*Failed Jail Escape

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*Failed Jail Escape

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Actors: Virion and Kenoya. Injuries: Red mark on Virion's face Summary: After waiting for several hours in jail Kenoya and Virion finally meet a detective and have a meeting in an interrogation room. Kenoya attempted to blow the planet up with the ships warp field however it failed. In the confusion of fleeing Virion was caught and then Kenoya surrendered himself to the officers giving chase once out of options.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Several hours after the pair were incarcerated in some strange hidden starship foundry, Kenoya would find himself awakening with one hell of a headache. His wounds, while not healed, have been bound and disinfected, and the effects of the venom are beginning to pass, his mobility just beginning to return. He will find himself in a small stone cell, with heavy metal bars on one end- directly across from an identical unit, where Virion has been passing the time in silence, uncertain when or if the saiyan was ever going to wake up. The guards in their rounds have seemed to delight in alternately implying he was dead, or about to make a miraculous recovery, just to fuck with the Konatsu's mind. The scent of sulfur has faded here, replaced with more of an antiseptic smell overtop of stale sweat. None of the other cells appear occupied, and the area is silent save for the distant pacing of some guards, and a persistent drip of water.'

[CHAT] Kenoya slowly sat up rubbing his head and mumbling to himself. "My head is killing me...Where am...OH WAIT I CAN MOVE! Oh...my head, right." Kenoya stood up with some shakey legs as he attempted to find his footing and examine his surroundings. It took him a few moments to fully grasp his situation. It was then he spotted Virion. "Oh hey buddy! How's it going?" He said casually as he grasped two bars in front of him and giving them a slight shake to test their strength. He leaned his head against two of the bars and let out a heavy sigh. His head was pounding but at least he could move. He was completely unaware of his wounds being doctored at this time.

[CHAT] Virion sat in a very silent form of meditation within the cell, his ears at full attention with his eyes closed for most of the time that he was being held. The longer he sat there in silence, the wider the range of his hearing would expand. For the most part he could only make out what seemed to be demonic dialect down the halls. Occasionally he could hear the demons talk about Kenoya and Virion as if they were slaves to trade or put to work, others discussing food in a similar manner. No information that would be useful for the moment. After a couple hours of listening to the demons try to rile up Virion, only to receive a similar silent treatment that he was given, Virion heard movements from across the celldoors - they were the shufflings of Kenoya followed by his voice.

[CHAT] Virion: -- '"I see that you're not dead... that's a relief. I guess the peasants around here were good for something..." he started with a snobbish attitude, his eyes still shut to the world. It would be noted that Virion was now shirtless due to the drool from Kenoya having stiffened on his shirt, making it more uncomfortable to wear than to just go shirtless. The cold air around them was obviously manufactured, seeing as they should be burning up with how far down they travelled below Epitome's surface.'

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded without his usually happy go lucky attitude. He was having issues with his vision bluring but that was soon passing with each moment he was awake. "Yeah they aren't so bad. I mean, I'm alive and moving. That's a plus. We should try and get one of those nurses to join up with us. We could use a medic in dire times." Kenoya tried to look down the hallway from the bars but was unable to see the end of the hallway from his position. He started to knock at the bars before pushing off them all together and pace around. "Did they ask you anything? If so what did you tell them? I don't remember much past the point of being laid on a table. It is all really fuzzy past that point.

[CHAT] Virion simply shrugged before standing up and walking up to the bars to get as close to Kenoya as possible without his voice carrying too far as they spoke. First, he stated with a laugh: "Something tells me you're not about to get one of those... things to join up with us," he ended, shaking his head while ending the chuckle. "I told them that we came here specifically looking for some aid in curing you - though I kept it intentionally vague as to who sent us and all that. As far as they're concerned we're some aimless travellers seeking aid, which we got...but I'm not sure what their intentions are with us beyond that point, or why they'd bother helping you to recover just to lock us up." Placing his finger to his chin, Virion closed his eyes once more, "I can only surmise that we're slaves to them at this point, for trade or labor, I'm not too sure..."

