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I'm adding this here to show my method of solo'ing and overall writing. I usually start off staring into a blank page with a thousand and one ideas running through my head. 90% of my rp ideas come from being in the shower. I guess thats where my mind goes. I'll act out scenes in my head, and get most of my dialogue from it. But I always run into roadblocks going from point to point. So I thought I'd show people how I story board the solos. This exert is from The Ten Rings log. If this helps just one person improve on their flow for solos or any other sort of writing great. If you guys have any questions about what's here feel free to ask me in game either on chat ooc, tells (when I have them on) or general ooc.

“It’s human”

Doctor tells <BOSS> (Nox) that Amon is a just a human
-Goes into details about how the cut could
have saved the arm.
<NURSE> finds bullet wound
- <BOSS> (Nox) realizes its Carmine’s armor piercing round
Amon should be dead. Piques his interest

Doctor is paid normal fee and bonus. (Gives creepy grin) ((Doctor is Tuffle infecting an old human. Pot marked, scruffy beard big, round head, scruffy beard. Irisless eyes, balding))

<BOSS> (Nox) berates nephew. Makes threat and explains brother’s death (Turned into MAX clone)
Amon is still knocked out. Prime opportunity to euthanize him. Goes to the Keywork to meditate.
Kazuren and Gaius watch the doctor clean up and advise to keep the beast alive. ((Both are demons in human skin))
<BOSS> (Nox) emerges from Keywork, powered up and focused
Amon put in captivity (Mention King Arthur providing the material for the holding cell from Vitae City)


Nox is growing impatient with Amon.
Amon has been awake but will not speak, eat, or move.
Nox brings Fredurik, Sin and Carmine down to the cells to see him. Have them go over what happened in the abandoned building again.

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