*Bounty Hunting I: The Stripper From Hell

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*Bounty Hunting I: The Stripper From Hell

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[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The next morning, Genesis had risen, as if from the dead. He'd gone, astonishingly, from most absolutely horizontal and possibly comatose to fully awake and upright in a sitting position in moments, and only a few moments later, had bounded to his feet. "Styx!" He called out to the cobweb-filled warehouse. "Out with you!" He tugged off one of his boots and fished in it, coming out with a waterproof packet. He tore it open with his teeth with a triumphant shout, revealing a few folded zeni bills. "Time to go!" He tightened his left fist around the bills and, with one last whoop, sprinted out of the building through the hole he'd torn in it the previous night.'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'A figure slowly emerged from around a box. A siluette of a girl was still cloak in the shadows but could be seen approaching with the sound of bare feet. "Umm...errr." A distinctively female voice rang out. "Don't Judge me." The voice rang out. What appeared was a hodgepodge of clothing and straps. Slender arms wrapped in strips of red fabric, from her wrists to just above her elbows. Her feet wrapped in the same red strips of 2 inch cloth. She had her upper legs wrapped as well with white strips of fabric and had what seemed to be a dress that had been torn to fit her like a skirt. Her midriff was bare and her chest covered with the red binding strips. Her amythist eyes glaring at Gene as she wrapped an almost transparent scarf of fabric around her shoulders. Some crates in the back had been smashed and she seemed to have made an outfit out of the packing materials and fabrics she had found.'

[CHAT] Genesis had, in his time, seen stranger clothes, and Styx shapeshifting wasn't a huge surprise to him any more. He barely gave a backward glance as he cleared the exit hole and started accelerating, his heavy boots clomping on the ground as he lengthened his stride. He seemed terribly sprightly for a man who'd drank enough to kill a normal man and eaten enough to choke two more to death.

[CHAT] Styx followed after him with a silent and precise movements, glancing around as she followed Gene. Her movements seemed like polar opposites. His hard rough clangs of feet and movements offset her lithe and graceful movements, her feet soft on the ground and her movements fluid and natural. "Whats the plan now?" She said as she flicker her grey hair out of her face. Of everything she forgot a hair tie and cursed herself silently for it.

[CHAT] Genesis grinned. "Shower!" He skidded to a halt in front of what looked like a fairly cheap hotel. He used the wad of bills he'd had stashed away to purchase a room, vanished into it, and came out an hour later looking clean and refreshed. Styx he left to her own devices in the lobby, the cheap bastard. He paused there long enough to clap her on the shoulder with his left hand and give her a grin, then it was through the doors again and off at a run. This time he looked like he was heading for the spaceport.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'He had left Styx, in her attire, at a cheap hotel in the slums. What she had done in an hour was impressive to say the least. Apparently she had conned a few drink at the lobby dive bar, She had a wad of cash she was rolling up from a game of dice, that she was placing in a wallet that wasn't hers, courtasy of some sap she had flirted with in the lobby. She smiled at the smal group of people she had immersed herself in and smiled and waved. "Hey, gotta go guys. Maybe next time you can try and win your money back." She grinned and caught back up to Gene. She took out the wallet, paused for a minute, before giving Gene a small wad of credits. Enough for a few good meals. "O..k." She said hesitantly. This Silent Gene was offputting to her.'

[CHAT] Genesis shoved the money in a pocket and continued on to the spaceport. Deva wasn't around, having wandered off on some errand or other; Genesis entered the tiny ship they'd come to Konats aboard, and the sound of things moving around within could be heard. He came out with a small tablet of some sort. "There we go. Can't have you stealing everything we need; time to do some work. It's a good day for it." He cradled the tablet against his right forearm, near the elbow where he wasn't burned, and tapped at it with his left hand, ignoring Styx entirely.

[CHAT] Styx crossed her arms as she fake pouted at him. "Now, Is that a challenge?" She said in playful protest as she saw him grab the tablet. She did look older now, not like a kid as when Gene first met, more like a girl in her early twenties. While she waited she took out a single gold coin with the face of a goofy male holding up peace signs and sticking his tongue out. She flicked it into the air, then proceeded to catch it over and over as she waited.

