armor and shatter several bones.The wrist-blasters swing to the new arrival and the already primed
weapons unleash a hellish web of acid-green plasma bolts towards Nova from multiple directions.'

[RolePlay] Dredani: 'Dredani goes paler than normal as she stares down six barrels only to stare
dumbfounded as someone stomped one of the aliens into the ground. She shakes her head to regain her focus, taking cover as their target shifts to the new-comer. "Get em!" is called out as she seems
to be content to not get into the fray.'

[RolePlay] Genesis: 'The scene of carnage was witnessed from all around, thousands of angles at once. Tiny, skittering forms raced along the walls, spidery legs churning as each of countless metallic
insects moved to watch. And in the midst of it all, their master took in everything, and he
considered what to do next. A decision was reached, and one of the fleeing civilians, a terrified
woman in scorched, bloodstained summerwear, turned away from the crowd and found herself in a
panicked run directly at one of the troopers blasting away at Nova's back...'

[RolePlay] Nova: '"Hah! Wait. Waaa-!" Her victory was short lived. The moment she pounced one of the aliens down to the depths of HFIL, she was washed with an array of green blasts. The acidic energy ate away at the shirt and tattered cloak that draped around her shoulder, exposing her defined
stomach and scarred arms. "He-he-help!" The feeling of a fight, as thrilling as it was to plant
someone in the ground again, was no so exciting when being blasted back to the depths.'

[RolePlay] Styx had been enjoying a tea in a nice quiet cafe in a nice quiet part of town. She had
found that Gilder was alive after all and after a brief "talk" She had slipped out under cover. She
was in the guise of a mid-20's college girl with blue hair and those amethyst eyes. With a shudder
and shock she felt the tremors of the explosion. Then the chaos that ensued. Cars being tossed.
People who were on bicycles taking off at breakneck speeds. Eye beams. Hugs crushing and killing
people. She sat back, drinking her tea and watching. She looked and smiled at the corpse of a
crumpled bloody sack mess of a man, and the woman who was just hugging him staring at his bloody
meat-remains that were left on her hands and right cheek. It was all fun and games before a hellish
beam of green plasma exploded her tea cup, splashing the tea all over her nice blue and white dress.

[RolePlay] Styx: '"You little shits!" She said as she started marching towards the alley where the
bolt was shot from. She grabbed a breakneck speed biker right off the bicycle and held him up in the
air. "Stop that right now and go home before I Eat you!" She whispered to him before he tossed the
spandex wearing man into a nearby car. <What the hell is wrong with people these days?>'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'The VENOM elites stood somewhat unnerved as their blasters assailed Nova, and while dealing deadly wounds and scars across her form in addition to shredding her clothing, the Saiyan was still standing. Three of the heavily armed aliens began to surge forward towards her at once. One approached her left flank, heading towards the garbage compactor that Dredani had stolen behind at their arrival and with one herculean kick unlodged the entire metal contraption from where It was bolted into the capsule plating of the nearby building and hurled it directly towards her. Hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds of steel scraped and whined as it picked off the ground to clothesline Nova. '

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'Simultaneously the two other aliens came sliding in low, both of them
flashing carbonite machetes from their sides and slashing at the Saiyan's legs. If Nova did dodge,
the blades would catch her, and the trash compactor was flying high enough to send it rolling down
the alley where it would most likely crush Dredani as well. Behind them the remaining two VENOM
agents had turned to flee in the opposite direction while these 'heroes' were dealt with, only to
come face to face with a strange woman. They wouldn't hesitate to draw their own machetes and cut
her down, but they would only have the opportunity for that quick movement if the appearance of this
stranger were truly what it seemed.'

[RolePlay] Dredani: 'Going wide-eyed at the ongoing battle, and having her hiding spot rather
quickly removed, Dredani stepped back. Her gaze shifted to Nova a moment as time seemed to slow down all around her. "Not here.. not like this.." comes before she flickers out of existence only
to return on the other side of the fray, barely stopping herself from slamming into the wall.
Turning slightly, she raises a hand and yells, "Stop this!" before sending a scattering of cyan
orbs randomly towards Nova and the assailants, blinking after and looking at her hand.'

[RolePlay] Genesis: 'Machetes cut through cloth and skin with ease, and the two agents brushed past
the dying woman as they fled... and then talons of steel seized them both by the head, fingertips
drilling through armor to dig just barely into flesh. The ruined corpse of the woman folded to the
ground as something tore its way out of her, something silvery and skeletal and merciless, its body
unmarred by the bloody mess it had apparently ripped its way free from. It straightened with a
birdlike grace, and it was tall enough to lift them both free of the ground as it did, its grip
tightening until armor shattered and bare metal gripped unguarded flesh. They couldn't see any more
of the nightmare that had seized them, but a quiet voice spoke, just loud enough for them to hear
over the din. '

[RolePlay] Genesis: '"Tell me *everything* you know about what is happening here." And then the
thing's grip shifted, and its fingertips began to rotate like surgical drills again, a gentle
pressure applying to their bare scalps, though it would hardly remain gentle for long.'

