*Hell On Sanctum 6

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*Hell On Sanctum 6

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[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion's draconic form slowly started to melt away like ice in a sauna. The black scales formed around his arms and chest receded back into his flesh, leaving scar-like marks in his pale blue skin. His hair fell down back to his shoulders and lost all of the red luster and the horns on his head faded back into the ocean of navy locks. He looked strained and exhausted to the point where even his sword was worse for ware. Bahamut's imposing crackle of shared power was all but diminished to a fading ember, a sign that both of them spent much to keep the aerial forces at bay. Yet as tired as he was, the Konatsu warrior groaned at a sickening welt left on his neck. A black stain under his neck, pulsating with green, eating, growing from his flesh.'

[CHAT] Thousand speaks up from his concentration. [I'm impressed Dumastin, you've replicated my tech pretty well.  This can work, but I'm going to have to handle the software side of the energy conversion personally- I can't recompile the software for this architecture without a -lot- more time to study it.  It should work- I hope it works.] The android frowns slightly as he ties his own energy conversion system into the upsized version of his own hardware. With a little luck, he could siphon a bit of the energy off for himself to restore what he'd already expended...

[CHAT] Jules let out an exhausted grunt as he continued to point his palm at the strapped down Rizion as the ship continued to rock violently, controlling the regenerative aids he had injected into the Konatsu. Another split drain, he was going to burn out at this pace... Regardless, he needed to keep the armor as stable as possible while getting Rizion back up on his feet. It seemed he had dropped out of whatever war-form he had been maintaining... Jules grunted again, there were abnormal structures forming... He would have to deal with that.. Mentally he communicated over the psionic network, ("Since we're doomed to try, let's keep the ship together at least until we've had a chance to catch a breather..")

[CHAT] Seluj stopped, his arrow was becoming... Distorted, as if the dragon-balls were in transit... He sighed, once again hundreds of psionic dragons began to rip away from him, infused with a volatile energy designed to explode. They rapidly set into the Sanctum and the planet itself rushing in the various directions the dragon balls seemed to be going... Deeper, deeper, and further still. It was only a matter of time... His eyes began to appear a smokey-black as he pulled the energy from the few remaining children he had on the planet, eliminating their host ability to self-destruct... The energy merely went into feeding the number of dragons he was pushing out. Clever method to keep them safe, without the finesse of this Shadow-Dragon this task would've been quite hectic.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Black mist collected into a cloud, then into a solid form standing just in front of the possessed Elphlane. "So there you are... Who are you?" The demon's eyes, like rubies glinting from within the still-slightly-amorphous form of his body, peered at Elphlane closely. "Don't try to lie to me. I know Elphlane's essence as well as my own. I can smell the stink of some sort of taint, like an oil slick over a pool of fresh water..." He leaned closer. "And another stink. A dragonball..." The demon's voice took on a soft growl.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Jules, brace for impact. Sam, stay separated from the ship for now...!" He waved a hand, blue-tinged glyphs spilling from his fingers as he wove the power flowing from the Sanctum. The heavy cannon-fire of the battleships slammed into the Legacy's organic plating, chipping off bits of it along with steel beneath, but it still sped toward that massive dreadnought-blast, picking up still more speed...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A shimmering barrier of mana overlaid itself before the Legacy. Though the barrier attenuated the beam to some degree, it broke through and continued on. Next, the Legacy's left hand rose, palm glowing with a thousand tiny pinpricks of ruby light. The power washed over the enormous machine, its outline washed away by the tremendous storm of power... and then it was over, and there was the Legacy, still accelerating toward the Dreadnought. Electricity arced all around it, from the absorbing-nodes on the palms, around the body, and into shield projectors scattered across it. Dumastin sat back in his crash couch with a sigh, fingers smoking from the spell he'd used to channel the vast amounts of absorbed energy into a form the Legacy's energy shield generators could accept...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The titan sped on, and its right hand went to its side, closing over a cylindrical object. They were coming up on strike range of the dreadnought... and Dumastin was weaving more runes of power, a grin slowly blooming across his face...'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'It was then that the Legacy was struck. The Bone Spurs hiding behind the light of the blast. Hundreds of densely armored high velocity cruisers ment to impact whatever they hit and unload their payload of Demonic Beasts. The Battleship Samuel had impacted was dead in the water, the ship's spine broken and its fused demon-bound pilot dead. It shot weaker and weaker blasts as it slowly died. The other two flanked the Legacy and unloaded Broadside after Broadside of demonic bursts. The fighters still swarming its stern, pounding at the Legacy with their annoying pricks of energy. Harmless on their own, but with the swarm of constant fire, it might soon turn from nuisance into a problem.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She tried to fight it. Tried to speak. Tried to break the barrier of control for an instant to get a few words out. "We...Need...Him..." She wanted to press out before her will failed. She was feeling everything around her and he STILL wasn't using her to her fullest, although it was effective. She hoped when the time came, She would still have the energy left to fight. Meanwhile the Demons chanted on and on. About Death and the Glory of Battle.'

[CHAT] Samuel emerged from the broken battleship as a tentacled monstrosity with a set of weaponized tentacles, covered in blood, that was one down, but it had to be faster, there were so many more.  Within moments its soaring through the air once again, utilizing the tractor-beam function of the Legacy to whip around--slingshotting itself into another battleship, intent on straight up taking out the demonic core of them--taking out the engines, as it were, intent on going from one to the other with precision surgical strikes to try to relieve pressure off the Legacy.  It wasn't about to let them down.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The regenerative aids that Jules injected him with attacked the growth aggressively, but were met with an attack that ate and them and the host like a cancer. For all but a brief moment, he lashed out violently like a animal under knife, kicking and clawing at the air until finally that which pained him so stopped and his body came to calm. The open scars, cuts and wounds that scattered over his body started to close on their own, the flesh knitting together from the advanced healing of the cells and at last, Rizion's eyes flickered open and Bahamut's shimmer began to brighten. "Tell me the world has not ended and is not my after-life? I could do without you standing over me like that for an eternity," He said in mild jest, unsure if he had yet died and this was Hell.'