[CHAT] Genesis muttered to himself as he tapped away. "Uh huh. Kinda slim pickings around here, but... looks like there's two decent marks around. Yeah." He nodded to himself as he read. "Decent day's work... How do you feel about some bounty hunting? It's how I usually pay the bills, these days."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Well...Do they need to be alive?" She said with a grin as she took up a position to see the tablet that Gene was holding. "But...Question is what did they do?"'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Let me see here. Theodore Karsimov, and Peppermint Red." He pulled up their mug shots; Karsimov was a black-haired, tan-skinned human, and Peppermint Red looked like a rogue android. His skin was red, with white hair and white clothes, clearly a custom frame. "Need to be brought in alive. Karsimov leads a small gang known for burglary and smuggling, looks like they were last spotted here on Konats. Red's just a short-tempered asshole with Ascended-grade upgrades, three murders..."'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He shrugged. "Karsimov is probably here somewhere, right in this town. Fits his style. Red is probably not far, but if I had to guess, from what's written here, he's probably holed up out in the woods somewhere. They're both hiding on Konats because the police force around here isn't too enthusiastic about picking up interstellar fugitives as long as they don't cause trouble on-world, but Konats is still a signatory to the Interstellar Bounty Association accords, so my hunter's card ought to be good here." He slid the laminated card out of a holder attached to the tablet; it was printed with an IBA logo and his name and face, along with a membership number.'

[CHAT] Styx she frowned at Karsimov. That fit her persona too well. She had been there, lived there and, well, as long as there is demand for a good she saw nothing wrong with providing it. Now the murdering android on the other hand. That one needed to be put down hard. "Interesting. But Gene. I'm sure you know which one I would like to take down. But," She said as she patted her pockets in a comic manner. "I believe I left my hunters card in my other pair of jeans."

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Oh, I'm going to take both in, in due time. I was thinking about taking Deva out alone for Red, though. I really need a chance to gauge her capabilities. I'd hoped you'd help me track down Karsimov. He's pretty good at hiding, according to his paperwork, but I'm pretty sure we can find him between us."'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She sighed and looked at him. She was really morally torn. She herself smuggled, lied, cheated and stole and well, She herself was at one time on a most wanted list before her "death" at the hands of The Guild. "So, You want me to find someone who has done the things I myself have done?" She said as she took a slow walk around Gene. "If I did that, then what kind of lowlife would that make me?"'

[CHAT] Genesis shrugged. "I don't care much about the morality of it, Styx. He's a guy who preyed on people weaker than him. They've hurt folks, both with some of the things they've smuggled and in the process of other things they've done. They're worse than some and better than a lot, but as far as I'm concerned, he did something wrong, he got caught." He handed her the tablet, pulling up his rap sheet. It was pretty long; his crew didn't go in for violence as a first choice, but they didn't shy away from it, either."

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"I don't know what to tell you. I'm not a judge, or some paladin warrior out to bring justice to the universe. I'm a guy who's trying to find some answers in a galaxy that seems pretty dead set on denying them to me, and along the way, I'm doing some dirty work to pay bills." He looked at her eyes. "Why don't you tell me what you think? You know I've never been good with this philosophy stuff."'

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"I've had a certain view and morals in the past and that led me to almost die." She said as she turned around, a hiccup and crackle in her voice. "Before I would just hunt the murderes, rapists, drug dealers. Rid the world of that scum so that the rest could flourish."She said as she turned around and looked at him, a tear rolling down her cheek as old memories were brought to the surface. "Now I do what it takes to stay alive." She said in a flat tone and she looked at the tablet. "If taking him down will benefit us staying alive I'm in. That murdering android most definatly." She said as she took a breath and paused. "I'll...help you find this Karsimov."'

[CHAT] Genesis gave Styx a little shove at the shoulder. "Brutal way of looking at it. Come on, have some fun with it. His friends aren't on my list, so we're supposed to be gentle with them, but there's no reason we can't put the fear of God into them for jollies. Have the little pleasures in life." He pocketed the tablet and hefted a small bag over his shoulder, then he turned and closed the ship back up. "Now I've got my working kit, so we can get started. Let's see..." He looked up into the air a bit. "I remember we went to a bar last night, but I can't remember where it was. Do you? I just kind of wandered into it."He paused, then undid the wrapping over his right hand, holding it up with a grin. It still looked bad, but not nearly as bad as it had before; he flared his Ki for just a moment, and more of the dead skin flaked off, revealing scab and a spreading patch of healthy skin underneath.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"I can't regenerate, but Ascended tend to heal pretty fast. It's one reason we're not going after Peppermint Red yet, I still need time to be able to take on someone like that. Least the pain is fading." He'd had to let himself slip into the low-energy, dull state Namekians called "water torpor," the metabolic state where they were able to survive simply on water. Healing from injuries that grievous took a lot of Ki flow, though, and torpor had badly suppressed his.'

