*Rest Our Hopes on the Tower

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*Rest Our Hopes on the Tower

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Actors: Mosin, Nova, Thousand

Casualties: None

Synopsis: Thousand reveals his identity to Nova and Mosin. Mosin in turn reveals information regarding their next goal: Korin's Tower and the Guardian's Lookout above. And Nova reveals a glorious assortment of cosplay disguises to aide in their escape from the city. Much hilarity is had in selecting the costumes. Emboldened, the trio begins their quest to seek out the tower.

[CHAT] Thousand pauses a moment, before addressing the saiyan and kaio: 'So, the name "Zand" that I gave you isn't exactly my real name, but an alias I've been known to use on occasion. In my... weakened state, I saw fit to keep my identity secret, given I likely still have enemies. I am Thousand.' The android sighs, his cigarette flipping and rolling across his fingers like a coin trick before he takes another drag. 'Certain events a while back gained me a measure of notoriety. I in fact was nearly destroyed by an enemy I as yet am uncertain of, and have literally only been active for two weeks. I was offline for years prior...' He hesitates again before speaking. 'Eventually someone will recognize me, and when that day comes, anyone near me will be a potential target. I don't want to accompany anyone without making them aware of that...'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The Kai's hands unbound from the gritted bench-press bar that he was using as a staff as he set it aside to fold his arms over his chest. "...I suspected there was more to you," Mosin's brows furrowed somewhat, "Secret bunkers, and safe-houses aren't common commodities, after all." One hand reached up from where his forearms were crossed and began to stroke the peppered tufts of his beard thoughtfully. "What kind of notoriety do you mean, though? What sort of danger should we expect? Hunters, like those chasing Nova or demons like th--..." The Kai paused, and cleared his throat and then relaxed, his arms unfolding, his brows perking in curiosity now.'

[CHAT] Thousand opens his mouth, his cigarette falling, but catches it in the blink of an eye. He fixes Mosin with a very meaningful stare, and states one simple word, with a lot of stress on it. 'Yes.' A long beat passes, the ember of his cigarette glowing brightly before he drops it and crushes it beneath his heel. 'Everything went to hell. We thought ourselves invincible. We were powerful, Mosin. And between us, we did great deeds, protecting countless people from threats you might have trouble even imagining, some akin to secret organizations and governments, some to the very forces of nature themselves. But our last battle...' His head droops forward, eyes downcast, lips slightly parted and shivering slightly. 'Only I survived. One of these forces who dared not challenge us together struck me down alone before, and when it becomes known I've survived... I'm such an easy target now.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The Kai nodded, knowingly, the dead eyes that gazed at Thousand having many human lifetimes behind them, enough to have seen the waxing and waning of the powers in the 'verse. "We'll be with you. Nova and I. That's hardly an easy target, wouldn't you say?" The Kai mused. "Your secret is safe with me, Zand, for as long as you need to keep it. Whether that's until you've regained your strength..." The Kai laced his fingers together and pushed his hands forward, cracking his knuckles, "Or until we find your enemy, and settled the matter."'

[CHAT] Nova had been sitting in the back of the bunker munching away on a snack, watching the pair go their exchange. Saiyans did two things well, fight and eat so it was natural that when she wasn't fighting, Nova was either thinking about or actively eating. The room felt heavy with the subject matter between the two of them, her eyes darting between speaking targets while her face gained more and more of the chips from her bag collecting around her mouth. Finally she broke silence from her crunches, roaring with laughter. "Bwahaha. I don't buy it. You're some long dead hero of a lost age? No way? You're name is Thousand? Zand was a much better pick if you wanted to pull that farce off. But," she folded and clipped her bag, stuffing it back in her knapsack. "either way, we can keep you safe from whatever big bad may be out to hurt you. You just gotta help Mo get to his tower."

