*The Devil among the Dunes

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*The Devil among the Dunes

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Genesis, Styx, and Deva

Hampered by Genesis's cut-rate ship not being able to support three people on life support for the distance of their journey to Konats, the trio are forced to disembark on the nearest world with breathable air. It turns out to be an unpleasant and uninhabited dustball, and they're quickly attacked by local predators, followed by a fight for their lives against an enormous apex predator.

Injuries: Styx is banged up a bit, Deva is largely okay. Genesis took a couple of good hits and had his right hand severely burned/injured when he killed the monster.

[CHAT] Genesis grunted as he stumbled down the boarding stairs from his ship. The vessel was tiny, even with Styx taking up as little room as possible; not much bigger than the back of a van. Comfortable, in its own way, with the various sundries of Genesis's nomadic life taking up as little room as possible; there was a couch, a tiny workbench with an assortment of cleverly-nested drawers. A bathroom, praise whatever gods there may be. Not really enough room to do more than stand up and maybe move a few steps, and what was tolerably comfortable for a man alone who was used to it was nigh-intolerable with three bodies.

[CHAT] They hadn't made it to Konats, not yet at least. Their bodies had proven too taxing on his tiny ship's environmental systems, and they'd been forced to set down on the nearest planet that was even remotely habitable in order to allow those systems time to catch up to the load. The world was an unpleasant dustball without much of anything on it, including inhabitants, though the starmap hadn't indicated if there was unintelligent life or not. It was windy, and the wind produced enough grit that he'd been forced to don a pair of goggles over his eyes to protect them. The dust mask he wore did nothing for the mildly sulfurous smell of the air, though it let him breathe without choking. The gravity was a bit above Earth's, but not by much... All in all, not the worst planet Genesis had ever visited, but not exactly a new vacation spot in the making, either. Nothing of any value unless you considered "an atmosphere that was somewhat breathable and not actively poisonous" a major benefit.

[CHAT] Styx came up alongside Gene, although you wouldn't be able to tell. There was not a pale girl there anymore. There was a large housecat sized dragon next to him. Dull black scales that seemed to draw in the light, black leathery wings folded neatly upon her back. A long whip-like tail flicking along behind her much as a cats would and those piercing amethyst eyes adorong a slender face. Her claws razor sharp and spread wide, digging into the sand. <C>

[CHAT] Styx looked to Gene once before digginf in next to him scouting the area. Her second eyelids closed over her eyes as she looked into the sand, trying to protect herself from the tearing grains. There was another reason she welcomed the stop. She had to feed, even with trying to sleep and slow her body as much as she could and be dorment, so far as to even sleep in the coldest part of the ship, curled up next to the beer, she was starving. She was scouting around for a prickle of anything, trusting in her ability to sense emotions to pick up on anything that could be a snack.

[CHAT] Genesis drew his coat closed to protect his body from the dust. "You see anything out there?" At least the wind wasn't *terribly* strong, the soil mostly dusty rather than extremely sandy, the dust on the wind small and fine. Even so, Styx's eyes seemed to be bothering her. "I'm sorry you're hungry! I couldn't exactly pack, like, a dog or something as a travel snack." He grimaced under his dust mask, and was thankful for the wide brim of his hat protecting his eyes from the sunlight. What a cruddy planet to stop on. "I don't even know if anything lives here. I'm not seeing much in the way of greenery or animal signs."

[CHAT] Styx stalks a few steps forward and turns around slightly looking at Gene. He wouldn't see her mouth move but got a picture of a blank empty space appear, her way of trying to say she felt nothing. She felt absolutely nothing, but it was better than staying curled up next to the beer. It was good to stretch her legs but there was nothing here in the sand. Maybe further on where the ground was more rockey? She started making her way to the nearest rocky outcrop.