CHAT] Styx strutted after the brash Namekian and flicked her hair behind her head. "What kind of low life do you think I would be if I forgot how I got places?" She said with a smile and started walking swiftly, but with ease and grace, her footsteps barley making a sound as she wove her way through the streets. Her body moving in a sort of dance, so as not a fabric she wore brushed past another. Her steps taking her forwards, backwards, sidesteps and spins. It was part of her training.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'If Gene cared to notice her eyes were closed for most of the dance, her opening and relying on her sense of emotions to weave her way through the traffic in the streets. And she used her other senses and reflexs to skirt around other objects, although she was not perfect as she did knock over a few trash cans and a coffee table. The dance leading her through the neon lights, past a Pizzeria, and final she ended up in front of a battered Neon sign, as well as holding a few trinkets from her passing. She spun a few cards in her hands and pocketed them before turning towards Gene. "Hope you enjoyed and I believe this is the spot." '

[CHAT] Genesis noticed how Styx was moving, but beyond noting the deliberate and careful nature of movements that seemed otherwise random, he didn't take much interest. He did nod fondly as they passed the pizza place, but otherwise walked in silence... Styx's flashing of the newly-stolen credit cards did earn a mildly-disapproving sigh, but little more. "Just relax. Come on." He walked her a few blocks down and across the street, leaned against a wall along the sidewalk, slid down, and rummaged in his bag. He came out with a worn old blanket; with a quick motion, he wrapped it around himself. His hat came off and tucked underneath, and he draped it over his head like a hood as well. Coupled with a creased cardboard sign that came out of the bag, he quickly looked the part of a down-and-out Namekian pilgrim. The bag tucked behind him against the wall, completing the illusion.
[CHAT] Genesis grinned. "Go draw attention over that way a piece. We're going to watch the place for a few hours, at least until it starts to get dark out. Don't draw *too much* attention, now. Don't get caught stealing someone's wallet or something, but with a body like that you should have little trouble being distracting." He gave her a grin, then settled in against the wall, letting the hood drape low over his eyes. He drew his knees up and rested his chin there, holding the sign, a crudely-scrawled generic well-wish in Namekian script, against his shins with his left hand, his right hand tucked beneath the blanket shroud.

[CHAT] Styx nodded and went over to the next opening over "that way a bit". Well, at least it played the part, and smelled the part as well. For a city that seemed so clean, she HAD to have picked what seemed to be recognized as the communal bathroom. She sighed and then took a breath in. She produced a deck of cards and she sat down on the ground. It seemed to be an old Tarot deck and she began her "readings" She let a few walk past before she pointed out into the crowd. "You sir." She said in an enticing voice. "It seems like you are in need of some luck. Care to see what the cards have in store for you?" The man huffed and turned away before she looked at him again. "That nagging question in the back of your mind won't go away itself. Care to know if she IS cheating on you?" She said as she drew the man in closer.

[CHAT] Styx: -- ' Soon she settled into her role of reading people and stacking the tarot deck to come out in ways she saw fit. She then commenced a few more parlor tricks, juggling, balancing, and other street performing acts. She even took some time to teach a few kids some basic card tricks as the time went by, but careful to not let the door to the establishment out of her sight. It was fun, drew a small crowed and left her a few credits in a beat up cloth hat near her.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'In contrast, for hours, Genesis barely moved. In turn, besides the occasional glance, and once or twice a coin thrown at his feet, he was ignored, treated in the magically invisible way of both the homeless and the evangelistic. He couldn't see much of the street, but he wasn't here to watch, anyway, and he relaxed, waiting until his sensitive ears picked up something worth hearing. Or until the sun came down, which in this case happened first. Once sunset was well in progress, he stood, rapidly donning his hat and tucking the "disguise" away. He watched, waiting to catch Styx's eye, and once she noticed, he walked without her into the bar he'd visited the night before.'

