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*Aquanted Aquantences

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Characters: Gene,Deva, Styx

Summary: Gene has led Deva and Styx back to his campsite and talk about future plans. Philisophical banter back and forth, Deva talks about bringing out the true potential of the masses, Styx talks about the thorned and Gene speaks of getting off the damn planet. Some further hints onto Deva's existence are revealed. But more or less awkward meeting between a very awkward group. Ends with Gene looking for supplies to go on a long trip offworld. Styx and Deva stay behind to guard lair and rest.

Injuries: No further Injuries.

[CHAT] Genesis swung his way through the low-hanging hollow that formed the cave system's mouth, then reached through to drag the overloaded pack with him. He slid down a slope, then called out a greeting to the pair he'd apparently rescued. The cave was dark, but he'd left them a chemical light from his pack that should still be giving enough light to be getting on with.

[CHAT] Styx was not near the chemical light. She was, instead, in a dark corner of the room, and seemed to be scanning around. Looking. Listening. A peice of rock was kicked loose and her eyes focused in on it then went back to tending to her wounds. It seemed like she never spent more than a few moments on something before checking again. Old habits of someone that had constantly been on the run, and it seems like old habits die hard. Her arm was reset and she had makeshift stiches in her leg already. She was poking at the combat gauze that was shoved into her shoulder clotting it for now, but it needed to be removed soon. At the sound of Gene entering the cave, she instinctively cast her gaze his way, before noting it was, in fact, Gene, then nodded towards him. "Well need to take this out soon and fix this hole."

[CHAT] Deva hadnt really needed the light, either, as she followed along, her odd black and gold eyes flitting between the Namekian and the Demon for a few moments before looking downcast to the floor, her eyes closing for a moment for a low sigh and shake of her head to clear herself of the memories--there were a lot to sift through, and it wasnt altogether comfortable as well, so, with a small huff, she follows the namekian down the slope. At least they werent being chased anymore.

[CHAT] Genesis set the pack down on the floor and started going through it. "Got some supplies here. Food, if either of you actually eat. Clean clothes; nothing fancy, but it's better than being naked and covered in blood." He straightened, leaving the bag on the floor. "Give me a few minutes and I can rig up a shower." He turned and scrambled up the slope, going back to where he'd left some other supplies. He had rigged up a crude sledge and used it to carry a heap of what looked like junk, and he busied himself with that junk.

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"You know what I eat Gene..." She said with a half-hearted smile. She didn't really know what to say after these long years. It was if she knew him and didn't at the same time and it has to be tough from him as well. "Take...your time. And..." She trailed off and sat there, looking between the two.'

[CHAT] Deva looks over to Gene and goes quiet for a moment, "I... uh, thanks," she says, first going over to the food--she hadnt had anything to eat for... a while. Thus, she knelt next to the pack and quietly went through the pack, tentatively at first but once she found some food, probably just rations or something, she all but devoured it--she was starving after all. "Thats... thats good," she says with a small nod and a look up at Gene, then glancing back Elph. Styx. She couldnt help but feel like the third wheel. It was... awkward.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'A few minutes later, some creaking outside heralded the completion of whatever Genesis had been working on. He whistled down the cave entrance, then flung a hose down the sloped entrance, a spigot on the end dribbling a little bit of water. He was watching from up there, and once someone picked it up, he'd disappear from sight, and a few moments later, the squeaking of some sort of crank would precede a spray of water from the hose. It was even warm, warmer than the cool day would normally indicate, though not hot.'

[CHAT] Styx slowly walked over to the water and rinsed the blood off, well as much as the dried blood would come off. It left dark red streaks in her otherwise black hair and her plae skin was still streaked with a bit of faded red here and there. She winced as the water hit her leg and shoulder but in a few minutes she was done. She went over to the pack of clothes and rifled through it, finally putting on an overly large grey t-shirt and some combat fatigues that she had to roll half way up her legs. Her boots, she had washed, taken care of, and put back on. "Thanks...And Dee. You are fine. Once it all settles down we can get to business." She said with a half-hearted smile and then whispers to Dee. "He just thinks we smell bad and I have heard that Namekians noses are twice as potent as their ears." She said, knowing full well Gene would be able to hear her little joke.