[CHAT] Thousand stares first at Mosin, then Nova, then back, before covering his face with his hands a moment, throwing back his head, and roaring with laughter. A moment passes before he calms down, a serious expression on his face, even as he wipes away a very real looking tear from the corner of his eye. 'Yeah, you could' -snicker- 'say I may fancy myself something of a hero. Laugh all you want, girl- I picked up a love of fighting despite myself, and that road always leads to good fights with strong enemies. You ought to try it. Only...' His enthusiasm fades a bit. 'Well, it's not free. Sometimes it costs quite a lot. If you're going to be my knights in shining armor, we're all gonna need to get stronger. You know, Nova, you'd look -great- as a blonde.' He chuckles once more, before continueing. 'So, Mosin. Can you tell me more of what you know of this tower, and what you expect to find?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"No." The Kai stated simply, "But I can show you." The Kai slowly drew back the tressing on the right side of his ceremonial garments, the three panels of cloth that hung at his hips and between his legs on either side, to reveal a very small, ivory scroll case that he untied. The caps of the scroll case were embroidered in beautifully carved filigrees depicting seven orbs and a swirling dragon. He handled the case with extreme care, treating it with sacredness as he undid the caps and slowly drew from within its tube a sheet a rolled... metallic sheet?'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The scroll paper appeared to be a light-weight metal as thin as paper and flexible as aluminum. As Mosin unfurled it before Zand, it would be evident that it bore no words, but instead its metal had been molded and indented with a raised diagram of that which Mosin sought. The chrome scroll depicted a tower raising from the earth towards a vessel among the clouds. Standing upon that vessel was a lone figure, carrying a crooked staff, surrounded by the swirling elements: Fire. Air. Earth. Water. The elements were depicted as living, breathing faces, indicating either the figure's power over earth and sky, or beings whom the figure commanded. The scroll was framed by raised words in ancient Namekian. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Oh you son of a bitch. That's not funny!" She was kind of half joking but not really joking at all. Her initial reaction was to waltz right across that room and grind out a few pounds of steel from his face with her fists but cooler heads prevailed. A leap in the right direction for her. Besides, there was no way for him to know how much of an insult it was to tease a Saiyan about their inability to transform into the 'Super' state. Especially with how coveted the ability was to the Saiyans of Vira who looked down on any of their race who couldn't themselves or never had at least one Super Saiyan in their family history. "Seriously Zand, piss off about that." '
[CHAT] Nova: -- 'She was frustrated now, at herself, for the outburst especially since Mosin was finally showing them the treasure he had carried with him this entire time which looked to be, "Whoa, is this a map?" And just like that, her anger was quelled. She was being pulled in by the most wonderful artifact she had ever seen before. A look of true bewilderment afixed upon her face.'

[CHAT] Thousand crosses his arms, tilting his head to one side. 'Piss off about it? I've seen you in action, and known enough saiyans to see the potential. You'll know one day, even if you don't see it now.' The android turns to regard the chrome scroll, barely resisting the urge to touch it. 'This writing... I recognize the script as Namekian... a very old dialect... but I don't have the ability to translate such any longer. Are you able to... read this, by touch, by any chance?' The android had heard of such capabilites before, but had never actually seen someone practice it, but he had seen enough of the kaios senses in action to just believe it possible.

[CHAT] Mosin nodded to Nova, "Yes. A map, not of terrain though, but of a discipline." Mosin smiled as his fingers began to move along the edges of the chrome scroll. <Benl'ock Dao-et sur. Dayo-meyan sa sira sa kirok> He read aloud, and continued on for a minute or so in the language of the ancient Namekians until his hand hand winded back to their starting point. "This was the oldest scroll in the possession of my Order, and the proginitor of Moon and Sun."
[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Mosin slowly rolled the scroll and carefully returned it to its case. "Long ago, before the troubles of these ages of heroes and legends, Maedun was a master of unparalleled skill and was granted the honor of protecting an artifact of great power and teaching those who would seek to use it, or so it is said. They traveled to a Nexus point in the universe, and constructed a series of trials to test and mentor warriors of the 'verse. That point was here. Earth. It was painstaking to find it, but when I learned of the tower here on this planet, I knew it could be nothing else but the Guardian's threshold."'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Oh ho ho ho. So you mean to tell me that this tower is a place of like divine power? Like we could all seriously level up up here or something crazy?" And just like that, she forgot all about being upset with Zand and whatever he did or said to upset her. Probably stole her food or something. Because Saiyans were good at two things and going to this tower and training with Mosin after he taught whatever it is this Maedun had to teach him, would make her that much stronger.'

[CHAT] Thousand strokes his chin, taking another sip of his coffee. 'What sort of artifact is it, do you know? It's been a long time since I've heard of an object being guarded by trials of any kind. Strange that something like that would be here all long. My curiosity is piqued. Perhaps the Guardian can help answer some questions I have as well...' Absent-mindedly, the android chews on a fingernail while his eyes appear to scan the ceiling. 'So... do we know exactly where it is? And... these cosplay disguises, err... what sort?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"I'm glad you're excited, Nova." After returning the scroll to its case, Mosin tied it once more to his belt loop and let the tresses of his robe fall over it, hiding it from sight. "And... yes. I think we could 'level up' if we are given audience. Maedun is a master without equal. Able to bend the sky with a flick of their wrist. Able to part an ocean with a breath. Their Chi is said to be able to turn flesh into stone, and crack mountains with a single blow. They would have much to teach us." Mosin's dead eyes swung back to Zand with some hesitation.'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"It is said Maedun guards the will of a Dragon. Not the kind of thing that one can touch or hold within their palm, but the power to change a world if they wield it. Right a grievous wrong. Restore that which was lost, even give life to those who are dead. I have read the lore of many worlds and heard of such things, but the artifact is the kind of power that does not come without a price to possess and use. It is certainly not my intention to seek it, only Maedun." Mosin nodded thoughtfully. "Korin's tower is said to lie south of the Grand Sands. It's ancient and mysterious. There will be those who can guide us closer once we have started on the path."'

