* Coming Together

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* Coming Together

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[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The outskirts of Vitae City at night, really did remi
nd her of the different domes shining like galaxies across the ice plains of Ng
Yelo. Nova sat on a small boulder that had made the bluff over looking an open p
lain its home. This far out, the pollution of the lights left the sky cut open w
ith a scar of twinkling galaxies and shooting stars dotting a luminous path acro
ss the dark blue night sky. The moon, a waxing crescent, was shining hard just a
t the edge of the horizon and the breeze was cool. A season she had not experien
ced in what felt like a lifetime was about to come to this part of the planet. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'It smelled of flora and musk, but gave her a sense of
calm she had never experienced before. Standing in her new diggs; a red shirt,
tight along her frame but flexible and unrestrictive with a white three quarters
jacket over top. Proper spacer cargo pants and boots with a golden belt buckle
that housed a stylized
N. Along her back, a hefty knapsack full of tents, cantee
ns, flints and other tools they would need along the lond road ahead.
"We are al
most back at the base, Mo. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?

[CHAT] Mosin grunted in answer as he raised himself up from a push-up and simply
shook his head. The Kai was bare-chested. His tunic having been stripped off wh
ile he trained. It seemed it had been so long since he had been in any condition
to do these exercises after arriving on Earth. His abs were weak. His body shoo
k even though he had only done a few sets of twenty. Under the light of the star
s Nova might be able to make out the strange "scars" that Mosin's wizened flesh

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'They were not the scrapes and slashes of battle, but intricate
, deep scarifications that gave his bare skin the look and texture of an alligat
or's. They were mostly winding rings that began at his elbows and centralized ne
ar his chest. Others were deep cuts, made into distinct shapes and symbols. Thou
gh they were scars, the tissue was a faint off-white in color to his natural ebo
ny-skintone, making them appear like the moonwritings of the Konatsu under the f
aint starlight.
"I.. count..." Mosin finished another pushup, "Footsteps, Nova,
that's how I find my way. I can picture a lot in my mind but we're..."
He went d
own and pushed himself back up on shaking forearms,
"We're... further out than I
've been from Vitae yet."'

[CHAT] Nova watched Mosin work out under the stars, getting a glimpse at his lea
n frame and the way his sweat highlighted his muscle tone. The marking in his sk
in were the exact opposite to hers. Where she was a rough gash from inexperience
in fighting or just dumb, poor luck, like the new hole in her shoulder, his was
the deliberate line and curvature. It spoke volumes about this Kai she had been
travelling with. He was a warrior. She knew first hand of his ability to hold h
imself in a fight, but the night at the spaceport, the night in the hospital, Mo
sin chose to toss himself into the fires of chaos, despite how serene he always
seemed to be. Watching him now, her blood turned hot in her chest.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'She wanted to test him, right now, on this very cliff, in a pro
per fight just to see where she stood against such an opponent. But that would h
ave to wait. Zand was waiting for them, or maybe he was dead, or off on a binge.
"Well its not far from Zand's hideout. So if you're done rubbing it in..." Now
that she was properly patched up and her wound cleaned, he had put her on Kai-ar
rest. Stay close to the kai and no fighting unless absolutley neccesary.
(That i
s the dumbest rule...
) A leap and she was over the edge, her hand grinding along
the rough cliffside until a jetting boulder caught her feet. She took the momen
tum of the fall to allow her boots to slide to the tip of this jagged edge and v
ault into the night. Another small drop and she landed in a ravine, boots splash
ing in the shallow water that spilled from the main drain of the waterways.'

[CHAT] Mosin nodded after one final pushup and lay back as she spoke for a momen
t, his breaths coming hard and the sweat pouring. He heard her stand and dissape
ar only for a moment to pass before he heard her feet crack against the ground o
f the ridge, and then the ravine below. The Kai stood, gathered his tunic and ap
proached the lip. He kicked with his open-toe sandals and sent a small smatterin
g of rocks down, listened, then jumped after he confirmed how far it might be. C
liffs and overhangs. Leaps in the dark. It would have been easy for Mosin to jus
t be afraid of these things, but there comes a point in the adaptation to your c
ondition where you just stop worrying about what you can and cannot control.

