*How Hobos are Made

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*How Hobos are Made

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Characters: Gene, Styx

Injuries: Gene healing badly burnt arm, Styx recovering

Summary: Genes ship lands on Konats, Gene and Styx disembark on a night time adventure. Gene refers to Styx has a cat multiple times, drinks are ordered, wallets are swiped, Gene blows the last of his money on Pizza, Styx blows the stolen wallets money on Pizza for Gene. Styx ate some sort of rabbit creature and was chased out of a restaraunt and rp ends woth Gene busting into an obviously shady warehouse to sleep off the food amd booze. Styx drags Sleeping Gene to a dark corner and starts the long process of taking on a more humanoid form.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The rest of the trip to Konats had been uneventful, besides the normally-taciturn Genesis turning completely silent. He'd merely sat in the corner of the cramped little shuttle, wrapped in a blanket, staring into space and ignoring when someone addressed him. When they'd come to an uneventful landing in one of the minor spaceports near the city of Savant. He'd thrown his coat around his shoulders, clutching his right arm to his chest underneath the torn and burned black leather, and he'd left the ship behind without another word, setting off into the city.'

[CHAT] Styx had also spent most of the trip silent. Sleeping as much as possible curled up next to the ever diminsihing supply of beer in the cooler. After the landing she wanted to stretch her wings a bit and did not have the energy left to take a more appropriate form so, for now, she followed Gene like she was his pet, taking in the sights, the atmosphere, and hopefully a stray animal to devour.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian walked aimlessly through darkened streets, taking turns and walking down alleys almost at random. The streets were sparsely populated, but there didn't seem to be much in the way of back-alley mischief in evidence; even the alleyways were fairly clean and clear of debris and n'er-do-wells. Not that Genesis cared about either of those. He rounded one more corner, and a flash of neon caught the corner of his eye; he descended a few stairs and opened a door, then walked into the smoky realm of some basement-tier bar, the sort that seemed to crop up wherever humanity planted itself in this galaxy.'

[CHAT] Styx walked after him, but her moves were more like a stalking predator by now. But she had found nothing here. Earth was a dirty pigsty compared to here. Random dogs, cats and the lowlifes thrived in these alleys back there but here, was something else. It seemed the either took pride in how the lived, or they hid it extremely well. As gene descended the stairs she felt a small feeling of hope that there would be some sort of prey down there for her. Drug dealer, murderer pimp or something...As she entered, she took a moment for her second eyelids to blink and her eyes adjust to the low light and smokey haze.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'No such luck for the prowling demon. The bar was filled with a haze of smoke, but the clientele didn't seem like the sorts that'd make a good snack... or an acceptable one. The Namekian walked past a pool table surrounded by two Konatsu and a Human, past a jukebox new enough that the buttons hadn't acquired any wear yet, and took a seat at a mostly-deserted bar. There was a grey-maned Saiyan behind it, wiping a glass for the mysterious reasons known only to barkeeps across the cosmos. He listened to a low grumble from the Namekian, and then poured a glass and slid it across the bar to him.'

[CHAT] Styx jumped up onto the chair next to the namekian, hopped up onto the bar top, since that was the only way she could see over the counter and looked at the Barkeep, chirped, nosed at the namekians glass and then back at the barkeep. She wanted to talk with Gene, but since her vocal cords were not able to make the correct sounds that would come across as even remotely understandable she was limited. <Maybe they have some live food animals in the back I could snack on and what the hell was Gene doing here anyways.> She had wondered why Gene was so withdrawn after the monster hunt. She rather enjoyed it and it seemed to her Gene was at home fighting so...why?

[CHAT] Genesis turned his head and looked at Styx for a moment, then picked up his glass with his left hand and threw it back. He set it back down; a drip of whatever had been inside trailed down the outside of the glass, touched the bar, and started to gently smoke. "Hey, Styx."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"COO" She replied at him and went to lick the smoldering drop, looked at the barkeep again. It seemed that he was puzzeled at first and then sighed, placing a shot glass of the liquid in front of her and shook his head like he didn't even want to know. She lapped at the glass and closed her eyes as she relished the warm, almost burning sensation as it moved down her throat. She closed her eyes and opened her senses to try and pick up on any major emotion that was being put off. Anything to help her understand what was going on. She tried sending Gene an image of a question mark but at her level of control he might not get it. Still she hoped.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Slowly, the Namekian raised his right arm and unfurled a cloth wrap he'd secured around his hand. It was horribly burned; the corrosive saliva the monster had been drooling had splashed him up to the forearm, and the mixed explosion of ki that had killed the thing had had its backlash on him as well. He held it in front of Styx for a moment, then rewrapped it. If she could feel anything coming off him, it was probably... pain. He hid it well, behind that stoic prizefighter's face.'

