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RP Incentives

Posted: 31 Aug 2010, 06:07
by Lye
As I stated previously, you can't expect the formula of "People should RP
just for the sake of RP" to work at getting the average player to RP. There
needs to be a great deal more 'in-game' incentive for people to be bothered
spending hours upon hours to RP. How do you do that? You make the items
on the reward list more uberly hax then they are now. If you have to up
the price to make them more hax, then up the price. Are custom items even
available? If not then make a template for custom items, be it armor,
weapons or whatever, set it low, like 50 for the blank item creation, no
extra stats or whatever. Then charge an additional 5 RPP per single stat or
500 points in armor. Custom Techniques would be a good way to get more
people to RP because then they'd be able to go around the mud and use a hax
skill that they've spent an assload of RP on and have at least one similar
technique in both RP and in game. Custom Transformations was a genius idea
that would get more people to RP just so they could be extremely unique
with their own in-game character. The argument that people should RP for
RP only works for very few players, for everyone else the concept of
spending hundreds of hours writing fiction without any sort of real awesome
potential for reward on their in game characters is fail. Not everyone
enjoys spending hour and days writing complete fiction without any real
prospect for awesome rewards for their 'real' in game character.

Lye Saiko (And Done)

Re: RP Incentives

Posted: 13 Nov 2010, 01:51
by Enju
I used to play a DBZ mud that had an interesting way to tackle this problem. The way this was done was for every chat post that is longer than x amount of lines, you get a small amount of PL. We could work this into the tier system by making the pl min/max pl gains of each tier similar to the way we ki gain. I mean I am proposing very small gains, and this system would mean something similar to an rp council and more rp admins. This way people cannot abuse this system. The moment someone abuses the system they can be deauthed for a period of time or permanently. (I personally support the permanent deauth, because in my mind abusing something like this is cheating.) I think this would get more new players into rp, at the same time keeping rp going.

Re: RP Incentives

Posted: 13 Nov 2010, 10:26
by Nygmus
I don't know. I like the idea, but I think the first thing it would need is to be mirrored-that is, ways to gain RPP through ingame means. (I wouldn't actually be opposed to that if I were still an imm, assuming those "means" were things like RP-based areas with RPP as unrepeatable quest rewards...)

I don't know. I think it's been shown in the past that adding new incentives doesn't actually really stimulate RP beyond a big spike that lasts a week or two. They added some sexy new rewards, including god damn RACECHANGES, and RP hit a huge low a week or two later.

If we want more RP, we need to have more RP. RP spawns RP. It sounds crazy, but it's the truth.

Re: RP Incentives

Posted: 13 Nov 2010, 20:20
by Enju
That is a given..But I think that a non-admin type of RP Council to hold daily non-storyline RP events. Also, many do not want to RP when their previous RP's do not seem to be rewarded. So a type of RP Mort Council would have to be able to read RP logs to help the RP Admin(s) reward RPP. Of course if something like this was to be implemented, it would be at the discretion of the Admins, and how the RP Council should act etc. I personally think that morts who used to hold some kind of RP Admin job as well as the players who help people start RP should be apart of this council. Also the RP Council's players should have more of a Storyline impact. The RP Admins should tell the RP Council what the goal of the timeline is IRP. Not complete micromanaging, but an outline. This kind of thing will generate RP. And since the RP Council will consist of morts it gives the other morts that RP something to aim for. This kind of thing requires little to no coding (I don't know how much DBS code has changed with what they have done with DBI). It would generate more RP, and as long as the RP Council is active RP should continue, for longer than a couple of weeks.

Re: RP Incentives

Posted: 14 Nov 2010, 19:00
by Nygmus
We don't really have many people to staff such a council, though. About the only entrenched RPers not already on immstaff are me and Kairus/Hiram.

There's a few, but we've a lot lately. Something happened a few weeks ago that really shook us up and hit a couple longtime RPers really hard, and right now the only really active RPers who aren't on staff that I can think of are me and Hiram. Neither of us are even that active, either.