* Rude Awakening

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* Rude Awakening

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Summary: Styx crashlands in her escape pod, coming to just in time to avoid being crushed under space debris from a different ship crashing nearby. Styx being Styx, she investigates to find out if there's anyone she can meet. The ship, meanwhile, is one from Deva's bio that crashlanded apparently due to fighting on board--Deva was the only survivor, suffering various injuries from the crash and fight. Styx almost eats her, but then recognizes what her deal is, but before much else can happen Mercs invade, and despite a valiant effort from Styx and a last ditch attempt at freedom from Deva, both end up tased to unconsciousness and are captured.

Injuries: Styx took some hits and some tazes from the mercs, Deva is heavily bruised all over and has something to the equivalent of a broken rib, in addition to various taser burns now.

[CHAT] Styx had to make a quick decision on board the NotAJetSki. She would have loved to return to Epitome, but she knew if she returned now she would be a lamb to the slaughter. So she did the next thing and hopped into the escape pod next to the Zand person and The other girl Nova. Her pod fired off and watched as one of the pods careened off course to the left as the one in front landed short. Her's kept sailing straight as an arrow before a dark shadow appeared in front of her in the dark of the night. She was just able to make out the terrain before she figured out what it was. <C>

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"Shiii..." She was cut off before the pod slammed into the side of the towering mountains in front of her. A brilliant flash of red and orange illuminating a small area of the cliffs, as the tips disappeared, blending into the overcast night sky. She did not know how long she was there for, but when she finally awoke, she was alone, still seating in her escape pod. It couldn't be that long, because the hot metal was still ticking and creaking as it shrunk back from the heat expansion. <F>'

[CHAT] Deva -- Escape pods weren't the only thing in the sky tonight as there was another ship barreling through the area--it was too large to be another escape pod--it looked almost like a shooting star as it was on fire as it streaked across the sky... it was not doing too well it seemed, as it clipped the side of the mountain and broke in two, now raing flaming debris across the landscape as it crashed upon the mountainside with a giant, thunderous crack and roar that rang throughout the area.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'A small, almost five foot tall pale skinned female was slowly emerging from the escape pod. She coughed a few times clearing the dust from her lungs as her amethyst gaze brought her pale nearly flawless skin skywards. Just in time to shield herself from the sparks, explosion of residual fuel cells and metal scraping stone. With a grunt and a large amount of exertion, she jumped backwards, slamming herself close to the wall as she watched as flaming chunks of metal came raining down one her own pod, turning it into flaming metal scrap. "What in the hells was that?" She said as she scanned the mountains above, searching for the landing point of that tertiary wreckage.'

[CHAT] Deva -- It wasn't too far away, about a mile to a mile and a half, landing essentially in a hilly area just down the mountain. It would be a short trip to get there, and there would definitely be something there. At least, the half of the ship that survived anyway--the front half was gone, it tore itself apart when it clipped the mountainside earlier, it landed in a clearing, nearby a stream even--digging out a crater as it had slammed into the ground that was now filling with water. What was left was flame-licked wreckage that was mostly just the cargo bay and about half of the crew quarters, bits of metal debris and even some charred remains of the crew from the crash visible--it didn't look like there would be survivors, but there was a sound from inside--something groaning quietly.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The light from the flaming wreckage in front of her was overpowering in the darkness of night as she attempted to see where the rest of the wreckage had went to. She really wanted to figure out what had almost killed her. <That would be the way to go. Not by fighting the guild leaders or some dark goddess...fracking space debris.> She thought to herself as she put the light of the dying flames behind her. And that was when she spotted it. A small tiny flame in an otherwise dark landscape. It was the forest that was further down the mountain. She turned and looked behind her and smiled <Well at least it wasn't up.> She thought to herself as she took a breath and launched herself off the side of the cliff. Bounding from rock to rock as she made her way down to the forest below. The landscape was rough and it would take her a few minutes to navigate it,even with the shortcuts of jumping down and over obstacles.'

[CHAT] Deva was not going anywhere anytime soon, just groaning softly as she comes to from the impact, everything was a bit fuzzy for the moment, was anyone still around? She grit her teeth for a moment. If they were they'd probably still want to fight. But right now she wasn't in any shape to do anything--all she could really do was clutch at her side for a moment--it felt like her whole body hurt. Which... was probably bad. Things were on fire, that much she could tell from the noise, but the fire wasn't in the room yet--everything was still dark. She had to get out of there...

