*Beneath Epitome's Surface

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*Beneath Epitome's Surface

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Actors: Virion as Virion. Kenoya as Kenoya. Thousand as Caltrius.

Injuries: The poison from Arachniel’s poison began to paralyze Kenoya.

Summary: Kenoya and Virion escape into the forest, away from Arachiel and her brood of spider demons, leaving their ship and Imp Nakama behind. (Their destination was the ship, but Virion’s awesome navigation skills weren’t going for it.) While in the forest, they found a hole in the ground and like good little adventurers, steeped their way down a flight of stairs and in to the darkness. Kenoya became more and more paralyzed, non-verbal, and was just a numb sack of drool. After coming to the bottom of the spiral staircase beneath the earth’s crust, they came upon a foundry that appeared to be amassing a fleet of ships beneath the surface of Epitome. Enter: Caltrius, a demon guard of the foundry. He takes Kenoya and Virion captive and locks Virion up in a cell and carts Kenoya off to the nurse’s station.


[CHAT] Virion falls to his knees in exhaustion, the purple light over the horizon having either faded away for the time being, or it was just hidden further under the trees specifically because they were getting closer. *Huff... wheeze...* "Why... are we not at the ship yet? Did you take a wrong turn somewhere Kenoya? I can't believe I took your directions..." Though he firmly believed this was not his own fault, we all know that Virion's completely and utterly at fault right now. He did not want to admit it or speak of the matter, but he knew that Kenoya was beginning to slow down due to the poison in his system, and would probably get to the point where he might even have to carry his captain. Looking around the immediate area, Virion found what appeared to be a hole in the ground nearby, hopefully leading to some sort of cave.
[CHAT] Virion: -- '"Kenoya, let's head in there for now, get some rest... ya?" Though only a few minutes have passed since they fled the spider hoards, the eclipse of the sun above had already completely left, but it was still the same orange twilight within the forest - nightfall did not seem like it would be coming any time soon.'

[CHAT] Kenoya was stumbling behind Virion as he attempted to keep him. His entire bottom half was completely numb and he could feel it steadily creeping upwards. "Yeah I might of took a wrong turn..." said the saiyan as he held his arm across his chest wound. He took a few more steps towards the hole Virion saw and lost his footings as he tumbled down to his feet. "I Uh...Sure, that sounds good. Any place would be fine I suppose. I can barely move at this point." Kenoya's breathing was getting more rapid as sweat rolled off his face. "I think I may be passing out soon Virion...If I do I want you to do something very important for me." Kenoya reached up towards Virion and threw the spider demon eye at his face. "Keep an eye out for the ship..." Kenoya fell flat on his face as the mid section of his body started to tingle. "I think I should be concerned, but the pain is going away so I don't know...Wish we had a doctor."

[CHAT] Virion was fairly unharmed as opposed to Kenoya who was not only injured, but now also poisoned. It would fall on Virion soon enough to be not only the responsible, but also the funny one. As Kenoya tossed the eye at Virion, he caught it by instinct only to drop it to the ground in disgust, watching it roll back towards Kenoya's numbing body. "What the hell did you keep this thing for!? It's not like we can fetch a good price for it once we get off this planet!" Standing back up, Virion's stiffening body felt hard for him to control, feeling all his muscles scream at him from the overexertion of them. As he knelt down, he picked Kenoya up by one of his arms and then proceeded to sling the Saiyan over his shoulder, placing his hand firmly on his friend's ass for stability. "I'm sorry I can't wine and dine you before second base, my friend." Proceeding to the hole of mysteries nearby, Virion took his first steps in to the darkness. What wonders could be in store!?

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The hole moves downward and to the right in a long but shallow spiral. A few loops in, and for a moment all would seem dark, no more surface light penetrating. A few moments later, the eyes would adjust, to notice an extremely dim red light emanating from ahead- the tunnel transitions from soft soil to rough-hewn red stone with a faint glow. The pathway appears to have started out as a natural occurrence, later lengthened in its spiral with crude tools. A faint smell of sulfur gradually enters the realm of perception, and would gradually intensify as they proceed. Faint intermittent noises echo up from below, unintelligible at this point from the many reverberations and reduced to a faint ringing sound. The air gradually becomes cooler as they descend.'

