* Great Escape

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* Great Escape

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Characters: Deva, Styx, Late entry by Genesis.

Synopsis: Deva and Styx plan an escape. Styx does so in a rather viilent and gruesome manner, exposing Deva to the ways of violence, ppain and murder. They both agree to work together for now. Bits of Devas memories about the past, sanctum and memories of Dumastin are revealed. But bot enough time to delve into them. Both are chased into an open field setting with merc vehicles on their tail. Both are wounded at this point and have no choice but to turn and fight. Genesis had been observing the chase and intervenes, taking out an ariel bike and eventually an armored truck. Injured Deva and Styc also team up and take out the ither persuit vehicle. Gene ends up having a boxing match with the merc captain to realize they wete not too far apart with circumstances. The captain rheemus is left defeated but alive. Gene finds out styx is elph and they start the long walk to genes campsite.

Injuries: Styx: Dislocated arm. Bullet would to shoulder and leg, bandaged with clotting gauze. Fatigue and many bruised ribs.
Deva: Bruised body and fatigue.
Genesis: General Fatigue, no wounds.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'It was dark at first. Everything was black. Beneath her was cold. Hard. Slowly her sense were creeping back to her. Her head pounded, like it were split in two and the numbness throughout her body was slowly ebbing into pain. Whatever it was that they shot her with was potent. It seemed like every muscle in her body had just went through a marathon workout. There she lay, waiting for her body to catch up to her mind. The sounds of pulsar generators hummed in the background and the smell of chemical heaters filled the air. She kept her eyes closed and tried to concentrate through the pain. There was a spark in the darkness of her senses. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She couldn't tell what it was exactly but she could pick up on the gross emotions around her, a deviation of senses she had began to remaster. All she felt from around her was pain from next to her. probably another cell and...boredom. That was a first. The person outside was so bored it was radiating through his being. She made sure not to stir her body, but slowly krept one eye open to get a look around.'

[CHAT] Deva was... somewhere. She didn't know where, she'd been knocked out cold from shots from a taser, of all things, and here she lay. In another cell, somewhere else. It bristled the senses--everything hurt, from fighting, to crashing, to fighting somewhere every fibre of her being felt exhausted, aching, and weary but more than that, more than any pain she felt, she was indignant. Angry. *Mad.* She would not be kept caged like some animal. She had a grimace on her face, though her eyes were still shut, she didn't want to give them the pleasure of knowing she was conscious yet. She had to figure out a way out of here--she wasn't going to be stuck like this.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Her eyes adjusted to the light. By the cold snap in the air and the streaks of light passing through the cracks in the foliage overhead it was sometime in the morning still. She slowly stretched her arms and legs out, inches at a time until the met something. Cold Hard. Metal. All around her. She was in a cage. <Doesn't this just beat all.> She thought to herself as she sighed. She knew if she needed to examine the situation more but in doing so they would probably come and torment her. "So be it..." She told herself as she sat up, found the bored guard playing with some old style pre-packaged military ration, and then stared at him. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Boots, standard issue, worn out and almost non-serviceable. His fatigues, ripped with various patches from other uniforms sewn in. Body vest missing, only his multipouched load carrier stuffed with ammo, snacks and a metal spoon. Weapon on the stump next to him. Assault Rifle. Full Auto. One mag. On safe. Beard. No helmet. Bandanna. Her cage seemed like one fit for a dog rather than a person. Simple metal cage. Basic mechanical lock. Shoved into a hole dug out in the cliffs. '

[CHAT] Deva blinked her eyes open softly herself, she wasn't going to get out of her just by lying there--she was in a different cage, though nearby, her eyes winced slightly in the morning light, not something she'd seen personally before. She took a hand and felt over her sides for a moment, feeling over her injuries--there were some burns, more bruises... everything hurt. She frowned slightly, sitting up--and having to bite back a little grunt from the aches that caused, her eyes shut tight and she shook her head a moment to clear her head, before looking around. The area seemed... wild. Not much inhabited other than the soldiers, her eyes immediately saw the weapon out. That was something she could use. Her memories all spoke about violence being the last resort, but, well... from everything she felt so far that might not be the case anymore.

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"You awake?" She said as she heard the thing in the cell next to her stir and move. The air was still brisk with the morning cold being slowly burned off from the sunlight, either that or it was that she was cold since she didn't have barely any clothes on and was covered with blood from that other soldier she ripped apart last night. She had used a considerable amount of energy and she was hungry. Starving even. She figured the person next to her was in the same boat. The guard didn't seem to notice.'

[CHAT] Deva blinks a moment as she looks to the other woman, then gives her a silent nod, she's still looking around the are. The guard didn't seem to be paying attention--there might be something she could use with him. The cage was pretty open--she couldn't walk through the bars, obviously, but it didn't look like they learned anything from her attack on them earlier. She might be able to fit something through them to grab something, her eyes were narrowing quietly as she thought, those odd black and gold eyes scanning the area several times as she started focusing. "I'm getting out of here," is all she says, with steely determination motivated by sheer indignance and anger, her voice almost silent.

