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Actors: Nova / Mosin

Synopsis: Nova and Mosin commandeer a freighter to transport Nova's scavenged spacepod from the SS NotAJetSkii. They enter the Vitae City starport and Nova manages to sell the pod for a tidy sum before the pair decide to return to Vitae and try to reunite with Thousand before either taking towards the stars or heading to Korin's Tower.


[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The starport was a center of activity. The air above Mosin was filled with distant thrusts of rockets and shuddering metal as ships moved between the docking bay, lifting off or arriving. Nova and the Kai had winded their way through the lesser known avenues of the metropolis to arrive at its servicing stations and drop-off points for contractors and corporate deliveries. Turbofreighters passed them on the looping grav-highway below the fence-line that Mosin had been following with his staff, that clinked as it drug along the pinched coils of metal.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'He had arrived at this starpoint, and before taking the grav-rail into Vitae City, he had spent some time wandering it and counting footsteps, knowing he'd have reason to return one day. The hill below them contained an underground storage point where cargos were loaded upon the outgoing ships and above it a repair bay where ships were worked on in the interim of their voyages. A broken ship couldn't just rot in a starport hangar, Earth was too high traffic of a world for that kind of waste. Someone there would have use of the pod. The trick was getting it into the bay at all.

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'Nova's feet fell slowly, like heavy stones clunking into wet sand. She, like Atlas, carried a world on her shoulders and moved to a crawl of a pace behind the blind guide. She wanted to be in awe at how a Kai with such poor use of his eyes could navigate around so freely and easily, but the weight of the ship was all she could think about. (This is nothing. A light warm up is all.) Besides, hw could she complain when her guide couldn't see. But how was he doing it? Perhaps it was part of the mysticism of his people that she heard so much about on Ng Yelo or maybe he was just lost and really good at guessing. When he stopped, she came down to a knee, the pod making a very hard and loud clang against the metal railing of the walkway. *leaned against it, gasping for breath and then looked down at the hill before them, spotting the shop at the bottom. "Huh!? We gotta get down there!?"'

[CHAT] Mosin nodded and let his hand find its way to stroking the tufts of his salted beard. "It doesn't have to be by foot, though." Mosin circled around Nova, outstretched his hand and felt along the pod’s smooth surface. He went around it completely before using his staff to touch the top, then lowered it and measured the distance with his hands across the length of the bar -- the whole while sticking his tongue out a little and biting on it in thought as he "saw" the dimensions in his mind. "Hrmm." The old man drew his trash-bag cloak closer around himself and raised the hood again. In the evening darkness he was quite difficult to detect except when the probing searchlights mounted on the outer awnings of the starport passed nearby and lit upon the creases in his "robe."

