*Age of Resurgence - Introductions Arc - Battle Ball Bounced

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*Age of Resurgence - Introductions Arc - Battle Ball Bounced

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Actors: Nova, Thousand, Shakaste.
RP Type: Brief combat encounter vs. stronger foe resulting in withdrawal.

Minor injuries to Nova
Moderate injuries to Thousand
Severe Injuries to Shakaste.

Nova and Shakaste arrive on earth as slaves, slated to engage in one-sided combat that amounts to little more than execution as entertainment. Thousand, a recent arrival to the city as well, discovers that this is going on, and that the people love it as a form of entertainment. Several NPCs are killed vs. a Massive android built for war. Thousand provides an initial diversion, leading to the three working together to distract the enemy long enough for all to bust out. All sustained injuries, Shakaste severely so.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Earth: The shining gem of the North Galaxy. In recent years it has been a booming hotspot for intergalactic travel. Almost all of the major space lanes ran through its dozen of ports ever since Gadax Renn solidified the failing alliance between Earth and Iceria. Now, with a flow of credits thanks to a booming black market, Earth had been made great again. The great spires of Vitae city were now piercing the clouds, almost cutting themselves off from the world below and the city spread along the ground, chewing up the forests and lakes, eating into the hills and mountains like a visible cancer erroding away the planet's flesh. For many passing the Legende check point, it was a glorious sight to behold; a shining gem to be seen from space. Nova and the rest of the crew she was with, all shackled together with inhibitor collars and plasma chains, saw it as the place where they came to fight for their lives.'

[CHAT] Thousand slides a small card through a large, ancient looking machine on the nearby wall. He had been asked to sign out early, the small pub desiring more experienced staff for the anticipated event. 'Let's see...' The android, a skeletal metallic humanoid shape at the moment, crunched the numbers in his head. The pay for this gig was... not good, especially with his hours cut like this. It'd be -years- before he earned enough to make the repairs he needed to at this rate. Sighing, he strolls out of the side entrance, through an alley, and to one of the many streets stretching across Vitae city in their colossal spiderweb. A snap of the wrist and a flick of the fingers, and a suddenly-glowing cigarette flipped twice through the air before being caught in Thousands mechanical jaws. His head turned towards the downtown area, the crowds gathering around the arena. Shrugging his shoulders, he began moving that way on foot. Perhaps his luck might take a turn?

[CHAT] Shakaste gThe streets of Vitae City were ablaze in vivid activity. Movement was all the Shakaste could really discern, but there were voices -- those of the unwashed and the unloved seeking their penchant of zeni bills from the locals as they stepped off the hyper rail. The screaming sirens of turbocars as they rushed passed the bottleneck entrance, whose stairway lead to the surface. Shakaste felt bumps and physical interfance from those whose lives were so busy as to accost him, but carefully and steadily he tread his way forward with his staff, the wooden stick giving off a resounding *clack* on the ceramic tiles of the underground railway as he walked. The Kai knew from the tram voices that he was arriving in the downtown of one of Earth's crippled metropolises... but how to get from here to the outskirts? He wasn't sure.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The twin engines of the small transport freightor the seven of them sat in whinned violently over the landing pad that was just yards away from the giant dome. A towering stadium at least five stories high, recently finished and drapped with yellow streamers that etched a giant jumbo-tron. "BATTLE BALL| | ALIEN BLOOD WARS| | SPECIAL GUEST RENNY STEVENS Nova could hear the music almost a mile away, though her eyes were looking down at the cuffs placed along her wrists. "Now listen up. All of you are worthless to me dead. These Earthlings are paying me a ton of zeni as long as you put on a good show." Qai, a small Icer who loved draping himself in the finest red robes with his clan symbol etched in gold on the back, paced along the exit ramp with his herd all tentatively watching, listening. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"I brought you all here off world because you're the best of the best. Think of this as a reward! But any misbehaving..." He produced from his pocket, a small hand that housed a ring. With a twist of his fist, the light on the ring burned like an ember in the night and the lot of them fell to their knees as the collars around their necks sprang to life. "So no slacking on this vacation!"'