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Fine. Can you do that thing from last night?" She asked as she crawled towards the entrance to the cage. "Listen. It sucks. I really don't know who you are. Almost don't care. But we do need to work together to get out of here." She had a plan that might work. Old one, but usually merc can be riled up some. She would need to adjust her plans if she couldn't rely on that other girl creature...deva was it?'

[CHAT] Deva looks to the girl, her eyes narrowing once again as she took her in. "I can. But... you wanted to kill me last night. Why should I trust you? What was that you said, everything has a price?" she says, the indignance clear in her voice--she was mad. At her, at the soldiers, at the cage, at the *world*. She closes her eyes and takes a slow, shuddering breath. The thought of the previous night had her practically seething. "How do I know your plan won't just leave me here to die?"

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The soldier was taken by surprise but his years of training allowed him to squeeze the trigger before being yanked to the side. The sounds of the fully automatic weapon rattling off its rounds echoed in the silent air of the camp as his head slams around the cage. "B...ittcch." He grunts out as he drops the rifle and takes out a small combat knife from his vest. There were no sounds coming from the other cage...She hurt. She tried to duck down and make herself a smaller target but not pressed on the floor. Bullets tended to skip along the ground and laying perfectly could prove lethal. In a few seconds it seemed to be over. Her lock and cage compromised with rounds. Her leg and shoulder was on fire and she could feel the warm trickle of blood running down her body. She huffed, grimaced and crawled her way out of her cage looking towards Deva's cage to see what was going on.'

[CHAT] Deva just glared at the soldier, a scowl on her face, "Now, now. Be a good boy and be *silent*," she says, yanking hard on the soldier and trying to pull his arm holding the knife through the bars--hoping to use the bars as leverage to straight up break his arm and force him to drop the knife--it wasn't something that was easy to do, either, she gets a gash in forearm for the trouble, dark violet blood leaking out, but even still she doesn't let go of strangling the man, either, her black and gold eyes staring right at him with nothing but disdain and anger with a low growl in her voice. "I. Will. Be. Free."
[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She slowly stood up, and glared her amethyst eyes at the struggling guard. With a fierce roar she ran at him as best as her body would allow and leapt upon his back, slamming his head into the bars. Feeding energy into her teeth and jaws as she felt her teeth start to grow into fangs. Long four inch canines protruded from her mouth as she bit down hard at his neck. A fresh spray of arterial blood showing her face and jaws, as well as the cage and ground around her. The merc struggled for a bit before his strength faded and he crumpled to the ground. Styx continued to mow down on the mercs neck, licking the blood and tearing at the flesh. The keys should be within easy reach for Deva now to pick up off the body just outside of the cage.'

[CHAT] Deva blinks, the ferocity of the other girls attack taking her by surprise, though, she did take advantage, however, and immediately went to snatch the keys up to open her cell. "Who *are* you, really?" she says, "I told you my name, but you never told me yours," she says, looking through the soldier's stuff--grabbing the rifle, she didn't know much about guns, but she knew where the trigger was, how to point, and how to shoot, "Others will be here soon, they probably heard the shots. We need to go. I don't think we can fight off a whole camp," she says, her brow furrowed. She had no idea where to go--just... away.

[CHAT] Styx looks up at Deva, the area she was munching on had turned to a red paste and she swallowed. Her face a blood stained mess. She was practically wearing a shirt of red at this time. Her thigh wound a graze leaking a dark, almost black sludge and her left shoulder was a steady trickle. "Damn..." She said as she rifled through the man's vest and found his combat aid kit, tearing at the clotting gauze and shoving it in her wound. "Styx...Like the river, no the shit that falls from trees. That would be lame." she said with a smile as she heard the crunching of bootsteps rushing closer. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Shit...they are close. We have to take care of them before we can escape...especially in our condition." She said as she reached down to the guards open neck and smeared more blood on her. She grabbed the knife off of the ground and stabbed it into the ground, then lay face down, looking like a damn bloody corpse. A few breaths later two other mercs would be rounding a large boulder near the rockwall, rifles drawn, and the spread out, surveying the area. "What the...Tony. Seriously. Check the bodies."'

[CHAT] Deva shook her head a moment--her teeth were already sharp, but the thought of eating someone like that, it was... not something that crossed her mind before. But it was unnerving. She nods, "Nice name," she says before looking up wide eyed at the sound of boots hitting the ground. "Not... good," she says, looking around--she couldn't exactly leave before they arrived, but there were more than just cages in the area, there were a few crates nearby as well--looks like loot from the ship, the few still intact goods, but cover was cover and she ducked behind it, gripping the rifle tight as she focused her strength, kneeling on the ground and pressing up against the ordinarily chest high crate, closing her eyes she takes a deep breath, then lets it slowly, calming her nerves before the inevitable fight. This was going to be difficult.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. She heard the footsteps come closer. "Damn Ray. Seems like she's gone. Look at all this blood man! Boss man Is gonna be pissed!" He heard the man, Tony, say. "Dammit. Now where is that other one and check her would you Tony, don't just stand there and think she's dead. Make sure." She heard the other one say and heard his footsteps go closer to the cages. "They got Stan as well...bastards." He heard him say as she felt two fingers press against her neck. "Hey! Ray, I think she is still..." He was cut off as she grabbed the hand, kicked her foot up and rolled, throwing Tony off balance and on top her her. Which was fine for her. His neck too was ripped open by those fangs of hers as he struck her over and over with his last struggle to live. Ray turned around towards the struggling pair. The rifle cocking. they sound of the safety click.'