[CHAT] Thousand grits his teeth, his scanners keeping him informed of the goings-on outside of the battle.  He directs a portion of the absorbed energy through the large scale mockup of his own circuitry, releasing a volley of numerous thin counter-beams, scattering out from the form of the Legacy.  Not enough to equal the number of inbound targets, no- he didn't dare draw too much energy away from the machines defenses- but hopefully, enough to thin the herd just that much more...

[CHAT] Jules winced in pain as the ship took heavier and heavier fire, there wasn't enough time for him to adequately perform patch repairs between the rapid blasts. Something was wrong within Rizion, the biological strains that made up his regenerative aid had been eroded... Attacked... They were still functioning but efficiency had dropped... "Odd..." He muttered as he righted his position after the latest barrage. ("The armor isn't going to be able to deal with another one of those less you got some more tricks up your sleeve Captain.) In a moment he glanced back over to Rizion, "We haven't escaped this hell quite yet."

[CHAT] Seluj let his form shift into that of Elphlane's demoness figure as she forced her own words, "Well, if it isn't Dumastin's pet demon. Loved your work as the Thorned. Kept the Alliance nice and distracted while I did my work on Arlia." The infected form of Elphlane shrugged, "Of course now time has come to an end for my employment with the Crimson Queen, and for that I need those pesky little nightmares." Elphlane moved his hand, "Now, you demon have a choice." He chuckled, "You can try to stop me, and I eradicate your demonic essence. You can return to your master, or partner, however you're labeling that relationship, and inform him of what i'm doing, perhaps assist his survival. Perhaps not, hard to say."

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'Elphlane's form glanced at the battle that was going on overhead, "Given they took the advanced party with Slaughter and my slaves, I imagine this fleet is going to be rendered slag... But what comes next? Heh..." Elphlane once again shrugged, the form moving closer to the smokey visage of the demon. Her left hand ran up the demon's chest, her voice seductive, "Or, you could assist me in recovering the dragon balls and some of your friends might survive." She giggled, "This demoness, she is quite fond of you. I don't think she would be a fan of you taking option one so..." Seluj was aware of it, one of his dragons had tracked down a tube and was following one of the dragon balls. He was indeed quite fond of this host... If he was lucky, he wouldn't have to kill her love interest. Unbridled rage tended to make a host harder to control...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I doubt you *can* kill me. Not here, not on this world, where the succulent sweetness of pure mana flows so strongly, and while Dumastin yet lives. But nor do I have the strength to stop you on my own... But I'm certainly not going to help you take the Dragonballs, and Prime's defenses are strong enough that I doubt you would be able to lay claim to more than one or two before the rest went somewhere beyond your reach." Iapetus crossed his arms. "But if there's one thing I've learned from the Namek, it's that there's always more choices than you think. So here's the third option... Let's make a deal. Draw back in those shadows, and we can come to some more beneficial arrangement." Dumastin might not like it, but if Iapetus made a deal, he was likely to honor it... and there was Elphlane's words to consider...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"A thousand more tricks, Jules..." The spell growing before him crystallized, and a sharp glow erupted outward from his palm, washing over the Legacy's entire surface. The entire mech shone, now, shone with a light from within... He'd done more than just connect it to the Sanctum's power grid, the spell he'd just unleashed actually formed a connection directly to the mighty engine that spun pure mana from more mundane energies, the Mana Dynamo, the source of all the Sanctum's mystic might. With that much power at its command...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Legacy shook. "Filthy invaders... Do you not understand what lies before you? The hearts and souls of those who live on, and the ever-shining dreams of those we left behind us... They intertwine into one, here, in this place! In this form! You pathetic wretches and your lashed-together heaps of meat and bone, how can you think you can kill something as eternal as the Legacy of a Dream!?" The Legacy boosted into a spiraling spin, and segmented plating all over its body shifted, clearing the open maws of beam-cannon ports. White lightning streaked over its glowing surface as Elphlane's soldiers lent their power, and tremendous, surging waves of ki radiated through the Legacy.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Begone, insects! MEGA-VORTEX CANNON!" Those cannon-ports went to rapid fire, their timing and aim as precise as Prime's handiwork ever was. With only a single demon powering each one, rather than multiple, the beams were much weaker than what the Legacy was capable of throwing... but there were so *many* of them, firing as the Legacy turned, flicking fighters out of space not by the dozens but by the hundreds.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The cylinder the Legacy held in its right hand flared up as the battleship's main cannon fire drew near. It was a Powerblade, and one of obscene size, and it used that crystalline blade of energy to sweep away the lesser power of the cannon fire like cobwebs. It was nearly upon that Dreadnought...'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The fighters swarmed, and died, those that didn't slammed into the cannon-ports in a desperate attempt to mitigate further fire. The cruisers were left blood sacs but before that there were countless slams against the hall as a score of Bone Spurs slammed against the legacy, attempting to bore into its hull. Samuel cracked another battleship in two but the third had made it past its strafing run. IT turned, demonic energies blasting as it leveled its cannons once more. The other dreadnaught positioned itself as the guns cooled and two large openings appeared. I the hangers that would launch fighters, instead were the Mass Drivers, stolen from Slaughters memory. With less charge time and pure physical force hardened balls of pure metal were launched at meteoric speeds towards the Legacy.'

[CHAT] Samuel was panting heavily, the attacks taking even more of a toll on its exhausted body, but it wasn't slowing down--if anything it was trying to speed up, whipping around the Legacy using the tractor beam like a slingshot, dipping, ducking, dodging stray lasers and cannon blasts all the while, following after the battleship that opened fire.  "NOT TODAY!" it roars, immediately going to slam into the armoring at a precise point--intent on going in there and ripping out the demonic 'core' of the ship, with one more roar.  No.  More.  Losses.  That one idea a drumbeat, a goal.  It would fight until there was literally nothing else to that end--it didn't matter.  These demons would fail.