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Catch your breath, Nova. I'll need you to be able to throw that pod over the fence in a few minutes." And with that the old Kai sprung forward and climbed the chain-link fence in the time a hare takes to shake its tail. Surprisingly spry, Mosin perched on the top of the fence's supporting bar, balancing on just one raised foot and listened, his ears perking to the distant sounds. -- A rumble. The thrum of small grav-engines growing closer. Jostling steel and shaking bolts. Another freighter was approaching. It sounded large enough. -- Mosin counted the seconds, gauged the sound, and then as the freighter made its approach lept from the perch. His trash-bag cloak billowed like fanning wings just before he hit the slope of the hill and began to slide down it, his momentum carrying him right towards the left side of the passing freighter.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"What?" she questioned. The exhaustion to the point where she could not move, though intense, was not lasting. A short moments rest and she already felt her crying muscles beginning to wane their desires and some of her strength returning. She watched the Kai perform his acrobatics and what he heard with ease, she did not catch until it was nearly upon them. "Oh, right!" She thought she saw his intent and quickly unravled a part of the strings she used to drag the pod and tie a knot around her wrist. This was going to have to be calculated just right, so whatever strength she had needed to return to full capacity soon. The freighter's grav-engines grew louder, Nova hugging her face against the side of the pod, gripping the sides as hard as she could. "On your ready, Mo!"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The rumbling of the freighter grew louder and louder as Mosin slid across the dew-wet grass of the starport slope. Just as his toes touched the lip of gravel he drove his heels down and leapt out, his trash-bag robe becoming a parachute. His hands searched forward, met hurtling steel, and the Kai began to roll along the wall of the freighter. He drew his limbs in, and on each circle touched out with his hands, finally snagging something. The freighter continued forward, and Mosin held onto its side, his cloak rumbling behind him. -- Rumbling steel. Choking wind. The threat of the spotlight. --'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The old kai drug himself forward, finding placeholders for his hands or making
them with flourishes of his arms and fingers. -- Nova and Zand had done so much. It was his turn now. He had to prove he could reach the tower, if nothing else to Nova, or she would never let him climb it. -- Mosin tread forward, the last few feet requiring a thrust of his arms and a lot of luck. The Kai managed to grab the door of the freighter as he launched himself.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The handle went open with a flick of his wrist. The door was thrown back. Then Mosin entered the cabin and the door swung behind him. The freighter wobbled, almost going off the road, then... a few seconds passed and the back lights shined bright red, the freighter suddenly coming to a sliding stop that kicked up dust and earth. It had slowed, but the wheels still grinded into the dirt, fighting against the engine, as if someone had the breaks on but the gas still pushed down. The cabin door opened and Mosin stepped out, a thin red line of blood trickling from his forehead, but otherwise unharmed. He circled around the back of the freighter, smashed the cargo door with his foot and then threw the doors up with a flourish of both arms. Panting the old Kai looked towards the direction of the fence and the hill and then gave a beckoning motion with his hands to the darkness.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"I" Nova watched the every agile Kai work his way to the top of the freighter and the moment he made contact, she tensed up, waiting for the call to come. Up and over he went and along the vehicle did he navigate with the greatest of ease. The long pause extended even longer than she counted for in her head, and finally, she released and looked up, only to see the back of the truck open and ready for delivery, Mosin seeming to have some sort of grin from where she was standing. "That...was so damn cool. I was told about you Kai before, but you sure have a talent for making me look pretty bad," Spacepod baseball was going to have to wait for another day. For now she just picked the pod up once more and loaded it into the back of the truck.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Over the fence went Nova and the pod, then a precarious slide that Mosin braced himself for and helped to slow her momentum before the Saiyan fighter safely placed the pod into the back of the freighter. Mosin used his staff to reach up and draw down the hinges of the door before he pointed towards the drivers side and quickly said, "You take us in."'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Before wandering around the opposite and climbing back into cabin. The driver had been knocked out, with his foot still pressed to the gas of the vehicle, but Mosin had set a box of tools down through his lap on the brake. As soon as Nova had taken her seat Mosin pulled the driver back between them, giving her reign as they approached the starport's back-gates and the waiting check-in booth where a young human man was idly flipping through several projected hologram screens.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'They passed the check-point without much provocation. The man in the window barely looked inside the cabin before waving their freighter through. Soon they were traveling along a narrow passageway, heading down, until they reached a loading dock. The lights here were bright and fluorescent. Mosin saw them in his limited vision as great blue swaths of bleeding watercolors. Nova brought them into a parking unit and shut off the engine. All around them was the whine of machinery and the occasional trembling of the starport struts as a large craft docked with the station. She would would be able to see the assorted collections of mechanics, repair-personnel and cargo hands.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'All sorts of equipment, merchandise and imported vessels were being brought and hauled away from the docks. There was a light fanning of security. A few cameras posted upon high, concrete columns, and guards that bore the HAVOK emblem on their chest -- but so many personnel and outside contractors were here that they wouldn't immediately draw attention, even with a space pod in tow. There was a congregation of spacefarers and mechanics near one of the main turbo lifts below the port. They seemed to be arguing amongst themselves and stood around a disassembled shuttle, possibly Yardratian in make.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'The gears gave a hard grind and wrenching sound once she finally placed the rig in park and killed the engine. Though fighting was most of her life, she still had some basic life skills learned and hauling in new 'product' for Qai, made her learn how to use machinery rather quick and proficiently, though there was one glaring problem now that they were actually in the port proper. Her attire. She was damn near naked with half of her body covered in medical wrapping and the only thing keeping her breasts from hanging out. "I..I have an idea!" She moved quickly, undressing the driver down to his under garments and slipping herself into his clothes. '