[CHAT] Styx winked in Gene's direction as she put on her "Final" performace. She sat around, chatted with the clients and patrons and finally after another few minutes she entered the same bar with a couple of the spectators. A few guys and a girl. She sat down at a table near a corner of the bar room and ordered a round. Still talking about some of the tricks and finding out that they were part of a free-running group. "So, have you heard the one about the Namekian and the Android?" She heard one of the guys start a funny story with.

[CHAT] Genesis sat in the middle of the room, not moving around much. He had a drink in front of him, a normal one rather than the smoking substance from the night before, and he took a tip from it as he stared off into space. Well, not into space, really; more, off to where a polished piece of decoration gave a decent reflection of most of the room. It took him twenty minutes before he settled on a mark, but when he did, he rose, gave a practice wave to the barkeep, moved three tables over, and sat down at a table in front of a Saiyan who had been chatting into some sort of phone. The conversation paused, and the Saiyan put the phone aside to angrily question him, but before he could, the barkeeper interrupted by walking up and placing, very carefully, two smoking shot glasses on the table.

[CHAT] Genesis waved to Styx as if to invite her over, then grinned at the Saiyan as the man opened his mouth again to speak.

[CHAT] Styx excused herself from the group as she went to the bar. She placed a card on the counter and slid it to the barkeeep and ordered a round of drinks for the table. She herself bought one of those froo-froo sweet drinks and smiled and walked over to the table, then noticed the namek. "Ohh, fancy meeting you here." She said as she waved at the group and held up a few fingers saying she might be a minute, then sat down at the table and look at the Saiyan as well.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Saiyan started in on them with an impressive stream of cursing, most of which wasn't in the Earth tongue. Some of those, Genesis recognized; he certainly filed away a few of the others, they sounded pretty good even if he'd have to find out what they meant later. He ended with a leer at Styx, and asked, "This your woman, or'mi'na hafta thrash someone else 'fore I take her with me?" Genesis grinned back at him. "I thought one of those pictures rang a bell. Yeah?" He slid his bounty tablet across the table to Styx, and a passable mugshot of the Saiyan glowered up from the table under a heading marked "Known Accomplices." "Figured I'd buy you a drink. You're going to be real helpful to us, aren't you? Isn't he, Styx?" He smiled at his companion. "It's his lucky day, after all."'

[CHAT] Styx smiled as she went to place a hand on the Saiyan's leg, her nails growing, elongating and sharpened like razors as she went to put a little pressure on his thigh. Not enough to draw blood, yet, but enough to make him notice. "I'm sure this nice hansome Sayian would love to have a few drinks with us. At least buy a lady a drink am I right?"

CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Saiyan's rapid swelling of anger, on a track for immediate explosion once he saw the bounty tablet, deflated in a hurry once he felt razor-sharp needles pressing his thigh. "Go on. Have a drink. I insist." It was strange, the way his face changed in a hurry, but Genesis's eyes went hard and cold, his solid jaw taking on a cast that was in itself threatening. The man slowly picked up the tiny shotglass, raised it to his mouth, and threw the liquid inside; the results were pretty spectacular. He spluttered, raining droplets onto the table that fizzed and made tiny indents in the wood. He choked, and fanned at his mouth, and made a variety of wet sounds that were hardly befitting a Saiyan, even a low-life like him.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"It's a favorite of mine. Have some whenever I stop on Konatsu. They call it scumble. It's made with apples, I think. Mostly apples." He picked up the glass in front of himself and tossed it back, swallowing without even blinking. As the Saiyan tried to recover, his eyes streaming and his mouth rebelling, Genesis went on. "You know, I've heard people call it paint stripper, but I think the people who brew it would be insulted by that. The implication that it'd stop at the paint, that is. Good, good stuff. Yeah, Styx? You had some last night, right?" He set the shot glass on the table upside-down and leaned back. "Styx, did you have any questions for our good buddy here?"'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She had many questions. About who the serviced, the goods the past, how much percentage they cut from the top but that would probably have to wait. "Ohh. I have pleanty for this hunk of a Saiyan." She said as she scooted closer to him, practically whispering in his ear. "I would so like to know where they keep their warehouse with the smuggled goods, but...I want to know if he had hurt anyone. Have you Mr. Strong Saiyan?" She said as she came closer. "Ever Killed anyone. Or hurt any kids. Ya know, like selling them drugs or beating the shit out of them?:'