[CHAT] Thousand can feel Dumastin beginning to weaken from the strain of casting spell after spell, and speaks up. [If you don't mind, Dumastin, I'll take over for a bit while you recover...] The android dove the rest of the way into the Legacy via his SACI interface, the massive machines hand gripping the massive power blade tighter for a moment, before sweeping it first to one side, then forward in a large sweeping arc, the forward third of which should slice directly into the bow of the dreadnought, should it land cleanly...

[CHAT] Jules continued pointing his palm at Rizion, he would prefer to do a better job but his talents could probably be put to better use by aiding Samuel or more directly managing repairs to the armor. Even relieving Thousand so that he could deploy and... Well, Thousand could likely deal with a fleet on his own given the circumstances. He shook his head, "Just relax, Dumastin will call when he needs me." That being said, he didn't expect to have the luxury to get Rizion into as peak shape as possible. He continued keeping the organic hull armor as primed as possible while healing Rizion.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The feminine host shrugged her shoulders, Seluj's voice continued to come out, a duplicate of Jules. "You know, I would do that but I have these trust issues. We'll call them pre-programmed flaws. My task is a simple one, but difficult. And I expect no help along the way." The truth was, now more shadow-dragons had located more balls. Seluj wouldn't make a move until all six were being tracked and he could effectively extract them in a single stroke. This... This was buying time. '

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'He had no desire to deal with anything until he was forced into action against the God-Queen Bleeder herself. Internally he spoke with Elphlane, ("You can try to reason with him if you want, we'll have the balls shortly enough. With any luck she won't show up directly and we can perform the assault on Arlia...") A novel thought, Arlia was Seluj's playground of biological destruction. To bad he doubted she would leave such potential trophy champions up to her vassals now that Slaughter had been bested by them. For the moment, Seluj relaxed his control allowing Elphlane full vocal control as well as limited physical movement. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Unfortunate, that you have such trust issues, and not the strength to overcome your 'programming.'" Iapetus wondered how long it would take Seluj to realize that there were only five Dragonballs in the pneumatic network. In fact, now, only five on the planet at all. "If you won't help, then get out of the way. We'll kill the Crimson Bitch ourselves."'

[CHAT] Dumastin sagged back into his chair. "Thank you, Thousand..." Prime was too busy with fine control to pilot the vessel, and Thousand wasn't wrong that Dumastin was exhausting himself bit by bit. He would recover quickly enough, but a span of time where he only needed to monitor the mana flows to the Primus Gate and the Legacy would do him a lot of good. He did open a channel to Elphlane's demons, though. "Demon forces, the battle isn't over yet. I need you to stand down for just a short time. Recover your strength so that we can strike at the enemy when it's needed..." He knew getting them to accept that wouldn't be easy, but he was hoping their leadership could whip them into line. "The power I've channeled to unleash the full power of the Legacy will only last so long, and then we will rely on your strength once more..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The demon paused, crossing his arms. And then his shoulders heaved slightly, and he shook his head, drawing closer to Seluj-no, to Elphlane. He reached out, slowly, his fingers wavering between solidity and incorporeality, before he drew back. "You might be surprised. How about this for a deal." He looked deep into Elphlane's eyes, and a flicker of... sadness? seemed to cross his own rough, smoky features. "I don't need the Namek to do anything but keep breathing. I need her. You want to trust someone? Trust yourself." He drew back more, crossing his arms, as if unhappy with what he was saying. "Let her free, and I'll deliver you Dumastin. You can infect him, instead, and you and he can do whatever needs to be done."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As Iapetus reached her body and looked into her eyes she felt renewed power and strength of will. She practically moved the body as it took a step and a single tear fell from her eyes as she went to embrace Iapetus. "We need Crimson Queen to die...everything else is Irrelevant for now...But...thank you. I'm glad to see you one last time." She said as the bright amethyst faded from her eyes and they turned back to the controlled dull purple-black of Seluj.'

[CHAT] Seluj shook the head of his host as she stepped back, "Such strong fondness, interesting." He chuckled, "But no, you see this host has an ability template i'm familiar with and i've no interest in trying to adapt to Dumastin's  use of magic  On the fly. There's no guarantee I would be able to use it at all." He shook his head, holding the dragon woman's right hand out and staring at it, letting it become smoke. "No... With this vassal and her cooperation, we will prove to be  More than a distraction to the Crimson Queen unless we use those dragon balls." He laughed again, "Will be strange to die not completing my programming."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"She's coming here? Then we can summon the Dragon here. As long as you promise to release her once you the Queen is dead. The Namek is soft. As long as you hold her body hostage, he won't act against you. He can't bear to threaten a 'friend...'" Iapetus shook his head. "We have a better shot here! There is power here we can wield against her, and our forces are already gathered!"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The ripple from the smallest of rock breaking the surface can cross an ocean given enough time. His mind was a quiet bird flying in silent wings throughout the stars as the battle on Sanctum raged. Rizion's body lay motionless in the sick bay of the ships with the lights turned dim and the door closed. Jules had done as much as he could to preserve his life and restore his strength, but now the drained Konatsu needed to rest. With his body shut down to the very bare functions for life, his mind was able to reach. He went beyond the chaos in the hearts of his comrades on the ship, beyond the battle between demons in the sky. His thought was the shadow cast over the mountains that passed by unphased by the seemingly endless fleet. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Normally his reach would not be this far, but Rizion contained residual mana from the heart of Sanctum and it allowed him to go further. Like a spider spinning out an endless web, his mind trickled beyond the stars, beyond the fringes of this system, beyond all imagine until he found but a single *tinge* It was her. Even his mind's eye could not "see" her, but he felt her presence and rather than fight that feeling, he offered her invite. Opening the door to his mind, to The Echo.'