[CHAT] Thousand comes to a bit of a halt, still several blocks away from the arena. The crowds and traffic were gridlocked in a tight pack, even from this distance. The android eyed a nearby building, gauging the height, and what there was to hold on to, before lunging towards it and leaping upwards, several times his own height, before clinging to the edge, and beginning to climb upwards, a trail of sparks flying from his cigarette as he goes. His jaw clenches slightly, nearly severing the filter in the process. (Damn, I miss being able to fly...) the android thought as he reached the apex of the building. From here, he was able to see just how ridiculously gridlocked downtown had become. People had been coming from all over the -world- for this event, it seemed. Thousand still had only a vague notion of what it even was. Gauging the distances between various buildings between himself and the arena, he plotted himself a course, and preparing to leap.

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'A roar echoes through the train despot, a kind of war cry as men and women pile past Shakaste. "Battle ball! Battle ball! Blood Wars!" &fTheir wooping cries, reminscent of chants that Shakaste had only read of make his bones rattle as they pass -- several of them shoving him in such a way that he is pushed to the side just upon reaching the spinning tills outside the tram gates. He spends a moment, allowing the gruesome mob to pass while gathering his walking stick and stretching out his free hand to touch the gilded textile, exploring it through touch before ever-so-slowly pushing through, feeling the combine roll with his strength before the next on the circular wench touch the small of his back and motion him forward. The stairs were more kind, the denizens of the city giving him quite a berth as his stick tapped ahead and propped the distances between them.'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'Though he couldn't see it, per say, Shakaste marveled at the architecture. The sheer size and scope of it, meant for so many persons, made his labor less. It was not long before the hot inner subways gave way to a brisk spring night air and a myriad of sounds and flashing watercolors in Shakaste's vision that made him dizzy. Perhaps instinctively the Kai reach out his hand, holding it forward while his staff continued to tap ahead of him. His heavily lined face twisted into a kind of expectant smile as he listened carefully... hoping for some kind of heading.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Inside the arena; it was a mass of bodies. People with signs, flags, horns, they were a crazed mob. The pulse of these squirming maggots was the thunderous beats of heavy music with crunching guitar riffs that barely overplayed the roar of the crowd. Three hundred thousand strong in a place that looked like several ball stadiums in length. It was a menagerie of obstacles littering a section of the field from a pit of acid to what looked to be an electrified, barbed wire, climbing net. At the center of it all, a white, round podium. Over it, a giant screen that flashed the Icerian War banner and the Earth Flag with its Medal of Pride at the center. The two effigies clashed together and everything inside went dark. "Lets...get..." As if the planet itself spoke, the arena errupted in unison with the voice that played from the loud-speaker '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"W-I-L-D!!" The podium at the center burst into flame and a man; THE Man, Renny Stevens, jumped from the stage with the lights bursting back on, and a laser show cutting his name into the sky. "Everybody I am Renny Stevens. Are you ready for some blood tonight!!!" Nova felt almost sick. Sitting in the locker rooms, she could barely think over the sound of the blood hounds outside all pumping themselves up to see her and her friends fight for their lives.'

[CHAT] Thousand finally arrives, crouching atop a tall building adjacent to the arena, watching the goings on from afar, brooding like this motherfucker thinks hes batman or some shit. Bloodsport, and from the looks of it, the participants weren't so willing. Thousand trembles in impotent rage at the very thought of it. Before, he could have put a stop to this, just like that. But now... (Is watching really all I can do here? How many of them are there.... not close enough for these busted scanners to pick up anything.... damn it...)