[CHAT] Kenoya let out a chuckle as Virion made his joke hoisting him up on his shoulder. "Well its a good thing you didn't, I'd suspect you putting something in my drink right about now." Kenoya coughed up a bit of blood on his friend's back as his arms went limp and dangled freely. "I wanted to keep the spider eye so I could make a necklace out of it. It would look really cool and I could give it an awesome name. The Spider Eye of Epitome Talisman. We could sell it and make a fortune. It would be made with real demon eye too so it would be the real deal. People would buy the hell out of that. I would." As the two went further into the cave the smell of sulfer started to make the saiyan gag a few times. Then the darkness came. Kenoya couldn't really do anything except be there for the ride. "Oh good, it got darker. They sure do like it dark here. Maybe we should of just used flash lights to fight the stuff here. Just spot lighting demons all day."

[CHAT] Virion could not help but feel he had heard of some kind of attraction ride like that on a distant planet somewhere, where participants would shine lights on targets and rack up points... sounded fun. Maybe one day. "I think that sounds like a terrible idea for a business scheme, because knowing you, you'd sell it and then come back for the other six eyes you left the she-demon with... I'm ok with not meeting her ever again." During the descent down this weird staircase that did not strike Virion as suspicious for whatever reason, he could hear the unintelligable speech of something below.
[CHAT] Virion: -- '[I don't want to mention this to Kenoya... but there might be people at the end of this. Maybe we'll get lucky and find a doctor on this planet. Though... why would they build their civilizations underground while letting spiders take over the forest? Maybe it has something to do with the sun...] With a half shrug as he pushed Kenoya against his shoulder, he continued his way deeper in to the abyss. "Hello! I brought delivery! It's not Digorno, but I hear Saiyans taste delicious!" he shouted out with a laugh, trying to poke fun in this terrible situation.'

[CHAT] Kenoya tried to turn his head to look at the back of Virion's head to say something, but he had lost control over his neck movements at this point. "Oh we do have to go back Virion. I still have my spider mark thing on my chest. If we don't kill her, she'll just kill me. She might do something even worse...Like turn me to a spider...but if she did that then I could make even MORE talismans." Kenoya's pain had completely disappeared. He couldn't feel anything from his chin down and that was starting to get a little fuzzy too. When the mentions of a delicious saiyan was brought up, Kenoya tried to thrash around. He could feel his arms flinging all over the place and his legs kicking wildly...however his eyes told a different story. Just his limbs dangling like pieces of rope. "We aren't THAT delicious. Not nearly as good as COWS, which we have a shit ton still...unless the spider people took them all. I mean I did sort of give them the cows."

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'As they descended further, the drop in temperature would cease, holding steady for a while, before suddenly and sharply becoming much warmer and more humid. Beneath the thermocline, the spiraling path begins to widen. It is gradually becoming easier to see, but hard to say whether the stone is beginning to glow mor brightly, their eyes are adjusting better, or both. The sound begins to clarify, from a vague ringing noise, to a mixture of several voices, yet unintelligible, and an intermittent metallic crashing sound.'

[CHAT] Virion let off a soft fit of laughter as his joke about a tastey saiyan didn't go too well with the helpless Kenoya. "You're not going to be killed, nor turned in to a spider, my friend. If that demoness wanted to do anything rash or swift like that, my bet is that she would have done that by now. We will nurse you back to health... once... we get to the bottom-- wait, how deep does this damn hole go!? I just realized we've been walking this entire time!" Stopping abruptly, Virion set Kenoya down on the staircase and began to trek down the hole himself, leaving Kenoya alone. "I'm sure you'll be fine! I'll be back once I scope out what's going on here. Uhm... try not to die!" Continuing his trot down the stairs, he left Kenoya without caring to hear his plea.

[CHAT] Kenoya tried to wave his hand as Virion walked further down the stairs but his arm just hung next to his side with no movement. "Ok, but remember to be back by dinner!" Kenoya sat there in the dark, completely paralized listening to the sounds of metal clanking in the distance all by himself. There wasn't really much he could do aside from wait. His body was completely numb and his face was starting to get the same tingling feeling as the rest of his body did before it was completely unuseable. "I wonder how long this paralized thing will last...I bet my wounds hurt a lot. Glad I'm not feeling that anymore."