[CHAT] Genesis picked up the bounty tablet off the table as the Saiyan started to sweat. "You know, there's nothing on his rap sheet about it, but after a few years of this, you learn to read between the lines. Trafficking, trafficking, a lot of charges like that, but nothing violent. Wonder why? It's not really the kind of business where you keep your hands clean for long. Someone moves in and tries to shove you out, or tries to steal product, or what have you." He was tapping away at the screen, humming away. "It's interesting. You know, there was a news story about six months ago about a corrupt cop getting nailed by internal affairs. Isn't that around Karsimov's old patch, yeah?" He looked at the Saiyan's eyes. "There's an unsolved case listing here, too. Oh, ouch. Disappearance of a young girl. She turned up in someone's dumpster two weeks later, neck broken."

[CHAT] Genesis set the tablet down. "I ain't-" "-telling you nothing, yeah, heard that one before. That's fine. I mean, my hands are tied here. You're not in the system at my level, it's not like I can just beat it out of you. You probably had nothing to do with that missing-child case, after all, nor any of your crew. Guess we're done here, right, Styx?" He put the bounty tablet away, put his elbows on the table, and leaned forward. "Problem is, the lady here can be really... judgmental. She wouldn't do anything to get us thrown out of here or in trouble, but I think she's offering you a deal." His face shifted again, hard and cold, in a way his father's had rarely achieved. "I'm not saying she's going to reduce you to a gooey red protoplasm and slurp you down like a bastard-flavored slushie, but I won't be surprised if it's on the table."

[CHAT] Styx leaned in closer and licked his cheek. "Tasteslike Bastard to me." She said as she went to dig her claws in. "The Nameks right tho. I may look cute, but I would indeed eat your flesh and soul." She said as she looked at him. "Tell me who killed that Girl. And tell me where to find This Karsimov dude and I Might not tail you tonight, or the next night." She said with a grin. "I have a way of finding people. And You don't want to wake up to my fangs in your neck now do you?" She said as she looked him in the eyes. She sniffed the air twice. "Do you smell that Gene? Smells like Fear."

[CHAT] Genesis sniffed. "Smells like piss to me. Nah, don't worry about it, friend, that's pretty normal for your first experience with scumble. You didn't puke, that's good, that's definitely good, it burns twice as bad coming back if you do." He leaned back again as the Saiyan started to babble. Didn't sound like he knew anything about the missing girl-that had been a bluff anyway-but he started with a confession of his sins and led on from there to a detailed description of the townhouse where the gang had been staying, complete with address and door entry code. "I think you made an impression, Styx."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Good. Now. You should change your ways before I find you. Hunt you down. And eat you while you are still alive, wondering why this girl is ripping your intestines out from your still screaming body." She said as she released her claw-hold on him, picked up her drink and lazily slurped her froofy drink.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'It wasn't long before they were back on the street again, walking lazily along with the Saiyan safely back at the bar. Not long after he'd talked, the scumble had finally hit, and he'd toppled over backwards, unconscious on the floor. It was a simple way of ensuring they'd have a little time before he woke up and, maybe, warned his friends. "That was fun."'

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"And you?" She asked as she waved bye to the group at the table in the corner and waved to them right after the Saiyan toppled over. "You going to be in fighting shape for these guys?" She asked as she went over the address information in her head. "You need to be careful tho Gene. Usually scum like these are just the lowest in the chain of a Syndicate. I should know, I headed one at one time."'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Yeah, I'll be fine. Alcohol's another thing I don't process well in torpor. Now that my body's running normally again, I can handle a shot or two, even of scumble, without it slowing me down." He paused and admired the construction of one building as they passed it. Not their goal, just a pretty house. "Not that I'm hoping for it to come down to a fight. Remember, strictly speaking we're not supposed to hurt anyone but our target, and subtlety was never exactly my specialty. Good old shock and awe, that's the way to do it."'

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"We most definatly have different views." She said as she too, admired a house, although it was drastically different. Subtle lines and ancient curvature as the house seemed natural where it was. Craftsmanship that had long been lost with the "capsule" tech that seemed to sprout everywhere. "I would have infiltrated, waited and did one of those night-time body snatchers on him. But this is your lead."'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Yeah, that's a lot of work. I like to be a bit more direct than that." He laid out his plan; Styx would sneak into the building and identify Karsimov, then try to cause a distraction that would gather as many of those inside into the same place as she could, then Gene would make his entrance and deck as many of them as he could. As long as he didn't leave any permanent injuries, he noted, he was okay; some light collateral bruising was, generally, just considered as part of the job.'