[CHAT] Seluj felt the sexual tension, it was thick.. One could cut through it with a knife, as they say. "Well, I guarantee her safety so long as our goals remain aligned. Neither of us care for the Crimson Queen and understand her vision for the universe is undesirable." The host hands rubbed her face, "And think of Elphlane less as a..." He shook the host head, "No, I suppose that's not right... I have a kill-switch built inside of her to safeguard my well being..." A deep chuckle, "Hostage indeed. In which case, you go round up that last dragon ball and lets get started. Seems as good of a place to summon as anywhere else."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'In her mind she took her resolve. It was only a whisper at this time but she found her way into Seluj. "We will destroy that bitch. She has no Idea what we can do." In her own way she was slowly trying to wrap that killswitch in her own shadowy-embrace as well. Given enough time maybe she could get enough control to activate it as well, not disable it, but make sure her death is her own, hold HIM hostage as well. "Lets get this party started.'

[CHAT] Queenie sat in a massive pool of boiling virgin blood, various projections of the battle displayed on various walls in the massive chamber. She extended a finger casually popping a bubble of blood as she yawned... Something had intentionally gotten her attention, and it wasn't the Namekian or the Psionic-Parasite. That was interesting... She mentally followed the trail back to the ship. A second later she raised two fingers to her forehead, a second later she was standing to the right of Rizion, the blood on her naked body seeming to transform into a dark red and black gown around her. "Don't know if you're brave or stupid, but thanks for the tether." She glanced around, placing herself inside the battleship that was currently tearing through her forces... This was where the Namekian was, a smile wrapped across her face... This Konatsu had just made it incredibly easy. Letting out a soft laugh she began to let her power build around her.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"SHIT" She screams out of her mind controlled mouth as the emotional impact of this massively powerful being broke through into her own mind. The bloodlust. The thirst to enslave, all of it feeding into her and breaking through her mental barriers. A weakness of being able to sense the emotions of things around her.'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'His mind followed her, much like a shadow continues with the one that casts it. This was the first time he had ever come across her, this sadistic creature that exuded a lust for killing. She was like -it- in so many ways it almost make him think that the two were not like mirror reflections of another. It would make sense. For X'zorfin to be gone she must exist. Doppelgangers of the same danger. Still, even with her here he approached her mind again.'

[CHAT] Seluj glanced up at the colossus Platinum Legacy as he took further control away from Elphlane and brought her terror under control. "Better go get that ball demon, it seems discussion time has run out." He shook his head, this wasn't good... He hadn't expected her to make her appearance from 'within' the battleship of Dumastin... That probably wasn't good. Internally he spoke, 'Well my dear, you wanted a shot at her... There she is... Still think it's a great idea? Get him to retrieve that ball for us..."

[CHAT] Queenie glanced at the psionic projection of Rizion, smiling at it as she let her left hand rest a finger on his forehead...  Her aura beginning to crystallize She hadn't expected so many of her slaves to be alive before she felt the need to intervene. A projection that was able to locate her, that was impressive.. And gave her a back-door in through the Namek's defenses. "Farewell." The crystallized aura of red and black exploded violently away from the Kaioshin with enough force to crack a planet. Within the belly of this ship, she imagined the results would be devastating.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'There was a pop and slowing as the explosion she unleashed rocked not the very armored Legacy she was in, but it rattle an expanse of black chains and barren obsidian sand. "Well Well! Try and Try and TRY. And I start to get somewhere with them. Pushing them. Prodding them, and here YOU are, blowing up my good work." A small Ghetti kid's voice came from behind her. The battle was raging on many various viewpoints in this bleak and blasted realm of chains, Hints and energy of the void tainting the very landscape. "Who the Hell are you Lady..." He said as a black lab coat blew around him in a non-existent wind.'

[CHAT] Queenie glanced around, letting out a light laugh at the change of her surrounding while the explosive push continued to radiate. "What a pathetic thing you are... A mortal merged to the Null, a demi-god..." She waved her hand as she spoke in ancient Kaio, divine chains of hot-white exploding from her raising hand. The chains would further bind and limit the sphere of influence the demi-god had. "Now here's what's going to happen Null-Creature. I'm going to return to your pet-projects, then i'm going to kill them." A chuckle, "Now, you have a choice. You can serve me and the universe i'm going to create, or after i'm done with the mortals I can come deal with you. I'll give you a few seconds to decide, I imagine they're all pissing themselves at this point anyway."

[CHAT] Haggis starts to laugh at first. "Impressive! The power! The possibilities." The young ghetti was clapping in excitement. "But you are wrong with one thing." He said as he waived his hands around. You are free to go...If you can." He said as the white chains mixed with the black around him. "Here is The Void. The Null. It will try and consume you if left alone." He said with a smile and hopped up onto a lab table that appeared to just appear from nowhere. "Lets see how you intend to Escape this prison here." A stopwatch appeared in his hands. "And Begin." He said as he clicked the button and waited for her to do something.

[CHAT] Samuel kept up the destruction, taking down ship, after ship--it was exhausting, but it was going to -keep going-, as long as it took.  Things finally clicked.  It understood now.  About why it didn't want to go be a hero like Dumastin wanted--why it wanted to break away from everyone else.  Live its life alone, with just Req, and the kids.  It... was scared.  It didn't want to lose anyone else.  No more friends.  No one lost, like Dad, no one trapped forever, like Haggis.  But if it didn't help... if it ran away... they'd still die.  It didn't want that.  It was just about to go notify Dumastin of this revelation over the network when... something showed up.  "What the..." is all it can manage to say before shooting back towards the Legacy.  "What's going on?"