[CHAT] Genesis trudged through the dust a few paces behind Styx, watching as best he could. In this dusty mess, his eyes were probably better than Styx; it was just a simple fact that among the various gear he normally carried, goggles suitable for a creature the size of a housecat weren't among them. "Can't believe this is the best planet we could find..." Still, *something* had him on edge. Call it animal instinct; he could see nothing, sense nothing. "So what do you think about Deva...?" He'd had no chance to ask the question privately, the thought had struck him.

[CHAT] Styx stopped mid stride as she came upon the fringes of the rocky outcrop. Massive stones in the middle of this otherwise desolate desert. She turned around at the words. About Deva. She cocked her head in annoyance as it seemed she couldn't quite make a picture of it for Genesis then it came to her. She tried to send an image of a kaelidescope, with many different faces instead of colors, constantly swirling. Then she thought she sensed something deeper in the rocks. A tingle on the fringes of consciousness.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Something hopped up on the rocks in front of them. Genesis frowned and looked closer at it; it looked rather like a small dog, of sorts, though hard, bony spines on its legs and claws on its feet gave it a bit of an intimidating look. Its skin was a dusty grey. It had no fur, but it did have a bit of bony chitin around its face and head, and extending down its back. It looked at them and growled slightly, its mouth opening on a vertical split rather than a horizontal one. A close look at the thin opening revealed sharp teeth. "The hell is that thing? It's the ugliest critter I've ever seen."'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Her lips curled up revealing her own pair of black obsidian like teeth as she crouched down near cover, much like a cat stalking prey. They were downwind, sand, and hopefully she had the drop on it. There was a prickle of warning from her senses. There were more maybe but her hunger was in control now. There was not much stopping it. She was starving and she needed to eat. A picture of a hamburger was sent to Gene as she stalked a few more steps. Her muscles exploded in power as her wings beat hard to add a little extra into her push. She might be small but her strength hadn't changed. She went to pounce on it, aiming to claw and tear at its eyes first.'

[CHAT] Deva was off by the ship, alone--she'd taken to getting a notebook, something to scribble her thoughts down. Something to help keep it all in order, as with all the memories floating around it was sometimes hard to remember which ones were... hers. If that made sense. That's where she'd stayed, just by the ship for the moment--she couldn't stay there forever, however, and eventually, picking herself up and, wearing her usual outfit of midnight blue leggings and sleeves, black boots, dark tan shorts and dark turquoise top, along with a light grey jacket for all the dust and wind, she stepped out to see just where they were at, following after Gene and Styx, her brow furrowed quietly.

[CHAT] Genesis crossed his arms and held back as Styx fought the creature. It really wasn't that big; the size of a medium-large dog, at best, and though it tried to snap at her, it just wasn't all that tough, really. Styx's claws raked over the bony chitin and through its eyes, and at that point it went a little berserk, snapping randomly and letting loose some sort of screeching howl. "Stop playing with your food."

[CHAT] Styx didn't take much time to rip at its throat, glancing off the bones before getting into the soft underbelly and tearing into it in a frenzy. As soon as the howling started it seemed to end in a gurgling whine. It slumped to the ground breathing its last before she savored the last moments of dispair. She tore into it chomping down on its sweet sweet flesh. It wasn't really the flesh she was eating, the saliva breaking down his meat as she fed on its essence and turned the rest into a red mash, like applesauce. She got hints of memories from the creature but not much to go on. Just flashes moving to fast to make it out. Maybe...with practice she could take it in better, but for now, it was enough, but left her wanting more.