[CHAT] Deva -- As soon as the struggle rang out and they were distracted, Deva nodded a moment to herself, it was time, and then popped out of cover, taking aim with the rifle at the 'leader.' Take him out and the others will be less directed--this was the best chance, she closes one eye and squeezes the trigger--letting off a spray of shots at him before moving on to another--trying to shoot as many of the soldiers she could before they realized what was going on. She didn't want to leave Styx out in the open--and didn't want to get shot, either. She didn't speak, didn't taunt, just as quickly and efficiently as she could tried to kill them--she was *going* to be free. That was what drove her now.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The rounds rang off the rock walls. Splintered trees and broke crates. Automatic rifle fire splitting the crisp mountain air. In a few seconds it was over. The corpse of yet another, shot in the back by Deva, and the gurgling last gasps from Tony. "We...Should make scarce." she says as she quickly unstraps the combat load vests and grabs the spare rifle. "You lead, I'll follow." She said as she motioned towards her wounded leg. "I'll just slow you down with this, but It can at least get you out of here. Like I said. I'll follow and bring up rear guard." She said with a wink and a smile. Already there was sound of an engine starting as well as radio traffic calling out to the downed soldier. "Lead it Dee, and If we get out of here...I'll answer questions for you."'

[CHAT] Deva frowns, as they go down she quickly checks over the bodies, looking for spare clips--she didn't know how much ammo the gun had left, but she... shot a lot, so there probably wasn't many left. Once it's clear it was time to go, though, she looks to Styx, "I'm not gonna leave you behind, let's go," she says, moving to help the wounded Styx walk faster--they were in the plains, but there was what looked like a large forest in the distance--good cover if they had vehicles, which... from the sounds of it, they probably did. "Time to go," she says, furrowing her brows and gritting her teeth, grimacing. They were *going* to get out of there. She pushed herself on, purple blood dripping down her arm now from the gash that'd been cut earlier.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The corpse of trees that hid the small camp against a cliff-face at the base of the mountain range was being left behind for a wide open plains. "Not good." She panted out between breaths. Her ribs hurt where Tony had struck her in his death throws, as well as where the taser bolts had hit her. The shoulder injury was stable for now, the clotting gauze shoved in the hole. The hole in her leg was a different story. It wasn't so much a hole, but a graze, but it had torn a large chunk out of her leg. "We Have to stop to treat this, and your arm." <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She said as she was limping heavily now, leaving a trail of black brimstone smelling ichor behind her. "We need to find cover soon, before they run us down with vehicles." She finished. Sweat beading and running down her face, collecting blood as it went and dripping off her face in bright crimson gems. In the distance she could hear the engines roar and the sound of repulsor engines kicking in as well as the knock of an old diesel. If Deva were to turn and look she could see two obviously military ground trucks, patched together with various armors and metal plates as well as a air-bike. A recon-type motorcycle. High speed, limited weapons, but great for scouting.'

[CHAT] Deva had her arm around Styx to help her walk faster, even as it was bleeding, "Come on, come on," she urges her on as she struggles herself--everything hurt. It had been nothing but ordeal after ordeal in getting here, but she wasn't going to quit. There might be soldiers after them, she might have to try to fight them--she did not care. She was going to be free, if she had to fight her way through an army to do it, then so be it. "D-damn it," she says to herself through gritted teeth, looking around. "I... damn it, I can try to hold them off. If we had some place where they couldn't use those..." she gives a frustrated grunt as she looks around rapidly.

[CHAT] Styx pants heavily and pushed Dee off of her then crouches down. "Stay low. Tall grass should make it hard to spot us for a distance. We need to bandage now or else we will be too injured to do anything else." She said as she started ruffling through the two load vests, taking the first aid kits out throwing the clotting gauze to Dee and she took out one for herself. "Dress your wound. Wrap it tight. Starting closest towards your fingers and working your way up towards the shoulder." She said as she too began to dress her leg. All while looking over at the vests. "Two grenades, 4 magazines of rifle ammo. Two pouches of beef jerky a radio and....a spoon." She said as she looked around, waiting for Dee to finish.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'A figure crouched low on a tall outcropping of rocks some distance away. He grumbled under his breath, took a drink from a flask, then raised the binoculars he'd been holding back to his eyes. He didn't *mean* to get involved. He really didn't, but he'd heard the echoes of gunfire in the far distance, and he couldn't just *not* check out what it meant. He grumbled again as he adjusted the magnification. He could hear alarms, engines spooling up. Shouting, though even Namekian ears couldn't make out what it was about.'