[CHAT] Jules felt a sudden flush from the medical bay, a psionic pressure which caused him abject terror... He had 'just' left... By the time he reached the room with Rizion he was witness to... What? His vision distorted in a manner reminiscent of seeing a void open. The fiery red headed light blue skinned woman was about to unleash devastating hell upon the crew and then she was gone... He glanced at Rizion, his eyes viewing the psionic projection. His body was so close to having perished... He sent it psionically, a message for his allies... ("I'm sure everyone felt that, not sure where she went.. Or how she got here... But I'm sure she'll be back."

[CHAT] Seluj took full control over Elphlane suppressing her mind and putting on his own mask, the body taking the form of a figure that looked like Julian Salnor before flowing away from the ship. 'Calm yourself down... I'll take care of this initial part, we need to stay alive at least until we can summon the dragon and you're trying to turn us into front-line fodder... Let your friends do their jobs' He guided his body back down towards the ground, glancing at the demon. "I'd suggest you go reinforce your master and get that ball."

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"A creature without mind...she is X'zorfin's twin in almost all aspects," Rizion replied aloud, his body stirring finally. By some grace he was saved, yet he knew not what it was. Through the fog of sleep did his eyes flutter awake and he scanned the dark room to meet eyes with Jules and give a nod. "I tried bait her, trap her inside the Echo as others did X'zorfin through the barrier between my realm and the Void, but there was nothing to trap. This creature will have to be slain the old fashion way,"'

[CHAT] Rahveena shrugged her shoulder as she quickly spoke another ancient line, this one of a demonic flavor. She rose her other hand, searing red hot chains erupting from her other hand... A second later she held each chain in one of her hands, each one traveling around this demi-god. "Dear Child, I simply intend on separating you from the Null, consuming its power, and then leaving you for dead while I open a breach between dimensional boundaries." She laughed, "But since you asked, who I am... I am Rahveena, The Crimson Queen. And a nightmare for something on your level outside of the laws of the natural realm." It would take a few minutes, but it would eliminate this thing from interfering with her reign since he chose to get uppity and assume he could trap her.

[CHAT] Samuel -- As the Legacy begins its withdrawal, Sam pulls its way back in.  "What's goin on?" he repeats over comms.  Things were lost in the chaos, there were still enemies to fight, and they were withdrawing.  There was... something on the ship.  It felt... something.  It didn't really know -what-.  Nevertheless, thanks to the tractor beam its back on the ship within a few moments and looking to Dumastin, brow furrowed, panting slightly.  It was fine, physically, but it didn't know how much left it had in the tank--it couldn't even eat these guys to get a boost.

[CHAT] Thousand reaching through the Legacy, stretches out, flexing the machines various joints for a few short moments to get a feel for it, before gazing forward and putting on a burst of speed.  Offering some of his own energy along with the vessels own and that provided by the others, He unleashes a dense beam of brilliant light from the cannon mounted on the ships right arm, turning the handle of the beam sword around in its left hand- he would wait until he was within striking distance, and activate it mid-swing.

[CHAT] Dumastin closed his eyes, focusing on Jules to the exclusion of all else. <Death...> His mental voice was clear and strong as always, but it carried with it such a strong undertone of... focus. <I... There is a way. A chance to yet set things right. A plan...> He opened his eyes and pushed himself to his feet, easily balancing as the Legacy shuddered. "Thousand. My boosting spell will last for a short time yet. Prime will monitor it and ensure you are kept informed. I... have somewhere else that I must be. Join me at the Sanctum as soon as you can." He gave one last look to his beautiful, beautiful ship, and wrapped the spell he had been weaving in a small bubble. This, he left floating over his command chair. "For later... if needed..." With that, his clothes swirled around him as he turned toward the Primus Gate and leaped through.

[CHAT] Jules rubbed his temple, the psionic imprint from the Queen lingered. He shook it off speaking to Rizion, "On the plus side... Now we have a line on the Queen Bitch herself.." Jules had an uneasy feeling, she had sent in Slaughter when she herself could've destroyed them at any time. Given her ability to psionically spread her will into her slaves.. He started walking towards the bridge, passing Samuel on the way... He smirked, tapping Samuel on the back and pushing his stored kinetic energy into him. He felt a bit drained... Not that Jules himself wasn't..

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He spoke to Dumastin mentally, cut off from the rest of the group. ("What's the plan here Captain, that thing is... Far beyond what we're capable of... Slaughter was a nightmare, this... This is little more than death..") He didn't need the others in the group to know his doubts, at the same time he communicated to the rest, ("So... That's all she is... This should be a piece of cake...")'

[CHAT] Seluj let more dragons pour away from him, these seeking the demonic forces now... He had only one goal, he needed to feed. Take in as many of the Queen's forces as he could to fuel this Shadow-Dragon's particular power. He stayed away from the combating forces, letting his shadow-dragon steal the kills of the only legitimate force standing between the Crimson Queen and a demon- swarmed galaxy.

[CHAT] Dumastin closed his eyes, focusing on Jules to the exclusion of all else. <Death...> His mental voice was clear and strong as always, but it carried with it such a strong undertone of... focus. <I... There is a way. A chance to yet set things right. A plan...> He opened his eyes and pushed himself to his feet, easily balancing as the Legacy shuddered. "Thousand. My boosting spell will last for a short time yet. Prime will monitor it and ensure you are kept informed. I... have somewhere else that I must be. Join me at the Sanctum as soon as you can." He gave one last look to his beautiful, beautiful ship, and wrapped the spell he had been weaving in a small bubble. This, he left floating over his command chair. "For later... if needed..." With that, his clothes swirled around him as he turned toward the Primus Gate and leaped through.

[CHAT] Samuel nods at Jules, "What's going on?" it asks, "Why are we falling back and... what was that on the ship?" it was confused and frustrated, it was killing it out there.  "Thanks," it notes at the energy.  It... needed that, more than it would have liked to admit.  At least it wasn't close to empty anymore.  "And... what do I need to do?" it adds, looking around a bit nervously.  It never knew where it should be, where it should go, or what it should be doing in these big battles.  And this one... this one was more important than anything it had been in before.