[CHAT] Virion hears the sounds of Kenoya's body rolling down the stairs because he's paralyzed and has no idea how to stop the log effect.
[CHAT] Virion felt a sense of worry in the back of his mind as he left Kenoya paralyzed and alone, but at the same time it would be safest for him to be halfway between the surface and whatever they would meet at the bottom. The heat of this hellhole was starting to get to him, causing the Konatsu to swear profusely on top of this seemingly endless flight of stairs. [The sound of metal and voices... why would there be those in a place like this? Unless... these guys are forging blades and armors in the flames of hell! That would be so epic. I'll bring Kenoya back a really cool suit of armor, I'm sure he'll forgive me then, assuming he's mad about being left alone.]

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'As Virion proceeds, around a final bend, he would get a good view of a massive underground foundry. The far end of the cavernous facility is not visible, vanishing into a fine mist that permeates the area. Husks of countless spacecraft, ranging in size from tiny fighters to the backbone of an apparently barely started dreadnaught-sized vessel, evidently intended as a flagship of sorts. Along the left wall, a long line of forges and various other equipment is hard at work, evidently fueled by magma rather than a normal furnace- a cacophony of hammer strikes is audible from there. Numerous uniformed demons of various subspecies are scattered about the area, some at work on the numerous construction products, some appearing to conduct military drills. The conclusion is inevitable: the larval stage of an invasion fleet.'

[CHAT] Virion was impressed by what he saw, but by no means surprised. A fleet... and a smithery. The piece that took him by the biggest surprise was the militarization of the demons that seemed to be conducting drills. On first assessment, this did not seem like an approachable scenario, and as such, Virion found himself backing himself up the flight of stairs. [I'm sure with one of Kenoya's plans, we could take this facility in our name... but with him unable to move, if I acted now it would only put him at risk.] Slightly stumbling as he turned around, a piece of the stairs broke off under his foot and the rock and dirt tumbled downward as Virion hastily moved his way back towards Kenoya to report his findings.
[CHAT] Virion comes back to find Kenoya stress jerking. Virion makes it a point to join, seeing as Kenoya can't do much to refuse.

[CHAT] Kenoya heard Virion's foot steps approaching him and let out a sigh of relief once he saw him. "For a second I thought I was going to pass out. It's so dark and I'm feeling sooo good right now. So, what did you find? An awesome hospital that accepts my insurance by chance? That would be great..." Kenoya couldn't help but drool a little bit on himself. It was clear he was starting to lose total functionality. It wouldn't be long before he was completely paralized. "You know...I think there was something in that spider bite, Virion..."

[CHAT] Narrator shuffles up to Arachiel, scratching at his chest with one hand. 'You got anymore of that venom...?'

[CHAT] Virion knelt down to Kenoya's side and slapped his friend across the face as he picked him up by his shoulders and held him close to his own face, eyes locked. "Ok, joke time is done Kenoya. There's an entire army down below, and there's who knows what up above. I don't think this planet is as friendly as we initially assumed. I'm sure together we could get out of this, but I can't take them all out on my own, you've gotta snap out of this and tell me what to do!" Virion wasn't sure what exactly Kenoya was poisoned by, be it hallucinogens, fatal, muscle deterioration, other, or all the above, but he also did not know how to help Kenoya without the proper medical experts. [We gotta recruit some more before our next adventure. If we even make it that far. Maybe I'll hold some open interviews somewhere...]

[CHAT] Kenoya closed his eyes tightly before reopening them as wide as he could. He sort shook his head a bit before finally giving a responce. "Ok, if we're going to make it out of here I need medical treatment. I don't doubt your abilities by any means but we'll both need to be in top condition to get out of this hell hole." Kenoya tried wiggling some more by still was unable to do aynthing. "So...Here is the plan. You are going to carry me down there. We are going to act like we belong and not make a scene. If anyone stops up, we just tell them we're looking for a doctor. As far as we know, no one knows we just tried killing spider bitch. We can use the mark on my chest as a "pass" if anyone is concerned. Just tell them we have business on the planet. Hopefully that will be enough. It isn't the best option, but with any army there is bound to be a medic."