[RolePlay] Nova: 'The assault upon her did not stop. Though she entered the fray with some zeal,
Nova had, once again, acted before thinking and gave her enemy a prime advantage of numbers and a clear shot at her. Though she took a few more hits, she closed her eyes and calmed her breath,
trying to forget about each number and remember that each blast came from an angle, each shooter had a pattern. She was starting to feel it, her body was starting to rememeber and soon, it was reacting.A blast that was about to hit her shin missed, burrowing into the concrete where her foot was.
Another aimed at her head bounced off the side of her hand as she batted it away. Soon, she was a
vortex of hands and feet, slapping, kicking, ducking and turning in place to avoid each of the
blasts. '

[RolePlay] Nova: 'When the two others came in, her eyes flashed open, white with Sei energy leaking
from them. She gripped the first with her tail right around the throat, throttling him into
submission and taking his weapon for her own. A swift turn and the trail of energy laced along the
blade drained the life from his throat and she tossed the corpse at the others in front of her,
blasting through it and smothering them with a blast of her own to back up the Kai's attack.'

[RolePlay] Styx: 'More sounds of fighting, screaming panic, metal grinding and cyan energy orbs
flying from the ally. "So. Was it you two who spilled my tea?" She said as a shadowy smog rolled off
of her form. Her energy slipping in below her feet and feeding into her own shadow. The smell of
sulfur wafting from her before a girl came running at the two from the side. She was sliced to
ribbons by the knife the two troopers wielded and then a metal-skeleton exploded from the womans
body and held the two hostage. <What the hell is going on.> She thought as she rolled her eyes at
the situation and continued walking towards the fight that had spilled her tea.'

[RolePlay] Styx: 'Her Alendrite Pure tea. Tea from a flower that only blooms once a year in a patch
of hot springs in the artic. And she couldn't even finish her cup. She spent three days looking for
a place that sold it and dammit. Now the only way...<I could just go back and take more home with me...but...> "Dammit! Its the principle of the matter!" She screamed her amethyst eyes alight and smog thickening as she continued her stroll towards the alley, the metal-skeleton and the fight for

[RolePlay] Dredani: 'Panting lightly, Dredani presses a hand to her head, using the other for
support rather oblivious for the raining debris in the alley. "You good?" she asks of the other
woman in the alley, looking anywhere but the buried pile of bodies.'

[RolePlay] Genesis: '"Toxos...?" It wasn't a familiar name, but then, Prime had not really paid
close attention to Earth of late, his attention being... elsewhere. He cast the pair aside casually
and finished straightening to his full height, his head turning to take in Styx for a moment. <That
energy signature... it's unmistakable, but...> He shook his head. Time enough another time. "Toxos,
then." Through the countless multitude of spyder drones he'd scattered through the city, he began
searching. Though the plight of the people meant there was tons of Ki energy interfering with his
scans, he was patient, and thorough. He looked to Styx, then scuttled up a wall and onto a rooftop.'

[RolePlay] Nova: '"-uken!" came from the depths of the rubble in which she had been buried. Nova
emerged, just as the black energies seeped back into her body like a second skin. Both of her eyes
relaxed back to their normal black spheres. "More than good," She said with a satisfied grin and a
nod at the other fighter. Like beauty who had been kissed by chaos, she was now fully awake and back in her old flesh again.'

[RolePlay] Styx: '"Toxos...Toxos is responsible for spilling my tea!" She said towards the two as
she looked around. She spread out her senses trying to feel for any strong emotion or energy but
they were muffled by the mass panic all around the area. From her shadow a few blobs, humanoid in
shape formed, 4 in total. Weak,but nimble she sent them on a task. "Find this Toxos! He will pay for
spilling my tea!" She told them, then the 4 shadow figures took off screaming for Toxos and telling
him he owes 54.50 plus tip for spilt tea and to meet at Market and 76th. She turned towards the
metallic skele and the released hostages. "What? Is there something on dress?" She said to the skele
before looking down. A giant red stain. "Guess there is..." She said as she looked at the two
released mercs. "You mind If I eat them? They spilled my tea."'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'Genesis need not go far and long before Prime or his spyder drones would even begin their search, a powerlevel of some great magnitude began to surface below where this skirmish had taken place. Even more potent than the fumes of sulfur that wafted from the black aura of Styx suddenly came the nauseating, gut-turning aroma of pestilence, decay, and fecundity. From the grates in the nearby sewers a legion of insects suddenly spewed forth. Great clouds of flies and blood-sucking mosquitoes, waves upon waves of cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish and spiders vomited up from the city's depths.'

[RolePlay] VENOMArmy: 'To any nearby onlooker it would seem as though a dark miracle or a plague had befallen Vitae City, and given the flames and the chaos, perhaps it had. The legion of quickly
folded in upon itself amid the city street adjacent to the now adjunct and destroyed alleyway.
Together the writhing mass became humanoid in appearance, save for its height which even stooped
over was easily twice that of a man. The chitin shells of beatles and roaches formed into a solid
black 'latex' like skin and from the swarm a plague-doctor's mask with goggled eyes and many wires
emerged to create a "head" for the mysterious creature. The flies and other flying insects fell upon
Toxos in a great cloak and then the insects -- millions upon millions of them -- laughed at those
that had by circumstance gathered here and defeated the VENOM strike team.'

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