[CHAT] Genesis reached under his coat and pulled out the gun he carried, an outsized revolver that Prime had given him, and spun open the cylinder to check that it was full. He slid it closed and returned it to the concealed holster, then took another pull from his flask. He'd heard these mercenaries weren't great sorts, anyway. That pair he saw running away... he'd find out what was going on, but first he had to get them clear. He drew his coat closed around him and slid down the hill, leaning forward as he moved into a sprint toward where they'd been going. Damn, this was stupid.

[CHAT] Deva reluctantly nods, "Right... you're right," she says, as she gets low herself, her brow furrowed as she looks over the bandages--she had to get her arm bandaged. Taking some of them and taking care to stop her arm from bleeding. She gives an annoyed grunt, shaking her head and grimacing in pain, "Gah.. what do they even want..." she glowers back in that direction, a scowl on her face before she looks to Styx to help her bandage her wound--it was definitely worse. At least they had a little supplies--some more ammo, grenades would definitely help, they needed every advantage they could get.

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Let me do it." She said in a rather annoyed tone as she finished the bandage and added a little extra "tug" at the end and smiled. "All set. They want us Dee." She said as she took a chance and peeked above the grasses. The two land vehicles were about halfway to them, but fanned out in a search pattern. Seems like they haven't been spotted yet but the bike was nearly over them. She knew for sure they would be spotted by that guy. Either way..."They want to sell us for money. They know somewhat of what I am, and you. Exotic. Would catch a hefty price on the black market." <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She said as she took aim with her rifle at the ariel rider. BLAM BLAM BLAM Shots rang out but her shoulder injury had left her aim something to be desired. "Shit. Run." She said as the flying scout turned on them. "Rhino 1 from Red Bull. Targets spotted. 1200 meters south from your position. Follow the eyes in the sky."Came over the radio as through the static there was a reply. "Don't let them get to Twin Pass. Thats the Red Devil's turf." Apparently Twin Passwas a small village off in the distance. A vacation town before the fall. Now home to gangs, drugs and anything else your mind could think of...for a price.'

[CHAT] Genesis leaned into his run, picking up speed as he did. The wind streamed over his body as he locked his gaze on that hoverbike, and he fell into a breathing pattern. It had risen, a little bit, but in the pilot's effort to avoid the gunfire coming from below-escapees of some sort?-it had veered to the left, putting it well out of easy shooting range from the ground but bringing it somewhat close to a rocky ridge. Genesis clenched his fist.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'He could see the pilot of the ground bike. The guy was tracking the people below with a set of fancy binoculars, and wasn't paying all that close of attention to his surroundings since, as far as he knew, he knew exactly where the threat was. '

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'So, his reaction time when a figure launched itself off of the ridgetop at maximum speed, trailing deep green flame into the air... it was a little slow, particularly considering the figure only had to make it about thirty meters. He heaved on the controls, ascending a few meters in a matter of seconds, but it was too late. Genesis's arm swung in an arc, his fist blazing with green flame, and the arc it cut through the air erupted in a cone of fire and explosive force. The hoverbike's sensitive control surfaces were shredded, and it started to fall out of the sky as the figure completed his arc and started to sail toward the ground. The landing was going to suck, but he'd fallen from worse.'

[CHAT] Deva furrowed her brow, taking aim with her rifle as well, "...No. I will NOT be sold," she says simply, sounding a little *absolutely livid* as she fires off a few rounds at them, before *CLICK* her rifle comes up empty... it actually takes a few moments for her to figure out how to reload. "Yeah, we gotta move," she says, taking off at a run herself--trying to head for that... twin pass area. The sooner they were out of there the better--she was already trying to help Styx move again when she heard the commotion looking back, "Whose that?" she asks about the Namekian, not that it mattered--they needed all the help they could get. Things were bad.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'There was relief at first. The scout she shot at horribly evaded, just to instead get demolished in a great green explosion of energy. "Lucky devil" She smiled to herself as she turned to face down the charging vehicles. They had got their position, and were driving their way but the explosion changed one of their courses. The vehicle on the left, Bull horns strapped to the uparmored truck changed its course to where the bike exploded. The gun turret on top turning as tracer rounds could be seen streaking hot in the air where the bike used to be and trailing down, ever closer to the falling Gene. They wern't accurate, the grasslands they were driving on was extremely bumpy but the truck on the right continued its advance, before turning its turret on Deva and Styx as line of dirt kicks up and rounds bounce and sail overhead.<C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- ' Styx dove to the side and rolled just as the trail reached them, separating Deva and Styx. She smiled as she came up with rifle in her arms. She leveled it at the turret gunner and fired off three more rounds. The first striking the ground to the left as she adjusted fire. The other two struck true as she could see the tracers veer up and to the left as the gun fired off a few more bursts then went silent. "Bastards." She said as she grabbed a grenade from the vest and ran off towards the car. Her adrenaline pumping, blocking the pain in her leg for now. "Turn and fight. We have momentum." She cackled as she was trying to close the distance with the truck.<F>'

[CHAT] Genesis tumbled in the air as tracer rounds whizzed past him. One bullet hit his coat where it was flapping around him, but nothing struck him directly; he just presented too small and fast-moving a target to track with a machinegun that big. He slammed into the ground feet first, legs bending to absorb the impact; a regular person would have been pancaked by the strain, but even the meager Ki-imparted strength Genesis was able to muster was enough to absorb the impact. He staggered and nearly fell, nonetheless, and then dove behind cover as the machinegunner walked rounds over where he'd landed.