[CHAT] Virion once again pulled up Kenoya over his shoulder in a similar fashion as before, with similar hand placement. "Y'know... I'm not sure what's more firm... the way you speak when you tell me about your plans, or your butt. You've got a nice butt, my friend," ge said, to make light of the fact he kept groping Kenoya. It definitely wasn't the most secure of plans, but it would do until they died. Making his way back down the stairs, Virion found himself at the bottom, and before stepping his way in to the foundary, he made sure to lift Kenoya's head to allow him to see just what was going on, before they stepped forward in this gamble.

[CHAT] Kenoya: -- '"I exercise daily to the buns master 5000 videos on the ship. Really does wonders doesn't it?" Kenoya let out a gasp as he took sight of the battle ship being built as well as all the fighter ships. "Virion! You didn't tell me these people were building the SS NotAJetSki II!! Oh we are definately staying here. Add it to the list of reasons we are on the planet Virion!" Kenoya couldn't believe his eyes at the sheer size of this underground society before them. This wasn't anything like the surface. The saiyan was already thinking of reasons as to why they had to hide below the surface. Perhaps to keep nosey people like us from seeing their military build up. Maybe because they were the weaker force in hiding. Too many maybe's and not enough knowledge of the situation. "Alright...Like we belong here. Find us a medic! I have faith in you!"'

[CHAT] Caltrius awaits Virion and Kenoya at the entrance to the foundry. A tall, rather stereotypical-looking demon. Curved horns, goatee, hooves, the works. He is ridiculously overmuscled for his size, and stuffed into some sort of MP Uniform, styled like a stereotypical police uniform, light blue shirt above dark slacks, hat, badge, and all, every bit of it skintight. He stands fully 7 feet tall, and as the pair enter his vision, he crosses two treetrunk like arms over his chest. 'Seems you boys found yourselves in a bit of trouble. Ready to be fucked by the long dick of the law?'

[CHAT] Virion adjusted Kenoya over his shoulder once more, letting off a soft chuckle before he realized they had been spotted. Trying to play it off casually, Virion stepped his way up to the demon, still keeping a fair distance between them, and looked him in the eyes. "Shut up," he said crassly and with insane levels of confidence, not even knowing how or why those were the first words to come out, "We were sent here because this was the nearest place to get my friend some medical attention. Do you plan to stand in our way or can we go see the doc now?" Trying to keep it all vague as possible, Virion wanted to avoid disclosing too much information in case this set of demons weren't friendly with the spiders.

[CHAT] Kenoya just hung there over Virion's shoulder. There wasn't much else he could do. He couldn't see the demon at all since he was facing the other way. The mental image he had for the demon was much smaller than he actually was. "Yeash sso if you'd kind of shelp us out that'd be great...Shorta bleeding out shere..." Kenoya was now drooling almost constantly. His cheeks were getting the same tingling feeling. It wouldn't be long now. Maybe a few more minutes before he couldn't talk anymore. His speech was already starting to suffer.

[CHAT] Caltrius slowly uncrosses his massive arms, taking a half step forward, planting a hoof firmly in front of the pair, his eyes narrowed. 'Noone who knows about this facility would knowingly send you here. The only medical attention you'll be receiving is whats required to stabilize you and hold you for questioning.' He grins broadly, sharp teeth glinting bloodily in the dim red light, he points along the nearby wall. 'Move.' The massive demon holds that position, pointing along the wall, his grin almost daring the two to resist.

[CHAT] Virion stands firmly in place as he initially ignores the demon's demand for them to move along. "Excuse me? Did you not just hear me? We were sent--- Ugh..." Realizing that this demon alone was likely much stronger than either of them, Virion quickly gave up his adverse stance. "Fine. I don't intend to fight with you on this matter seeing as we were sent here for a reason. It's not like we know enough about this planet anyway to go anywhere else..." Knowing that Kenoya was in no position to help in this resistance, Virion had to play along until he found an opening. It was time to play the waiting game... or dying game... either way, the game was beginning.

[CHAT] Kenoya was almost completely paralized now. His speech was more like that of an extremely intoxicated person rather than a prince with a gift for public speaking. "Shat mould shhh miss" The saiyan continued to hang from Virion's shoulder with drool freely pouring from the saiyans mouth. He was starting to make strange sounds like he was choking, but it was just his attempt at talking that was becoming ever increasingly more difficult. "Mhahe ACK viii viii ooon..." Finally with a sigh the saiyan just let go and stopped attempting to communicate. "Well this sucks...I wonder if I'll die. I wonder if they'll keep called our ship the locus..." thought the saiyan as he hung there.