[CHAT] Virion paused for a minute, choosing to change the subject with a question that had been gnawing at him since their run in with the spiders. "By the way, friend, what exactly... did you do back there with those spider creatures? When you spoke while boasting your impending victory over their queen, it felt like your voice was echoing in my head and it made me feel... numb, yet submissive and empowered. It was weird. Am I just going crazy? Heh... I'm sure I am. Just ignore me..." he stated, trying to convince himself that it was all in his imagination with a simple smirk and shake of his head.

[CHAT] Kenoya nodded as Virion gave him the run down of the situation and what happened in his blacked out moments. "Perhaps. Slave trade is very profitable and building a fleet isn't cheap, but you'd need MILLIONS of slaves to cover the cost. If its slavery they want, its for labor. They have a bank roll for all this." When Virion made mention of the spiders it was the first time the saiyan had smiled since they arrived in the under ground facility. He shook his head at first like he wasn't going to say anything, but then changed his mind. "Well...It is something my father taught me. It is sort of like a mind trick. It is really simple, yet complex. You did it yourself which got me saved. Speak with authority. Have one hundred percent confidence in what you're saying."

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"People who don't think for themselves tend to get tripped up and start to question themselves. It is more or less a living psychology experiment. When it doesn't work, that's when you got to be on your toes. That's how I know I'm dealing with someone who shouldn't be under estimated." Kenoya stopped smiling as his headache seemed to briefly intensifiy before subsiding again. "Though I seem to make it work REALLY good. I think it is the spoiled prince in me."'

[CHAT] Virion scratched the back of his head as he tried to figure out what the heck Kenoya was talking about. "Speak with confidence? That's dumb... I've never felt like that when I listened to speeches from head figures back on my homeworld. I guess saiyans are just more arrogant and I'm not used to it or something like that." Turning his back to the cell door, Virion began to pace back and forth in his stoney prison. As he came back to the door, he raised his fist and punched the bar with all he had, only to have the vibrations reverberate back into his own body, sending chills up his spine just before the pain in his knuckles set in. "GAH! This-- this is boring. HEY! Anyone there? If you're going to eat us, you might want to do so before we die and get cold! Cold meat carries all kinds of bacteria and diseases that'll get ya sick!"

[CHAT] Kenoya chuckled as he sat down on the floor. He knocked on the stone floor with one of his knuckles while continuing to chuckle at Virion's statement before joining in himself. "For real! What kind of establishment is this place?! I have half a mind to call the local health inspector and inform them of these conditions! I want to speak to the manager! Better get me some coupons or something to make up for all this." Kenoya laid himself back on the floor and put his arms behind his head while he laid there. He rubbed his hand over his chest wound and could feel it had been stitched back up. This time he was going to try and take it a lot easier until he was healed all the way up. That is of course as long as they weren't attacked by another brood of spiders.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Despite how excellent a setup the two seemed to have provided for an intrusion, they were left entirely alone for the next nine hours, save the occasional guard coming in and insulting their mothers, while completely ignoring anything they had to say in response. It was only after a most excruciating wait that a suited, fedora-clad demon came by to address them and take them to interrogation. He stomps his foot on the ground once, and the doors to both cells unlock. Speaking curtly, he states simply. 'This way. And shut the fuck up until you're asked to speak, if you know what's good for you.''

[CHAT] Kenoya stood up and gave himself a slight dusting off before walking out of the cell and following the demon. Kenoya raised a finger to his lips and looked at Virion as if to say "keep quiet." The saiyan was taking this opportunity to examine his surroundings outside of the cell since he didn't get a good view on his way in. He didn't know what to expect, but he was pretty sure this guy was little more than a lacky. They wouldn't send anyone of importance to ask questions and that was going to be their key to finding out who ran this place.