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'There is a sudden scuffle. A cry. Two men's voices sounding out over the blazing traffic. Shakaste was near enough that when it begun he felt his body shove and then... react... His hand moved out, hearing the air brushing where a blow would be spent and putting it aside. Battle was always strange to him. It was all force. Ocean swells being diverted. Winds over grains of grass. The exact nature of what was happening, he never really knew, but he felt that instinct... that precognitive ability to determine when and what was happening. A few thrusts of his arm, a few cracks of his stick against bone and then quiet... and distance. "Is e-e-e-everyone alright?" He stuttered, his head swinging from side to side, awaiting an answer... but it didn't come.'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'Instead there was a looming dread and so he began to walk, briskly, staff in hand, heading off a street curb right into traffic just before a siren flared and he heard the screech of turbocar tires as they descended. Before he knew it, Shakaste was being grabbed from several sides, a law enforcement agent reading him a strange rite before he was shoved into the back of a car and all the sounds dulled except for the words "Battle Ball!"'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'There was a nagging in her heart. Everything about this felt absolutely rancid to the point where she was about to lose the rotten lunch they fed her on the spaceflight over. This was a fear she had not known in quite some time. These people...Earth was supposed to be this glorious gem, a grand populace that all should strive to be, but it was a lie. The greastest of lies. These people were savages. At least on the Frozen Plains they hid these types of events in fear that anyone with a sense humanity would put an end to it. But here...in the open...in such a grand scale. "We have got to get out of here..." she whispered to her six other warriors who were all preparing for the coming matches. They looked at her, utterly stunned, that the child who used to love fighting, loved winning, showed any sign of fear or even mentioned the craziest idea of all; trying to flee. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"I'll fight to eat, to survive, but I'm not fighting for these mong-" the door behind her slammed into her back, sending her sprawling to the floor. "600 zeni as per usual and as always if it pans out to work the crowd you'll get a nice finder's fee bonus" The two officers who happened to pick up the blind Kaio split their new earning and gave Mr. Stevens a nod of the head "Might as well start this off right. Bring me those two in the back and prep the new comer and the girl next" '

[CHAT] Thousand stands up atop the building, crossing his arms and shutting his eyes for a moment, thinking, before opening them. 'This is FUN to them. What in the hell has happened here? When did any of this become ok?' He shades his eyes with one hand, focusing on the arena. It was a bit much to jump from this height, and the crowds were thick below still. How could he make his approach? Then, he saw it- not below, but above- some sort of cable system connecting the tallest buildings nearby, on of which, were it to suffer an unfortunate accident, would likely swing right to the edge. He would need to move a few buildings over to get to it... 'Well, here goes...' Thousand clambered over the edge of the building, climbing down several stories before kicking off of it to land on a nearby building, moving towards the desired cable.

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'The journey to the 'battle ball' had been a blur for Shakaste's senses. So much noise. So many lights. It had been too much. It wasn't until he was being hurried through a small, quiet corridor that Shakaste had even the time to reflect upon his predicament, but by the time that danger had settled in he was shoved into a cold, cramped space where the air was cold and where his dulled eyes could make out only huddled figured that were little more than a stroke of darkness underneath the overhead lights. "M-m-my s-s-staff, p-p-please?"'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'The men who had brought him here didn't respond and so Shakaste turned and began to quietly probe forward with his toes and open hands. There were a lot of things that Shakaste could anticipate, but cruelty was not among them. A foot slid out under his and he stumbled, crashing forward into a set of lockers right next to a Saiyan woman, the laughter that ensued afterward garnering no visible emotion as he found something steady to asset himself with. Slowly the blind Kaio turned his body, chest facing back towards teh doors before he slid down into a sitting position next to Nova.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The two selected from Nova's troupe, Ace and Callen, were two of the most veteran soldiers she had met. Brothers-in-arms that served together against the uprisings that sprang up as the Icerian Empire started to stretch beyond their galaxy and invading into other territories. "Ace", a nickname given to the elder of the two since he had a single eye left from his years of fighting was a tall, broad man. Gray peppered his black stubble and ran down his arms and back like a lining of silver and Callen, hand long, flowing hair that reached the middle of his back. He was their weapons master, the man who taught Nova how to defend herself in the weapons matches by showing her the ways of the sword and shield. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN tonight's special treat to all of you; a bit of closuer. We all remember when Earth was in the brutal grip of Vegeta and the blood war that WE did not start plagued us. Not to mention, the centuries that passed of great citizens like yourself RUNNING in fear of what those mETas could do. Each and every time we tried to fight back, they pushed harder! A peaceful day in the woods could turn tragic from their random battles or personal wars they waged on OUR planet...Well tonight, thanks to the ingenity of the Capsule Corp. we have a chance to witness their latest model in anti-ki terrorisist elimination. TWO...Saiyan war...COWARDS against project DTHWK!" '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The Android that stood before the two saiyans was a machine stripped down to the very skeleton. It wore a man's frame but only had a single eye, a purple orb burning in a pitch black head. It was well over twelve feet in height with a circle patch "CC" resting on its chest. came to aid Shakaste up to his feet. "Where did you come from? How many 'aliens' do these Earthlings wish to see killed tonight?"'