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'He was young, lithe, but still a man so they weren't an exact fit, but it was close enough. The blue jeans were worn, the denim being so loose that they didn't hinder her movements. The boots didn't exactly fit, but they were black with silver buckles and she liked them. The dirty overshirt fit her broad shoulders a little snug so she left the buttons open and turned the Vitae City Dragons blitz ball cap backwards, a tuft of her white hair flipping through. "Well..now what, captain?" she jested, trying out an Earthling accent for the first time.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Mosin heard a ruffling. Some dragging. Huffing. Buttons coming undone. Grunts as legs were laced through new leggings in the cramped cabin of a truck. He couldn't see, but he could imagine, and averted his gaze for Nova's modesty. "Ahem" He cleared his throat, "Well... We need to sell this spacepod. Maybe trade it for another craft?"'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'Mosin slowly pulled the trash-bag off himself and crushed it down into the floorboards before reaching blindly back past the center module of the truck and digging through the back seats and floorboards. He returned with a similar, beat-up baseball cap and put it on his own head -- reached out, touched Nova's cap and saw how she wore it -- then readjusted his own, putting the bill back, before nodding. "Lets see if there's anyone looking for parts or scrap? Just..." Mosin considered for a moment then placed two fingers in his mouth and gave a loud whistle, "Just do that if you need my attention." Then the Kai opened the door, stepped down into the spaceport and began to slowly inch forward, one foot at a time, ears pricking to any nearby sound.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'She was familiar with these types of bazaars. Roaming about the merchant domes was actually one of her favorite things to do. It was odd how being so far away from "home" made her miss her former life a bit. Earth was very alien to her. It had a beat that she was still struggling to keep up with, but at last, this felt familiar. So she was curious as to why Mosin was being so cautious. Surely he knew how these things worked? Or maybe he didn't. Sure he looked the part of a vagabond now, but the planet of the Kais couldn't have been this...dirty? "HEY! WHO'S LOOKIN TO BUY A SWEET RIDE!?" Calling out to prospects like a bird in the spring. It was the best way to summon a buyer.'

[CHAT] Mosin visibly flinched as Nova shouted across the ductwork and repair stations, his whole body going into a kind of sweat. -- This was it. They were done for. Maybe he could hold off the... -- Whatever panicked thoughts entered the Kai's mind were swept aside as a tall Ghetti wearing an iron apron and heavy, insulated gloves standing near the Yardratian ship stood up, pushed back his mask and pointed at Nova. "Got 'h sweeh' ride av' yea? I need a navigation carhd. Yur' sweet ridh' got un' to spar for this poor bastarh'?" And before he could finish his insult another alien, a burly insectoid of a man, possibly from zeon VII raised its pronged mandible and spoke out in a buzzing noise that was reminiscent of some Ng Yelian, [I neeeeed a starfield processorrrr. How much? How much, friend?]. A small contention of people were already approaching the freighter doors.

[CHAT] Nova climbed up the front of the freightor to where she was standing on top of the cab,
getting a good look at the group that had gathered around them already. "Hold up boys. Before you thinkin you're gonna get your hands, and claws, on these goods," she dipped her head and tipped her cap to the insectoid, "..couple of things. Its a wrecker. Won't fly, but got most of the parts in tact. Cash only, up front, no returns" It was a good thing they made sure to lock the back doors again, else it would look like they stole this rig and weren't trying to keep it secure. But then she remembered that they did steal it and..."Oh, and a discount for the other stuff. Was going to a shop of some poor sod who didn't want to pay us for the delivery," She popped the doors open for them to see the pod and whatever else the original driver was moving, sitting on the edge with a grin.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'A few in the crowd dispersed as she gave the full details, heading away with bothered grunts and puffs back to their repair stations, but the majority stayed. A kind of quiet
debate ran among them, each mechanic sizing up his need and deciding who was more interested in which parts. During their discussion Mosin found his way to the back of the freighter, and when it seemed they had decided once more raised the door with a thrust before stepping out of the way as the group approached. Some of them stepped up into the rig itself and began to give the pod a closer inspection.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"Looks like an Arlian pod, from the last invasions." [There'sssss a lot of them floating betweeeeeennn places still.] The insectoid and the Ghetti seemed most interested in this barter and with some coaxing managed to get a small hyper-fork to drive over and unload the pod, setting it down outside of the freighter. "'Ahz a Konatsu serial number? Fuck'n odd." The Ghetti remarked. [The Meigs starport. A lot of Sssssaiyans were waiting there before the fighting broke out.Konatsu wasn't far frommmm the conflict.] The rabble of buyers examined, opened the pod, broke the outer casing and then seemed to collectively decide. "Alright, hoh' 'bout say... 35,000 zeni and we'll work out the parts fer' er'selves?"'