[CHAT] Virion eventually stopped his conversations with Kenoya after the two had caught up on some overdue banter from when his friend was a drooling mess. He was still a bit upset with Kenoya and his choices from back on Earth, but he forced himself to get over those feelings. Eventually, Virion would find himself napping on the floor, using the drool-covered shirt of his as a makeshift pillow that always seemed to be on the cold side. He would occasionally be woken up by the demons harassing them like normal inmates, banging on the doors and making crude and unwarrented remarks, but the Konatsu managed to fall back asleep quick enough. Finally, the doors opened, which woke the Konatsu with a startle with the shirt sticking to his cheek as he looked forward to see Kenoya telling him to be quiet. Quiet? With a smirk, Virion took a groggy stumble to his feet and exited the cell, walking a few steps behind Kenoya.

[CHAT] Spaedsam was having a day, to put it bluntly. It was bad enough that he had been pulled off of his case on the other side of the planet, worse to find out that the new leaderships appeared to be focusing all efforts on forming a fleet and drilling solders. Best of all, he was being brought all this way to question two unknown randoms who had stumbled in. 'Grumble... best there is.... garbage...' The demon muttered as he nipped off the tip of a cigar with a cutter, lighting it with a small flame emerging from the tip of a finger, taking a quick puff off of the cigar while adjusting his fedora. He clears his throat. 'This way. Interrogation room 3. Both of you.' Normal procedure would be to interrogate them separately, but the demonic detective had other plans in mind...

[CHAT] Kenoya didn't say anything yet. All he did was walk to the interrogation room and take a seat. He was starting to feel better about the whole situation. They clearly didn't see them as a top security threat otherwise they'd of been bound and shackled. A single escourt was all they had to move them from holding cells to the interrogation room. The more Kenoya thought about the whole ordeal the more he felt like this wasn't nearly as bad as it was. The smell of the Demon's cigar made the entire room smell foul, that is if you disliked the smell of smoke.

[CHAT] Virion: -- 'With the shirt still stuck to his face, Virion walked shirtless in to the interrogation room behind Kenoya. Thankfully, he was too groggy still from just waking up to really make any Virion-esque remarks about anything, which would likely get them killed. The area they were brought in to was fairly quiet, it seemed that the only one that was nearby was this demon. The room had a singular table and a singular chair on each side of the table, which made Virion wonder how he was supposed to sit when he knew his captain would commandere that chair. Do they face eachother? Is this how interrogations go? Do they arm wrestle? So many pointless and stupid questions that Virion wanted to ask, yet didn't.'

[CHAT] Spaedsam lifts up the chair from his side of the table, tossing it directly at Virions face, not even bothering to pay attention as to whether or not it hit him. 'Have a seat by your boyfriend.' He paces the room a moment, then approaches the far side of the table, opposite where Kenoya sat and where Virion would, should he comply, sit. He flicks a clump of ash right onto the table, and sets an old fashioned tape recorder down between them. 'Who sent you here.' The demon looked first at Kenoya, then at Virion. Finally, while keeping one eye on Virion, the other turned directly at Kenoya. An unsettling expression that many might associate with a mental handicap, he nonetheless focused on both faces simultaneously, looking for traces of reaction and emotion.

[CHAT] Kenoya quickly reached out and snagged the chair out of mid air right before it hit Virion in the face as he calmly set it down next to him and gestured for Virion to take a seat. He then turned his attention to the demon infront of them asking very simple questions. When his eyes split the saiyan couldn't help but chuckle at him. "You did detective wild eye. You literally just told us to come in here." Kenoya looked over to Virion and winked with a smile as he spoke loudly enough for the demon to hear them, but slightly quieter. "This guy isn't too bright. Bottom tier government official. Answer EXACTLY what he asks and he'll look like an idiot to his superiors." Kenoya turned back and looked at the demon as he spoke again. "Next question."

[CHAT] Virion simple took his seat next to Kenoya without saying a word. Kenoya was better in these types of situations anyway, so he could do all the talking. Finally, the Konatsu took the shirt off his cheek, it peeled against his skin as he did so, and set it on the table, crossing his arms across his chest to try and keep warm. "At least they have working A/C here..." he said blankly.