[CHAT] Thousand took up his position near the cable, staring grimly at the situation. 'One of my own kind, made for war. I wonder, if it has a mind of its own, or if it's merely an automaton. And which would be worse...' His attention immediately locked on the "anti-ki" classification. He would have no problem taking apart a run of the mill android, but one built specifically for fighting the ascended... that might be a problem. He frowned towards the saiyans pitched against it, wishing them luck. Still, not close enough for these blasted stock scanners to get a lock...

[CHAT] Thousand would observe the androids capabilities before intervening. Saving everyone is a pipe dream...

[CHAT] Shakaste heard quite a commotion as the Saiyans were towed away and the steel blast-doors opened to the roar of the crowd, then silence. Several minutes passed before Shakaste saw the blur of a figure before him, but did not feel the subtle precense that should accompany it. He was brought to this feet, but as the voice of a woman reached out to him he thrust out his calloused hand towards her, fingers shaking as they searched for purchase, "I-I-I don't know. It's m-m-m-y first time out in t-t-t-this part of the g-g-galaxy." The fingers splaid, reaching closer, "My d-d-dear, uh, might I 'see' you? It w-w-w-ould make all of this easier to bare, knowing I-I-I'm not alone."

[CHAT] Nova studied this figure in front of her. To say he was "alien" would be unfair since she herself, on this place, in all places, was an 'alien' but never before had she seen one of his kind. Dark skin like her own, but while her hair was a pure white, his was ashen by time which had reached him, but there was still power in his hands. She was hesitant at first, afraid of some sort of sagely awakening happening, or she was just worried he would truly see how shaken she was by all of this. She was lost in his empty eyes only now realizing what he meant when he asked to see. An explosion ripped in the arena behind her from the Android unleashing a barrage of energy volleys that Callen tried to subdue with his shield, but it was to little effect. It brought her back and she placed the man's hand on her face, trying to stop her body from trembling.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Back out in the fray, Ace came leaping through the smoke, off the shoulder of the kneeling Callen who stood and vaulted his companion higher in the sky. "Gr't krn, Vegeta!" The warcry from a lost time; Honor the king. Those would be the last words Nova heard from one of her mentors as the eyebeam from the Android blasted his body right out of the air all the way to the invisible shield dome overhead. When his body hit the barrier, an iridescent bubble appeared behind him, covering the crowd and protecting them from the blast and any showering sparks. Ace's body charred on both sides and fell to the ground a mere seconds later. The roar that followed was near deafening.'

