What to do when it's not fun anymore

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What to do when it's not fun anymore

Post by Kairus » 28 Mar 2011, 12:04

So I came to a realization last night. Hiram, my "serious" character, has ceased to be fun to RP. When I log in as him, it's usually to check and make sure the coast is clear as both he and Sokeri are gaining in the same spot. However, lately I've been RPing more as him and I've come to realize that the "I want to rp as this" is gone from him. When I logged in the other night, Lye dragged me into an RP, and for the sake of plot, I went with it. I got crabby and tired (though I think it may have had more to do with the fact I had to get up for work in 6 hours than anything) and probably caused the RP to end early when it should have only been at its midpoint. He has no personality anymore, no real drive other than survival and I've been stuck in a plot rut for him for months now. Just going with other people's plot ideas is fine to a point, but he's changed from an RP character to a product of number-crunching on the chartacter sheet, so to speak, dragged along for the ride while more interesting characters take the lead. In short, the Yamcha.

So I ask, to the people that will answer me-what do you do when it stops being fun to RP a character? My current plans are to scrap Hiram at some point in the near future, though I don't want buyer's remorse over a super rename.

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Re: What to do when it's not fun anymore

Post by Telarr » 28 Mar 2011, 21:29

I think, Hiram... I'm going to give you a serious answer for once! I've had this same problem, to be honest. Well, not recently I assure you.

But I went through this same thing with Telarr the second he hit tier 3, and I'm not even joking. I LOVED starting-out Telarr. As much as I complain about tier 0 running around punching pretty boy through glass panes and offa motorcycles and blowing shit up to attempt to grind reds at the time (It was cool back then, I swear.) And even more so once he got tier 1, running around as a shadow to one of the strongest. I had my fun. But when Telarr got tier3, Lye got himself banned and Telarr had grown really dull for me even before Lye's.. Uhh, stunts. Which left me kind of alone and cold, since Raburn had just quit not to long before. I could barely stomache RPing as Telarr anymore, sitting around and RPing with those who I was tied with in RP regardless of if they were my friends or not became such a drag I just ignored them when they tried to talk to me. So, what did I do..?

I made a new character! I pulled out Zakan, who got boring so fucking quickly I nixed him before he even had 10 reds and brought Seinks around. Seinks, who was pretty slow to start so fun in the middle... extremely fun in the middle. And a drag at the end. When I got to a boring point with Seinks, I tried to go to other characters instead of Telarr at first. I tried Teikon, Hyperion, that android I can't even freaking remember, Deimos, that one guy and eventually back to Seinks again. I guess back then I didn't notice a pattern. Eventually, one day Raelic came back from one of his huge vanishes and convinced me to play with him on Telarr. And like a whirly-gig of oil, my fuel for the raging bastard was back, if only for a glorious spammy logs week or so...

I think a horrific flaw in the games tier design, is that by the time most people hit tier3 or higher. Everything they can do for the character really has been done already. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it isn't a flaw as much as peoples poor planning for their character. I honestly found that on Seinks and Telarr, latching onto people and playing with them made it all that much more uhh, easier? Easier to stomache? Although, you'll often get made fun of for doing such a thing. I never did, but hey. I'm Maverick. Who would even dare, right?

All I can even think to suggest to you is, get Hiram out of the arc he's in and shelf him for a bit. Let some dust collect on him. It's kind of a drag to think about. I know that a lot of people take their characters seriously even if they are complete jokes. (Looks over at Dumastin.) And to shelf them, or even the thought of shelving them is pretty. Uhh, sad? Is that malodramatic? No, no, I think not. The thought of shelving them is pretty sad, but if you're anything like Maverick. (Which I doubt, you lack awesome and furries.) Then shelving the character for awhile, then coming back awhile later and dusting them off and using them is... really, all you can do to respark that feeling you have of them without changing them drastically. Which... Kills... What the character is in the begining.

What I'm saying is: The dog is a poodle. Stop feeding it and shove it in the closet and pay attention to the new husky for awhile. That poodle probably bites ankles anyway. Teaches the puppy bad habbits. And crossovers.

Awesome, I didn't say one spiteful thing that entire time.

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Re: What to do when it's not fun anymore

Post by Dumastin » 28 Mar 2011, 21:46

I do take my characters moderately seriously.

Though I have to say Dum's remained fairly stable since I first really figured out what his character was like, bar the occasional fit of development.

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