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by Steam
15 Jun 2016, 08:26
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Topic: Some Funny Bants!!
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Some Funny Bants!!

-<OOC>- Shakendo: 'that moment you realise your the strongest one on' -<OOC>- Clayonis: 'haha' -<OOC>- Tuff: 'but have you killed 72 guys???' -<OOC>- Shakendo: 'players or mobs?' -<OOC>- Tuff: 'lol' -<OOC>- Shakendo stuffs Tuff into an extradimensional portal...where he belongs. -<OOC>- Tuff: ':(' -...
by Steam
29 Dec 2015, 09:43
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Topic: Tygers Newbie Guide (WIP)
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Re: Tygers Newbie Guide (WIP)

Very nice!! I think I might start developing my Maps again also!