[CHAT] Deva -- In just a handful of minutes she was approaching Gene, a small smile on her face as she looked to the sky, "Heya," she says, walking up next to him and then stopping in her step, eyes widening slightly as she watches Styx devour an alien dog, "Ah..." she says, shaking her head a moment, thinking, "This whole thing has been... familiar," she says, blinking a few times and grabbing her notebook to scribble something down, her brows furrowed and her eyes looking over her notes. "So, how've you two been liking the planet?" she asks, trying to make a little smalltalk as she does so, before looking up at Gene herself.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Planet's a dusty pit that smells like a demon ripped a sulfur fart. I've been better places. Styx found a snack, though." He uncrossed his arms and grimaced. He pulled a dustmask and goggles out from his coat and thrust them toward Deva. "Protect your eyes and mouth. There's a lot of dust in the air, you probably don't want to be choking on it or being blinded. And-" He stood up bolt upright, head twisting to the side. His ears quirked slightly. "Uh. Crap." His hand went under his coat again, and this time came out with his gun. "Deva. I'm gonna need you to slowly, and calmly, start walking toward the ship. It's-" The ground shuddered, and off in the distance, source obscured by the dust in the air, an enormous roar could be heard. It sounded rather like the creature Styx had just reduced to a red paste and slurped up, except a few octaves deeper and a few dozen decibels louder.'

[CHAT] Styx looked up in the direction of the roar and shivered. Not in fear but excitement. What sort of creature was it. What could it do? She already felt more refreshed. Stronger. Hungry. She took off towards one of the rock pillars, her wings unfolding and assisting her to the top rather quickly. There she perched, low profile, watching and waiting for what was to come. Already she was focusing on her claws. Harder. Sharper. Longer. She lay in wait for it.

[CHAT] Deva blinks, eyes going wide at the sound of that roar, her whole body tensing up, "...Oh that's not good, is it?" she says, a frown on her face. This would likely be her first real fight after that whole... thing a few days ago, she took a slow step back towards the ship,"I don't think we'll be able to sneak back there... this whole place is pretty open... and I think it's mad," her eyes narrow. "...do you have any other copies of those guns, Gene?" she asks. She'd need to learn to fight more directly, but at least she knew how to fire a gun. That thing... it sounded pretty big.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"I only keep one..." He could hear pounding, feet upon the ground. Lots of feet. The first of the creatures crested a nearby ridge, threw its head back, and howled, its vertical-split mouth opening wide to reveal a huge maw and rows of razor-sharp teeth. "They're like... not like wolves. The way they move reminds me of hyenas." The creature looked bigger by far, with more prominent spikes, and the chitinous plating surrounding its head looked tremendously thick and spread upward along its spine, like armor plating. Genesis stepped back, flipped a rock off the ground with his boot, and swung his foot in a sharp arc, kicking the rock at the creature's face. It shattered on the chitinous plating without leaving a mark. It roared again, and ate a bullet for its trouble; the heavy-caliber slug ripped through its open maw and exploded its head. Genesis grimaced. The thing's innards stank so bad he could hear them from here. "Move! There are more coming!"'

[CHAT] Styx heard the pounding and the first one was left as a stinking mess on the ground. Such a shame. She would have to scrape what was left of it up later. but the next ones came from the flanks. To Gene's left and right through the crags two of the pounded. A third came up from where the fresh corpse lay and two more was stalking the rear, cutting off escape. The small one was bait indeed but she was probably not seen for now. A flash of claws from the right flew into Gene's mind, sent from Styx, as they went to pounce him from either side. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She lept at that point pushing with her wings in a flurry. Her heart pounding. Her muscles straining as she wanted to make it in time. For some reason she wanted to protect Gene. Maybe it was a long lingering emotion of a debt she thought she owed Dumastin but it didn't matter. Mid-pounce the creature on the left was hit like a bullet, both Styx and the dog rolling and tearing with tooth and claw. Styx seemed to have the advantage for now, blindsiding the creature, but again, it was tougher and more resiliant than the last.'

[CHAT] Deva had been focusing, preparing for the beasts as they emerged. Deva herself immediately went for the one closest to her, a large tendril pulling self out of her back and stretching over several meters and wrapping around one of the beasts midsection, yanking--she wasn't strong enough to pull the beast, but it did pull *her* towards it as she ran and took a leap, trying to drive a knee into the creature's head... only to hit the chitinous bone and hurt her knee. "Gck!" she grunts out in pain and grits her teeth as she ends up falling on her face on the otherside of the creature as that attack... does not really work out at all.

