*Etruc - Police Transfer Qualification

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*Etruc - Police Transfer Qualification

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Etruc gets jossled back awake he hadn't fully fallen asleep but he was well on his way, sitting on the bench he rubbed his eyes and stretched. He looked around the train at all the other passengers and reached for his phone. As he raised the phone up the screen lit up and he saw the faces of his family, his wife Beth and his three children two girls and a boy. The photo taken at their last daycation driving up the to the top of some mountain.

Next Stop Sector Eight the announcement brought him back to his trips goal, completing the pre-employment qualification for the Police Headquarters. He had completed his interviews, polygraph, and written testing only thing left was his physical test and weapons qualification. Etruc thinks back on the last thirteen years and the hard knocks and lessons that came with them. He rotates his left shoulder to loosen up a prior injury he obtained breaking up a bar fight. Those days are behind me. The passenger next to him looked startled, You talking to me sir? No, ma’am just reflecting to myself.

The breaks of the turbo train engage and the car he is in lurches him forward in his seat, Etruc uses the momentum to stand himself up with little effort. He straightens his tie and wipes his face with the back of his hand to make sure he hadn’t slobbered while dozing. Etruc walks towards the exit and the conductor held his hand up Please stay in your seating area until we stop completely. He steps back adjusts his belt and checks his outfit again. Once the train eased into the station and squealed to a stop Etruc looked to the conductor who waved the passengers toward the door.

Stepping off the train the sunlight poured over him he checked his watch and went towards the road in front of the train station. Etruc held his hand out hailed a cab and displayed his Law Enforcement Credentials the driver nodded and pointed to the scanner just below the window between them. Just tap it on the pad there once we arrive the company will bill your department later. Etruc nodded and settled back in the seat trying to relax himself but his left leg bounced with nervous energy.

As the taxi pulled in front of the Sector Eight Police Headquarters Etruc leaned close to the window ducking down to try and take the entire building in one look. You transferring in or already employed? the taxi driver asked. Transferring in I hope, If I get this position I’ll have to move my family in once I get a place here. The driver nodded, Good luck buddy. Etruc tapped his ID on the pay pad and exited the vehicle he stretched and fixed his pants. Thank you, sir, have a great day. The taxi driver waved and drove away from the curb leaving Etruc to walk in and face the tasks ahead.

As Etruc walks into the entrance the lobby is bustling with people talking and walking around. Wow busy precinct. He walks up to the front desk Sergeant, Can I help you? the older Sergeant says without looking up from his paperwork. Yes please I have an appointment for employment screening. the Sergeant with a non-caring face looks up at Etruc and his eyes grow a little wide. Damn you’re a big fella, head through that door over there the lady will help direct you further. The Sergeant points to Etrucs left and Etruc follows the directions given and walks over to privacy glass door and enters, as the door closes the noise from the lobby fades away into a normal level of an office. A small framed secretary looks up over her computer. You here for hiring process?, Yes ma’am I’m supposed to run the course and shoot today. The secretary points towards the door to the lobby. Ok head back out and take the lobby elevator down to the basement I’ll override the elevator so you can go down. Etruc pushes the door and the lobby roar fills his ears as his hearing adjusts, he walks briskly and nervously across the lobby to a small elevator that opens as he approaches. Ok sir, I see you in there I’m sending the elevator down to the range. the doors close behind him and Etruc turns around his palms sweating as his heart starts pumping harder.

The elevator smoothly starts downwards as the lump in his throat moves upwards from his stomach. Why am I so nervous I’ve done this for 13 years now. When the elevator chimed and the doors opened he could hear the dampened sound of guns being fired ahead, as he walked out and turned right towards the shots he could hear the roar of cheers and louder explosions in the midst of the gunfire. Thats a big gun I hear must be a sniper or something. As he approached the range doors he reached out and grabbed the handle of the door. He pulled against the door which was re-enforced and very heavy which led to a sally port entryway.

A hearing protection dispenser was hung next to the door for easy obtainment and signs warning of loud noise exposure were plastered all over the room as well as lead poisoning warnings. Etruc grabbed a pair of soft ear plugs and squished him before sliding them in his ears to expand. On the right wall a rack hangs with ear muffs for added protection. Underneath is a collection of shooting glasses to protect ones eyes. Etruc ignores the glasses and just wears his prescription lenses inside. He grabs the door handle to enter the range about the time the next loud explosion erupts inside.

