RP Clans

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RP Clans

Post by Lye » 24 Jan 2009, 23:22

I'm a n00b, I know. Anyway, I was thinking since serious RP'ers are probably going to want to form clans they should have a different criteria for being formed. I don't know, something like 50m zeni and then 100 Green RPP and 50 Red RPP from the founding members. Would make it easier on those of us who do nothing but RP and not much else.

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Re: RP Clans

Post by ikenbon » 24 Jan 2009, 23:26

I don't like the idea. sorry lye.

the new rp system requires you to gain powerlevel anyway to reach some of the higher star levels and I don't think its that hard to gold.

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Re: RP Clans

Post by Nygmus » 04 Feb 2009, 05:48

Gotta go with Luke here.

Besides, Lye, at present as far as I know the code does not differentiate between red and green for purposes of awards, they go into one big pot. I do want to see clans started that actually exist in RP-I'm kind of sad that most of the major clans started to die out around the time I got serious about RP. That sort of power block is a pretty big hammer to have floating around, and it's fun to try to divert it around or bust it up. Not to mention the giddy thoughts I get when I consider a fight between an entire clan and one megavillain.

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Re: RP Clans

Post by RossGaming » 23 Jun 2010, 13:42

I think before you can get clans together for rp reasons you need a few things to happen. One you have to make sure all fights do not lead to death, find a nother way to punish someone somehow besides confining their character to the after life every single time they fight a keyboard weilding warrior. Either that or give some sort of negative rp-tag to people who kill other people making them like a bountied character or unable to enter populated cities and areas because they are wanted this way they everyone is not scared of dying since clans are mostly in regards to strength in numbers for fighting.

The second thing thats needs done is there needs to be a reason for people to band together IRP, for instance possibly a team fight tournament where a couple of teams square off all at once, or a job listing for a team of adventures to explore a new planet so people have a reason to group together build friends IRP and want to stick together as a group or a clan. Obviously the "z fighters" did not create themselves for no reason, they were trying to save the world became friends and stuck together. A similar thing is going to have to happen IRP for clans or groups of people I will call them to have a reason to fight together and I do not personally think this should require any zeni or anything like that since when does it cost money to say hey we are a group of people named such and such.

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