**Told Off On A Journey

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**Told Off On A Journey

Post by Indon » 14 Mar 2021, 23:23

Who: Nova, with Guru Alder played by Indon
Where: Odayakana monastery, Earth
What: Guru Alder provides Nova with a task: Go help a disciple of the school across the galaxy on his quest to cure the sickness Lycanrot.

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- '"Ugh. Here goes..." Nova stood about ten feet from the beaded doorway that was the Odayakana Guru's meditation chamber. She was to go and see them for the reprimand from the battle that happened between her and Lenne and take full responsibility for causing such havoc and mayhem on the premises. These monks, as 'different' as they were, had been nothing but kind and welcoming to her and the others and the guilt she felt from letting Lenne blow a hole in the wall and nearly the entire monestary to kingdom come weighed heavy on her. Chin up. Shoulders straight, she marched forward and wrapped her knuckles on the wall outside of the chamber doorway.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'The Guru, Alder, sat cross-legged in the center of the chamber, on one side of a rug. His wrinkled, bearded face smiled, and he gestured in front of him, across to the other side of the rug. "Welcome, Nova," he said. "It is good to see you. You seem quite dour. Have you come with a question, or seeking guidance from me? I am happy to provide."'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova pushed passed the beads of the doorway, her keen nose catching a waft of the incense burning in the room as well as whatever it was the Guru was burning for their own relaxation. The collections of smells, all earthy, warm with a splash of color, almost threw her off her own game, but she snapped to and took to one knee, her right fist touching the ground, head bowed. "Tyr'sa Alder. Forgive me. During my time here I have recovered well in your care yet I allowed danger to come to you and your home. The damage to the temple, there is no one to blame for it but myself and I've come to face your judgement."

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'Alder responded to Nova's gesture of a warrior's submission with a soft laugh. "My punishment, then, is that you sit and speak with me, Nova. You have come from a faraway land and foreign school, bringing wisdom and insight of your own to this place and to the humble monks here. Most who come here come for strength, or knowledge, or for spiritual trials, and you have been a boon to many of them. But I have not had the chance to ask you... what do you seek, here?" The Guru's manner was not one of warriors, and perhaps not even one of master and student, but perhaps simply that of a mentor.'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- 'Nova honestly did not feel like she was going in for a proper reprimand from Alder and that maybe her gesture was too much considering the overall temperment of Odayakana, but she was still full glad rather than throw a Qai tempertantrum she was instead met as an equal and invited to simple conversation. She relaxed her form and sat back in vajrasana pose, setting her hands on her knees. "I was hungry. Tired. The last of my water capsules had just run out and I got into a fight with Lenne. I saw the temple on the side of the mountain and thought I was going to eat every last morsal of food you had and head back out into the wild to train again." Her gaze wandered around the room at the multitude of colors, rugs, baubles and candles that made up this meditation chamber. Everything was so warm and comforting; a stark contrast to the cold and bleak feel of Ng Yelo.'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- '"But when I got here and had a proper nights sleep, my mind shut down the thought of leaving right away. There was a peace here that I had not known in many years and it reminded me of my days training with my master. It all helped quell the Dou that has been welling up inside of me lately"'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'The Guru nodded. "Peace is something that people come here for, as well. And you see and know that peace, but you have not yet found it within yourself. It rather reminds me of a disciple that was but recently among us," he said, his voice taking on a nostalgic tone, as he started to tell a story. "One day, a monk asked that disciple to clean the floors. And he did, with great diligence, for that day. And long into the night, he continued to work. And the next morning, that disciple showed us all what he had worked on - a robot, of his creation, that would clean the floors. He boasted that now, none would need to clean the floors. That he used his time cleaning the floors to design the robot, and that he was happy to give it to us. So Nova, I am curious... can you tell me what that disciple did wrong?"'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- '"Hm." If this were the Empire, that disciple would be dead, but also its very hard to miss intentions in Icerian language. It's quite the direct tongue. But this wasn't Imperial space and the common that Earthers spoke left a lot on the table to be taken a number of ways. "I would say nothing. They were asked to do a task and it was done to the best of that person's ability." She knew that wasn't the right answer, but when searching her heart that felt right and for some reason she did not want to lie to Alder. For all of her yelling at Lenne to be herself, she felt she should take her own advise for once.'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'The Guru nodded again. "Yes, in that way you are very much like him. Do you think that we only ask disciples to clean the halls so that the halls may be clean?" Alder let the question hang in the air a moment, but continued, not expecting an answer. "Yet, directness, clarity of mind, is a kind of wisdom, as well, is it not? There is peace, here. Perhaps what you need to see, is an example of that directness, that clarity, that has taken away some of our monastery's inner peace." The old monk pulled from his robes, a sheet of paper, printed from a dot matrix printer, on which was printed a job offer: Wanted: Field assistant, medical biology research, and handed it to Nova. "I think perhaps you could find some of what you seek, if you go to this disciple, and perhaps he could learn from you as well."'

Wanted: Field assistant, medical biology research
Location: Hydia
Contact: Public scouter code 555-112-358-1321, ask for Indon re: lycanrot assistant position

-No experience necessary
-Applicants will be required to lift 100kg above head without strain
-Self-defense ability may be useful
-This position involves potential exposure to unknown disease vectors for a sickness known to infect Hydians

Indon, a researcher native to Earth, is looking for individuals to assist with a wide variety of field tasks related to the study of the Hydian disease "Lycanrot", a degenerative illness that plagues a significant portion of the population with a wide variety of effects, but which is still not well-understood.