[CHAT] Jules hoped whatever Dumastin had planned was quite big, they were going to need it. Even if they were all at a hundred percent... He shook it off, they had to. Or at least that's what he would tell himself. "Get to the Sanctum, cover Dumastin. I'll stay with Thousand and keep this ship intact as long as possible..." Not that it would be possible if that woman popped back into its center, had Haggis not interfered.. The ship would be in slag, Rizion would likely be dead... Jules dying... Thousand and Dumastin might have survived if they realized the ship was coming apart before the explosion reached the bridge... He shrugged, moving towards his command interface with the ship. "I'm pouring my energy into the ship system as well Thousand, let's hurry up and wipe out these distractions." The cocoon around his seat closed giving him access to the point defense cannons.

[CHAT] Thousand darts about despite the sheer -size- of the Legacy, the prior energy blast having done a good job of clearing the road, so to speak.  He hesitates for just a moment, speaking to the inhabitants of the ship via speakers set throughout it- [It's gonna be a bumpy ride, kids..] He spares not a moment longer, activating the energy blade and executing a swift series of slashes, hoping to scatter the closer opponents further, all the while prepping for another shot from the beam cannon, aimed directly at the enemy flagship

[CHAT] Seluj had returned to the surface once he felt the mage, returning to the side of the demon. "Oh goodie, he's arrived." He landed with a smile near the demon, letting his body shift into the form of Elphlane's natural dragon. It was the easiest way he could access the place where the dragon balls were stored. "Lead the way." The space battle up ahead was going poorly for the attackers, he could sense his  Doppelganger emanating from the ship. The Legacy was a formidable craft, and even without Dumastin at the helm was tearing through hordes of fighters and cutting through a few carriers with ease. That was side work now. The Tuffle controlled Dragon seemed impatient, he knew she would be back... And she would be aware that his dragons were consuming her slaves. He was now just as much of a target as the rest of them.

[CHAT] Samuel nods and heads to the Primus gate after Dumastin, "I've got your back," it notes, before stopping a moment and glancing towards a direction.  Something has it distracted for a few moments.  Was that Elph?  Something was different.  It was odd.  Was bugging it.  Something that it couldn't quite put its finger on.  Still, it had a job to do.  But, it wanted to tell him as it did so, with what was going on... it wasn't entirely sure it would get another chance, "Dumastin.  I... realized something," it says, furrowing its brow slowly, "Why I was pushing away from you and the others, after you wanted me to go be a hero..." it shook its head slowly,

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "I still don't.  But... I was scared.  I've lost... a lot of friends.  I didn't want to lose anymore--so I ran away, with Req, to go be on a little planet away from everyone else.  But... running away won't help.  Something will come along and wreck things anyway... pushing people away won't do anything but get rid of friends and keep them out when they need help.  So... while I won't be a 'hero,' I'll have your back.  Theirs, too,"


[CHAT] Rahveena shrugged her shoulder as she quickly spoke another ancient line, this one of a demonic flavor. She rose her other hand, searing red hot chains erupting from her other hand... A second later she held each chain in one of her hands, each one traveling around this demi-god. "Dear Child, I simply intend on separating you from the Null, consuming its power, and then leaving you for dead while I open a breach between dimensional boundaries." She laughed, "But since you asked, who I am... I am Rahveena, The Crimson Queen. And a nightmare for something on your level outside of the laws of the natural realm." It would take a few minutes, but it would eliminate this thing from interfering with her reign since he chose to get uppity and assume he could trap her.

[CHAT] Haggis smiles as he watches her and her chains unravel, then wrap around him. His eyes flashed crimson as he just "walked" through the tangled web. Every intricate part and movement was predicted. "You have it all Wrong my dear lady." He said with a smile. as the chains were constantly trying to wrap around him but somehow missing, even by a hair's breadth. "I just wanted to see your potential, what you could do. Where you could go. The limits and extremes of your powers." He said with a smile. "Breaking out of here would be a small start wouldn't it."

[CHAT] Rahveena let out a chuckle, she forgot to augment the spells properly for the dimension. She wasn't in the usual plane of existence, a variable that had to be counted on.. She continued to let the chains swirl, she glowed briefly as another version stepped off to her left, a third version stepping to the right. They were fully sentient clones, the center still holding the chains as the two others began to chant variations of both demonic and kaio script, spells on the higher caste of the cosmic scale. The center spoke calmly, "Oh, that would be the easy part... But within you I see a tool... A weapon that can help me deal with another problem, after it's properly honed of course." She was well aware of the observations of a certain avatar casting its shadow over this realm.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'She let the chains retract to her, the magical links wrapping around her arms and torso.  "Look on the plus side, the intricacies of this realm and your particular nature has bought you..." She held up five fingers, "Five Minutes!" She glanced at her clones who were casting, "Or so..." '

[CHAT] Haggis smiled as he unleashed magics of his own. Magics of a twisted variety of The Hull. The power didn't come straight from the null, but the very fragments of souls those that had found his dark coins gave up in return for power. A useful tool and he had lots of practice. She had a miscalculation as he continued to walk forward and came within a few paces of her. "Ohh. Its not the nature of this place that you had miscalculated..." <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'He said as he slammed a foot down on the ground. All around them there was a blast of void energy. All around them multitude of magical circles erupted around them and in an instant all variations of magic would be dead. A complete Null magic field. Something he had intended to use for when Him and Dumastin chased down Plectre but he never got the chance. For a few extra minutes the magic would be completely dead, even mid cast would unravel and fall to magical pieces. "Five minutes you say, Well. I think we can arrange something to last a little Longer..." It would be a battle of power for now, as magic, even his, was "Nulled" <F>'

[CHAT] Rahveena let out an annoying sigh, this was delaying her new trophy acquisition... Her generals... Her new pets... "I wonder if you realize just 'how' long I was trapped with the Dragon of Nightmares." A dark chuckle, as the chains fizzled out of existence. Her clones remained, she glanced at the one towards her left. That one fell into a meditative position and began glowing, the other did the same leaving her to stand. "Regardless, if this is your game..." She seemed to glance over her shoulder, a smirk on her face. "I'll play along... Just give me one moment..." It wasn't magic, it was a dominating force of will channeled into a manifestation of power... "Let's let some of that Null out..."