[CHAT] Thousand froze in place, watching the devastation wrought by the massive android. It was... too much. Nothing he could do. This wasn't even a blood sport- this was public execution as entertainment! He sat there atop the building, clutching his head. 'No, you idiot, you just sit right here! Getting yourself killed isn't going to help anyone!' (And how many times have you told yourself that?) Despite himself, the android for once manages to completely ignore the chastising voice in his head, focusing instead on trying- and failing- to calm itself down. How could he just sit here and watch a slaughter?

[CHAT] Shakaste felt his fingers being drawn into the supple cup of the young woman's face. He felt the contours, the hard lines of her cheekbones, the brush of her hair -- whatever color it might be. His fingers searched her, in a way that perhaps she had never felt, impressing upon the slight dimples in her cheers, and the scars that were and weren't visible. Shakaste's harneded hands sought out the true inflection of her features and then simply held her still as the lock rooms rocketed and roar with explosions. He cradled her, before slowly letting his hand wind to her strong, muscular shoulders and gripped before whispering, "It's our time. I feel your strength. I h-h-h-hope you feel mine.&q"

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'And with that the Kaio releases his hold, coming to his full height, an intimidating sight when brought to full barrel. Just under seven feet. with musculature only partly visible beneath his loose-fitting grey robes. The dark, ebon-skin and peppered gray-black facial hair denoting age, and experience. Though blind, the monk treads forward towards the doors and the arena that await, following the sound of carnage to whatever in the Nine Hells comes next.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"A time will come when the verse will need heroes again. I've seen the ember and I know you will be there. What you do with that flame; fan it or put it out completely, that is up to you," Odin's words to her from years ago before...Nova stayed on the ground for a long moment. She knew one of them was gone, but not which. It didn't matter though, not to them. It wasn't a person who just was sent to Yemma, it was toy being broken. That's what her people had been reduced to. "All of us are going together," she finally said, coming to her feet, the tears drying along her dirty cheeks. The Kais embrace had been one she had not felt in such a long time. It fanned the flame and her anger boiling in the pit of her stomach fueled it. The other Saiyans all sensed it too. "Gr't krn, Vegeta" she muttered to them, then took her place next to Shakaste, kicking the doors ajar to the blinding lights and the swell of cold air rushing into the room.'

[CHAT] Thousand moves, as if not of his own will, grasping the cable above with one hand, while winding up to sever it with a large kitchen knife in the other. He swung, and the cable, free of its morring, jerked straight towards the arena. Thousand hoped the shielding was of the usual type, stopping projectiles while not really inhibiting bodies too much, as he swung from the cable, before releasing, his path taking him towards the shield- aimed right for the back of the larger androids head, should the shield not throw him off.

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'There was a cacophony of sounds of lights. Shakaste actually had to close his eyes to really sense it all. the watercolors of his vision were far too much to take in in such a moments notice. He felt the bone-breaking roar of the crowd, the stadium of Earthlites that had come to partake in the bloodshed, but also heard the footsteps of Nova as they took their stance in the sand ahead of him. Now that he had 'seen' her, he could keep track of even the faintest of her movements. Where his vision had dulled, his heightened senses were far more aware, especially of those he had touched and grown to know. Shakaste took a few trembling steps out into the sand, the toes locked in his boots touching the smoldering remains of one of the last combatants. He paused for a moment, the grey spheres of his eyes swinging downward and then back up as the visages of this one's energy danced in his mind's eye.'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'He saw it like the faintest outline. Echoes of a life giving it's last all. Then there was a sound. A sound like a fighter-jet coming in low and close to the ground. Something was attacking, not him and not the woman he had touched, but the enemy of the faint echoes he had touched upon. The Kaio's sharpened ears danced, sensing the thrum and where that body of steel would carry it, and in that same moment the Moth Priest shed his robe with a roll of his shoulders and then began to run along the sand. The crows was gone. The world was not more than brushstroke.'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'All of life was a calligraphy, and Shakaste was the hand... His arms reached back, his torso shifting to one side, his legs springing, before arms went overhead again. His body sailed... His body making arcs. He felt only the sand in his palms but he sensed the distance between himself and the falling figure from the sky, estimating the distance as the handsprings took him tumbling end over end, and and ten feet before he would reach the impact point Shakaste's body burst up, body twisting, arms splaying, legs kicking out in a sailing whirlwind at the android he had no idea awaited the middle of his blow... and Thousand's.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The main weapon of the DTHWK weapon started up the same purple glow and hue from before when it just put down the other Saiyan. There were multiple targets now as the rest of the Saiyan squad came pouring out like roaches from a hole. There was one, bigger, quicker ::: Analyzing ::: Different than the others fast approaching. In a swift stroke, the plasma cut glass into the sand behind Shakatse's nimble feet, thanks to the efforts of Thousand who bashed the back of the Android, knocking it off target. Callen, being rescued by his brethren, was shaken at the sight of the creature, but fell in rank with the others. '