[CHAT] Spaedsam grumbles, a vein popping on his forehead momentarily before receding. He leans forward, blowing a plume of smoke from his cigar directly into Kenoya's face. 'Playing dumb, are we? You know exactly what I meant. Who sent you to -this facility-. One of the MPs reported you claimed you were told to come here for medical attention. Explain that.' A momentary spark of higher power is sensable from the demon for the briefest of moments, before he delivers a lightning quick backhand aimed to strike both of their face. 'You do NOT speak to each other, and you do NOT speak until spoken to.'

CHAT] Kenoya was leaning back in his chair as the demon made an attempt to lean over the table and swing at him missing the saiyan by a good two feet. The saiyan slowly stood up and looked the detective in the eye and spoke with a tone that would leave no room for speculation on how serious he was. "Take another swing at my friend and I'll give you the same ass whooping my dad gave you back in the war, wild eye." Kenoya remained standing as he stared the demon down with a stern look. "The location of your facility is no secret especially to the man who's looking for results." Kenoya made it a point to show off his spider mark on his chest.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"See this? You know what is it. You should know why we are here. All this information was already given to your people seeing as how you are the one who set up the deal. So the real question is, why are YOU here? Why are we being asked questions YOU already have the answers to?" Kenoya reached out and grabbed the recorder on the table, crunching it into a ball of twisted plastic and metal before dropping it on the table. "So lets cut to the chase. What is taking so god damn long for our fleet to be built? I didn't bank roll this entire operation for you all to play cops and robbers." '

[CHAT] Virion had the dried drool get slapped off the side of his face as he was leaned in on the table, both elbows on the table, just relaxing as he thought this was going to be a non-abusive interrogation. The unexpected slap resulted in Virion falling from the chair and on to the floor. Well, needless to say, Virion was wide awake once more. As he took to his feet, he looked at Kenoya and then at the demon, a red palm mark on the side of his otherwise blue skinned face. Truthfully, he was too speechless to even respond, not that he wanted to, in fear of getting hit again. [Kenoya... I hope you know what you're doing... this guy doesn't seem like we should be trying to gamble against...] he thought to himself, not having the will to vocalize.

[CHAT] Spaedsam mutters to himself quietly for a moment, before picking up the tape recorder and stripping away the damaged outer casing. 'You try my patience. We need you alive and talking- for now. But come to think of it, we really don't need your arms and legs at all. As to your answer, bullshit- BRING 'ER IN!' A moment passes, before a pair of demons in MP uniforms enter, dragging between them none other than the demoness Arachiel. They drag the demoness by the arms of her humanoid torso, her abdomen dragging along the ground, the tiny stumps that are all that remain of her six lower legs wriggling in the air and dripping ichor. 'This trash here directed you to the facility? Not according to our surveillance, or the results of her interrogation. We took her as soon as the medics recognized that mark on you.'

[CHAT] Spaedsam grins thinly, blowing another plume of cigar smoke at Kenoya. 'So, I ask you again, one last time. Who. Sent. You. Here.'

[CHAT] Arachiel fixes her blurred gaze on Kenoya, though her eyes do not light up. The mark on Kenoya begins to glow and burn as words form in the Saiyans mind. (Contractor. Kill this lot and I will hold your debt repai-) The voice ceases as one of the MPs clubs her in the back of the head. 'None of that now, not sure what you're trying to tell him, but in here, you speak aloud.' The demoness hangs her head, ceasing in her struggles, though she still looks Kenoya straight in the eye between the tendrils of hair hanging over her face.

[CHAT] Kenoya started to chuckle which turned into a full on laugh as he started to slap the table with tears in his eyes. "OOOH this is too good!" said the saiyan as he wiped a tear away. He could feel the burning on his chest briefly before it was suddenly stopped the moment she was knocked out. He turned back to face the detective with a smile holding his hand over his chest. "So let me get this straight. You have no idea who I am yet haven't asked, What I'm doing here yet you haven't asked, Why there is a discovery class ship literally parked right outside of the facility which you haven't asked, and to top it off your whole case rests solely on a tattoo from a demon that you tortured into saying whatever you wanted her to say."