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'A crimson finger-nail burning of some cosmic energy suddenly struck the air next to her, the finger scratching down and opening a breach to another sub-dimension. A breach the Null would find itself drawn to as a route to escape. She wondered how fully this mortal had control of a Demi-god. '

[CHAT] Haggis smiled as he screamed and gasped at his chest. A torn scream and he twirled towards the vortex scratch rift of sucking energy. then in a flash of black he was gone. WEll. The boy kid in front of her, instead there was an adult lady wearing a red dress, wild hair and started laughing. She was then sucked into the vortex and the null was stripped. A burning pain like none other before the world around them shattered. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'The null seeing every bit, every fragment, then the world around them cracked, fragmented and shattered. She shot fragments of void power to erase her, which were drawn into the void. Something hit Haggis from behind and he flew into the portal, which cracked, fragmented and shattered. A thousand more within a thousand more possibilities created expanded and shattered. Then Tiyayo looked at her and smiled. "Sorry girlie..." The new strange being in front of her said in a dual-voice. In an instant they disappeared and a massive kick. The only thing that he had deduced would even remotely connect and impinge upon her. A massive kick right at her next. All the while possibilities were unfolding and power erupting around Them(tiyayo-haggis)>F'

[CHAT] Rahveena calmly pulled her finger out of the breach which closed as the kick landed a devastating blow on her neck, a powerful blow of concussive force seeming to blast through her body. She was barely staggered...  She exhaled calmly, "Rahveena B, I don't think he-she appreciated our demonstration..." The meditating figure on their left continued to glow bright, still amassing raw power. "That she did Rahveena, that she did... What do you think Rahveena C?"

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'The third had already extended an up upwards at the woman who was striking their primary in the throat. "Kill it with FIRE!" The flames of power that erupted from the still seated palm was divine by nature, corrupted by choice... A balance of chaos and order tearing through the woman who had attacked. The main Rahveena straightened herself out, rubbing her neck... "Really been ages since someone dared attack my physically... Not since those sniping little bastards took everything from me..." '

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'She chuckled politely, "But enough about me, Let's start Beating you! Shame I can't rip that thing from you as easily 'without' magic, but getting down to the gooey core and making a harvest will work as well." The main sounded mocking, she may be unaware of how long his magic negation would last, and she 'needed' to limit the amount of time that Magic Plant had to prepare.'

[CHAT] Haggis smiled as the fire engulfed her and the world around her shattered. The slightest tick of divine power and she was well out of the way, appearing with a foot striking towards b, and a fist towards C, and a handful of syringes filled with madness serum towards A. "Sorry. In my world there are infinite possibilities. So many. HOW many can you show me! HOW MANY! I WANT TO KNOW!" There was a smile and then an insane laugh. His magic was on the downside, coming to an end, and he did not have enough power to enact another hastened spell so quickly. But he only needed a few more moments.

[CHAT] Rahveena nodded to herself. "So this is really happening eh..." The needles slammed into her, but only shattered upon her body. B and C had both been struck and effectively knocked down... Of course, they were also burning with gathered power... "You girls did me proud." With a smirk her clones each exploded with enough force to destroy planets. A flush of energy to her flesh and the blast rocked all around her, doing little to her but sadly demolishing her crimson and black gown... "Ah, you don't have much time left do you?" It was a shame she was no longer a true avatar, this would be far easier...

[CHAT] Haggis saw the explosion and smiled. It was what he had waited for. The explosion cracked the prison around him as the magic's failed, allowing the spells and magics to resume their normal functions. Tiyayo-Haggis fled as quickly as the could, to the deepest part of their prison as the walls and very world around his was crumbling and shattering for real. As the crimson light enveloped him he smiled. The light struck his body and he broke apart into a thousand particles of black null rocketing into the space around them as his body was destroyed. Whatever traces of the Null that was left was minimal at best. The world crumbled around them leaving the Crimson Queen back where she was, almost. She was sitting in her pool of virgin blood again. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'The null and haggis were no-where to be found, but Dumastin and the crew would be alerted by their presence. The queen was coming, there was no doubt about that. The null was gone, and Hopefully gave the crew enough time to prepare. 5 minutes have passed since she first had tried boarding The Legacy. The remnants of her power that ripped through his prison-realm shattered the surrounding fleet with a little trick of displaced space-time. One last trick from Haggis, leaving The Crimson Queen to stand off Vs The Legacy and their allies.<F>'

[CHAT] Rahveena laughed violently as the explosion faded and her clones joined her in the pool of virgin blood. "Wonderful, the two of you served your purpose well." The darkness of the Null began to swirl from them into a central figure, she began chanting which caused the blood from the tub she was in to bind with it into a dark onyx blade with a crimson red tip, a flowing ribbon behind it. A blade in the form of a Katana... It was on the edge of her awareness, but it didn't matter. She gripped the blade and let out another laugh as her clones bound with her. "And now my dear we will hear you sing." She had already began another chant, one verbal and one in her head.


[CHAT] Devrios had been there.  In the dimension, watching the whole thing go down--drinking a good spiced latte on top of it.  This whole thing had been fascinating, he wanted to help, but it wasn't his place--he was outclassed anyway.  And then... she showed up.  And Haggis jumped in.  "Ah... crap baskets," is all he manages to say to himself as everything starts to explode and the world crumbled.  He couldn't stick around, he'd be dead for sure.  And he couldn't go back to the universe proper, Plectere would notice, and he'd be dead... for sure.  Well that was a conundrum.  Well, if it was death or death, at least make it have meaning.