[CHAT] Thousand sobered by the limited impact of that strike, yet not fully undeterred, the android called out to those others. 'Keep moving! We just need to slow it down enough to bust out!' The android takes a dramatic stance, feed splayed shoulder width apart, hunched forward, left fist levelled at the center of mass of the massive android, clutching the elbow of his left arm with his right hand. He gathers his strength and releases the rocket fist... (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) pauses, a sense of deja vu washing over him, as, rather than streaking towards its target, the fist simply detached, falling straight to the ground in front of him with a loud THUNK. Swearing violently, he grabs the fist with his right hand and hurls it at the android like a baseball. (F)

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'As he moved, Shakaste heard the burn of a laser and felt its heat beneath his palms. The molecules of sand that were beneath him cryallizing into glass without his notice. One of the great things about being blind was that your fear was inhibited. As his body came forthright and his ankle caught some part of the enemy at the same time a powerful, shuddering force struck from further behind, the sound that traveled away from both blows illuminated Shakaste's inner mind. Like a still, black field the combantants *pinged* and then the sense swept outward the crusting walls where the Earthlites watching upon, and then the voice of Thousand reached him. "Yes! M-m-m-move! I... W-e-e-e'll hold it back!"'

[CHAT] Shakaste: -- 'The Kaio took a precarious stance, arms lancing forward liking the heads of coiling serpents, his feet coming wider apart and then his body tucking into a roll as the -sound- of something, the metal fist Thousand had hurled, reached his pricked ears. His body rolled and as it came to face the same direction where he had once struck both hands snapped out, two quick jabs -- one to measure the distance -- the other two driving towards the steel of the metallic opponent.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Go, child!" Nova heard from behind her. She turned to see Callen, mid swing with his energy sabre, directly behind her, the energy of the blade parting her hair and kissing a line down her face. When time caught up to her, the parts of her shock collar lay split like a melon at her feet. "We will push this monster back while you make an escape. I'll hear nothing of a complaint!" She was swept aside while Callen raised his shield against a rocket that came from the shoulder of the towering Droid and the entire caggle of Saiyans went falling in the wake of the blast. With so many targets skittering around it was hard for the machine to pick and choose just what it wanted to end next, so it made the choice easier for itself; All. :: Kilgore.exe Initiated ::: Each of the arms on the death machine produced a pair of mini guns, four in total and a chest plate dropped open showing one more.'

[CHAT] Thousand darts forward to retrieve his thrown fist, finding himself directly beneath the larger android, watching the miniguns come into play. 'Scatter!' Thousand shouts at the top of his lungs, crouching down and springing upwards with an uppercut towards the foes groin, hoping at the very least to throw its opening volley off target.