Tasks will involve finding and interacting with individuals afflicted with Lycanrot, and with field work in the wilds of Hydia searching for potential treatment options in the form of native biological compounds.

An occasional symptom of Lycanrot is the development or advancement of physical strength or other attributes considered exceptional (colloquially termed "meta" or "superpowered"), and dealing with patients comes with the possibility of dealing with belligerent individuals, so individuals applying are recommended to have exceptional physical or other capabilities in order to deal with given tasks safely.

This research is sponsored by the Crown of Hydia.
Assistants will be given a discretionary budget and per-diem as well as salary.
Salary negotiated upon hiring.
No solicitations for products or services outside of job applicants will be considered.

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- 'And there it was. Not a direct middle finger and a kick in the pants, but Alder was suggesting to Nova "perhaps you should leave". At least that's what she felt in her heart. But was this such a terrible idea? It had been almost a month since they arrived and Lenne did ask 'what's next' for Nova and her journey. With a grin, she looked over the contents of the parchment, then blinked once as she read it. "Hydia? That's the fringe system of the West Galaxy. Why is your disciple all the way out there?"'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'The Guru gestured to the sheet. "I think he is trying to cure a disease," Alder said. "And, I would suggest perhaps you should ask your acquaintances to come with you. The three of you have... complex vibrations, together. I think they too can help enrich you, and that the three of you can bring much to our distant disciple, on his charity mission across the galaxy." The guru pulled another thing from his robes - a stoppered vial full of a viscous, golden amber liquid tinged with flecks of red.'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova: -- '(A trip across the Universe with Lenne? I'd rather be shot out of the airlock. But then again being alone with Zofu for a few weeks...) She nodded, coming up to her feet with the parchment in hand. They would need to find passage, though there were several transport ships that could use muscle in that corner of the galaxy. She and Lenne being a pair of Saiyan warriors would make sense but Zofu...hmm. "Am I reading their name right? I-dong?"'

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'Alder gently corrected, "Indon. I have heard, from the news, that after leaving us he fought against... VENOM, I think?" Alder offered the vial in his hand to Nova. "This vial has what I think Zofu has come here for - honey made from the flowers of the valley. Eating some induces a long, deep spiritual journey. I could not ask him to leave without offering some, please bring it to him on behalf of the monastery."'

[CHAT] (80%) Nova took the vial with a bow of her head. With this, she had a little bit of leverage over Zofu to get him to come along on this wild and vast journey. He'd get his sleepy honey as payment for coming along. Lenne she'd drag by the tail, through the mud and some sharp rocks preferably. Before she left, she stopped at the bead curtain and looked back at Alder, "Thank you for all you've done Master Alder. If you'd permit, I'd like to come back and share my teachings with you and your lot someday." With a deep bow, Nova left his chambers, off to find the pretty one at the annoying one.

[CHAT] (80%) Indon: -- 'Alder's voice echoed from the chamber as she left, "Be careful what you say out there - Monastery walls are meant to be broken! I have heard spaceships are not so agreeable."'

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Re: **Told Off On A Journey

Post by ikenbon » 16 Mar 2021, 22:14

So, Riz actually read this entire log to me the other night on his new twitch channel and afterward he gave it a light review, and I'm ashamed to say I'm probably going to steal a lot of his thoughts on it.

This is a really good log. It's really, really good log. It's a simple idea, and not over dramatic. There's a soberness to these characters and a real 'living in their headspace' atmosphere. Indon, you did a fantastic job with this NPC. Riz himself said he felt like you embodied this character as if you had been roleplaying him for a very long time. It felt very natural. It might even be the most genuine 'mentor' character we've seen so far. It really was a spur of the moment decision to go to this temple, and it feels like we're leaving far too soon knowing that you could have NPC'ed with a lot of other characters and explored this worldbuilding space more. I almost even feel like we robbed it a bit from you, so I hope this location grows, and we return someday, hopefully with Indon in tow.

As for Nova, this was a very 'heroic' moment for her. She didn't have to accept the full responsibility of what happened in the skirmish with Lenne, in fact it's probably fair to say she wasn't responsible at all for the destruction in Odayakana, but she stepped up in this moment because unlike the other characters involved, Nova has found her strength, or at least, the path to it, and that choice tells me that in her own mind, she understands the superhuman powers and responsibilities the characters of DB:I RP possess better than anyone currently in the main cast. To her credit, she's the only one who has been legitimately seeking that power, and was trained to use and respect it as well.

I know the ending here, and the purpose behind the drama is to bring as many characters into one place as possible, but you guys found a very natural, story-driven way to make that journey feel like a real destination rather than the random intersections that other characters have had. We'll see how that journey goes (and whether I can juggle three totally different characters on and off screen while it's happening).

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Re: **Told Off On A Journey

Post by ikenbon » 31 Mar 2021, 09:04

For the month of March, 2021 the SIX STAR DRAGONBALL has been awarded for this log.

Either Nova or Indon can discover the ball (discuss it among yourselves)

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