[CHAT] Devrios -C- He didn't have much time, but he could follow the magic--try to use the energy that's already there and follow to its source.  The Crimson Queen herself.  As the pocket dimension crumbles--he vanishes with a small 'pop' sound, only to reappear in the actual universe, directly, for the first time since he'd been banished from it with another small 'pop.'  After taking a moment to actually look around his surroundings, "Oh, hey.  I'm back," he then takes note, almost entirely nonchalantly, of the god-like power in front of him, bathing in a pool of blood.  "Anyone ever tell you you look good in red?"

[CHAT] Rahveena let out a harsh laugh as a clone broke from her carrying on her chant, "So you were the reason he the littler voyeur was watching..." She prepared her blade as Devrios would suddenly feel a fierce presence behind him, touching his shoulder... The clone suddenly clapped her hand together freezing the area in blue, Devrios would be unaware, time was frozen... He was untouchable, even by the hands of Plectere.

[CHAT] Plectere rolled his eyes at the fallen Kaioshin, "This is pointless Rahveena, i'm taking him with me..." Plectere raised his other hand to dispel the magic in the area. She was quite lucky he wasn't' there to take her given her grotesque... -SHINK- Plectere glanced down, sighing as he dispelled the magic and continued to hold Devrios...  Then... What... Plectere suddenly staggered forward, his eight-foot frame slightly pushing on Devrios down into the pool as he struggled to maintain himself above the pool of blood... What...

[CHAT] Rahveena continued to hold the blade in her hands, "Oh, Poor Plectere... You've never experienced pain before have you lad? You ascended so young..." She tsked her head, already the Null was mixing itself with her magic to pull the deity inside. "I can't kill you Plectere, even if I were the same as when you knew me... Not in your position, but..." She twisted the blade and jerked left, Plectere and the blade were slowly being drawn into a void similar in design to the one that held her... The one that held the previous Null, and it's god.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'A prison specially designed for this god... She stepped back, waving her hand as she watched the hovering being fall into the water. She glanced at the mage, the bait. With a wave of her hand he was engulfed in a barrier and pulled out of the blood pool. She herself began to hover above the pool as a whirl-pool began to form. "So mage, how were you locked up with the Null, was he 'loving' your potential or what?" It was casual as screaming gurgles were heard from below. '

[CHAT] Devrios blinks at that whole... exchange, time froze, then it didn't, then Plectere was falling on him and pulling him into a pool of blood.  Before anything happens with it, though, though, he vanishes with the wind, reappearing a couple meters back, and checking his coat.  "Hope I didn't stain it..." he says with a small grumble and roll of his eyes.  Despite his nonchalant act, he was concerned.  Did... not expect that reaction, but doing anything now was pointless.

[CHAT] Devrios -C- "It's what he wanted.  But I've been down that road before.  I tried that whole 'become an immortal god tyrant' thing myself.  Did... not work out so well on my end.  Less trapped in a prison and more cursed-to-remember-all-your-reincarnated-lives-and-everyone-forgets-you-when-you-die kinda deal, though, so I can't even have a legacy.  Nice work on actually getting it done, by the way.  I was with Haggis because Plec here... did not like me using any of his god-magic and wanted to ban me from the universe, Haggis invited me as a roommate.  Then the house kinda fell apart and it was either die there, or die here, though it looks like you took care of that," he looks back down at Plectere fell.  "Too bad, really,"

[CHAT] Rahveena glanced at her naked clone still in the blood-pond, still casting a spell of some sort. "Oh, not bad at all. He'll make a fine tool to be exploited. The Deity of Punishment himself tapped and his power harnessed." She shrugged, "Anyway, I've been trapped before... This  Child... Helped. Regardless, you have a choice. Die when my armies purge the cosmos..." The magical power emanating off of Devrios was minimal at best, but he seemed capable and she could easily boost his capabilities." She held out her arm, extending her palm towards Devrios. "I'd suggest picking quickly."

[CHAT] Devrios shrugs, "Did you not just hear me?  If you kill me, I'll just come back.  I do not care one whit about death," then holds up a hand, "But, I might join you.  Can you answer me one thing, first?   Say you win.  Which is looking likely.  Say you take over the universe.  What will you do?  What then?  What's next?  Because there's nothing left after that.  If you win the game, the game's over," he notes.  "Or do you have some goal in mind beyond conquest just for the sake of conquest?" he says.

[CHAT] Rahveena shrugged her shoulder, laughing and holding her hands up... "You got me... I'd eventually kill you as well..." She chuckled, then her eyes narrowed to a focus. "I'm setting back the clock, wiping sentience from the cosmos. Then I will allow the development of the lessers being to progress and start anew without the constant tampering of those two blithering idiots. A true natural balance without divine intervention." She relaxed, "But if death is just a reset for you, I can arrange that as well if you'd prefer. Don't expect to be reborn again until the cycle of souls can reintegrate into sentient beings." She shrugged, "So what'll it be?"

[CHAT] Devrios nods slowly, furrowing his brow and contemplating on the statement a moment, "You won't, though, will you?  Let the universe grow on its own, I mean.  If that's what your goal was you wouldn't need to wipe the slate clean.  But that's our problem, isn't it?  You and me.  We just can't... let go.  Of power, control, our fate... what have you," he waves a hand dismissively.  "You don't want a neutral universe--you want one in your image.  One day, though, you wake up... and then you wonder.  What was it all for, really?  Was it worth it?" he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, closing his eyes for a moment, coming to a decision.

[CHAT] Devrios -C- "The answer is no.  This is a too high cost, for a price that doesn't need to be paid," he looks back up to the woman--this Crimson Queen, then winks, "I'll see you soon, Queenie," before vanishing--teleporting off the planet.  Even with Plec gone, he wasn't long for this world--she'd end his life before too long.  No, he had a bigger plan in mind than just up and dying.

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