[CHAT] Kenoya turned around and gave Virion THE look while tapping the side of his nose. "Sounds like you aren't aware of anything. I could make up whatever I wanted and you'd never know the truth. All you know for certain is we are here and somehow knew before we landed that your facility was here and we could get help here." Kenoya turned back towards the detective with the same grin on his face. "Oh...and I think I remember saying if you took another swing at my friend I'd give you the same ass whooping my dad gave you back in the war. Didn't I? Yeah I'm pretty sure I did."

[CHAT] Kenoya turned towards the two MP's and spoke with a stern tone. <silver tonuge> "Both of you wait outside and don't let anyone in. I think it is high time someone teaches this cop the proper way to address a prince." Kenoya took a step towards the detective while rolling up his sleeves. "We're going to start beating you now. Im not sure when we'll stop exactly. Most likely at the point where we address me as your majesty."

[CHAT] Virion was also mildly amused by the fact that the spider demoness was brought in with head hung, weakened and beat to a pulp. But... that wasn't a good thing for them, actually, seeing as how Arachiel by herself was such a challenge for them... how strong would the others be? "Kenoya, stop being so aggressive..." he started just before Kenoya used his silver tongue, which made Virion's brain fuzzy for a brief moment, though he still couldn't understand why. "I know you want to raise some hell, but you need to sit down and behave yourself for a moment, ok?" he requested, sticking his arm in front of Kenoya while he was beginning to walk towards the demon, aiming to stop his movements before this escalated too far. Turning his attention at the demon, Virion finally chimed in with a calm voice, "Excuse his words. We are simply travellers, as I've stated before," he started, finally confessing the truth of their story to attempt to find some peace between both parties,

[CHAT] Virion: -- '"We got into a dispute with the demoness you have captive over there which resulted in my friend being poisoned. We stumbled upon a hole in the ground which lead us here to a more advanced side of this planet that we weren't expecting to find. I lied to get him medical attention, we were not sent here, I just figured that'd carry more weight than just some random folks falling down a rabbit hole. Apparently that backfired, wouldn't you say, Kenoya?" he said, returning a glare to Kenoya with a hidden wink in there, asking for his friend to trust him to handle this peacefully. [He's still wounded, and this guy isn't a pushover. If we get in to a fight here, in their stronghold, on their grounds... we're likely to die.]'

[CHAT] Spaedsam feels the weight of Kenoya's words himself. He had seen the footage, and was no stranger to dealing with the odd silver tongued devil here and there, but this was something else to be considered. Not for long, though. One of the MPs even started to turn and leave before the other stopped him, staring at him a moment wordlessly, before both resume their positions. The detective speaks. 'An interesting ability of yours, but it falls flat in the face of evidence to the contrary, and it does require that the subject can hear and understand your words.' He gestures towards the MP that had gone unaffected momentarily, before continueing. (C)

[CHAT] Spaedsam (C) 'As for all the questions I haven't asked, well, I haven't gotten to them yet. Apparently a certain one-armed little shit wants to play games rather than give a straight answer.' The demon extends a hand towards the MPs, one of them placing a flat-black cleaverlike blade into his hand. He turns back to Kenoya. 'So, one-arm. Which one will it be? I'll let you choose, right or left. If you won't choose, I'll take both. Your friend has the right idea of things, and you seem not to.'

CHAT] Kenoya simply reached down to his watch and started pushing buttons before stopping and looking over to Virion. "Sorry buddy. I didn't think it would end like this, but it looks like our adventures have come to an end. Thanks for upholding your deal to the end. It was a pleasure playing pirates with you." Back at the SS NotAJetSki the engines began to roar to life as the warp field around the ship activated within the planet's atmosphere. The sudden warping and folding of space around the ship instantly condensed the entire area with in several hundred miles into a single point crushing all matter in the area into a small point.

[CHAT] Virion rubbed his eyebrows with one hand as the two were still at ends with one another. Attitude vs attitude never ends in resolution. As Kenoya did something he wasn't aware of, Virion simply quirked a brow at his friend. "What? It's not going to end if you just freaking co-operate you numb nuts! Can't you see I'm trying to mediate this shit? I said sit down and BEHAVE!" he said, aggressively pushing against his friend to try and force him in to his chair as he now stepped fully in between the two, extending his arms outwards. "Both of you just settle down. Just ask us the questions you're interested in and I'll answer them to the best of our ability. I can't promise that my friend will remain quiet, but we're not going to turn this in to some stupid little blood bath over both parties mutual curiosity about the other."