[CHAT] Styx: -- '<Aim, Leap, Balance, Land, Leap> She thought to herself over and over. It was hard for her. She remembers doing so much more and being brought back down to this level was...eye opening. Some would have taken it as demeaning or beneath them but she took it as a chance to learn. A second chance. <And maybe this time I won't screw up so damn much.> She thought as she landed on the branch of a tree close to the clearing. She could remain relatively hidden here and spy on the wreckage. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- ' She made out some forms on the ground and she smiled as she dropped nearly silently to the ground below. She crept towards the edge of the clearing and closed her eyes. She stretched out her senses and tried to feel that ever familiar tingle. The spark of emotion. The spark that the living have and...it was gone. Not even a trace. <Must have died even before this crash...What the hell happened here.?> She slowly crept towards a gaping hole in the port armor. Not large but she should be able to slip her small frame in there for a better look.'

[CHAT] Deva was panting heavily as she struggled to climb to her feet, one arm clutching her side, the other holding one of the walls to help support herself--she was definitely worse for the wear, gritting her sharp teeth, staring at the ground in front of her with oddly black and gold eyes--she does look up at hearing something. Did any of the others survive the crash? If they did, well, they wouldn't be happy. She narrowed her eyes and looked around, everything was still a little fuzzy and her ears were ringing-- but she put on the best game face she could... even if she couldn't let go of the wall beside her or she'd fall.

[CHAT] Styx dropped through the small hole into what remained of the bridge. It was on its side. Wires have long since stopped sparking. Bits of rubber insulation still smouldered in the corners. All the screnes were heavily damaged, so much that not even a junker would want the scraps. <This has seen better days...ohh HAIR!> She through with a smile as she inspected a hole in the cockpit that was roughly man shaped. She peered down a chuckled at the tuft of brown hair stained red that was left as a keepsake on the broken shards of glass. <I'm guessing he's had better days.> She thought as she got back to investigating. The wall which was now a floor ended at a broken, half open doorway. Her small pale skin which was only covered by her undergarments, she had to remove them due to a bad situation regarding cattle and urine, and a pair of knee high boots whith too many buckles to seem practicle, made its way to the door, and there she stopped to listen.

[CHAT] Deva shook her head, she had to get out of here. If anyone else was in the crash they'd be as messed up as she was--she just had to get out of there before anyone else came. As for what Styx would see, in the cargo hold of the ship there were several crates--most of them smashed, and there was actually stone rubble strewn about here and there, remnants of some artifacts from some spot--a few were intact however, and if she had any familiarity of where they were from she may even be able to recognize them--one smashed crate was even leaking an odd blue liquid. Deva herself, however, was towards the back end of the cargo hold--she just had to get out of there quietly. Walking was going to be difficult, but... she pushed off of the wall, and took a step... only to immediately slip on some rocky rubble and crash down to the floor, causing several more crashes as more falls out of smashed crates... on top of her this time. "...Ow."

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Peering through the doorway brought flashes back to her. The smell of the place. The carvings on the "rubble" and the blue liquid. That was definatly Dumastins mana-juice. Had to be. She could feel the tingles on her arm from that. <Guess we know why this ship crashed. That shit wasn't even safe for Dumastin himself to use, let alone transport it in...a wooden box...> She trailed off in disbelief as she too was walking the cargo hold, as silently as she could be, but it seemed to be on the other side of crates and boxes as Deva. They had actually passed each other in the hold as she was nearing the back of the ship before she could sense it. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- ' A fleeting spark of feeling that someone else was here then she turned around with a start, at the sound of fallling boxes and rocks being kicked around. She didn't say a word, except to find cover behind a rather large stone with intricate carving on it. She closed her eyes while she touched it. It brought back memories of The Sanctum. One of the large stones in the archways that entered into his mana vaults. She sighed as a tear rolled down her face.'

[CHAT] Deva wasn't going to give up--she'd been through a lot so far just to get here without being a prisoner as 'loot' for scavengers, the door was *right* there. All she had to do was walk out, leave the ship, and she'd be free. They were on a planet, that much she knew- they were headed somewhere, she didn't know the coordinates but they were going to sell all this stuff to *somebody*. With a pained grunt, she pushed herself up, shoving some of the rubble off and causing another cascade of mini-rockslides throughout the room, with another grunt, using all the effort she can muster she climbs back to her feet, one arm clutching her side painfully as she winces, taking one unsteady step after another to the door, but in just a few moments she pushes it open, letting a little more light pour in--she herself would be more visible now, too and, with a sigh of accomplishment she takes a step outside... then promptly collapses from her wounds. "H..el..p..."