[CHAT] Mosin landed. A little more unsteadily than Nova perhaps, and followed he
r to the next drop-off, heading down it in time and appearing beside her momenta
rily in a three-point couch. He smiled as he heard the water trickling through t
he ravine and felt its ebb upon his ankle and shin.
"You never really said where
it was you wanted to go, Nova."
Mosin followed her tenatively, keeping pace and
using the sounds of her footsteps, the beating of her heart, the bellows of her
lungs as a compass.
"The whole universe might be ahead of us. You don't have an
ywhere in mind?"

[CHAT] Nova thought to ignore the question at first, focusing on opening the gat
e as quietly as possible and slipping through. It, in fact, angered her to be as
ked such a thing but not because it was personal. How does she answer? What does
she say? She'd rather he asked if she had a man back home or when her first fig
ht was, but that? Tsk.
"Well...you know. I'm just going. Forward. The only famil
y I ever had died in those fighting pits. And I'm a Saiyan, so its not like I ha
ve a planet full of people waiting for me.
" The made their way around a corner a
nd could see the light of Zand's fire shining against a wall at the end of a tun
"And Vira..I've no Super Saiyan blood in me so its not like they'd welcome
me in. I'm just..I'm just moving forward and right now that means helping you no
t die at some tower

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"That's not really what I asked but..." Mosin followed Nova. S
ometimes he was lost or dragged behind, but he always caught up. Upon entering t
he underground where the sounds reverberated so much he seemed especially blind.
He kept pace with Nova's heartbeat ands its palpitations, the bellows of her lu
ngs, and the light clack of her boots on the concrete of Vitae's undercity.
were those men? The ones in the arena? Tell me about them."
Nova did not seem l
ike the type to elaborate on her history, but it was in the nature of the Kai to

[CHAT] Thousand finally began to hear the faint sound of approaching footsteps c
oming up the pipe. He casts a wary glance in that direction, pondering what to
do. He then shrugs his shoulder, considering the authorities haven't attached h
is face to his identity yet, and that he really looked the part of homeless pers
on squatting in the drain system. Well, technically more than looked the part, a
t current. Shaking his head, he sets a beaten up steel coffee percolator atop s
ome of the coals of the fire- a token of hospitality, and hopefully an improveme
nt to the aroma in the area.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Nova's footsteps quickened as he delved into that last questio
n, then the sound of an opening grate, steps downa corridor and... crackling of
a fire. It wasn't long before he felt its warmth. Taking his cues from Nova, th
e old Kai raised out his arms as he entered what felt like a larger chamber,
nd! It's so good to see you!"
The Kai was facing quite the wrong direction for s
uch a greeting, but his face beamed proudly towards the vacant wall it was direc
ted towards.
"What happened? Nova told me pieces but, honestly it didn't... how'
s that starship coming?"'

[CHAT] Thousand stands and plants a smile on his face, waving to the pair, reali
zing a moment too late how useless a gesture this was for Mosin's sake.
'Hey. Ab
out that, kind of went rough. I ran into one ship that was willing to take us, n
o questions asked, for a price I could make- but they turned out to be up to som
e sketchy stuff, as I'm sure Nova told you. I took an escape pod just a bit afte
r you, but with their autopilot on, I ended up coming down some 60 miles distant
, had to hoof it back.'
The android chuckles heartily, affixing Nova's cleaned u
p look with an appreciative glance.
'Don't we clean up nice. I'll have you know
I'm considered quite handsome by many, and one hell of a charmer too!'
He gives
us false pout before sticking out his tongue a moment and chuckling.
'Could rea
lly use a shower and some new clothes... either of you want a coffee? I don't ha
ve any sugar or cream, I'm afraid, and we've got tin cans for cups.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'With voices to direct him, Mosin turned and faced Zand somewha
t sheepishly, politely bowed and found a resting place on the wall he had greete
d. He accepted the small porcelain cup from Nova with a apologizing smile and br
ought it up to his lips, sipping for a moment before wiping his mustache and bea
rd with the back of his hand. He paused, meditatively, or perhaps, naively and f
olded his scraped fingers around the cup, holding it while his dead eyes searche
d the ceiling above.
"I appreciate your effort, Zand." He said at last. "What op
tions do we have, now?"'