[CHAT] Genesis set himself as the two creatures on his side leaped toward him, howling as they did. They opened their jaws as they leaped, it looked like; it was a pretty simple mechanism where they just leaped forward teeth-first and hoped to kill something. He dropped low, uppercutting one of them under the chin and catching it in the throat. It crumpled, but the first one plowed into him; its teeth didn't penetrate the kevlar woven into his coat's lining, but it bowled him off his feet and kept running, Genesis dragging underneath it along the ground.

[CHAT] Kurogane: -- 'The creatures jumped back at the initial onslaught. After their flanking maneuvers failed. The creature fighting Styx came out a bloody mess, missing an eye and limping from various wounds. It let off a growl before taking off through the maze-like rock formations. The two from behind had the edge on the trio. With Deva on the ground the two went to pounce on her and try to tear at her, one attacking her upper body, the other her lower. Their jaws were more meant to latch on and rip, not to bite and puncture, but if they got hold, it would not be pleasant. Gene on the other hand was being dragged further off into the rocky maze. To be separated and then picked apart later.'

[CHAT] Styx was caught between the two. Gene, being drug further away, but up and healthy. Deva...she was on the ground with two of them. She was torn but took off towards Deva. She went to pounce on the one aiming for the torse, to engage it in tooth-and-claw combat, even tho she too, was bleading from varios cuts down her body.

[CHAT] Deva 's eyes go wide, immediately rolling over and backing up as the creatures pounce, she kicks at one--rather inneffectually at first, though once she feels some teeth... well everything changes as she immediately tries to punch and stab at with a knuckle the beasts by her upper body's eyes, the other one she kicks at the throat, "No, you WILL NOT!" she practically shouts in indignant rage as she tries to kick them away and jump to her feet, her black and gold eyes glaring all around her before focusing on one that she moves in to try to attack--try to get a hold of it's neck to try to choke or even break it, she wasn't playing around this time.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Two more gunshots rang out from within the rock-canyon maze, followed by a last screech. Genesis exploded into the air, his front splattered with ichorous blood, then landed and launched himself off the ground toward where Deva was being attacked. He hit one of the canid-monsters and blasted it off its feet; it lunged at him mouth-first, and he caught it by the jaw-flaps, levering its mouth open and pushing against it strength versus strength to keep it busy. He was winning, pushing it back and down, dominating it through brute force, but it was taking time.'

Kurogane - The monster left tearing at Deva took one last shake before letting go and running off into the sandstorm. Gene was able to twist and slam the carapace dog onto the rock. It quickly tried to scramble to its feet, eyeing the trio at a distance before its head perked up and it too, ran off into the rocky maze. Everything was silent for a moment before a loose rock from a nearby stone obelisk knocked its way down. There was a massive pressure building in the area, and yelps and howls could be heard from the sandstorm that blocked the three from their ship. Something huge was coming

[CHAT] Styx could feel it. Something that seemed to eminante pure bloodlust. It was powerful nearly overwhelming as she stood frozen for a few seconds before she snapped out of it. She couldn't speak in this form but she ran in front of the two, faced the rocky crag that the feeling was coming from and roared hissed and spat towards it. Just trying to give some sort of warning before it was to late.

[CHAT] Deva climbs to her feet--she was bleeding as well, with some cuts on her face and arms as well as on her legs, her leggings and sleeves torn from the biting and the clawing as she again tenses into some kind of combat stance--she still wasn't used to it yet, but at this point she was fed up with that fact, her odd black and gold eyes narrowing slightly as she hears the sounds and feels the tension. "Great..." she mutters to herself as she glares into the distance and balls her hands into fists. "I've had just about enough of this planet..." she grumbles softly with a shake of her head.

[CHAT] Genesis climbed his way back to his feet. He adjusted his hat and mask, then flipped open the cylinder on his gun and started replacing the spent rounds as he scanned with his eyes, trying to make out something through the blowing sand. The wind drowned out smaller sounds, but he could hear… footsteps? Getting closer. He motioned for Styx and Deva to wait and stay quiet, and then, holstering his gun, he disappeared into the blowing sand.