[CHAT] Nova flipped down to the ground once it was down to the last two buyers, the originals who first came over, and nodded to each of their questions. (So that Saiyan stole this from Konats? Met a few other spacers on Yelo headin out that way too...) Questions for her to answer another day. Now she almost had zeni in hand, but was it enough? The plan was to steal the ship, sell the ship and let Zand handle the numbers. Mo? No way. She looked his way and could tell he was counting on her. What was she to do? "I tell you want gents. I'm lookin to retire from truckin and spend the rest of my days working on this tan. So let's make it 70,000 and you can keep the rig. Break it down or start your own delivery fleet, but another 35k and she's yours!"

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The two aliens drew into a kind of huddle and Mosin listened nervously as they debated. Finally they both bobbed their heads, the Ghetti stood up, took in a deep breath and then exhaled, somewhat defeatedly. "Alright, but onhy' cause I'd like to get the same deal some dah'" He stretched out his hand, shook Nova's, and then whistled over the hyper-fork driver to move the pod to the bay nearest to the Yardratian ship while the insectoid left and returned with a black case full of zeni bills.'

[CHAT] Mosin: -- 'The Ghetti and the Arlian counted out the gain for Nova to see, then pressed the briefcase into her hand while the pod was being dragged off. They would leave the freighter for when their current repairs were done, and for a brief minute Mosin and Nova were left alone behind the back of the now empty freighter. Mosin seemed quite shocked and just sat on the back of the truck with a pleasant smile. "Did we get a good deal?" He finally asked.'

[CHAT] Nova: -- 'A brief breeze through the bills to make sure all was in order and the Saiyan tipped her cap to her customer's. When it was just her and Mosin left she turned to watch them carry the pod away, but also that he couldn't see her face. (Yes he was blind, but the old Kai was some sort of super sensor and could probably see the look on her face) It was filled with worry and doubt.What to do? With this much they probably could hide away on a nice planet that was notihng but perfect weather and sandy beaches. Live that posh life she always hated hearing others brag about. Or gather supplies and..."So you sure wanna go there? That tower of yours? I'm in if you are, we have enough, but what about Zand? I wasn't gonna let him leave you behind and it don't feel right ditching him either."'

[CHAT] Mosin stood and found the metal bar he had been using for a staff, drawing it forth and leaning into it, resting his palms on its top while his chin lay flat over his calloused hands in thought. "No. I don't want to leave Zand either, but where is he? How can we find him?" The Kai grumbled. "Is there a way to bring him to us?" Mosin left his perched position and began to walk
back and forth, his staff tapping ahead of him.

[CHAT] Nova: -- '"We could go back, wait for him. Give him at least two days. At least say good-bye and then..well take off on this grand adventure of yours. I just...no it don't feel right. Feels as wrong as letting you go off alone." Her third option was one she didn't even consider; take the money and leave the blind, old Kai to his own devices. The Kami brought them together for some reason, but even journey comes to an end. Was this the end of their time with Zand? She'd let the Captain decide.'

[CHAT] Mosin nodded in agreement. "Alright. Two days. He'll show up. He probably won't want to visit the Tower but that might be fore the best." The old Kai smiled and turned back to Nova. "You know Zand was saying this world had changed. As if all the good were gone, but I met both of you." Mosin tapped his way forward so that he stood near Nova, "Seems like a hard world, but we've made it this far.

[CHAT] Mosin: -- '"I wouldn't mind leaving it for a while, gathering some strength and coming back to face the Tower. Lets find him and head that way. The 'verse is waiting for us!" Mosin turned,
gave Nova a beckoning nod of his head and then began to blindly lead up the starport ramps, out towards the stretchign service stations and Vitae City that lay beyond.'

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