[CHAT] Styx stopped and looked at the mangled flesh. To her it seemed odd that it had not healed yet. It was probably something lingering from the creature. She had remember that his kind could heal, some better than others, but even his..father? she guessed she would refer to Dumastin as that, had a stunted ability to heal but one nonetheless. She finsihed lapping at the glass, took it with her front claws, rolled on her back, tongue licking up the drops and looked over at Gene. Acting a little silly was the only thing she could do for him at the moment, and that grated on her. She wanted to help. Wanted to grow stronger, get back what she lost, maybe more.

[CHAT] Genesis shrugged as he cradled the injured limb close to his chest. Namekian regeneration was a trick he'd never learned; Prime had no way of teaching it, and even Dumastin hadn't known how to do it properly, so Genesis had understood it. It wasn't easy, and it was a trick mostly only known to the Namekian Guardians. He sighed slowly, and picked up a second shotglass. It would heal. Ascended healed pretty quickly, as a general rule, even without special regenerative powers. It would just take time. And hurt like a sonofabitch in the meantime.

[CHAT] Styx pondered a moment about that arm. <Maybe if I eat it and dissolve the burnt and dead tissues I could make the healing...easier?> She thought as she took off, swiping a napkin off a nearby table and a pen out of some guy in a pinstripe suits pocket and cam back with a small writing on the tissue. "Want me Eat dead tissue?> Was written as she cocked her head to the side and smiled. She also did wonder how the namekian tasted. Damn she must be hungry to think that.

[CHAT] Genesis shook his head. He was barely holding together as it was, and besides, he was still a bit unsure about Styx's flesh-consuming, especially since she'd mentioned before that she had a hard time moderating her eating-ability. He might not be able to stop her or resist, injured as he was. What he needed was a good hard bender, and a long sleep once he was numbed up enough. He'd done it before, though this injury was pretty bad even by the standards of his harsh drifter's life.

[CHAT] Styx pouted her dragon head as she saw him shake his head. <Maybe if he gets drunk enough and passes out...just a nibble> She thought as her claws clumsily held the pencil in both her tiny hands. "Where now?" She wrote but she wondered if Gene was still paying attention. Maybe after he passes out, and she nibbles she could find a doctor or something for him...and possibly a homeless...orphan...no umm...yea a doctor.

[CHAT] Genesis left money on the bar and stood. There was a bit of wobble to his step as he walked away from the bar, and he steadied himself as he walked up the stairs leading out of the smoky booze-den and back into the quiet of a Savant night. Healing from a wound like this left him tired; it drained ki from his body, or so it seemed, and he hadn't had anything of note to eat over the past few days of travel. Now that he'd numbed himself a bit, a decent meal seemed in order. He tottered down the street, blurry eyes looking at signs as he followed his nose. Surely someplace would be open this late.

[CHAT] Styx coughed a few times before a small silver coin came out, covered in black goo. There was a comically poised face of a man with a chump smile and double peace signs printed on the front, and the back said 1 silver coin worth 1 silver coin. She chuckled at it before she left as well, scouting ahead, tail flicking right and left as she searched for some food. Finally after a few turns and many “closed” signs she stopped in front of a small dingy looking establishment. “Kitties Fine Cuisine” it read and she could feel something from the other side. Felt like small animals frightened. They must make their food fresh there and, well, she guessed it would have to do for her, but she did try to get Gene to go in there. “Coo Coo”

[CHAT] Genesis bumped into the door that Styx was scratching at. He pushed himself off of it, squinting at the sign. "Kittyeh... ain' no kitteh. Whatta you want? Go in yerself..." He straightened, then sniffed at the air. "Waaaaait. That smell..." His ears perked up under his hat, and he turned. Following his nose once more, he abandoned the tiny fuzzy creatures of the pet shop, and staggered his way through the door of a pizza parlor. Pizza. Heaven. Another thing that humans brought with them everywhere. Like rats, except round and covered in... things.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'There was a person at a counter, who straightened in concern when a burly Namek half-fell through their front door. Possibly followed by a demon cat. Mouth, probably still smoking slightly from the unidentifiable liquor he'd ordered. He propped himself up on the counter, and started speaking. "Pizza. Extra large. Extra extra large. Triple cheese, triple pepperoni, double beef, double bacon, onions, banannanner peppers, olives, barbecue sauce, hot sauce. Start two." He fumbled his wallet, dropping it on the floor, reached for it, then gave up and swayed his way onto a booth. "Cat. Pay the man. I require pizza."'