[CHAT] It was only about a minute or so later that a roar came washed over the girls. Deep, growling, tremendously loud. A moment later, Genesis came back into view, much more rapidly than he’d left; he slammed into a rock face and slid to the ground, shattered rock raining down around him. Then the thing stepped into view. It was *huge.* It stood on two legs, and had two smaller, almost vestigial-looking arms, not unlike a Tyrannosaurus. The thing’s body was built thickly and with enormously heavy muscles. It had a fleshiness to it, but its body was covered in crocodilian green scales, with some bony brownish spines standing up along its back, its jaw, and its tail. It had a big protruding jaw covered in spines and toothlike protrusions, and its head was on a thick neck, balanced out by a thick tail almost as wide as its body. Watching Deva and Styx, it stomped its way closer, stooping over one of the falling canid-monsters. It opened its jaw, then seemed to unhinge something about it, the flesh at the sides of the mouth stretching open to let its mouth open wider and wider, until it seized the entire canid by the torso. It bit down, crushing the dead thing’s body, and tossed its head slightly to shift its grip as it crushed down on it again, finally gulping the whole dog-sized thing down in one go. It looked at Deva… and drool started to run down the sides of its mouth.

[CHAT] Styx jumped back with the emergence of the giant creature, but her being smaller than the two, she figured it did not have much interest in her. Keeping as low as possible and sticking to the shadows and cover, she had tried to make her way to the flank and slowly cimp up the rocky spires to an elevated position. She needed to get the drop on this thing, otherwise she would not be able to do much damage to anything vital on this creature.

[CHAT] Deva backs up, her black and gold eyes narrowing as she focused. "No." She says simply, balling her hands into fists as she prepared for combat--backing up if it started to come for her. It was too legged--with only vestigial arms. That meant it had a weakness--one she could hopefully exploit... she just had to time it properly, and hope she was strong enough. After closing her eyes a moment taking a deep breath, to both focus her energies and calm her nerves, she lunges forward--trying to run between the beasts legs--and as she does so a striped blue tendril grows out of her back, trying to wrap around one of the large dinosuars legs--so she could run around the other and essentially tie the monster's legs together. Just... hopefully she wouldn't be eaten. Or overpowered and then eaten.

[CHAT] Genesis slowly picked himself up and shook himself off as he watched Deva charge at the monster. "Watch out! It's faster than it looks!" He winced as Deva lashed a tendril to it. A moment later it tried to take a step, felt the restraint, and roared, then its body tensed and it *launched* itself off the ground in a tremendous leap. It slammed itself into the rock face below where Styx was climbing, sending cracks through it and sending a shower of stone raining down, and if Deva wasn't quick about turning it loose, probably rattling her against the rocks as well. It slid down the rock face and landed on its feet, where it immediately turned and started charging at Genesis, the only target it could see. Drool ran from its mouth, and Genesis could see and hear the dusty ground *sizzling* where those droplets landed.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Genesis could practically hear Prime's lecturing voice, endless lessons about 'learning about the enemy' mixing with the biology he'd been taught during his 'incubation.' "The creature is likely the apex of the local food chain. Deep scarring suggests a long history of confrontation over territory. High body temperature, noted when it smashed you with its tail, coupled with its unusually fast movement for its size, suggests an extraordinarily fast metabolism for a creature of this size. Corrosive saliva, tough flesh armored with even tougher scales." '

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Genesis grimaced. That never really went away, that tendency to associate the analytical part of him with Prime's teaching. It was useful, though that part of him grew quiet as he grinned. He fired a shot, and the round impacted right between the eyes, next to a spot that suggested that wasn't the first shot the thing had shrugged off, then he leaned into a run away from the rock face. "Don't try to restrain it, it's too big, too strong! Deva! while it chases me, try to see if you can spot any weaknesses!" He stumbled, then dove out of the way, coat flying around him as he cartwheeled to avoid a snap from the thing's jaws. Splattering saliva hit the black leather and started to eat a hole in the thick, reinforced material, and Genesis cursed as he started running again.'

