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Post by Reih » 09 Oct 2011, 17:15

So, let me preface this whole idea by reminding people of an important detail we often forget about..

It is illegal to kill another Player Character (PC) without their consent. You can beat the shit out of them, you can pester them, you can even harass them (to a degree), but without consent they're more than free to magic up some bullshit fairy that revives them at Death's door.

Now that we have that out of the way.. The idea is this: no longer being able to view the "Tier" of a player, either on the Wiki, or in-game with the "rpfinger" command.

As much as we try to avoid it, as players, it is our inherent nature to be protective of our characters. It would be silly to simply go challenge a T5 to a fight as a T2, and as players, when we know the Tier of the fighter, we instinctively avoid certain people iRP in hostile situations. We may not avoid them altogether, but often, we'll do everything we can to avoid having to fight them.

I already hear some of you saying "WELL I DONT DO THAT..". Shut the fuck up. Yes you do. I don't care whether you go blue in the face denying it, this is just human nature. There are some that are more open and willing than others - I like to pick on people way stronger than me, for instance - but we all try to avoid situations that we agree would mean certain death.

On the flip side of this coin, this also creates an 'arrogance' in characters. When you know that the people you're roleplaying with are several tiers below you, your character will most likely have little if any problem commanding them around or taking brazen actions you wouldn't otherwise take if you thought you might endanger your character.

Again, I hear "I DONT DO THAT EITHER" already, and again, shut the fuck up. Yes you do.

Arrogance as a part of a character is perfectly fine. It may even be a trait they develop over the course of their RP-lives. However, a sudden personality shift around characters dependent on their Tier of the person their roleplaying with is generally a noticeable standard among even veteran roleplayers.

Now, I'm not calling anyone out here. Like I said above, a lot of us are guilty of this, even though you're probably already typing some retarded comment about how you don't do this because " i totally fought ____ and they were way stronger/weaker than me ". Really, how much of a fuck I give can be measured in millimeters. You're guilty, suck it up.

And the next thought is probably "OK smartass, whats your idea then?"

It's this..

Make a system similar to the 'partner' system for spars. It's a basic 1 or 0 integer check initiated by the "rppartner" command. After you have partnered with someone, and they have accepted, you can both now use the "rpfinger" command to check the tier of the person that you're partnered with. This would be a prerequisite for having an iRP battle - obviously not easy to enforce, but the command would come with drawbacks. The only exclusion would be that Admins could freely see this information regardless. After all, they're made Admins because they're supposed to be trustworthy, so if they abuse this system, the punishment would be even worse than a normal player.

a.) After using the 'rppartner' command, neither character is able to log out for an hour.

- This would be a deterrent for abusing the system, because really, if you're about to start an epic battle, you're going to spend more than an hour fighting. It could take an hour just to finish the shit talking before the blows actually begin.

b.) The effect from 'rppartner' only lasts for the duration of the hour.

- Say the person that you were RPing with last night, and finished the battle with, suddenly gained a Tier via another RP before you two RP again.. And you challenge the same person to a fight, iRP, without realizing it. Suddenly you're in the middle of a battle with a person slightly stronger than you, and things aren't going to go the same way they did the last time.

c.) Discussing this information in game would fall under the same rules as "Quest Information".

Now, before the comments come pouring in about how this would never work because ____, I can already see several situations where this would be problematic.

One situation is: My character has sense, but the character I'm fighting doesn't have suppress! I should be able to tell whether he's stronger than me or not.

I agree that this situation may require more coding than the initial system indicates. It may be necessary to add Admin-controlled variables such as "hasSense = 1/0" or "hasSuppress = 1/0". Being that a RP Admin has to approve all of your moves before you can post them to the Wiki. This would just be one small extra step to take, when these specific skills are granted.

It could even become more complex, with checks for the Tier of Sense that the person has. Suppress doesn't matter until Tier 4, in which there could be a flag for that as well. Yes, I realize how much coding would be involved with this.

Another situation I see is "Well, since all Tier information for moves is removed from the Wiki, someone could just SAY that their skill is Tier __ in one RP, and that another skill is the same Tier in another RP."

Well, that's very true. But, you see, I credit our RP Admins for having at least basic common sense. If they see you using two skills in two separate RPs, of the same Tier, they're going to bust you for it. They know how much RPP you have, and they will call you on your bullshit. Upgrading skills requires admin permission in the first place, and I'm sure the information is shared, so even if one Admin doesn't catch you, the one that approved your skill will likely bend you over and spank you.

Another problem is that there are obvious characters who have been in the system a while, and we're all pretty familiar with each other's Tier. But what about their alts? What about new RPers? What about characters that you didn't even know they had?

I'm only speaking for myself when I say that I try to have some sort of integrity when I roleplay, in that I try my best to keep what I know and what my character knows separated. But again, human nature is a bastard. Sometimes I do things instinctually, and that's all on me.

With all this said, theres further issues with this system that I don't have the space to address, because half of the people reading this have already stopped reading and started typing some sort of defensive comment. If you've made it this far, thank you. I realize that there are probably a myriad of other problems I haven't even thought of but hey.. Here's to creativity.

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Re: RPPartner

Post by Moses » 09 Oct 2011, 18:24

Not that it's really extremely relevant to me, because I don't keep interest in RP for very long periods of time, but here are my problems with this idea.

1: You said it yourself. You cannot kill a player without consent. Unless this rule is changed (and it shouldn't be), then this rule will ultimately change very little. Sure, you'll have more fights between T7's and T1's, but the end result won't be any different. Personally, I think "magicing" one's way out of death is generally much more annoying to read than a slight deviation from character made to avoid the battle altogether.

2: This system serves your purposes only when those in the RP aren't notable power-players. For instance, most people know that Lye RPs every day. Most people know which mortals belong to RP imms (not implying any foul play, just that if you're an RP imm, you're likely to enjoy RPing a lot). This puts people new to the RP scene at a "disadvantage" (if you want to call it that), where they don't have the information that the higher tiers do about who RPs a little and who's a total no-lifer.

3: Trying to enforce secrecy does not work. Quest info IS passed between people, always has been, and always will be. AIM/MSN/Yahoo/whatever cannot be moderated.

4: It requires special coding. This isn't a jab at Rendo for not coding things (those ARE fun though), it's just that the more holes an idea has, the less likely Rendo is to think it's worth doing any work to put into the game. He might disagree, of course, but I think I've pointed out some pretty big holes (there's a joke about your mother somewhere in there, I just know it!).

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