[CHAT] Deva nods, "I didn't know that," she says, a light purplish blush of embarassment forming on her cheeks as she looks away, it wasn't something she remembered--but she was naive enough to take it at face value from Styx. When it was her turn she had to undo the bandages on her arm to keep them from getting wet--fortunately her gash had stopped bleeding by that point--before going to the water herself to clean herself off from all the dirt, mud, bits of grass and all the other stuff that inevitably got on her in that whole ordeal. Afterwards she looked through the clothes--keeping her own but also getting a light grey jacket to wear over herself as well.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"I've smelled worse!" Genesis's voice came down from above as he kept cranking. "I just don't want you getting blood everywhere! Strange as it may seem, it's not my favorite form of decoration!" Once they'd finished with the water, he dismantled the pump and dragged everything down into the cave to conceal it. He slid down the entryway slope and laid there, back against the stone, while he pulled a flask out of a pocket inside his coat and took a drink from it. "There. Everyone's clean, everyone who's eating's been fed." He fumbled inside a pocket and pulled out a cigar, sighing slowly as he sliced the tip open and lit it with a spark of ki from his fingertip. "You guys are lucky. Those mercs that had you trapped didn't exactly seem like a top-flight outfit."'

[CHAT] Styx nodded and sighed. "Yes they were. But. It's thanks to them that I met back up with you and..." She looked over to Deva and her outfit change. "I've seen that somewhere before. Does she remind you of anyone Dumastin..." She trailed off as the picture of Dumastin faded, revealing that of Gene. She shook her head and sat down, obviously disturbed by what she said. "Sorry Gene. It...It's hard to keep everything straight anymore.

[CHAT] Deva looks up between Styx and Gene for a moment, blinking, "Hm?" she says a moment, arching a brow at Styx, "What?" she asks, not really understanding the question, before shaking her head a moment, looking to Gene, "So, um... hi. I'm Deva," she says, offering him a small smile as she introduces herself. "It's nice to meet you. Thank you for your help... I really needed it back there," she says, looking back down to the ground for a moment, a small frown on her face as she thinks about it.

[CHAT] Genesis puffed on the cigar and nodded to Deva's introduction, then laid back, shifting his flat-brimmed hat so it covered his eyes. He dashed some ash onto the cave floor as he thought. "I'm Genesis. Gene to my friends." He sighed and put the cigar back in his mouth, thinking some more. "I don't know much about Dad or his friends, 'Styx.' You know Prime didn't like to talk about it to me, and I never had a lot of interest, either, I guess." He shook his head, eyes still covered by the hat. "Sounds like you've had a rough time, both of you. What're you gonna do next?"

[CHAT] Styx looked at Gene and smiled, but it seemed empty on the inside. "It was just a slip Gene. Right now, other than the lack of cybernetic implants, you look more than like him. It...It was a lapseand I'm sorry." She said as she started laying out what was left of her haul. 2 rifles. 4 clips, 2 grenades, a handful of Ration Snacks, A wallet with a handful of credit chips and...a metal spoon. "I.I was trying to get off world. This place is dangerous for us, especially at our current level. If they were able to fight me at my highest, and wound me to the point of infancy, what can they do to us now Gene. And Deva. I am sorry you were brought into this harsh and uninviting world. If I could change any of that I would, but...I can't and I don't know anyone to teach you anything else." She said as she slowly stood up "I'm not a great role model. More of a Killer, murderer, not something you want to take after..."

[CHAT] Deva looks down, her brow furrowed slightly, "I... I'm not sure. I just wanted to get out of where I was. I was just... alone in the dark and cold," she shakes her head slowly, "I thought about... trying to see the places I remember. With... my own eyes. But... I don't know anymore. I was attacked, captured, broke out, was attack and captured again and just broke out again..." she frowns slightly, "You're the first person whose actually helped me. Thank you," she says with a small nod. "Elph... Styx... even she just wanted to eat me at first, and I was asking for help..." she says, her odd black and gold eyes giving her a look, "I thought she'd be... I don't know... but I didn't think *that*..." she says, looking back down to the floor, thinking. She'd just started and her naive view of the world just... was kind of shattered.

[CHAT] Genesis sucked in one more puff from the cigar and flicked the stub aside. He settled his hat lower on his face and settled his body more comfortably on the rocky, sloped cave floor; it was hardly the worst place he'd slept. "I have a ship. Not much of one, we'll be a bit more than cozy with two and cramped as hell with three, but it ought to suffice to get us offworld and somewhere else." He muttered, inaudibly under his hat, then lifted his head and shifted it off his eyes. "I might know a guy who could help, Deva. I get into enough trouble as I go that you probably don't want to hang around me, but if we can track *him* down... I wonder if he ever started that orphanage he was planning on?" He shrugged. "I haven't seen the guy in ten years."