[CHAT] Styx smiled her toothy dragon smile and launched herself from her perch. Her wings unfurling and muscles straining to keep up with the creature. Her eyes focused on a spot between its vestigial arms on its back. She focused her energy into her claws, as they grew and was hardening. She could feel the wind rushing by her face. The grains of sand brushing past her scales and the whiff of spoiled decaying flesh that emanated from the creature. The pungent stench of death. She spotted the sweet spot as she got closer and tucked her wings in close. Her speeding increasing into a bullet as she tried to latch onto that spot.

[CHAT] Deva 's eyes go wide as it doesn't help and the creature merely jumps--literally dragging her along for the ride with a cry of surprise as she's smashed against the rocks *hard*, her tentacle slipping off of the creature as she slides down the rock face, rocks raining down around and on top of her with a groan and a thud--she was already bleeding beforehand from the other creatures, now she was battered on top of it. It takes a minute, but she eventually climbs back to her feet, hand cradling an elbow as it looked like her arm was injured. "D-damn it..."

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Styx slammed into the monster's back, and it roared, stopping short of taking another snap at Genesis and instead flailing around from side to side as it attempted to dislodge this new irritant. It started rolling, trying to grind her off its back against the compacted sandy soil, bellowing its rage as it did, even as her claws drew viscous green blood from where she stabbed it. Penetrating its skin was *hard,* but she'd managed it. And the monster did *not* seem happy.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'While it was distracted, Genesis turned and launched himself forward, windmilling his legs in midair to propel himself into a spin, and then channeling the force of that spin into a sharp kick at the side of its face. Its head snapped to the side from the impact, but it didn't seem noticably injured by it, and Genesis found himself bouncing off. He spun across the sandy soil, brushed himself off, and grinned. He held up his hands, and electricity started to arc over his fingertips. "Deva. You don't have to fight it if you don't want to, but I'm not backing down..."'

[CHAT] Styx tried to hold on and she felt herself slipping. The thing went wild. To the point of rampaging and she could feel it. She tried to jump off but her claw was stuck hard into the creatures flesh, well flesh was the surface. Her right claw, with the thrashing, somehow got stuck in a piece of bone and she went along for the ride. Her body being smashed between the creature and the ground, but with its thrashing it wasn't a nice calculated roll, so she was saved by that grace. As she finally righted herself and was able to dislodge her claw she was left a bruised and battered mess and she was thrown clear. She landed hard and shaky, black ichor seeping from her scales but she wanted that ride again.

[CHAT] Deva shook her head, "No, I'm not giving up..." she says, a determined frown appearing on her face as she moves her arm experimentally--it was okay to move at least, but she wasn't sure what she could do against this--the dragon had claws, and the namekian had a huge gun, she... could punch it. Or try to whip it. Not much. She didn't even have a *weapon*. How could she help and protect people if she couldn't even fight back like this. She pushed the thought from her mind--she did, at least, have a few rocks. She picks a couple up and starts running after the creature, intent on trying to chuck them at it's eyes--she might not be able to do much, but she could do that at least, and there were *plenty* of rocks.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The monster rolled to its feet, reared back, and roared once more now that it had dislodged the aggravating Styx. It stomped the ground, sending a light tremor through the hard-packed sand, and started to turn back toward Deva, drool running from its mouth again. The rocks hit it in the face, and it blinked as the stones shattered, but its eyes were far up on its head and recessed, hard to hit with a ranged weapon. "Its eyes... Good thinking, Deva, but rocks aren't going to do the job!" Genesis holstered his gun and raised a fist, green electricity arcing over his arm and a ki aura forming around his fist. He launched himself forward, slamming a fist into the creature's neck and sending a ripple of ki flame over its skin. It roared and headbutted Genesis, sending him end-over-end across the ground. He hit, skidded, and came back up to his feet.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The monster started advancing on Genesis again. "Get Styx up! Throw her at its eyes when an opening presents itself! I'll distract it as best I can!" He raised a fist again as the monster... stopped? Its claws dug into the rock, and it let loose one more tremendous roar. It looked *furious,* its maw opening wider than before, and a red glow started to suffuse its skin down its neck. It had... A ki signature!? It lowered its head, and a moment later, belched forth a crackling stream of red-and-black Ki flame toward Genesis. He disappeared from view as the flame washed over him.'