[CHAT] Deva nods, "Right!" she says, diving to the side herself to avoid the hail of gunfire, firing off several rounds towards the driver's seat, closing an eye to get a better aim, then, after watching Styx move to close distance, she does herself, gritting her teeth as she does so--she was more than a little pissed after everything, guess it was time to take out her frustration on something. Or someone's. As she closes in she fires off some more rounds, again trying to hit the driver to keep them from trying to run them down--with the gunner out of the way that was the biggest danger, it looked like--plus if the driver was incapacitated it'd mean trouble for anyone else in the truck.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The small arms fire from the two just bounce off the armored plates and glass that covered their target as it increases its speed. It seemed like the driver planned on just running them over and in the passenger seat, it could be seen that he was making his way out of his seat to man the turret. "Not gonna happen..." She mumbled to herself as she ran headlong towards the truck. Her energy focused throughout her body and her undamaged arm's bones shifting and strengthening. Her fingernails slowly expanding out to claws. Her internal reserves quickly draining through this process. The teeth were simple. Easy. This was something else. Trying to change an entire limb. The grill of the truck brought her back to her senses as in the tall grass she simply disappeared. Possibly hit by the truck. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'But that was not the case. Her body was small enough and the truck high enough that she had plenty of clearance under the vehicle. On her back she waited on the ground until she spotted the undercarriage tool kit near the tail of the vehicle. With her claw arm she grabbed on, letting it take her for a ride as she kicked up, vaulting onto the back of the truck, one hand grabbing on the armor plate of the turret, the other arm, hanging limp at her side. <Damn...More pull than I thought.> She shook her head at her new injury. The truck on Genesis tried to flank the rock, all while putting fire on it, slowly chipping away at it with the mass of the rounds. Soon, either he would have to reload the belt, or the rock would be gone. It was almost up to fate.'

[CHAT] Genesis pressed his fist to the rock, closing his eyes as the thunder of the machinegun rolled over him. Chips of stone flew around him as he breathed in deep. Slowly, he drew back his right fist, pressing his left palm to the stone as he did, judging the angle. A step to the side. His palm dropped, and he shouted, green fire flaring around his arm as he swung it toward the stone. He didn't have the power to completely obliterate it; instead, the large and heavy stone, fragmenting slightly into a pieces, rocketed away from him on the explosive force and toward the truck. The impact shattered the truck's front end and launched it off the ground, tipping it backward and throwing the gunner free. Genesis was already on the move toward where he'd fallen, snatching the man out of the air and clutching him by the throat to silence him as he ran toward new cover.

[CHAT] Deva narrowed her eyes and grit her teeth, the truck was coming right for them--but she had a plan and was focusing herself, her eyes closing a moment as the roar of the engine got louder and louder, "Now," she says to herself, leaping to the side as a large, blue striped tendril shot out of the back of her shoulder and lunged towards the turret, wrapping around the barrel of the gun and trying to pull herself on top of the truck--and hopefully run into the other other soldier to keep him from manning said turret as she shrieks out in pent up anger and frustration at all of these soldiers.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'smiles as she was joined by her ally for now. "Use this" She said as she stood on top of the truck, and with her good arm handed Deva the grenade she was holding on to, which was covered with her saliva. She didn't have pockets right now. "Pull the pin and drop it in." she said with a smile as she looked down to see the worried face of the vehicle commander and waved to him. The other truck toppled over, rolled a few times and landed on its side. The turret gunner's neck was twisted around by the time Gene had a hold of him and the truck was silent for a few moments before a side door opened and a merc in a full EDF powersuit stepped out.'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'It was an early model Gene would probably recognize, and was an amazing thing at that it was still functioning after 20 years of hard service. "You done fucked up namek."Reverberated out from the speech box on the front of the helmet as the suit started walking towards him, smashing his mits together a few times and taking up a boxing stance. As he got closer the lights on the front of the speech box lit up again. "I know you! The Green Bomber. World Champion Boxer. Well...Today is not your lucky day. I'm gonna take that belt of pride from ya."'

[CHAT] Genesis bent down and laid the dead man on the ground. He grimaced; he hadn't meant to kill him, necessarily. These things happened, though. He straightened and turned toward the incoming powersuited man, and a grin quirked across his face. "You don't know the first thing about me. I haven't had a belt, or much in the way of pride, in years." He cracked his knuckles, then stretched his neck from side to side, loosening it. "Haven't seen an antique like that in a while. Your outfit must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel for gear if they're seriously still using a relic like that. What is that, a Mark Two?" He settled into his stance, left hand leading. The others were going to have to take care of themselves for a few minutes. His eyes started scanning the old powersuit.