[CHAT] Styx sighs and looks at Gene and Deva. "I can...make more room for us but I need some food first. It takes a lot out of me to do so." She said with a grin. "Have you forgetten everything about me Gene?" She finished with a grin. Then looked to Dee. "Hey. I'm sorry Dee. I can teach you what I can. Stealth. Infiltration, and a way to use your environment to be a tricky bitch." She said with a grin. "And I know Gene here could teach us in some more advanced and non-lethal combat tactics. The stuff I know isn't so...lenient." She said as she looked between the two. "I know I could use some practice in some non-lethal combat soon."

[CHAT] Deva nods, looking to Gene, "That's fine. As long as I'm not... locked in a cage," she shakes her head, "I don't like that," she says, pulling her jacket a little tighter around her, "Who?" she asks, still looking to Gene. Then, as Styx talks she turns to her, listening quietly, she gets a pensive look on her face, thinking a moment, before nodding, "Yeah, I'd like that. I can't... do most of what I remember. I don't... really know what to do in a fight," she shakes her head slowly, "So avoiding them is good," she adds, giving a little smile. "And learning what to do if that fails is important, too," she looks back to Gene.

[CHAT] Genesis muttered again, something unintelligible, for a moment. "I'll go find something in a bit. I'm not in a huge hurry to start combat training or anything, though. If we start a rumble out here, we're liable to attract attention, especially if I really get going. Plus, I'm still healing off that busted rib your Captain friend gave me." He rubbed at his side with a grimace. "I can show you some basic moves, though, and you can practice them while I try to hunt up something for Styx."

[CHAT] Styx shakes her head for now. "There will be time for that later. I think we both need to rest before doing anything like that." She said with a grin before turning towards Gene. "How...much room do you need me to make in your ship and...Where do you think you wanted to go?" She said as she sat back down and started pushing sand, making a small divot in the ground. "I was thinking New Requiem. It...It is still a free city, and has jobs, mostly unexplored and doesn't have a price on ascendeds there...just a price on everything else." she said with a laugh. "Any thoughts with you Gene. Planets even.

[CHAT] Deva gives a little grin to Gene as he offers to show her some moves, "Ooh, that sounds good," she says with a nod, eager to learn, before blinking at Styx, "What are you talking about, I'm ready to-owww..." she says, starting to climb to her feet but then all the exhaustion and injuries she'd built up just kind of hit her and she falls back to the ground on her bottom with a thud, "Okay..." she says, blinking, as she rubs over her aching arms, "Maybe a rest first couldn't hurt..." she says, with a small nod.

[CHAT] Genesis - “What exactly do you mean about ‘making room,’ Styx? I guess I’m not understanding that bit. And I’m not sure. I was actually thinking about taking a trip to Konats.” He held up his flask and gave it a significant shake, causing the tiny bit of liquid at the bottom to swish slightly. “I went there about five years ago. Pretty peaceful. Good booze. I’d heard that there was some gathering going on, a bunch of gurus from across the galaxy, but I never found anyone who could sort my head out. Now I’m running out of the booze, and if anyone could use a decent guru, it’d be the two of you. Maybe even me, too.” He set the flask down on his chest rather than troubling himself to return it to his pocket.

[CHAT] Styx laughs a bit before looking at Gene. “I….can shrink, or grow.” She said with a smile, twirling some of her hair absentmindedly in her hand. “Or did you forget about that?” She said with some stern eyes. “It takes a hell of a lot of energy, hence why I need the food to do it, and time, depending. It is a lot harder to do.nowadays.” She finished and looked to Deva. “And that might be a better place for her, mayne us. I...dont want to fall into old habits.”

[CHAT] Deva furrows her brow a little, "New Requiem? I don't... think I've ever been there. Or even heard of that place," she says, glancing to Styx for a moment, "I remember... something about it, but I'm not sure what," she says, brow furrowed a moment as she rubs her chin. "Konats? I don't... hm," she goes quiet a moment. "Any memories I have there are vague and fuzzy," she shakes her head. "Just... flashes. Older memories, I guess," she says, frowning slightly. "Well, maybe it'll be good to see a place I don't really remember..." she says with a slow nod. "Peaceful sounds good, too. Also teachers," she gives a self confident nod. "There is a lot that I want to do," she looks between the two.