[CHAT] Styx shook her head trying to clear the fog that washed over her. The rocks and sand was a blurred mesh of brown and the creature in front was a varying blur of green as she strained her eyes trying to get the creature in focus. She thought she heard her name as she took a couple of shaky steps forward. Then she felt it. A massive buildup and a feeling of pure rage. A fire that seemed to burn inside of that creature. Her eyes focused just in time to see the flames wash over Gene. Instinct and rage took over. She let the rage and anger from that creature fuel into her own as she roared and rushed towards the creature, her muscles pounding her wings beating and leaving a spotted trail of black ichor in her wake. As she got closer she rushed and lept towards the creatures face and eyes, making it easier since its head was down after releasing that gout of flames.

[CHAT] Deva grit her teeth, her eyes narrowing as she looked up at the beast. This whole thing was infuriating--how could she help and protect *anybody* when she was borderline defenseless on her own here? As that fiery ray of energy burst out and enveloped Gene, Deva's black and gold eyes go wide, "No, damn it!" she grits her teeth--it looked like Styx already had the right idea, but, "Go for the eyes!" she calls out, rushing ahead herself--she didn't have much more options for weaponry other than a shard of a rock with an edge. It was something to stab with at least, so she took the chance--trying to literally jump onto the critters head from the side to try to stab it in the eye.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The ray of energy engulfing Genesis bulged from within, shuddering. Again, and again, with wisps of green erupting from within. It was a sound... like rolling thunder. When Deva and Styx started to wrestle the monster's head, diverting the stream, Genesis was left standing there, clothes scorched and hands smoking from where he'd released blast after explosive blast to divert the stream around himself. As best he could, at least; he looked burned, nonetheless.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The monster thrashed, whipping its head from side to side, but it couldn't easily dislodge the attackers. It lowered its head and started to charge at the rock wall in its fury.'

[CHAT] Styx was caught in the fury. She wasn't tuned into anything around her. Where they were, who was fighting who. All she saw was something in front of her that needed to die. With relentless fury she clawed, but raked gouged anything and everything she could. Her claws were small but sharp and her teeth double so, and she wanted to get into the nice fleshy orb that was in front of her. She let the fire enter her and the anger to flare using it to power everything she had into a near berserker like attack. But in doing so she was not deterred or affected by the fact that she was probably going to become dragon-mash in the next few moments unless something changed.

[CHAT] Deva was not as blind in fury as the Dragon--she'd kept aware of her surroundings and did indeed notice when the critter began charging a rock wall, "That's it..." she says to herself, even as she still tries to somehow stab the thing in its eye. As it closes in on the wall, however, Deva tenses, "Now!" she says to herself, suddenly leaping across the critters face as she jumps off, trying to grab at the dragon as she does so in an attempt to pull her off so she's not crushed as well--letting the critter smash his face against a cliff. "Pay attention," she says, her brow furrowed as she does so.

[CHAT] Genesis staggered, shaking his head to clear it as his friends slashed at the monster's face. Blinded more by pain than by Styx's slashing-though Deva did manage to desroy one of its eyes by slamming the pointed rock deep into the recessed socket-it slammed into the wall with tremendous force and wobbled, then fell backwards, stunned for a moment.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Genesis almost seemed to vibrate, wisps of ki fire and green electricity arcing off of his body as he gathered all of the ki energy he had remaining. "Come on, big guy... Get up..." He held up a hand, clenching and unclenching a fist. "Get clear! Good job blinding him on that side... I'm going to try to put him down for good!"'

