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This dude was being a dick (And Mest wasn't abusing powers)

Posted: 16 Oct 2014, 21:57
by Eric
[Infinity] ::Welcome Imanasshole, the newest Halfbreed to DBI!::

-<OOC>- Imanasshole: 'Hey guys'
-<OOC>- Imanasshole: 'I figured I'd just get straight to the point and have everyone know about me when they meet me'

-<OOC>- Tirisius: 'you're gonna get renamed'
-<OOC>- Tirisius: 'or deleted'
-<OOC>- Tirisius shrugs.

-<OOC>- Imanasshole: 'Shut the fuck up'
<OOC>- Imanasshole: 'You sensitive newbie'

-<OOC>- Tirisius: 'badass over here'

-<OOC>- Imanasshole: 'quit the game'
-<OOC>- Imanasshole: '"Youre going to get deleted wahhhhaaaa"'

-<OOC>- Mest: 'Oh lovely...'
-<OOC>- Mest: 'I'ma get in trouble for this ...'
[Infinity] ::Imanasshole has left the game::
-<OOC>- Mest: 'Hey, look at that.'


[Infinity] ::Welcome Gamergate, the newest Saiyan to DBI!::

-<OOC>- Gamergate: 'Wtf why was I kicked?'
-<OOC>- Gamergate: 'My name was so legit'

-<OOC>- Gamergate: 'God I hate women... did I mention that?'

This went on for about 5 more minutes, Mest gave him a 10 minute silence. He quit.

As of the time of me logging this, he's back as Ghokhu and being pretty fucking anti-semitic and just generally a dick.