[CHAT] Genesis grumbled slightly as he came upright. He caught his flask and slid it into a pocket as he pushed himself from a sitting position to standing, and then he spread his arms wide to stretch them out a bit. “Guess we need to prepare, then. Konats is a pretty decent distance, so we’re going to need to get Styx something to eat, and stock up on supplies as well. We also need to stay out of trouble for a couple of days to let things calm down a bit. I haven’t seen a ton of activity out there, but the last thing we want to do is disturb that.” He nudged Styx’s shoulder playfully. “I don’t remember everything you can do, you goofball. I never really figured out how your body worked, anyway.” He was already planning ahead, figuring out where to get the supplies they needed.

[CHAT] Styx did not say anything else on the matter of her body mechanics. “Doesn’t matter, but we do need to plan. Get a list of supplies and get as much of that as possible.” She said and looked around. “You think they will come looking for us?” She asked and then lazily looked to Dee with one eye open. “The world’s your oyster kid, now go make lemonade.” She thinks she heard that from someone before, but, it was a little lighthearted. “Means figure out what you want to do and do it. Me tho,” she said and paused for a moment “Nevermind. Doesn't matter here. You focus on you.”

[CHAT] Deva chat *nods, "Right. I don't... know too much outside of those memories, but I want to help," she says, trying again to stand up and actually doing so this time, though she winces as she does so--everything does still ache, after all. "We should keep low, yeah... I don't know if anyone's looking for me, but.." she looks to her hands a moment, "I do kind of stick out," she notes, before looking up to Styx and offering her a small smile, "Yeah, I plan to," she says with a small smile. "Like I said, I want to help people. Even after all of this," she gives a soft momentary chuckle. "If anything I need to help people more if all of this is going on... people seem to need it,"

[CHAT] Genesis slid the coat off his back and quickly folded it with practiced movements, then slid his hand into the bundle and came out with a handgun. It was of a revolver design that anyone who’d known Dumastin would probably recognize, though Dumastin had favored a flashy chrome finish. Genesis’s version was nearly identical, down to the comparatively enormous size, but had a dark matte finish. He held it up, then offered it to Styx. “Keep that with you while I’m gone, in case you need it. It’s got enough punch to go through a decent amount of armor, and I’ve hit Ascended with it before, too.” He laid the folded bundle on the cave floor, off to the side. “I dunno anything about helping people. I never went out of my way to do it, but it seems like I wind up getting sucked into it anyway. People have a surprising way of surviving anywhere, getting through just about anything, when given a chance. When they believe they can do it. That’s the trick, I guess.” He looked a bit troubled by that. He’d been all over the galaxy, wandering aimlessly. He’d gotten thrown out of the lowest dives. He’d taken odd jobs, jobs that weren’t always good things. Fought so many people, sometimes just because they were there. He’d seen the best of a lot of people, and the worst of others. It had been… an enlightening experience, if not necessarily one that lent itself well to an enlightened view on the galaxy.

[CHAT] Styx accepts the revolver and nods to Gene. “I’ll keep us safe while you gather supplies.” She said with a nod and adjusted herself to more face the entrance. “I’ve got nothing better to do than recover for now...thank you for helping Gene.” She said with a smile and looked to Deva. “Anything you care to know about earth now Deva. I’ve got nothing but time.until gene gets back.

[CHAT] Deva looks to that revolver for a moment, her eyes closing again as she brings a hand to her face, memories flashing before her eyes again--grossly oversized as it was, Dumastin wasn't the only who used a revolver, though she doesn't mention the memories this time, instead simply staying quiet with a soft huff of breath before giving a shake of her head to clear her thoughts and glancing back up to look at Gene. "Imagine how much more they can do with someone's help... a little guidance, nurturing," she nods, giving a little grin at the thought, "That's what I want to do. Help people and guide them, help protect them and get them to live up to their potential," she adds with a soft chuckle.

[CHAT] Genesis shrugged his shoulders, though it was a bit of a halfhearted gesture. “Potential, huh…?” He looked between Deva and Styx. “Prime used to talk about stuff like this, sometimes. When he was in a philosophical mood. He had this idea about… people needing an example, more than anything else. Something to show them what was possible, that they’d find their own way once they believed a way was to be found. ‘The deeds of the great become the aspirations of the meek,’ I think was the way he put it.” He slowly shook his head as he thought about it. “I don’t know that he was wrong, but I don’t think he had the whole picture, either. Or there was more to it that he wasn’t telling me.” He took a deep breath, blew it out slowly. “You can do a lot of good on the small scale, doing what you can. Guiding people. But potential? I think people need more than guidance to live up to that. It’s something I thought a lot about, once.” Back when he’d been on a champion’s road. Always looking for the next fight. Before he’d forgotten what it was he was fighting for…

