Tygers Newbie Guide (WIP)

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Tygers Newbie Guide (WIP)

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New Starters Playbook
  • For new starters to the game, it is suggested to check out Recommended Stats (Ch. 5) and General Tips (Ch. 6) for an idea about stats and gameplay.
    When starting, we suggest saying ’learn’ and completing the beginners area - you will learn basic mechanics to complete quests and generally make your way through the game, if nothing else.
    Upon completion of the Beginners area, you’ll load in CoE. Head north, up and north to locate the transporters. These work up to 10m PL, and really help getting around at the start pre-IT. To the east is the Earth Transport.
    Head north and you can transport to any of the non-earth locations - suggest starting out either on Furiza or Namek.
  • Head to the Proving Grounds - west, all the way north from the newbie capsule mob.
    This area is fantastic to start off with - you complete a quest line that teaches your basic skills (kick, punch, mediate, sense etc.) at 50% or better.
    Once you’ve completed the quest line, head back out of the area, past the Proving Grounds sign, south and take the second east exit and to Ginyu Base
Ginyu Base
  • See the area guide (Chapter 2) for here, but you can essentially level here until you reach IT PL and your first transformation..
    Once you’ve reached your first transformation, and gotten IT (other than Androids), you have a few areas to choose from
Feldron (Chapter 2)
  • area is reasonable to move to straight from Ginyu, as there are some stronger mobs here south of the IT point - watch your health though! Feldron drops a lot of 100m PL equipment, some of which are better than the leather EQ you’ll pick up from Yardrat Forest..
Capsule Corp
  • Junkions (north-western section) are 350m PL, and aren’t that tough, and can be used to grind your way until you’re strong enough to attack Feldron - around 1b PL.
Yardrat Forest -
  • Young Yak’s start at 1b PL - this area gives you an added bonus of a complete stackable set of EQ for arms (wearable @ 150m PL), legs (wearable @ 250m PL), about (wearable @ 300m PL) and hands (wearable @ 200m PL).
    Once you’re 100m PL, head to Shadowbrook and do the quest there (see Chapter 3)
  • When you start, you’ll have a few bits and pieces from the new starters area. If you see a Kaio on, ask for Kaio gear - or just throw a general request out on a public channel and see if anyone’s listening.
    If you cannot get yourself Kaio gear, the 200k-1m mobs in Ginyu Base drop Hardened Combat gear that essentially substitute Kaio gear.
    Your melee is stronger than the sword
Earth, specifically Satan City has some beginners gear for sale in the shops along the Path to Righteousness
  • Ankle Warmers (20,000 zeni each)
    Masks (20,000 zeni)
    Long Chain Earring (20,000 zeni)
  • flying escaped nameks above the Big Ghetti Star (PL?) drop Namek Slave Collars, which can be worn once you’re 100k PL
    Once you’re 50k base PL, head to Namek (via newbie capsule and transporters in CoE) and do the Namek Statue quest (Chapter 3)

I will be adding more as time permits, this is just a place holder for now, to see the latest version of my guide in all its glory, visit:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HFb ... jsAlc/edit


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Re: Tygers Newbie Guide (WIP)

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Very nice!! I think I might start developing my Maps again also!

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