[CHAT] Deva takes the offered grenade, and glares down at the commander, "You wanted to *OWN* me!? *SELL* me!? Go. To. Hell!" she growls out sounding indignant and furious, ripping the pin from the grenade, holding it for a second or two, then, throwing it in the passenger seat floorboard of the truck with a growl. "Time to go," she says simply, before jumping off the truck just before the explosion rings out, rocketing her further and into the ground hard with a pained grunt, causing her to cry out and again clutch at her injured side--the side she'd landed on--once again, before shaking her head vigorously to clear her thoughts... it would be a minute she could get up again after that.

[CHAT] Styx watched with a grin as the grenade was launched in, then didn't even jump off the truck, just ducked behind the armor plate of the turret before an explosion rocked the vehicle and a fountain of red and body parts launched itself up from the turret hole. With a smile she vaulted inside to rip apart anything that survived. Meanwhile the powersuited man closed the distance in a few strides before adapting a southpaw stance, right arm in front. A few jabs were thrown to test the distances and keep Gene moving. The suit, although old and paint faded, was well taken care of. Replacement parts could be easily seen and somehow patched into the older model but it seemed solid enough. The insignia of a wolfs head scratched and faded into the right shoulder of the suit. "Captain Rheemus" The suit spoke before the testing jabs led into a full powered left cross aimed at the nameks chin.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian swayed from side to side, erratically, his feet dancing as he kept on the move and kept his opponent guessing. The power suit was strong, probably stronger than he was, but its weight made it a bit slow. "Never fought one of these before. Come on, is that as fast as they go?" The left cross brushed past his face as he swayed past it, and he ducked down, tapping the powersuit on the chest plate with his fingertips, then darted back again, out of easy reach. He circled faster. "Come on, show me something a little spicier. You'll never catch me with punches that sluggish." His eyes flitted across the thing's body. He had a plan, but he needed a bit of an opening to do it...'

[CHAT] Deva grunts, watching Styx as she... literally goes to snack on the dying soldiers in the bombed out truck. Her eyes close a moment and she takes a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves as she slowly climbs to her feet, clutching her side again before looking back to the namekian and the soldier. "Hey, Styx," she says, thinking as she focuses, "Do you have that other grenade?" she asks, narrowing her eyes slightly. If being monsterous is what it took to be free, which... looking at Styx seemed to be the case. Then so be it. She spent so long thinking on the memories she had when she woke up... none of that stuff was helpful now.

[CHAT] Styx comes out of the turret covered in fresh blood, but still the left arm was hanging limp on her. "No, I think it is with the stuff back where we split."She said as she hopped down and walked to her, looked into her eyes and then shook her head. "Don't follow my path Dee." She said as a tear started welling up in the corner of her eye. "I have done what it takes to survive. That is all. But there is more ways than this. This...will just eventually lead to your ruin, despair, and bitterness towards everyone. Hell, I almost left you for dead at the space ship, So...I don't think I turned out any sort of good." She said with a sigh as she did offer her good arm to help her up. "Please. I...I don't want to expose you any more. Didn't want you to see who I really am when it came down to life or death." She said as her gaze floated over to the only other two left standing. A cloaked...namekian and a power suit?. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The Captain covered in a mixed guard and just steadily advanced. Cutting off the dodges and dancing. Moving to block the next sidestep and just keep on pressing Gene back. Then it happened. A left hook to the body. He assumed Gene would dodge or block so a right hook to the other side soon followed. After that, a sudden lurch of speed came on, as the jump jets boosted him forward at unexpected speed, a massive uppercut to where the nameks ribs would be followed the dash. He hoped to do enough damaged with the powered combo to end the fight in the next few moments.'

[CHAT] Genesis tightened his guard as the first swing slammed into his arms. His arms opened, and he brought them back together to meet the second hook. Surge of speed, jets flaring, stars filling his vision, he blocked as tightly as he could but the impact lofted him off his feet. He felt something crunch, flew up a few feet, dropped back to the ground, coughed up a spray of purple-stained spittle, and groaned. Then he grinned.

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"Not... bad..." He staggered to the left, then to the right. He seemed like he could barely stay on his feet. He staggered again, two, three steps to his right... then the stagger turned into a rush, his form almost blurring as he moved several more steps inward. His right fist blazed like a miniature sun; he didn't have a lot of Ki left, but he forced out every single ounce of it, every drop he had left, and he clenched it in his hand, muscles tensing like steel cables as he drove it into the side of the powersuit. A Champion's punch. Accept no substitute.'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The blow landed right at the power regulator. The whole suit lost its power as the blow ripped into it. Captain Rheemus felt his ribs crack with the blow and the suits visor went dark. It didn't take long to recover as little pops could be heard throughout the suit. He didn't have the strength to move the heavy armor on his own. It was made for ascendeds to power it with their own energy. He could have done it in his youth, but now in his late 50's he didn't have much left. He relied on the external power packs. The suit shed itself from him, revealing the worn out grizzled merc huffing and holding his right ribs as well. "Shall we continue this dance Champ?" He said, taking up his stance once more, although his guard altered to protect those wounded ribs.'