[CHAT] Styx sighs as she continues to walk. "That seems like A LOT of work to me." she said with a laugh as she smacked her hands together. "Just give me a few moments to scope the layout and see what I can do." She said as she sighed. It would have been a hell of a lot easier a few years ago when she could use some of her shadow tricks but that just gave her more incentive to learn all over again, and maybe something new this time. Hell, as long as they didn't have any artifical security measures, she should be able to avoid any unneccisary encounters.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'It wasn't so much a warehouse as it was a townhome. Two stories, pretty cozy. Shutters closed, blinds drawn; you had to really get close and *listen,* to realize there were several people there and they rarely left. Karsimov was a midsized human with a blond hair, really smug, punchable face and a wheezy voice. His followers were pretty uninteresting, mostly variations on a general theme: big, dumb, obedient; pick two and keep going until you've got a good half-dozen. Karsimov really wasn't much of a big player, he'd just overstepped and really pissed off the wrong people, accidentally overshooting the bounds of the legal "protection" he'd purchased and having the consequences come home to roost in a hurry. As jobs go, this one didn't promise to be very hard, aside from the way they all seemed to be armed.'

[CHAT] Styx smiled as she disappeared for a few minutes, as she stalked the townhome. Entrances. Exits. Three windows on the second story. An attic dormer. 2 steel security doors. Pleanty of big dumb inside apparently and she came back out. She reached into one of her bindings and took out a pack of gum, taking about three sticks out and placing them in her mouth. She loosened up on some of her chest bindings and then looked around. "You should know when." She said as she just strolled up to the front door, stumbling a bit and leaning forward. She finished by landing herself onto the door and then obnoxiously pounding on it. "Hey there Boooy. Oipen Up a'ready!" She yelled out in an obnoxious accent. "What the hell do you want."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Names Candy. Boss seynt me over. A tank you for da last joub. Ya gonna let me in now or do I have to beg?" She said as she started to undo her bindings. A few clicks were heard and the door opened. A typical bald big goon, practically drooling reached out to her. "Ands Off" She said as she playfully slapped it. "I'm paid for the Big Man, I don't do small fry, unless ya got extra." She said as she was hustled inside. There she was led down a maze like interior of cut up walls, security berms for defensive positions as well as an elevator. Why the hell was there an elevator in a two story she had no clue, but before long she was in the back room of the second floor. '

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Vat Hell Is dis?" She heard come out from behind a desk. "Entertainment Pumpkin." She said as she started a seductive dance. She flung a binding rap from her arm, hitting a stereo and some music came out. She started moving to the rhythm as more wraps came off. Lights were struck, dimming the room and with a wink, the last wrap fell from her torso, onto the ground. Outside Gene should be able to hear the whistles and music coming from the second floor.'

[CHAT] Genesis carefully, quietly, climbed up the outside wall and clung there. They might have had cameras, but it seemed unlikely anyone was paying attention to them right now. Following his ears, he crabbed along the wall, looking for where the music was loudest. He blessed Styx for her distraction's noisy qualities as he carefully jabbed a finger through the outside wall and peeped through; he caught a glimpse of her wild, sweat-slicked gyrations, and of a room full of faces and names right off of "Known Accomplices." Well. There was an easy way to do this.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He dug in his bag and came out with a black disc. Plastic, it rattled a bit as he moved it. It was full of small rubber balls, the bouncy kind kids liked. This was one of the little tools-of-the-trade he'd developed. Sure, it didn't look like much, but with his strength, it wasn't really that hard to carefully core out a bit of wall and set the container on the hole. He held up his hand, green fire gathering around it, and hoped that Styx was clever enough to hit the deck when she felt Genesis's Ki start to surge. It wasn't a concept all that different from a Claymore mine, he thought, as he swung his fist forward, although these rubber toy balls wouldn't do more than stun someone, and they had a fun way of ricocheting all over the room.'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She had felt a presence on the outside of the wall. Could only be one person and when she felt a surge of urgency she hit the floor, in the way only a high paid escort or well talented dance might, not stoping her show, but getting low to the ground. All around her stupid dumb fodder stood and started throwing money, then screams, then blood as many were knocked to the side, battered bashed and bruised. She ran her fingers through a blood splatter that landed on the floor from a broken nose as she staired at a dumbfounded man at the desk. He had been shielded from most of them but it did leave him the only one in the room. And she was blocking the only obvious exit. "So Sugar. Want to dance?" She said as she licked the blood off of her finger.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Quit playing around and grab him!" Genesis's head was visible through a basketball-sized hole in the wall. "His goons aren't going to sleep forever." He tore at the wall, fighting to widen the hole so Styx could simply throw the mark over her shoulder and bail. One of the goons was already starting to rouse, a couple of neurons managing to conjure enough voltage to go for "angry" instead of "hurt."'

