Logging in Color

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Logging in Color

Post by Ceal » 29 Jul 2009, 10:23

I know that a few people are starting to get the hang of logging in color; I just taught Stoupes how to do it last night and he got the hang of it rather quickly. The only thing he missed in the log was my fault because I didn't even know it happened. :P Anyway, I'll list the steps on how to do it, it's really easy, just takes like 5 seconds extra in effort while logging.

Step 1 - Log your post in HTML. This is done by right-clicking on the post after you've highlighted it and clicking 'Copy in HTML'. If your client doesn't support it, stop there, because as far as I know, you can't log in color. :P

Step 2 - You're going to want to delete some stuff in the copied post. It's stupid, but it'll put pointless stuff in the post at the top and bottom of it. The things that are below in red are to be deleted, but the parts that are regularly colored you keep.

<!-- Produced by MUSHclient v 4.01 - http://www.mushclient.com -->
<table border=0 cellpadding=5 bgcolor="#000000">
<pre><code><font size=2 face="FixedSys, Lucida Console, Courier New, Courier"><font color="#0">

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#008000">Sunny quietly floated in the air, concentrating on the
scenery, looking at people below walk back and forth between destination to
destination. </font><font color="#808080">[This is pathetic. I wish you'd all just die!" </font><font color="#008000">Sunny now blasts
the city and makes it explode and disappear from existance.

Step 3 - After you've deleted all of that while logging and logged the rest of the RP and are ready to post it, you're nearly ready to post it. You're going to want to go to the site mentioned below, and copy/paste your RP into the box that's given. Delete what's already in the box before you transfer the log into it, because it doesn't actually do anything. Make sure that BBCode is selected, and then after you feel you're ready, press the Convert button.

(Memo: You don't need to format your RP manually, it'll work just fine when you post it in the end unless something fail happened.)

Step 4 - After your log is Converted into BBCode, copy/paste it back into your Wordpad or Microsoft Word or whatever you log in (At this point you can replace it over the log you have currently or just put it into a new document). Now you're going to want to get rid of EVERY " in the log. The easiest way, if your document supports it, is the 'replace all' function. Most documents can access it with ctrl-H, and then just follow it from there. If you can't replace all, then you're pretty screwed and have to do it all manually, which takes FOREVER.

Step 5 - This is the easiest step. Just copy/paste your newly BBCode-usable log into a Forum stream on the RP Logs section and at the VERY end of the log, put [/color] and then preview the log. If you followed it right, nothing should have gone wrong and it's all ready to go!

(Memo: Make sure at the bottom, the "Disable BBCode" box is NOT checked or this is all for naught. :P)
(Memo 2: You don't need to log thing like <C> or <F> or <Fixed color fail> into a log, ever, those are more things meant to be seen while the post is being made at the poster's discretion.)

If you found any glitches or issues in my description of color logging, contact me on the MUD, I'll be happy to help if you have the desire to learn to color log. :D