[CHAT] Deva looks up to Stx as she helps her up, "I..." she says, her odd black and gold eyes looking into Styx's own, "...then what should I do? I just wanted to... go look at everything I remembered... with my own eyes," she shakes her head slowly, looking down to the ground. "Have some fun, maybe help some people, but this... I... was I wrong? I just... everything hurts... I just wanted to..." she trails off, shaking her head with her eyes downcast for the moment, her eyes closing with a soft sigh. "...what do I do?" she says, not looking up just yet.

[CHAT] Genesis straightened up. "Tell you what. Tell me what's with that pair you guys are chasing, and I'll show you how a fight looks in a championship ring. Otherwise I might just get bored." He was moving slower than before with the nasty hit he'd taken, but he was definitely more spry than the aged mercenary. Even with his ki drained to a bare trickle, this wasn't a fight that was likely to last long.

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Look upon those memories. Go to where they lead you." She said with a smile as she started to walk towards the Namekian. She could run, but it seemed like the namek had it handled for now. "Look at what your memories are, what those things are today. And change it if you don't like what happened, or...accept it and move on." She said as she limped quicker towards the two. She didn't want to miss this. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Captain Rheemus smiled and said "Ding Ding" and he went out of guard and reached into his back pocket. "Smoke for now, we got a minute or two until the bell." He said as he lit one up and tossed the pack and lighter to Gene. "Those two were found near a down spaceship. Went to offer aid and that little pale freak attacked us, tore out poor Jimmys throat and started eating him. That blueish thing followed her and attacked Tony, so we captured her as well." He said while taking a long drag, checked his watch and exhaled. "Captured them. Trust me. Wasn't going to turn them in by far, honestly there ain't no one to turn them to. So, going to do the next best thing to get them from harming the populace. Sell them to the slavers. Probably do well in the fight rings." He said as he put out his cigarette. "Ding Ding!" He said and advanced towards Gene, throwing skilled but seasoned jabs at first, followed by a right hook, somewhat sluggish due to the ribs.'

[CHAT] Genesis: -- 'The Namekian took the lighter and lit up one of the cigarettes. He grimaced; they were cheap, and not all that pleasant. He listened, until Rheemus worked his way around to the last bit, about selling the pair to slavers, at which point his expression soured, and he spat the cig aside and stamped it out. He swayed as he moved in on Rheemus, erratically moving in and out of close range on him. He slipped aside from as many jabs as he took, and answered in kind, tapping the older man in the jaw. When the right hook came on he ducked *low,* letting the hook pass over his head, and then his legs surged with all their power, rocketing him upward fist-first toward Rheemus's jaw'

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Just as Captain Rheemus got his momentum. His jabs were hitting his target slipped his hook. <Damn> He thought as he instinctively stepped into the blow. The shot aimed for his jaw, struck him in the same rib as was earlier cracked and Gene would feel it give way. But the Cap was not done. He went to Clinch Gene and try pounding on Gene's own damaged ribs. He wouldn't go down like this. Not this quickly. He was fighting his Hero. The person when he was still part of the EDF he looked up to in the ring. He was unbelievable. Undefeatable, then it seemed all at one the world took a shit. "Not yet Champ." He grimaced out trying to slam Gene's ribs with blows again and again.
[CHAT] Deva furrows her brow a moment, looking to the Namekian and the other, then away from everyone. She closes her eyes and gives a low, deep breath, shaking her head a moment and going to watch the fight, a small frown on her face and a glare at that captain. Ohhh, she did not like him. She might have had a bunch of conflicting feelings right now, but that was one thing she was sure of. She narrows her eyes slightly as she glares.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The captain took blow after blow, guarding well. In fact, He moved like he could have been a contender at one time, but time has its tool. You can never escape it. His blows had no strength left and after a wild hook he fell onto his back breathing hard, coughing bits of blood up. "You got me good...I've got nothing left for ya Champ." He said coughing a bit more. "Do with me...what you will. My wife is dead. Kids dead. Nothing left here in this world. I had...my mates. They are all dead. Now what." He said with almost an accepting smile on his face. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx arrived at the end of the fight, walking within a few yards of the downed captain. "That's the bastard who shot me..." Those words were uttered by a small teenage looking girl, almost 5 feet tall, clothed in undergarments and almost knee high boots with way too many buckles to be practical, covered in wet crimson blood, as if she took a bath in it. Bandaged shoulder and leg, and arm, obviously dislocated, hangin at her side but what set it off, was that through the crimson gore, were those Piercing amethyst eyes Gene may recognize.

[CHAT] Deva walks up as well, she looked... well, odd. Blue skin, darker stripes along her back, back of her shoulders and neck, tendrils for hair, no nose, sharpened teeth, and odd black and gold eyes. She was wearing tattered clothing as well, a turquoise top, dark tan shorts, midnight blue arm and leg warmers, and black boots. "They were going to take me and sell me..." she gives a low growl, balling her hands into fists, "I am better than that--better than *you*," she practically spits the word at the captain. "You're a monster who didn't even value your 'mates.' Go. To. Hell." she says simply, glaring down at the man.

[CHAT] Genesis turned toward the pair he'd, apparently, helped to rescue. "Leave him. You guys need to get out of here, whatever your deal is." He looked down at the Captain. "I've been looking for that same kind of answer, ever since the night I fought for the world championship." He rubbed at his side; he'd been slugged pretty good, despite his skills. Sloppy. "I still haven't found it, what I was looking for. A purpose."

