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Post by Nygmus » 04 Feb 2011, 13:48

So, I was thinking about it, and I'm wondering.

Does anyone else think that the RP ability system I set up has created an unfortunate tendency towards min/maxed characters?

I'm wondering if, for example, the Natural Talent system encouraged people to devote themselves too much to one skill.

What I mean is, it feels like people tend to have two or three core abilities and dump all their points into that, meaning that instead of a wide range of abilities (like Dum has), people have just a couple of really strong powers.

It seems kind of unfortunate if true, from a lore standpoint. Mostly because it feels like the power curve of the system gets bent out of shape in some cases (a recent example, pointed out to me by Lye, was a character who, at t4, would have a t5 blast with natural talent, charged to t6, and a transformation bonus making it t7 equivalent...)

(By the way, really? I don't recall transes giving a full tier bonus.... but that may have been character specific.)

Anyone else feel like Natural Talent overly encourages people to max out at least one skill? Perhaps having it break tier limits was a poor idea, and something like reduced cost-per-tier on that skill, or other side benefits (like access to a more powerful version of the skill, as discussed with Seinks/Rekoya way back when) as opposed to +1 effective tier over the tier limit.

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Re: Min/maxing

Post by Kairus » 08 Feb 2011, 02:08

Not sure, really. A recent version of NT came out which applied to...I think it's strength/power, speed or energy control. I bought the strength/power for Sokeri, as it helps me build her towards the idea I had for her when I created her. On the FLIP side, I relied way too much on Clock Up for Hiram...ESPECIALLY once I started barrage-punching, which I think was the big catalyst for the adjustment to super speed moves. This moved him away from what I wanted him to be. Then again, I bought NT for Hiram's Clock Up partially on a whim because it was a new thing to buy and partially due to people telling me I should boost that particular technique, rather than paying attention to how I wanted Hiram to end up at T7. Provided TK doesn't get "adjusted" I think I've got Hiram settled into track for what I want him to be. This is the flavor vs mechanical of it. Flavorwise, it can be used to emphasize something about a character. When you use it for purely mechanical reasons, it can become your ace in the hole. However, some folks like to use their aces first. This can become a problem if someone figures out a way to trump the ace.

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Re: Min/maxing

Post by Nygmus » 08 Feb 2011, 03:33

About Flavor vs. Mechanical:

Using Dum as an example again (going back to the designers-use-things-the-way-they-meant-them-to-be-used bit I've mentioned before), Dum's an example of ONE way Natural Talent can work as a focus for the character.

I don't generally present it as such within the posts, because I tend to write more about the visual appearance of what's going on and Dum's thought process, and try not to go into the mechanics except when I'm doing something new and screwy.

His Natural Talent is his telekinetic ability. And if you let me start talking about that, you'll find that the telekinesis forms the underlying basis for almost literally everything he does in his normal form. If you took that away from him, he would literally have no combat style.

Take the Kade fight for example. Here's what I can remember:

Telekinesis used to shove drivers around so they didn't go along for the ride when he launched a truck
TK used to latch onto the truck (this is true for something like 99% of the cases where Dumastin is using some sort of thrown or launched cable)
TK used to disassemble the car used to make his "bomb shelter" coffin
TK used to control some of his energy attacks (most especially the "hunting snakes" attack)
TK used in the control system for the minijets (again, something like 90% of the time when he's using some sort of personal gear, it's controlled through a black-box interface containing a control system he can mess with telekinetically. Think a tiny sealed miniature control panel that can only be reached telekinetically.)

So, yeah. Pretty major for him.

I'm trying to think of other characters who use NT as a character core effectively; examples that have an attack power as NT are kind of excluded, since that's the majority ATM if I recall.

Seinks is a good example, I believe.

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