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'From orbit, a massive plume of red dust is visible, as the ship and most of the area surrounding it implode, then explode. Kenoya's estimate was a bit off- the radius of the immediate effect is a matter of meters, rather than hundreds of miles- not even a full sized dreadnaught doing the same would have such a dramatic effect- yet the effect is still quite devastating. The implosions vacuum effect would have a cascading result across the face of Epitome, altering the weather for some time. Once relatively mild regions would be ravaged by hurricane and tornado, arid regions would recive rain, moister areas would find themselves drying out, and it would take months for the weather system to rebalance itself. Meanwhile, a massive shockwave would pass through the room where Kenoya and Virion were being interrogated. All would lose their footing, though Kenoya would likely gain his back first, being the sole occupant expecting the effect.'

[CHAT] Kenoya climbed up to his feet from the ground and took hold of the spider demon by the midsection. "Now would be a good time to run Virion!" The saiyan lept towards the door and kicked it off the hindges with a scream. The door flew back against the wall across the hallway sandwhiching the demon guard outside between the door and wall. The saiyan took a turn and ran with the demon under arm as fast as he could through the hallways and brought himself back to the main room they first entered the facility from. Kenoya didn't look back from where he came from. He assumed Virion was right behind him and the two were on their way to freedom with a new friend. "You better be greatful for this Brood Master...This was not the plan at all!" The saiyan continued running towards the tunnel they first came from hopeing it would be just as empty as it was when they first arrived.

[CHAT] Virion lost his footing with the unknown shockwave that shook what seemed to be the entire foundry. As he landed on his ass, he watched as Kenoya swiftly kicked down the door while taking the spider demon with him. The spider demon. Not Virion... priorities... As Virion finally gathered himself, it was already too late it seemed. He took towards the door only to be greeted by one of the demon guards, the one who was not affected by Kenoya's silver tongue. Virion found himself barrelling in to the abdomen of the demon, ramming him against the same wall the door was standing against. The other demon came up from behind Virion, gripping him in a headlock as the Konatsu futily struggled to get himself free. As we said earlier though, it was too late. Kenoya was on his way out of the foundry without his friend. "G...gah. Ke--Kenoya..." he said weakly, trying to yell out to get his friend's attention, but to no avail.

[CHAT] Spaedsam picks himself up off of the floor of the interrogation room in a daze. 'What in the hell...' He looks around the area, immediately noticing the absence of two of his prisoners. Swearing violently, he points towards the MP holding Virion. 'They don't leave here. On me.' The demon takes off at a run, flanked by one MP, leaving the other to secure the konatsu. 'Might not catch them at this rate... do we have a unit on the surface?' He barked the last into a small radio, but was unhappy with the reply, which indicated that the shockwave had temporarily grounded all available aircraft, and no demons capable of flight were close enough to intercept. 'Balls.' Despite feeling it futile, he breaks into a sprint in pursuit of Kenoya and Arachiel

[CHAT] Kenoya kept running with the demon spider under his arm as he turned his head back and shouted to Virion. "We're home free Vir-" The saiyan came to a complete stop as he noticed Virion was no where in sight. Where did he lose him? Was he still in the main room? The saiyan had no idea. He let out a heavy sigh as he dropped the demoness and grabbed the bridge of his nose. "Well fantastic...Looks like we're all going to end up staying here forever." Kenoya fell down to his knees and put his hands behind his head as he waited for the charging demon to make it to him. He looked back towards the demoness and growled showing his teeth. "I never should of made a deal with you. I SHOULD kill you now but it isn't right. You're going to kill me anyways if I leave you to die here." The saiyan was not happy. They'd most likely be put in top security lock down and would ultimately be executed. All he could do now was wait and see what would happen.

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