[CHAT] Caltrius looks slightly disappointed as he nods at their acquiescence. 'Alright then. Along the wall, move.' Following closely behind them, the demon would occasionally prod virion in the back with a sharp claw when dissatisfied with the pace. The size of the foundry seemed even greater walking through it than viewing it from without, the scattered voices and noise from the construction distorting strangely as they interfere with one another, the smell of smoke and sulfur in the air rising and falling as they move. Eventually, Caltrius comes to a halt beside a nondescript opening in the wall. 'Halt. In here.' He speaks in a rough tone, pointing into the entryway that appeared to open into a rather stereotypical 50s police station.

[CHAT] Virion felt his eyes widen with a desire to retaliate each time that the demon poked its claw into his back. [I swear--- I'm gonna kill him... I'm gonna drop Kenoya and kill this demon swine...] Biting the side of his cheek to the point he could taste his own blood, to vent a bit of his frustrations, they finally made it to the hole in the wall. Stepping inside, he looked around at the wide room setting with many variations of demonkind sitting at desks doing... paperwork? It was weird not being able to talk to Kenoya in this type of situation. "Huh... so everyone on this planet isn't a lawless heathen? That's nice," he stated aloud in the hopes that Caltrius would hear. Making out more faces in the room, he spotted a cluster of imp creatures that reminded him of their chef back on their ship. Which made him wonder what would become of their friend...

[CHAT] Kenoya couldn't see anything other than Virion's lower back. He could hear the demon and virion talking about that was about it. He attempted to talk but just made a few grunts and and moans as he left a trail of drool on the floor behind them. There wasn't much the saiyan could do aside from just listen to the sounds around him. "Not lawless? That may or may not be good for us. Wait why does he say that? What is he seeing that makes him think this place isn't lawless? I guess I'll find out after I get medical treatment...or die not knowing. OH SHIT! I hope little dude is ok! I haven't seen him since we got here. I hope the spiders didn't hurt him." Kenoya continued to keep his mind racing as he tried to focus on anything but the fact he was paralized and in a horrible situation.

[CHAT] Caltrius ushers the pair through the station, past the main desk with a grunted word to the demon seated there, and through a pair of double doors. A moment later, a pair of figures in nurses uniforms would relieve Virion of Kenoya, carting him off towards the infirmary. The Konatsu would shortly be led to an open cell, set with stout bars, with the demon pointing in once more. 'In.' The cell was empty of any form of accomodation, not even a bench or a toilet, bare stone floor and walls on three sides, that same red glow.

[CHAT] Kenoya was picked up by...people? He couldn't tell. All he knew was someone else was carrying him and his neck was still limp causing his head to tilt down and see the floor. Everyone once in a while he'd see two sets of feet stepping along side of him. "Huh...Who are these people? I wonder where I am going. I better not hurt Virion...not like I could do anything if they did." Thought Kenoya as they continued to take him to the infirmary. Once in there he was laid on a table of sorts and was now looking up to the ceiling. He then saw the faces of two nurses and started to unstand he was about to get medical treatment. "Oh awesome! This might not turn out so bad after all. I hope they've worked on saiyans before. Honestly any help now is better than none. I'd take a vet at this point." Kenoya laid there on the table as the two nurses started to work on him. His eyes closed as the last bit of control over his body slipped away.

[CHAT] Virion stepped in to the cell and turned around just as the bars got slammed on his face. [This is totally not going as planned... what a shock.] Watching as the nurses began to take Kenoya away, Virion placed his hands on the bar and watched his friend fade from view. "I don't know why you're choosing to treat us like prisoners, we mean you all no harm. I just want my friend to, y'know, not die. I don't suppose... you'd be up for a little chat? Fill me in on what's going on here? I figured everyone on this planet was just mindless and fueled by their instincts to kill and preserve themselves." Staring at his demon warden, he awaited a response, though he expected the demon to walk away. Like a jerk...

The demon sure did walk away. To be continued.

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