The force of the concussion in a confined space moved his chest causing minor discomfort but he shrugged it off just the same. Inside a man in a red shirt catches his attention. &Y You here to qualify for employment. Yes sir. Huh the red shirt said. Yes sir I’m here to shoot. Etruc raises his right hand and moves his index finger as if to mime pulling a trigger. The red shirt nods and points down to the left side of the range Lane ONE, pay attention to instructions in your booth. Etruc nods and walks down to the booth on his way he spots a crowd gathered around lane six he figured that’s where the sniper was shooting.

Upon reaching the boot with labeled one he looked down on the work bench and a Glock 17 pistol was sitting there in a open case three boxes of ammunition was sitting next to it as well as a pair of earmuffs and glasses Guess if you forgot it on the way in you don’t deserve to go deaf Etruc reaches over and grabs the wireless transmitter for his booth and plugs it into his earmuffs. Can you hear me sir? Etruc nodded and held a thumbs up. Welcome Mr. Olivera, were glad to have you come out today. Standard Course of fire is fifty rounds day and fifty rounds night. Also there is a Day/Night Combat course of fire and shotgun qualification scheduled for today. I’m supposed to have you for two hours correct? again Etruc nodded knowing the range operator could see him from the camera.

&Etruc clipped the holster and Glock onto his belt and shakes off his nerves making sure every joint is ready for action he lowers his chin close to his chest and rocks his head back in forth. He grabs a box of ammo and opens it and loads three magazines for his weapon and throws the box into a trash can directly behind him to his left. He loads in holster, draws his weapon and charges the first round into the chamber. He holsters the pistol and gives a thumbs up to the operator. First course of fire is Day Time the target is 5 meters to your front bladed away from you. Once the target presents itself fire two rounds center mass one round headshot in 3 seconds.

Shooter ready! Etruc places his hand about for inches from the weapon in holster and prepares for the motion of the target. The target turns facing him it is a exaggerated photo of a homeless guy with a shotgun in his hand postured as if he was aiming at the shooter. Etruc grabs his pistol activates the holster releases and draws the pistol forth, clearing the holster he raises the gun chest high fires two shots then raises the gun higher to his eyes and fires the third shot striking the target in the head an inch from the targets nose. The target blades back after the timer elapses and the operator continues instructions

Next we will repeat the first course two more times Shooter ready! Etruc had holstered his pistol after clearing around him for threats. The target turned again Etruc drew and fired three shots into the targets, the lights behind the target showed him his second headshot was a quarter inch above the left brow. I’m pulling my shots need to adjust my trigger finger. Third time Shooter ready! the target bladed presenting Etruc his third opportunity to put a hole in the targets head three shots rang out and a new hold appeared on the bridge of the nose of the target. I’ve got this in the bag. Etruc continued qualifying and finished his day course.

You have completed the day portion of pistol qualification your overall score is 99.6 percent. Etruc nodded as he loaded the magazines back to full for the night portion of the course. Next portion is Night time fire. You will be enclosed in your lane to facilitate this standby. A cylinder enclosed behind him and the lights dimmed out on the range the lights in his booth turned red to allow him to see as he prepared to continue loading his eyes began to adjust to the darkness. Ahead of him on the range blue and red lights began to flash he could see the target was still at 25 meters where it was in day time. I guess I’m shooting far into close for night. Ok now we will begin the night course. Draw and fire six rounds kneeling and six rounds standing in twelve seconds from the 25 meter mark.

Shooter Ready! The target blades Etruc drops to his right knee drawing his pistol while kneeling he brings the pistol up to his chest makes a solid grip and extends the pistol outwards towards the target. Six quick shots ring out in his booth and he stands up gaining his shooting stance he aims carefully now not supported and fires six more shots carefully aiming each time. This continues until the target resumes the starting location at five meters from Etruc one hundred rounds later Etruc has completed both day and night course now he awaits the score from his night shoot. &CGood Job shooter ninty eight percent on that round if you make it through you’ll have the marksman pin for your uniform.