[CHAT] Styx had ducked inside the "Kitties" and in a few moments there were pots and pans crashing, yelling in some sort of broken alien language and after a fry pan went sailing through the door out scrambled a small cat sized black dragon creature with what was left of some eight legged creature that seemed to resemble an earth rabbit. After her came a man with a dirty apron and a freshly used meat cleaver. More insults were hurled before a female voice and hand grabbed ahold of the man's ear and dragged him back inside the store. She caught the tail end of Gene entering the pizzeria before gulping down what she had and trotting up next to him. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She looked at him, then the wallet before the creature seemed to sigh, grab the wallet in her mouth and hop up to the counter. "45.67 uhh...sir?" The man behind the counter said before Styx rifled through the wallet with her small dexterous claws, and fishing out a few bills that were a little torn from her claws. She shrugged at the man as he slip them into the register with a confused look. She continued to stare at him and then crept closer and hissed at the register until he re-opened it and chuckled nervously while handing back a 5.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'What was placed in front of Genesis some time later by a still-uncertain baker was... less pizza than it was mountain of grease and meat engulfed in cheese. The Namekian dug in like it was manna from heaven, using his left hand to scoop up slices and wolfing them down rapidly. The guy who'd taken their order looked on in apprehension and horror; that much pizza should be enough to cause even a guy Genesis's size to explode, but he mowed his way through the first one and started on the second inside of five minutes. With the first slice of the second pizza in hand, he raised his grease-slathered face to the ceiling and shouted, "More!"'

[CHAT] Styx looked at Genesis and the opened his wallet. The only thing that came out was a couple of moths and a strange copper penny. She sighed and walked over to the counter and tapped her claw on the counter before a horrible retching sound could be heard. "Wrrreelllphh.....Wreellphhh...uggghh .hHUGGGGHHHGHGHGHG" Before another wallet was coughed up. It wasn't Genes and it definitely wasn't hers. It was the wallet from that pinstriped suit man at the bar. She rifled threw it, pulling out a shiny black card and she handed the thing over to the man at the counter. "Umm....I do...don't think you are a Mr. Guido Mastacholi" She stared at the man again and tapped her claws and seemed to follow his head movements with his until he sighed and mumbled. "Money is money I guess...I don't get paid enough for this." And another order was rang up.
[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The assault on culinary propriety and good taste continued for some time longer, until Genesis finally laid facedown in a smear of grease, four empty pizza trays surrounding him. He let loose a belch that rattled the windows on the front of the shop, then rose and slowly, without another word, tottered toward the door. He gave a jaunty wave over his shoulder as he stepped back out into the night. "Money. gone. needa jahb. C'mon cat."'

[CHAT] Styx looked at the employees and clawed out "Sorry" On a napkin and jumped down and followed the Namek out, leaving the wallet and the black card at the pizzeria. She looked at Gene and ran a few steps ahead then turned around and the a few more paces. She was searching and scanning the next mark. She had rarely had any sort of legitamate job, and had been lifting and theiving for a long time. Its really all she knew other than how to kill someone. She did feel better after her snack and if they ever found a place for the night she could actually take a more productive form.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian's gait started to stabilize, less of a vaguely-controlled fall and more of an actual walk. Apparently the enormous amount of pizza was doing a decent job at counteracting the liquor. He continued to grumble inaudibly under his breath as he moved through the streets. The odds of actually finding work this late were mediocre, but he was always on the lookout. '

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Eight years wandering the galaxy had managed to grant some skills that didn't necessarily involve thrashing people, after all. Still, he seemed to know what he was looking for, and his feet led them to the outside of some warehouse; it wasn't that far from the spaceport, and seemed to be used for storage of cargo coming in or leaving the planet. Konatsu wasn't a huge market yet, but the establishment of the mysterious city of Savant had brought in a lot more offworlders than had been coming before, and offworlders brought new cultures and new needs with them.'

[CHAT] Styx stopped with Gene and looked at the building. It stood out like a sore thumb. A large black metal building with nothing around it for a few hundred feet. Imposing, 3 stories. Windows tinted with so much dust you couldn't see in and a sire fence around the structure. It was the type of warehouse that could be used for storage, but Styx had seen places like these used for smuggling more often than not. She looked up at Gene before scribbling in the dirt "You sure?"

[CHAT] Genesis chuckled. "Course not. Look at the place. Any idiot would figure it's full of something illegal, s'why you wouldn't catch anyone dead in that place. It just looks like a good place to crash." He led Styx through the empty lot surrounding the building, punched his way right through the wall, and collapsed in a heap on the concrete floor within.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'With something that would have looked to defy physics, a small cat-sized figure could be seen draggin the larger namekian across the floor until she reached a stack of boxes. Behind them the figures disappeared, hidden between the crates and stairs on a bed of torn down cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. She did take a long hard look at the Namek's arm before she decided against nibbling it before she too took to the corner although she didn't go to sleep yet. For the next few hours her forms could be seen changing, limbs grown, features changing until the shadows overtook her corner. <Exit>'

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