[CHAT] Styx stopped in her tracks. The namek in the coat finally turned to them and she got a look at his face. "Gene...I am so sorry. I'm sorry for everything." She said as she was holding back her tears. "I...I wanted to tell you for so long but couldn't" She stammered out and looked down at the captain before kicking him until her passed out. "Sorry...I can't let them know I'm alive..." <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She said and took a deep shuddering breath. "I was always there, by your side, but I couldn't never tell you. All those years. All that time until that fight I was there for you. The blond by the locker room. Ring girl number 4 during your fight with McGravigan." She said as she took another step towards him. "I...Was being hunted and couldn't...I'm so sorry." She said and she slumped to the ground. She thought he was dead or gone for good, but here he was, saving the day. <Wish it was him a few years back when I really needed it but, well, better late than never.> She thought back and chuckled a bit.'

[CHAT] Deva glares at the captain one more time before shaking her head slowly, then blinking as Styx and... this Gene guy apparently knew each other, had quite a bit of history to catch up on and everything. As they seemed to be having a moment so she just stepped back a bit, glancing around for a moment before closing her eyes and sighing softly, a pensive look on her face as she thinks, her brow furrowed.

[CHAT] Genesis sighed slowly. "Elph. Been a while. Didn't recognize you at all, there." He shook his head. "You'd think I'd have sensed you around, but I've always been a bit poor at that sort of thing. I wondered where you'd gone, but I didn't fault you for leaving. Prime left, too. It seemed to be becoming a bit of a theme."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"I never left Gene. Like I said. I was there watching and waiting." She said as she took a step closer, hesitated and stretched her good arm out to embrace him, but she stopped halfway. She was covered in blood and figured if he wanted to complete it he would. "I...I was being hunted by the Ascended Hunters. A guild of them even. Broke down my network. Sacked all my hiding holes. I couldn't even go on a decent hunt without someone trying to ambush me. I didn't want to bring all that on you as well. A few years ago I made my final stand but still...They didn't kill me outright." She said with a chuckle as she motioned behind her. "This here is Deva, Was found in a ship that held a lot of items from...the sanctum. Your dad's old place.'

[CHAT] Deva -- At that, however, Deva perked up, blinking and just... staring at Styx for a few moments, her eyes slightly wide and brows raised. She knew that name--the mention of it brought flashes of memory, several of them--she was one of the ones he was thinking of when... well, she had that memory. "Elph...?" she says, her voice quiet as she just stares for a few moments, then just looks to Gene, blinking again with surprise, "I... what?" she says, "Dad's old... Dumastin?" her voice was still quiet and low--she was still clutching her side as well, everything ached. But at least no one was trying to capture her again.

[CHAT] Genesis crossed his arms. "The Sanctum? Prime mentioned it a time or two, but I didn't even think it still existed. The way he talked, it'd been completely destroyed." He looked at Deva, considering, but shook his head. "I don't know much about any of it, to be honest. Prime didn't like to talk about it, and we were busy. I never asked much." He shrugged. "We need to get you guys out of here. Even if there aren't any more pursuers, I really don't want to have to explain to some EDF patrol why I'm hanging out with a pair of bloodsoaked women in the middle of nowhere."

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Its Styx now by the way." she said as she looked to him and back to Deva. "No one mentioned Dumastin. How do you know that name Dee." She said in a rather fierce tone. "Tell us now." She said and she tried to point her left arm...but it didn't do anything other than hang there. She looked down, back to gene and smiled at him. "Can you do something about this. It's rather...annoying."'

[CHAT] Deva furrows her brow, eyes looking to Elph. Styx. "I told you," she says, "I have... memories. Not mine. But... I remember. You were little. He liked you--thought he could help teach you to be... good. I... guess it didn't work as well as he hoped," she looks down again, "He liked him, too..." she frowns, closing her eyes a moment and putting a hand to her head. "It... hurts a little to think. But... everything hurts now," she shakes her head and looks up to Gene, "I... yeah, I don't want to get attacked again... let's go," she says with a nod. "But, ah... where?"

[CHAT] Genesis: -- '"I camp around here sometimes. North of here, where it gets hilly; there are some old caves there that you guys can hole up in while I find you some clothes." He waved for them to follow. "Let's move, as fast as we can. We need to get under cover before an EDF search party shows up. We have about three miles to cover."'

[CHAT] Styx sighs and walks over to where they dropped their gear, grabbing the vests and her rifle. "Ok. Lead the way." She said as she figured she can pop back in her dislocated shoulder when they have some down time. Do it proper.So off she went in silence, following Gene. She did motion for Dee to come with. That is another ball of yarn to untangle. <exit>

[CHAT] Deva nods, she didn't have anywhere else to go--especially not while hurt, "Alright, let's go," she says, starting to walk along after them, eyes downcast and thinking... she had a lot to think about. Looks like she'd already seen things from her memories and they were... quite different. Three miles was going to be a pain, as sore as she was, but she wasn't about to just sit down, either. Time to walk.

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