[CHAT] Styx dashes out after this strange figure just to see it make its way out of a sideways door then falls on her face. "Food for me?" She said with a smile as she approached the downed figure. It WAS still breathing and had some emotions she could sense. She climbed onto her back and whispered into the figures ears. "I will help you...Just close your eyes and relax. It will all be over soon." She finsihed with a smile.

[CHAT] Deva still wasn't giving up, even if she couldn't even walk, she was trying to pull herself further from the ship when... *someone* climbed on her back, causing her odd black and gold eyes to widen as she looked over her shoulder--she'd never seen the half naked woman before, she wasn't one of the crew... but she didn't sound friendly, either... and someone climbing on her back *really hurt* causing her to groan in pain, "A-ah! Wha-what are you *doing*...?" she says, taking a moment to focus--she might not be able to walk, but there might be other ways to get around--hopefully even pull her out from under whoever this is. "Who *are* you...?"

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She didn't make another move. In the moonlight and when the creature turned around she froze. Vision of old friends flooded her. Well, more of a friends creation than anything. Devrios and his slave-creature Zero. Blue wotj those same eyes. "Z...e...r...o" Came out slowly before she shook her head and jumped back. "No. Must be a mistake." She said as she slowly crouched down again and started walking a slow circle around the downed creature, much like a large cat stalking wounded prey.'

[CHAT] Deva 's eyes' widen as well, before shutting tight as images flash in front of her eyes as well--memories, not her own, but of others, faces, people they knew. She *knew* that name. "I... I..." she says, her voice waivering quietly as she puts a hand to her head, making a small grunt of pain as she does so, "Gah... I... I *know* that name...! I... no... *he*..." she says, before trailing off, shaking he head for a moment to clear her thoughts, her voice shaky and pained, "Who... who *are* you?" she speaks out, trying to push herself off the ground for a moment, her arms shaky, but she gets to her hands and a knee, pained panting audible.

[CHAT] Styx strikes out like a snake aiming a kick at one of the arms propping her up. She was going to take no chances today. She had no clue who or what this thing was and she'd been baited before. <Come on. either end it or flee. This is dangerous> She reminded herself but she somehow couldn't leave, not right now. Maybe she could get some information from this creature. "I am your death or salvation creature." She said in a more than playful mood. But she knew if this creature hadn't been injured from the crash it would probably be more than a simple fight. "What are you and where are you from."

[CHAT] Deva cries out in pain as her arm is kicked out in front of her, "Why!?" she she says through gritted teeth as she slumps to the ground, clutching her arm. "I..." she says, gulping, "I... I don't... know," she says furrowing her brow, "Dev-" she closes her mouth mid word, stopping herself to correct herself, "Deva..." she says with a small nod, "Somewhere out..." her eyes were looking up in the night sky, "Out there, it was quiet... dark... and cold," she glances back to the ship, "Then they came and got... stuff, I don't know why..." she says, grunting. "I... snuck aboard. To get out of there. They found me... locked me up... wanted me to be some kind of... prize. They were gonna... sell me," she shakes her head, "I broke out. We fought. I hit something in the ship. Things went... bad..." she goes quiet, just panting and holding herself as best she could.

[CHAT] Styx stopped at the words Dev. Memories of her friend haunted her at the mention of that name. "He's been dead for twenty years girl..." She mumbled under her breath as she slowly walked up to her. "So, You are a prize then huh?" She said as she crept down closer to her. "This world isn't free kid. There is a price for everything. What are you willing to give today for my help? What is the price?" She said with a smile and a grin.

[CHAT] Deva struggles to climb up again, again starting to push herself up with a shake of her head, "I.. I know, I... I remember, but it wasn't... me," she says with a pained huff before shaking her head. She closes her eyes a moment, her standing being even shakier as she puts a hand to her head and grunts softly before speaking again, this time in a slightly different tone, reciting a memory, "'I looked up at the Scarlet Queen... she was at once both a monster and everything I once wanted to be. All the goals and dreams I once wanted, all come to fruition. In the end it was pointless, and it all came crashing down. On her as it did me. "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair."'" she shakes her head a moment, clearing her mind before looking up to the woman with black and gold eyes, "Who *are* you...?"