[CHAT] Styx lept over the desk as the man started to reach under. It was comical nevertheless. Her nethers ended up right in his face as her momentum toppled him over in the chair and her in an advantageous position. Her hands reached behind her, grabbing hold of the cheap suit he had on while she heard a "HMMMpppHHHHHppHHH" That kind of tickled. She continued with the momentum, turning the pounce into a spin and she threw with all she had. Towards Gene came the wide eyed expression of the man flying towards the drywall and wood Gene was behindm screaming all the way. The momentum carried her a few more rolls before she came up into a crouch near the far wall. "Get Him outta here and I'll..." She said as she didn't really like to do that, "Cover..."

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Oh, for frick's sake..." He bashed through the wall with his shoulder and caught the flying Karsimov with his right hand, choking down a slight scream as the burned skin closed over the cheap suit. He pushed off the wall and caught the mark in his arms, giving him a sharp punch to the gut to keep him quiet and throwing him over his shoulder. He considered making a run for it, but... He eyed the building. He put the groaning Karsimov on the ground and walked back up to the side of the building on the ground floor. He started listening... and started winding up his left arm...'

[CHAT] Styx ran around the room giving a swift kick to anyone who started to wake and then eyed one of them. Older. A little weathered, but...delicious. She could feel the hate rolling off of him and reached down. She hadn't eaten much and she was having a hard time controlling herself now. <Why control yourself. He's a bad guy right. I can eat those right?> She thought as she reached down, putting her head closer and closer before…

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'An explosion rocked the building, and the structure started to sag. A big chunk of the south wall had just been blown into kindling, and the effect would probably topple anyone not expecting it off their feet. Genesis called up, "No fun and games, Styx! Let's get out of here!" With that, he hoisted Karsimov and started to leg it. Sirens started up in the background. He made for that direction; he'd attract a lot of attention, and his bounty card would serve to resolve any trouble he encountered. More importantly, it'd give Styx a chance to bail quietly.'

[CHAT] Styx was rocked from her feeding want by the explosion and she quickly snapped back to her "normal" self. She looked down and saw a few marks on the mans neck and a trickle of blood but nothing permanant. "Dammit! Comming!" She yelled as her topless shadow of a figure would be seen bolting from the second story and running the rooftops following Gene. She would follow him until they came to a better place where she could re-wrap and Gene could turn in his bounty.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'And that was the story of how a quiet neighborhood was rocked by the actions of a mad bomber and a crazed stripper. The fact that a dangerous probably-killer had been picked up and brought to, eventually, justice, didn't really grace the headlines; people seemed more concerned with the destruction of the house, which had apparently been there for quite some time and acquired a bit of history behind it. Luckily for the pair of them, the story grew so much in the telling that it was hard to connect it back to the people it concerned, so in the end, aside from a minor bump of excitement in a boring news cycle, nobody really knew or cared what had gone on that night. Karsimov's gang dispersed pretty quickly without him to hold them together, and the police probably quietly served to hush it up a bit more so as to downplay any public panic over people like Karsimov being loose. What a boring ending. But it paid well enough.'

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Re: Bounty Hunting I: The Stripper From Hell

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I rather enjoyed this little rp. A Little serious at times but had some of the classic comedy and steriotypes.
As for a synopsis, no injuries were had, styx and gene discuss funds, track down some baddies and get their bounty. All in an off the wall way. No spoilers here, you will have to read it =P. P.S. Property Damage did incur and No one was eaten.

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Re: Bounty Hunting I: The Stripper From Hell

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3 Greens and 2 Reds awarded to each!