[CHAT] Styx clawed the air furiously as she was ripped from her perch of ripping and flailed around before she got loose, landing on the ground on all fours. Her distance from the creature deadend her senses enough that she wasn't overcome again and she quickly turned her head from one side to another, taking in the situation. She then saw Gene, powered up and read to go and she ran up and crowched down behind him. She knew he had something brewing. A massive slugger move by the looks of it. She looked at Gene and then crouched read for the strike. She would do anything she could to make sure that blow landed. She was there, and would be there moving along next to him when the time came, to intercept anything that would stop that blow. She wasn't the heavy hitter but she could help out who was.

[CHAT] Deva nods and looks to the critter as its stunned, just taking one moment to kick it in its shin out of annoyance, frustration and indignation before running back over towards where Genesis is at--doing her best to get clear before the thing was ready. "Right..." she says to herself as she passes Gene then turns on a dime to see what he has planned. She had to learn how they did all of this--she didn't know how it all worked from her memories--and didn't have anyone to teach her. This way, with the energy blasts and the fire, wasn't what she remembered, but it was definitely useful. Something she'd have to learn.

[CHAT] Styx clawed the air furiously as she was ripped from her perch of ripping and flailed around before she got loose, landing on the ground on all fours. Her distance from the creature deadend her senses enough that she wasn't overcome again and she quickly turned her head from one side to another, taking in the situation. She then saw Gene, powered up and read to go and she ran up and crowched down behind him. She knew he had something brewing. A massive slugger move by the looks of it. She looked at Gene and then crouched read for the strike. She would do anything she could to make sure that blow landed. She was there, and would be there moving along next to him when the time came, to intercept anything that would stop that blow. She wasn't the heavy hitter but she could help out who was.

<0:03am> [CHAT] Deva nods and looks to the critter as its stunned, just taking one moment to kick it in its shin out of annoyance, frustration and indignation before running back over towards where Genesis is at--doing her best to get clear before the thing was ready. "Right..." she says to herself as she passes Gene then turns on a dime to see what he has planned. She had to learn how they did all of this--she didn't know how it all worked from her memories--and didn't have anyone to teach her. This way, with the energy blasts and the fire, wasn't what sh/… e remembered, but it was definitely useful. Something she'd have to learn.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The monster leaped to its feet. It belched a wave of flame up into the air with a roar, arms scrabbling up at its face as it realized it was blinded on its right side. Genesis took a step to his side to come into its view, and its head swung, drool dribbling from its mouth. It charged at him, fury radiating off it like a palpable aura, and Genesis dodged into his left, into its blind side.'
[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Watching him was... educational. Now that he had the benefit of that massive blind side to work from, and a better understanding of the monster's capabilities, he practically danced with it, dodging past its frantic tail whips and body slams. He dipped in and out of its view, practically gliding across the sand; every time it caught sight of Deva in the background and started to turn its attention, he'd slide back into the edge of its field of vision, occasionally darting toward it or away from it, or launching a kick at its blind side. Driving it into a deeper and deeper rage.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'Its aura grew sharper, the red haze surrounding its head deepening in hue, and when it had finally had enough, it locked its single remaining eye on Genesis and opened its mouth, unleashing that built-up ki once more. Except this time, in a blur, Genesis launched off the ground, slamming his ki-sparking fist into its mouth, smashing into its throat, the discharge of his last dregs of Ki power causing a backfire of the monster's own. Its head, quite simply, exploded; a blast of red-and-black ki energy erupted outward, searing the flesh off its skull and leaving its body to topple onto the sandy soil. Its skeleton was so tough that its skull was still attached... just bare. Genesis topppled over right next to it, clutching his hand to his side chest and doubling over it with a barely-audible groan.'

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