[CHAT] Styx: -- '"What the..." The words were cut short as she turned around at a noise behind her. She had been careless with this creature. She let her attention slip as her eyes widened to the butt of a rifle careening towards her. With a sicking crunch her small body was launched backwards and slammed against the side of the wreckage. Her vision dark and fuzzy as she tried to make out the three blurry shapes. All she could tell was that they were military. Their voices seeming to come from a mile away and muffled by rain. She tried to get up but her body wasn't responding then she succumbed to the darkness. "The little one is down. Shift target to the wounded thing." <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The larger of the three who emerged from the darkness said. They were all wearing worn combat fatigues and basic body army. Their helmets were battered but in working condition and the computerized hud displays could be seen illuminating upon their grizzled faces. "Time to go to sleep...thing." The one closest to Deva spoke softly before he raised a sidearm. It was a SICRER, standar issue close rage electrical restraint. Energy Taser. Most commonly pronounced Sicker. He pointed it at Deva as the device began to charge. Apparently the crash and explosion caught the attention of those of a less desirable morality as well.<F>'

[CHAT] Deva 's eyes go wide at the woman getting attacked, before shaking her head--she'd gotten to a knee at this point, a kneeling position, one hand clutching her arm, the other arm holding her side as she glared with her odd black and gold eyes up at the soldier--she was *not* going to be a prisoner again. "No." she says, simply--she'd been focusing her strength for an escape attempt from the woman, she probably didn't have enough strength left to fight all of these soldiers off, but she had to try *something*. Without warning, a long, elastic tendril pulls itself from her back, launching towards the soldier to try to wrap around his neck and yank him towards her as she grabs for the gun--the taser to take it from him and point it at his head. Her *one* hope was to be able to use the soldier as a shield and hostage, if they fought, well, she wouldn't be able to fight back.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'The merc was taken by surprise and fell right into her trap. His SICRER pointed at his own head. "Fuck Tony. Shoot em all." The leader of the group said as he raised his own SICRER pointed at the ball of the grappling merc and Deva. The other soldier took the flank side near the ship to hit them from another angle. They raised their weapons a took aim. The weapons charging and letting out a high pitched electric hum. Styx could hear talking. Something about shoot em all. Her vision was still fuzzy but she was furios. She lay there on the ground silent as she focused on her right arm. Her energy shifting and body changing slightly. Her fingers slowly lengthing and hardening into long claws, waiting for her target to focus completely on Deva.'

[CHAT] Deva was panting quietly as she struggled, then narrows her eyes as she hears that. "Monster..." she says quietly, before using the last of her strength, tries to shove soldier away as a distraction so she could take a shot at the leader for even suggesting that before all but falling back towards the cargo bay doors--her vision, already getting fuzzy, started getting darker as well--she wouldn't be able to get back to her feet again. She'd been through so much, fought a battle, survived a crash, only to get threatened and then most likely captured again. This... was not a good day.

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'Shots were fired. "Tony" was struck multiple times by the team leader, shielding Deva with her retreat back into the cargo bay, right into the line of fire by the second memeber. That was her chance. With a leap at the blurry target she didn't need sight to do what she was going to do to him. With the claw hand she ripped and tore at the man until the fresh smell of blood filled the air. The warm gushing of life blood flowing over her claw as it tore at his throat. In the moonlight her pale skin covered in red blood. Those Amethyst eyes turning towards the leader before. Everything went dark for a split second. <C> '

[CHAT] Styx: -- 'She looked down and noticed an electrical burn on her shoulder. The corpse dropped beneath her and she looked up. Tony was not moving on the ground and a smoking SICRER was pointed at her. She saw a flash of light and everything went dark. "Damn it all. Just have to wait until Tony gets up before hauling these two off." He said to himself as he went in the cargo bay to fire some tasing rounds into Deva.'

[CHAT] Deva doesn't get up, she doesn't really have the strength to do anything else as the fight goes on around her, her eyes closed as she clutches her injuries and then things go quiet for the moment--but she knew it wasn't good as she could still hear them talk. As she took those taser shots, though, her eyes go wide eyed and she shrieks out in pain as she spasms and jerks before everything goes dark and she passes out entirely, lightly smoking from all of the tasing.

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