[/color][CHAT] Thousand flicks a bit of ash off of the end of his cigarette before takin
g a few sips of his own coffee.
'Well, as far as options go, I was thin-' The an
droid seizes a moment, the malware taking hold for a moment.
'If you don't talk
to your children about bottig, who will?'
The episode passes as quickly as it ca
me, the android resuming midsentence.
'-king that if we can't find those who wil
l take us no questions asked, perhaps we should seek out those who don't mind th
e answer to those questions. We know from that... broadcast... that there are s
ympathizers. If I know humanity, though, that broadcast isn't going to make eve
ryone turn in their children, brothers, wives... but they'll be underground. I s
uggested against it before, but- our best bet may actually be to check out that

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Damn it," Nova seemed lost inside the contents of the
cup she held in her hands. She had hoped that Zand had a better plan to keep th
em away from this Tower. Something about the thought of the place was unsettling
to her. Still, that was the plan; go to the Tower and...watch the Golden Kai as
cend to glory? It didn't matter what was there. She had to be Mosin's shield.
ell this should help us along the way,
" She handed to Zand, that briefcase where
he would find his cut of the 70k they got for selling both the pod parts and th
e stolen truck.'

[CHAT] Thousand accepts the briefcase from Nova, with a quizzical look on his fa
ce. He sits down, opens it up, and gawks. He looks up to Nova, stunned, back do
wn to the briefcase, quickly scans through and calculates the total value of the
'This is... wow, more than I was able to put together working full ti
me! We have options now! With this... clothes, makeup, wigs... fake IDs... We
can make it with this!!'
The excited android drops his cigarette from his lips o
nto his thigh, not noticing it until it burns a hole through his ragged jeans an
d singing him. Cursing, he plucks it back up and pats at his leg frantically fo
r a moment, before pausing.
'Wait... how did you two manage to round up so much
cash so fast?'

[CHAT] Nova grinned, taking another sip from her cup. "Well my plan the other ni
ght, was to steal that ship you found me on, but after your 'associates' didn't
feel like handing it over...Well long story short I dragged the spacepod around
the city and sold it for parts.
" She hid her next words in her cup, the words bu
bbling in the coffee.
"Mo also stole a truck and we sold that too,"

[CHAT] Thousand opens his mouth, then closes it again. He ponders. Norm
ally he would object to theft, but given their situation and being hunted by the
populace and law, it seemed an unavoidable necessity. But that was not the pro
'I appreciate the effort, though the method might not be mine, I just... H
ow many... people did you run into? Did you check for any cameras at all...? Cou
ld you have been followed here?'
He started out speaking slowly, then a bit more
quickly towards the end.
'Ugh. We should move up our timetable, whatever we do.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Well I dragged a spacepod throughout a city. It was a
great training exercise and people definitely saw me. Probably saw me going to
the spaceport. The truck...well that guy was given a cut to keep his mouth shut
and as for us.
" She set her cup down and stood up, rifling through one of the kn
apsacks she had been carrying for the both of them. It had inside an array of cl
angs and bangs with cups, pots, pans and other camping equipment until she found
a small case witht he Capsule Corp logo on it. She showed it to him with a grin
of pride,
"I'm not as good as Mo when it comes to using this stuff, but we did
manage to get a hold of some pretty decent disguises. Got tips from a bunch of k
ids who were masters of this Earth tradition called COSPLAY.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"Strange stuff, but we used it to walk about the city,
" And it wasn't cheap, either. Most of her cut went towards getting the supplies
, but the disguise was all Mosin's idea. His brain probably being the thing that
saved them all along.
"But me being seen along the way was planned. If they are
looking for us and saw me with the ship, now they must think we are trying to g
et off planet. They'll be looking for us at ports, watching any unauthorized shi
ps coming or going, probably thinking we are trying to stow away and leave. Whil
e they're looking left, we go right. Maybe hide out long enough to where it -is-
safe to leave by ship.

[CHAT] Thousand takes a long drag on his cigarette, staring directly into Nova's
eyes, probably a bit longer than most would find comfortable, as if assessing h
er, or even trying to read her mind.
(She's really quite intelligent, even if sh
e downplays her contribution. How did I not notice it before? She has talents th
at were definitely going to waste where she was...)
He blows a plume of smoke of
f to the side, looks down, and takes a swig of his coffee.
'The two of you have
not ceased to impress me, I have to admit. Here I thought I was making a pigs ea
r of this whole situation, and here you guys go taking charge and getting it don
e. I must be getting too old for this.'
He lets out a belly laugh, dragging on h
is cigarette once more.
'I suppose I ought to reveal some things to you both. I'
ll do so whenever Mosin wakes up.'

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