[CHAT] Thousand paces back and forth for a moment, before leaning against a nearby wall, crossing his arms over his chest. The description of the artifact made him mindful of the Nightmare Dragonballs, and the terrible effects they had had. No, the android had no interest in meddling with artifacts of such power, not anymore. But the draw of the knowledge and power that might await them was just the spark of hope he needed. He steps forward, reaching out and clasping the Kaios forearm. 'Alright. I'm sold. As long as there is no intent to meddle with that sort of artifact, I'm all for it.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"None whatsoever." The Kaio gripped Zand and grinned, "There is perhaps one other insight I should give you before we start. The tower. It is not just a thing to be climbed. It is a trial. Its stone is woven with power that only a Guardian can call upon. It knows intent. If we approach it, thinking only to climb it then we will climb forever. We must arrive as pilgrims, and not try to cheat it in any way." Having said this, Mosin released Zand and moved to the bench-press bar he had been using as a staff since their scuffle in the Physical Therapy ward of Vitae City's hospital. "A garbage bag has made a fine disguise for me so far... I think it could see me through the city. What about you two?"'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Well I was told I have a man's shoulders and no tits for days so one of the uniforms in that cosplay capsule box we bought will do me just fine" With a click and a POMP a cloud puffed out in the middle of the room and Nova stood from it in a large, yellow shirt with blue palm trees all over it. Her hair, all of it, was under that same blitz ball cap she stole from the trucker days ago with a single tuft popping through the back clasp in the front. She also wore a pair of yellow sunglasses and some purple martial art pants that stopped at her ankles and kept some black kung-fu shoes on her feet. '
[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Probably the most interesting thing about her new disguise was the large, white, mustache and goatee on her face that, with the sunglasses, helped hide her face and the giant, purple turtle shell on her back. "Oh, and the guy at the shop said I should do this..." She cleared her throat a few times then tried a gruff, old, sounding chuckle then exclaimed "YAY!" holding a cane in one hand and giving a peace sign in the other. "Called this the pervy hermit look. Whatcha think?"'

[CHAT] Thousand cracks a half-smile at Nova's outfit. 'I think you look a kindred spirit amongst us old men, heh heh. Oh man.' The android felt bad for Mosin, missing this. The android began sorting through the various capsules, trying each out in turn. *POMF* The first was a short blue skirt, white blouse, and red ribbon accompaniment. 'I dunno... soldier of love? I don't think I have the legs for it.' *POMF* *POMF* *POMF* It only got worse from there, at least at first, before the android struck what he thought to be gold- a skintight black outfit with silver accents around the musculature, two long red sleeves connected with a metal plate behind his shoulders, and a matching red skirtlike cape hanging from his waist behind. An odd, yet striking look with his grey hair. 'I like the look enough, but why would they call a swordsman an archer...?'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"You both look... beautiful? Handsome?"'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Well its just for city travel," she said, releasing the costume back into the capsule from wence it came. "I'm not worried about it too much, though. My question is what are we waiting for? We have a heading now and all old grievances out in the air, right?" She just looked at Thousand after that question. A more of a question being asked about the previous argument they had about the ship and if they were passed it. "Mo, lead the..." she winced, then shrugged. "No, you are the one who brought this to us. I say you lead the way"'

[CHAT] Thousand smirks slightly. 'What grievances would those be? Can't say I recall any.' The android was never one to hold a grudge over a relatively minor disagreement, and truth be told, was absolutely sick of hiding out in storage units and storm drains. A hedonist at heart, such conditions were borderline torture- at least camping in the wilderness had its own allure. 'I don't know though... a group of cosplayers will get some looks but not too much scrutiny, but accompanied by someone wearing a trash bag? Maybe we should pick one of these outfits out for Mosin...'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The Kai took one of the capsules with curiosity and spent a moment holding it in his hands, studying it for a long moment before depressing the switch. *POMF* A cloud of smoke ruptured and when it had passed Mosin was dressed in a full Catholic garb. Long flowing robes. A canonist's hat. Tresses draped over the shoulders. "Too breezy..." He said after making a few turns. *POMF* Another cloud rolled through before revealing a strange, blue jumpsuit with elongated, yellow, ribbed shoulder-pads, a battle-armor that bound his chest and a wig of spikey hair.'
[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Too Otaku..." *POMF* A final cloud surrounded Mosin before revealing the Kai. Leather chaps, missing their back half and a hammock for what was between his thighs, a black soldier's cap with a skull placed on the center above the brim, nipple rings, knee high leather boots and a cigar tucked in his mouth. The Kai puffed thoughtfully. "Alright. I don't want to waste too much time with this," He took a long drag, "This'll have to do."'

[CHAT] Thousand covers his mouth with both hand, eyes bulging. A choked rumble, barely discernible, still escapes between his fingers. (Does he know? Should we tell him? Oh, Kami, how horrible am I, this is too hilarious to not let happen.) Tears stream down the androids reddened cheeks as he shakes in place, fighting to bring himself under control. Suppressing one final, childlike giggle, he straightens, and in a slightly-hoarse voie proclaims. 'Alright. This'll do. Let's get this show on the road. Other cliche, you pick it. Lez go.' The android begins to collect his meager belongings together, packing up the small camp stove et al.

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4 greens / 1 Red awarded to Mosin, Nova. Need someone to toss some rpp to my mort plzthx!

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Riz rewarded my mort