Gravija (Preliminary Idea For Tier 1 ability "Limit Break"

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Gravija (Preliminary Idea For Tier 1 ability "Limit Break"

Post by Kaylinn » 17 Jun 2011, 19:40

First, the 3 stage (3 turn drawback):

After completion of Limit Break, stage one drawback (First turn after):
Gained power (star level, you'll understand later) is cut by 1/3
Normal speed ratio is increased by 300% of normal limit (at true star level)
Reason being, the only options available to Gravija during this turn are block or dodge
Damage taken upon being hit during this turn is DOUBLE normal result for Gravija's -current-
star level with boost.

Stage 2 drawback (second turn)
Gained power is cut by 2/3
Normal speed ratio increased by only 200% (as per Gravija's true star level)
Reason being, he now has the option to attack, but all attacks must be physical, no KI available
Damage taken upon being hit is NORMAL for -current- star level with boost

Stage 3 drawback (third and final drawback stage)
Gained power is GONE
normal speed ratio is 75% of normal (as per Gravija's true star level)
Damage taken if Gravija is not put in a defensive "shell" stance of some kind BEFORE this
turn begins is 50% however if he is in a defensive "shell" stance or hiding behind something
damage taken is 33% (or 25% at discretion of admin if not allowed by attacking character's
Reason being, in this stage gravija is severely overheated and quite literally cannot do SHIT aside from make calculations for his next turn (Open slot for character development and
relationship to attacker according to his CPU)


The Limit Break Ability:

For 3 combat turns (Must be taken turn after turn after turn) Gravija's star level matches
that of a higher level opponent, adds a single star if opponent is on the same star level, adds nothing but a speed increase and damage reduction if opponent is at a lower star level

Gravija becomes able to use the BASIC abilities of the star level achieved through Limit Break, power of abilities granted at Gravija's true star level are doubled for TRUE star level
Gravija gains the ability to copy ONE of his opponent's moves, but it must have been used
on Gravija during the battle and he loses all knowledge of it after using it ONCE (This can
only be done once during the collective of the three turns NOT once per Limit Break Effected


CPU Risk (3 turns following the third drawback turn.)

Gravija has 3 turns after the final drawback stage in which to exit combat mode
Failure to exit combat mode by the third turn results in fried CPU/Total Shut down of all
functions, leaving Gravija vulnerable to quite literally anything and everything.
After activating limit break, even if Gravija exits combat mode on time, it cannot enter
combat mode again for the remainder of the RP, leaving it at best on defense mode at its
true star level even if attacked, but at a 200% damage toll over normal for his star level
Gravija cannot enter combat during his next roleplay after using Limit Break


If I get the RPP for it and the star level...should I request it? Feedback/criticism welcome.

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