[CHAT] Styx looked at Dee, then Gene and spun the chambers on the revolver. “I remember a boy who used to talk about potential.” She said with a grin. “Boy wrestled a city of the EDF, built a damn city-ship, and founded a colony on a planet.” She said with a grin remembering that absolutely insane ghetti. “Man drove himself so far into the madness of true potential it ruined him. So be careful with those words.” She finished in a rather stern tone and then took a breath. “Dee, You know how to use one of these?” After placing the revolver near Dee, She sat back down in her sand hole. “The masses are generally content with a mediocre existence. What brings out potential is the drive for greatness. Whether that be a good father, strong fighter, great inventor. They need to find that drive. In fact.” She said with a smile as tingles rose in her body from the very fiber of her being. “I knew a great demon once. The Thorned. He strove to bring out that true potential by applying the most extreme adversity upon the masses. The ones who would strive for greatness would emerge, the rest would fall. I...Didn’t disagree with him at all. I...Actually…” She didn’t finish. She knew that those ideologies were best kept to herself and not something to throw around and get into arguments or fights over. She had precious few friends left and would like to keep them.

[CHAT] Deva looks to Gene and offers him a nod, "That's what I want to do. Give people an example... help them find their own way... and protect them as they learn," she nods, though she keeps her eyes on that gun, "I... yes, I remember. I think I remember him well. I... He liked him, in a way. Both people who reached for the stars and were burned for it," she says. going quiet and furrowing her brow for a moment, as she was asked about the revolver and as Styx sets it down, she picks it up herself, looking it over and pointing it at a wall for a moment, finger off the trigger as she looks down the sights. "Yes... I remember using something like this... just... not so big," her brow furrows slightly again, spinning the barrel and looking the gun over, thinking before setting it back down, thinking. At the mention of the thorned and what he did, her brows furrow. "That's just it, though... if you can only get that by forcing it... by playing the bad guy where they *have* to kill you or die... you've failed," she says with a nod that one thought in her head growing, "If you can't inspire people to follow you or to strive for greatness of their own free will... then you don't *deserve* to have them. You can't just... force people," she shakes her head. "Then you're just another despot." It was one of the thoughts that she could call her own in her still muddled head, and it was one that she clung to.

[CHAT] Genesis shrugged. "I don't care much about the philosophy of it. I figure that I'll follow my own path, and the rest can come on the side. People can do what they want to do." He grimaced at the way Deva was holding the revolver. "Not that way. You need to hold it with both hands, and brace your wrists as best you can. It's too big and heavy to fire any other way unless you've got a fair amount of Ascended strength; even I have to use it two-handed unless I've really got my Ki flaring." He gently reached forward and adjusted Deva's grip a bit for stability.

[CHAT] Styx smiles as she sits in her hole. It was nice being around those two. Well, Gene mostly. She just ALMOST ate Dee, as well as used her to escape. Wasn't her best moments. But Dee did put out some strange vibes. <somehow she has memories of...The sanctum. Memories of Haggis and Devrios. What the hell is she?> she sighs as she tries to solve this problem. "Anyways. How about you run and get some supplies and we can start our preparations for off world" She said finally. "Food, Water, Containers and probably medical supplies at the least. I'd help ya if I could but this shoulder and leg would just tear open.

[CHAT] Deva blinks, before furrowing her brow, "That's not... how I remember it," she says, before 'hmmm'ing a moment, "You're right, though. It is... heavier than I thought," she nods, adjusting her grip to a two-handed and holding it for a few more long moments before setting it down. Then, looking up to Gene, she offers the namekian a smile, "I'll be able to help you soon, I just..." she shakes her head again, "I need to rest a bit..." she says, "Be safe," she nods to him, before looking back to Styx, thinking a momen, before looking back to the ground and furrowing her brow slightly. Things were so different from what she expected, what she remembered. But that was fine, it just gave her more to work on. She closes her eyes a moment, takes a deep breath, and lets it out with a long slow sigh, before looking back up to Styx. "So... I'm not sure how I expected any of this to go, but..." she shook her head slowly, "It wasn't like this."

[CHAT] Genesis nodded. WIthout any further comment, he scrambled up the rocky slope and crawled through the small tunnel leading to the outside. Within moments, even the sounds of his footsteps faded.

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