Next course is the combat course I will have the range master walk you through it as you will have to go down range and engage forward of the baracades. Etruc loaded his magazines from the last box of ammo and loads in holster and draws to chamber his first round. You ready son, the large older man in the red shirt was next to him with a clipboard now in hand. Etruc nods and establishes his grip. This is a shoot no shoot challenge course you’ve seen the bad guy watch for other target types and evaluate before you shoot this is not timed and you have cover to employ in between stations.

The range master slaps him on the shoulder from this station engage the target down range with two effective shots from cover. A barricade extended from the left side of the booth to simulate cover for the exercise. Etruc peered around the corner of the barricade the scenario as explained by his earpiece This is a call of discharge of firearm in a residential area no other information other than yelling was heard then gunfire then silence. Etruc spots a target in the dark and hits it with his weapon mounted light it’s a silhouette of a woman with her hands up, since his light was on he scanned the area and spotted a enemy target now with a sticker across the front that read Sheriff and another sticker that was the shape of a star badge on his beltline.
Etruc challenged the target. Police Department turn away from me and put your weapon down. The red shirt following him yelled back No I’m off duty Sheriff I heard the shots and threw my vest on I’m here to help. Just as Etruc opened his mouth to respond a loud explosion was off to his right from where the crowd was gathered dust dropped from the tile ceiling and Etruc sprawled behind the barricade noticeably shaken. Easy son it’s just the SWAT Team training down the way. The confidence of the range master explained a lot and Etruc got up and resumed his simulation.

I appreciate the offer of help but go back to your house I got this and I don’t want you to get tied up on your day off. with that the target bladed and Etruc figured he said the right thing as the range master yelled A shot just went off in front of you past the “deputies location” Etruc moved forward and took up cover behind a pole that was raising up through the floor. He peeked out and saw a target faced towards him the familiar qualification target. Put the gun down!! the range master make a horrible attempt to mask his voice Fuck you BAM the gun shot mimicked by the the proctors voice.
Etruc popped out around the cover slightly and fired two shots striking the target center mass the target bladed, but another target faced at the same time a female target now with a knife was looking at him and the target started moving towards him Etruc peered around the cover and fired two shots the target continued towards him and he fired one more to the head the target bladed and stopped moving. The lights popped on and Etruc knew the course was over. The proctor examined shot placement on the targets and gave a thumbs up Nice groupings Next simulation will begin after he scores you, You are at a festival and shots erupt your long gun is in your car and you have your pistol to get you there. Etruc nodded about that time the range master said Alright Pass on night Combat start Day.

Suddenly three targets faced at the same time on different lanes Etruc drew his gun which he’d holstered waiting on his score and fired three shots in the first target, four into the second target, and two in the third all while moving backwards to the last cover he knew was still in place. The targets bladed and another target faced one of a mother holding a child Etruc peered the other direction and a faced target armed was moving towards the mother. Etruc fired six shots and make a magazine change and fired one shot at the head the target bladed and moved back into its start position.

Etruc moved again to cover back at the start of the course a shotgun was now there on a rack on the left side. Etruc grabbed the shotgun and racked a shell in just about time three targets faced again. Etruc fired once twice, thrice striking all three center mass and causing them to blade. A forth target popped up from the ground the shotgun now out of ammo was thrown on the ground and Etruc drew his pistol and fired two to the chest one in the head and the buzzer sounded Course Complete great job sir.

The Range Master in the red Shirt wrote the scores down and turned to look at Etruc Great Job Son. You’re done for the day they will call you in a day or two and let you know. Etruc held his fist out offering a fist bump and the range master gave him one out of respect. On the way out Etruc stopped to see what the crowd was gathered for. A man in SWAT gear was being talked to by a guy in what looked like scrubs. Focus on your palms feel the energy going from your stomach to your hands through your veins visualize it becoming a ball of energy, and make it happen.

A blue ball of light formed in the operator’s hands and the guy in scrubs said Great job now push your hands towards the target and release the energy into existence. the operator listened and when he extended his hands the ball left in a great rush towards the target upon striking the target the ball exploded revealing the source of the prior explosions and making Etruc’s jaw drop as he watched the target swing half of the paper vaporized. I have got to get on this department I want that training.