[CHAT] Shakaste heard steel breaking down, combines coming online. He heard the thrum of energy weapons coming to bare, but these were... dangers he was unaquainted with. His fists lurched out, slamming into the steel plating of the android and denting the metal exoskeleton just as a fist full of barrels pressed into his lower abdoment. He heard the word scatter and then the myriad of shots... He felt four... maybe five or six billiard ball sized blasts hit his exposed stomach and then... a numbness. shakaste staggered back in the sand, his heels encroaching on a pit filled with acid. His fingers felt downward, touching his lower torso and then coming back towards his torso. Copper? He stuck his tongue out, licking the calloused digits. Blood. The watercolors of his vision became more vibrant for a few seconds as he swayed on his feet... then... the kaio crashed down.

[CHAT] Nova was in a panic. This was nothing like Iceria. This was Hell. The chaos that was ensuing, the bodies dropping around her and all this time she was simply watching in disarray, but when the stranger took the rounds in the gut, her body just reacted. Sandals digging into sand, legs pumping her across the field of battle, she fell into a slide, picking up Callen's fallen shield and coming to her feet in stride. Another spray from the laser lathered over the metal that barely held, seering her left side, but she continued to run, catching Shakaste before he could splash into the acid. With all of her gathered strength, she clashed with the wall, the remains of the shield hitting against the concrete. She left a crack, but the structure held.

[CHAT] Thousand perceived time slowing down ever so slightly as his circuits raced. He watched the Kaio that had so readily lent aid fall, and then the Saiyan girl crack the barrier. That appeared to be a start- and the massive androids full attention was now on him. (Damn- I had thought it to be relying mainly on ki scanners and I could stay under its radar a bit longer... but...) He saw it. Gesturing wildly to those nearby to move aside, he dashed headlong towards the compromised portion of the barricade, full auto fire from the android following him all along. A shot grazed his thigh, another hammered the corner of his torso, and a third seared through his left hand, leaving the middle finger extended and the remaining fingers and thumb tightly clenched, the lot immobile. (C)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) lept as he approached the barrier, "running" up the wall and then kicking off to oneside as the hail of fire tore through the compromised barricade, throwing up a smokescreen of dust in the process. 'Through the breach! Now! Girl, grab the Kaio!'

[CHAT] Nova with Shakaste on her shoulder made one more approach towards the wall despite how dizzy the first crash left her. This one was with all of her gusto, all of the butterflies turning in her stomach, and the aid of her fellow Saiyans all laying into the wall at once in unison. Thousand's approach was the final straw that broke this stalwart camel's back and the three of them came spilling out into a side-cut street, right admists active traffic. She looked back, seeing her five companions all clutching their collars as Qai came waddling from the locker rooms, screaming swears drowned out by the crowd who thought the entire thing was all apart of the show.

[CHAT] Thousand stared at the group of collared warriors as they writhed in their collars, then at Qai, and back, before taking a threatening step forward. 'That's enough of that. Not everyone here has a collar, and despite the turnout of this event, NOT everyone here on earth takes kindly to your methods. Write this lot off as a loss and put them behind you.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"You idiots aren't paid to stand around, Get them!" A moment of broken kayfabe, Renny Stevens came rushing in from behind the scenes to the forefront of the action with a group of heavily armed soldiers. The Capsule unit was too large to issue a proper chase, but the soldiers secured Qai's remaining assets, putting them through the grinder first before resubduing them and also taking chase to the escaped members as well.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Qai, the squat little Icer he was, did not take to being taunted very well. "I'm not being paid to take the piss from you! This is all your fault!"'

[CHAT] Thousand backed off a step, before coiling to withdraw, making a sideward glance to the Saiyan and Kaio, motioning with one hand for them to pull out. 'Tch... too many. Yeah, I'll take the credit, asshole. Don't think this is over!' The android crouches, gathering a fistful of gravel in each hand, throwing each forward with all of his strength, like two blasts of buckshot from a shotgun- before immediately bursting into a dash, withdrawing from the area.

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Re: *Age of Resurgence - Introductions Arc - Battle Ball Bou

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Nova and Shakaste awarded 2 reds, 3 greens. Did not award my own mort, will poke Riz later.

Edit: Ryune awarded my mort for this log.